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X the Exec?

May 30, 2015




RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The accused in the FIFA scandal are easy to spot: globe-trotting executives charged with diverting millions meant to build the game to their personal accounts. Those who feel victimized aren’t as obvious: Youth players with hand-me-down equipment, semi-pro clubs that can’t afford to travel and developmental leagues that can’t pay referees.

Players and coaches can only dream about millions reportedly syphoned off by top soccer officials.

“The reason that these people were able to make so much money corruptly goes to the love that people have for the sport,” Kelly Currie, the acting U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, said as 14 top world soccer officials were indicted. “And so it’s taking that love and skimming off the marketing rights that allowed these people to enrich themselves and line their pockets.”

Take Fabio Braz, a 36-year-old defender on Brazil’s lower-division America Football Club, which is deep in debt and having trouble paying for basics. He doesn’t see money trickling down powerful Brazilian Football Confederation, whose new $35 million headquarters is a monument to wealth and power and whose former president was arrested Wednesday.

The indictment claimed Brazilian soccer officials took bribes for decades, selling off TV rights and marketing agreements while millions were delivered to them personally.

“They take away our money,” Braz told The Associated Press after Friday practice. “We are here daily working our butts off, earning our keep, defending our families, fighting for our survival.”

Young boys play soccer on a dusty field in Thokoza township east of Johannesburg, South Africa, Thus …
Narinder K. Bhatia, the vice president of India’s Delhi Soccer Association, said little money trickles down to the grassroots.

“It’s been very difficult to run the game,” Bhatia said. “We are unable to provide nutrition. A cup of tea and a snack is not enough for players during matches.”

In South Africa, revelations that bribes were paid to get the 2010 World Cup have angered millions.

The indictment said “youth leagues and development programs” were hit hardest by corruption. FIFA spent $1 billion on development projects the last three years. But it’s unclear how much of that money got to players and clubs, or ended up in the bank accounts of FIFA officials.

Christopher Gaffney, who studies global sports events at the University of Zurich, said the victims stretch beyond field, pointing to businesses involved or hurt by the schemes: Employees making shoes in Asian sweatshops who went underpaid, while their companies paid millions in bribes; Nepalese workers who died building massive stadiums so tiny Qatar can host the 2022 World Cup.

Young boys play soccer on a dusty field in Thokoza township east of Johannesburg, South Africa, Thur …
“The victims are hidden by the spectacle,” Gaffney said in an email. “White-collar crime has its greatest impacts on those who don’t own a suit.”



A worker leaned a ladder on a wall at dawn Thursday and pulled down — letter by letter — a sign on the Brazilian Football Confederation building that read: “Sede Jose Maria Marin,” Jose Maria Marin Building.

Marin’s was among those arrested in Switzerland and is charged with taking millions in bribes from multiple companies. He stepped down in April to become a CBF vice president.

Young boys play soccer on a dusty field in Thokoza township east of Johannesburg, South Africa, Thus …
About 45 kilometers (25 miles) north of the lavish CBF headquarters, Braz practiced Friday at Giulite Coutinho stadium, the home of America Football Club on the gritty outskirts of Rio.

The club’s 11,000-seat stadium is surrounded by dilapidated cinderblock houses, abandoned factories and mountains of trash strewn at every corner.

The club was one of Rio’s best 40 years ago, but now plays three levels below Brazil’s top teams.

Braz has played for top Brazilian clubs and probably earns twice the average of 5,000 reals ($1,650) monthly salary for players on the team.

“The majority of soccer clubs in Brazil have big problems,” Braz said. “Players aren’t paid, and then you see how the CBF benefits with so much money and luxury.”

A young boy controls the ball while playing soccer with others, on a dusty field in Thokoza township …
The 100-year-old club is $20 million in debt, said Wagner Tardelli, head of soccer administration at the club.

Tardelli was a referee until he was pulled off a key match in 2008 by Marco Polo Del Nero, now the CBF president.

Del Nero accused Tardelli of match-fixing. Tardelli sued Del Nero and won his case, but the scandal ruined his career. He said he’d like to see Del Nero “arrested and put in jail.”

“What we see with the CBF is impunity,” Tardelli said. “The truth is the CBF operates as a separate state, and no president in this country has been able to change that institution.”

Tardelli gazed around at a field of young players.

A soccer ball with different colored flags, including the South African national flag, right, painte …
“If this money had been used for the kids and junior leagues — for example — wouldn’t that have been a great help?”



At the Asian Games last year, India was eliminated without scoring a goal. The massive nation has never played in the World Cup.

Rahul Paswan practiced this week with the semi-pro Royal Rangers on the uneven turf at New Delhi’s Ambedkar Stadium.

Phila Mombombo, right, a South African Kaizer Chiefs soccer club supporter, and World Cup Soccer sup …
“The biggest problem for us is buying equipment,” said Paswan, an 18-year-old midfielder. “My family is unable to support me enough. I can’t think of buying top-notch soccer boots. We also seldom get to play on a decent field.”

Bhatia, the vice president of the Delhi Soccer Association, said development money from FIFA seldom filters down.

“Most of the money is spent on high staff salaries and hotel bills,” Bhatia said. “There should be no diversion of money, it should go toward developing the game.”



Women walk their dogs past the Cape Town Soccer stadium that hosted some games during the 2010 World …
Revelations of bribes from the indictment have been front-page news in South Africa, where soccer clubs are crying out for funding.

South Africa’s northern neighbor Zimbabwe is a stark example in Africa of how soccer still struggles in poorer countries.

The Zimbabwe Football Association recently had to auction off an artificial-surface training field for $115,000 to pay down its debt.

In West Africa, FIFA has funded the Guinea Football Federation’s new headquarters, with gleaming offices and boardrooms, a reward for top officials who keep FIFA President Sepp Blatter in office.

Critics say that money would have been better spent on fields and equipment.
Private security guards stand outside the headquarters of sports marketing company Traffic Sports, i …
“FIFA has become a danger for small nations like Guinea,” Guinean political analyst Aliou Diallo said. “The heads there butter themselves up with the misery of our fragile economies.”





Peace and Love

  1. opheliart permalink


    A Guided Tour of the Boston Archive

    Over 45,000 pages of archdiocesan documents have been released in Boston, showing the archdiocese’s policies and procedures regarding more than 141 priests accused of sexually abusing minors. A very useful summary of those documents and their significance is a July 21, 2003 Memorandum filed on behalf of Gregory Ford et al. in their case against Bernard Cardinal Law et al. has now posted the Memorandum together with over 1,500 pages of archdiocesan documents to which the Memorandum refers. This is the largest collection on the Internet of Boston archdiocesan files.

    • opheliart permalink

      The Manchester Archives

      The Manchester Archives — some 9,000 pages of diocesan files and investigative material — offer a comprehensive look at sexual abuse committed by the priests of the Manchester NH diocese. The archives also provide extensive information about how the diocese responded or failed to respond to allegations of abuse by its priests. Unlike the excellent report issued by the attorney general, which because of time pressure was restricted to assessments of 8 priests, the Manchester Archive presents information on 60 priests.

      • opheliart permalink

        And I read online where Catholics defending their CHURCH insist there were just a few cases of clergy sex abuse. They are so deeply indoctrinated and care nothing for the victims it is truly, truly sad. We have posted just 3 places … including pope fran’s former reign. Catholics, do you think SNAP and those involved in are making these up? This scandal is far more destructive and manipulating than any of you realize … except those involved in the cover-up. When I ask Catholics about the abuse, they are under the impression that it is being dealt with. No … the depth of this is so deep it would shatter you entirely if you knew the truth … but you don’t know, do you? Do you even care? When the topic comes up on comment boards there are usually a few defending the Institution, a couple involved in the fight to help the victims, but the majority of Catholics are silent. Some, like their pope have said something like: we aren’t the only ones with sexual abuse. No, but yours was and is the LARGEST and by far the most obvious in practice—sexually abusing children for centuries if you do the research—AND KNOWN TO HAVE PROTECTED THE INSTITUTION, STILL PROTECT THE INSTITUTION AND HAVE ALLOWED THE CLERGY TO CONTINUE RAPING AND MOLESTING CHILDREN. This is unconscionable!

        YOU WERE CALLED TO SHOW THE WORLD WHAT THIS IS—HOW THOROUGHLY WRONG IT IS—AND TO DO ALL TO STOP IT … but what happened? Did your hierarchy manage to do business with their LOCAL Politicians and law enforcement to keep things hush-hush and to SILENCE THE VICTIMS? And where have you been? Priests, have you knowingly allowed your hierarchy to shield the truth on this? What have YOU done—what are YOU doing—to help SNAP and other groups involved in SAVING victims and helping victims?

        And the women, as we have shared several times in SPIR, having suffered—murdered—in Catholic Hospitals, is so insane I can barely believe any respectable doctor or nurse would allow someone to die from an ectopic pregnancy or a difficult birth because of Doctrine—doctrine so deceptive and so disgustingly off it should be banned as CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Wake up Catholics! Your Church is a den of whore-mongering indoctrinated political threats—a fascist enemy to the LIFE AND LOVE OF CHRIST.

        When the truth comes out on all of this—AND IT WILL COME OUT!—Catholics will be fearing and fleeing the nest they believed was their savior. Yes, they will think their organizational head evil … and they would be correct.

      • opheliart permalink

        The world will one day look at the RCC and those like it and say … my God, this Institution was like a disease … and epidemic of astronomical proportions … Will they even remember any of the good? You know the world and how it works … they will see it just like the horrors of slavery and how people treated the dark-skinned peoples.

  2. opheliart permalink

    no freedom ringing—no brotherly love—no

    hmm … for whom the bell tolls?

    John Jun 1, 2015 at 9:50 am
    Atheist Max, you claim that saints and sacraments disintegrate and then apparently expect readers to simply accept it. How silly. If you had stuck with Catholicism a little longer, you probably would have learned something.

    Luke 19:27 comes from the Parable of the Ten Gold Coins. Context is everything in the Bible. Jesus told the story, but it was the nobleman in the story said what you quoted. Perhaps you should stop misrepresenting Jesus and take an honest look at the entire chapter.

    And Max, since you’re not actually demonstrating much of anything in your post, perhaps it is you who should contemplate a little more the concept of baselessness.


    No wonder Roman Catholicism is having problems … this Catholic’s understanding of the Writing is … well, Vaticanesque?

    • opheliart permalink

      what this demonstrates is the need for voters to be aware. in the case of hastert, most people would say (if he is guilty of both crimes/money and sexual abuse with a minor) … they saw no signs in his behavior. those who knew him saw nothing that would indicate he was engaging or had engaged in misconduct, but the truth is … there are signs. If you study the patterns of people’s choices … and sometimes these are not as bold as something like the Duggar Family: —“I also recognized that striving for perfection. If something looks too good to be true it is probably is.” … you begin to see signs of a mind that may be insulated or a life that could be hiding something.
      If you use CathyLynn Grossman’s narrative: where have we seen this before? Look at the RCC. The scandals of course are huge, and not just the sex abuse—corruption—lack of transparency. And, very importantly, the RCC set itself up as “flawless” in Doctrine: it cannot be wrong because it is from the mouth of God. God teaches …. Right off the bat this tells us that there is something seriously wrong. In the case of the RC Institution … the signs are very obvious! And the people in denial of the fact that much of the position is erroneous in Light of God. Very simply, Spirit DOES NOT OPERATE THAT WAY. The whole “saint” thing is way off —way-way off—from the Scriptural intent. The whole mother teresa thing is a scam in LIGHT of the Writings. God does NOT use people in this manner. What the RCC did was use the hype, the suffering, the poverty of the indoctrinated state like teresa’s to make money … and build its church image as something “holy” —teresa being just one example …
      in the case of Hastert, his profile looks composed, and people often feed into this, helping to create this aroma … Where people slip is in creating that god-image of man … because of him we won the_____ … and they do not see all the PARTS that come together for the success to become what it is. There were others—there are others. And this is also true of the bad things that happen. There were others—there are others. In order for something to be as large as the RCC sex abuse, there are things at work that kept the abuses and the abused masked—-silenced. Look for these signs. One obvious is the CLERICAL POSITION WITHIN A BEAUTIFUL HOME—Deceptive? What really goes on behind those doors?

      There are signs. Many people—to help keep themselves BALANCED—to help keep themselves REAL and HONEST—understand moderation of any activity-field-feeding … I could list a dozen examples here but the comment would be very long … Look for insulated mindset—overfeeding in areas—militancy in pushing agenda (singular agenda) … things like this.

      • opheliart permalink

        Greg1 May 30, 2015 at 9:37 pm
        So, Dennis should have become a Catholic priest? To me, the more we expose this stuff, the better. Regarding the Catholic Church, I believe God Almighty revealed that filthy scandal so to clean up the priesthood, as well as the bishopric. It was like tearing the scab off of a very large wound, but in the end the priesthood of the Church will be renewed, brought back to the state of purity. As for the Church, well the screening process has become more rigorous, allowing only men who have been called to the celibate life in. Whereas, with Hastert, well we see another male on male abuse scandal, but he is merely a politician, accountable only to the voters. So, I’m not sure how that will be cleaned up, other than jail time. In summary, the only connection between the Hastert scandal, and the Catholic Church scandal, is the male on male abuse. One can be cleaned up, the other will fade after the headlines ebb off, and continue on unchecked.

        —-Take this post … he is allowing himself to be deceived. You notice he does not list any of the changes made—just states a screening process that has become more rigorous. He was told this, and like everything told to him by his superiors—he believes it! If they DID NOT SEE THEIR IMAGE BEFORE THEY ARE NOT WANTING TO SEE IT. It’s like most Catholics I know are oblivious to the extent of the abuse and the corruption: they don’t really want to see it. Again, they believe what they are told.
        There comes a point where you say, NO MORE!

        The question is of the blindness of man. His indoctrinated state. His desire for fueling agenda. If you are of the intent to use institution/service/organization in a way too heavily without considering the consequences or how it might affect people in a larger vote … or how it might effect people not in compliance with your intent/agenda … things surface and these are not of the safer more honest character.

  3. opheliart permalink–politics.html

    a gnostics looks at situations from all sides …
    this incident w/Kerry might be a needed bump
    was he moving too fast on something?
    we ask lots of questions on the what/the where

    was kerry missing important signs?

    do the people ever have a vote when it comes to war? or do the actions of a few initiate something and all must get in line?

  4. opheliart permalink

    PHOENIX —About 250 mostly armed anti-Muslim demonstrators — many wearing T-shirts bearing a profanity-laced message denouncing Islam — faced-off against a crowd of roughly the same size defending the faith in front of a Phoenix mosque Friday night.

    Demonstrators yelled and taunted one another across a line of police separating the two sides but violence did not break out.

    Jon Ritzheimer, the organizer of the protest, called it a patriotic sign of resistance against what he deemed the tyranny of Islam in America.

    “I would love to see more of these events pop up in other states,” Ritzheimer said. “I want fellow patriots standing right here next to me. This isn’t about me. Everybody’s been thinking it, I’m just saying it.”

    Usama Shami, president of the Islamic center, said he was not surprised by the event.

    “This is not new. Hatred, bigotry, racism — that’s old. It’s the same thing,” he said. “No different from Nazis or neo-Nazis. They don’t believe society should be multicultural or multiethnic. They think everyone should believe like them, I guess.”

    Ritzheimer began demonstrating after two Phoenix residents carrying assault rifles were killed by police outside a Muhammed cartoon-drawing contest in suburban Dallas earlier this month. In the days following the shooting, Ritzheimer began making and selling the T-shirts. Nearly two weeks ago, he organized a protest at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, where a few dozen others joined him.

    Ritzheimer said he’s received threats from terrorists on Twitter, and that he and his family no longer feel safe in their home. He said he asked participants to bring guns in the Facebook invite as a precautionary measure. Some brought two or three firearms, from pistols and revolvers to shotguns and assault rifles. Ritzheimer carried a 9mm Glock 26. Some wore military fatigues.

    The event kicked off with Ritzheimer inviting his supporters to draw cartoons of Muhammed and bashing the religion’s prohibition against creating depictions of the Islamic prophet.

    • opheliart permalink

      There are many questions we ask on the views of this blogger.
      1. he thinks Jon is a ____ —wrong for staging this event, but he is fine with the Charlie H. drama. Do you see any particulars that demonstrate inconsistency? We do.
      2. Was the blogger born in America? Does he understand American sentiments?
      3. Has the blogger ever been in a military operation like Jon? Does he understand Jon, even though he, too, is an Atheist?
      4. Where does the blogger live and what does he do for a living? how might this differ from Jon?

      the questions continue, and not in a he is right and he is wrong mindset, but WHERE they differ, despite both being of Atheism.

      I have shared publicly that the God of Islam is not my God. This is not a bigoted statement and should never be used against me or us. Why? Because we are not in agreement with the doctrine of Islam as God—we do not believe in what Islam calls prophet. This can NEVER be of the Spirit for us, no matter what Cardinal Dolan or Pope Fran tells the world … WE ARE NOT OF ROMAN CATHOLICISM, either … we are not in agreement with this Doctrine, and we do see how Islam and Roman Catholicism are very similar (we have shared on this in SPIR -earlier essays).

      Would we like to see Roman Catholicism and Islam not become a stronghold in the world? Absolutely! But we will not incite violence, nor will we demand through agenda-pushing that man do away with these sects. Things take time … yes, and what we do is demonstrate WHERE the doctrine is not in compliance with Truth … illicit, deceptive, discriminating and largely secular. Yes, secular … RELATING TO AN AGE OR PERIOD —Worldly 😉

      Eric May 31, 2015 at 2:12 pm
      What’s wrong with these protests is that they give morons half a reason to spout more lies, stereotypes, and other nonsense motivated by willed ignorance and fear.

      What’s wrong with these protests is that overweight, childish men play dress up with camo and guns in the name of patriotism while actual soldiers have to fight in the wars these tools vote for.

      What’s wrong with these protests is that these self-loathing wastes of oxygen have nothing better to do or better way to deal with reality than blame others for their manufactured fears.

      What’s wrong with these protests is that the media obsesses over them as if their irrational ideas and statements merit attention.

      What’s wrong with the protests is that they actually increase the problems they think they are addressing by playing right into the script written by many Islamic terrorists.

      What’s wrong with these protests is that they represent the absolute worst aspects of contemporary American culture.

      —-seems this commenter did not bother to research Jon’s fears.

      • opheliart permalink

        once you begin to understand the ‘premise’ of the SECULAR mind, you begin to see its paradox. we have shared: what the heck is a secular humanist? (smiling) … to one of gnosis it is a contradiction in person—a split personality. let your yes be yes and your no be no. do not swear oaths—we understand why this is—why James said this. religionists like to use the markers of James to claim authority through their religious dogma… their “church” … but they were not of the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE of this and therefore missed its purpose.

  5. opheliart permalink

    There are valuable points in this article, but if you understand the authors position, you get where he does not get the whole Catholic-Islam thing for people not Religious, or people not sold into the parameters of these cults, and they are cults—large ones—but also often divided in view. For us, it is not fear … not hate, other than a dislike of hypocrisy and the like, and we see where both of these cults are hypocritical within Society. We are surprised people don’t get this, esp man of the educated quadrant, but maybe this is part of the problem …
    Within the cult, the adherent is accepted, or acceptable, but in Society … what do these cults demand? and how do these impose itself on others in a way negative? Do the belief systems keep people from GROWING in areas where they need to grow? not in larger families where there is a strain on environment and … but in understanding what it is to grow in the Sensual-Spiritual which has much to do with Sense and Reason—an adjunct understanding. If either of these cults were permitted their ‘fuller’ belief system, it would be a type of dictatorship … as the fuel for belief in this system is contingent on old product …

    • opheliart permalink

      … and …–politics.html

      how many are lying about their past? going back to dennis hastert … and if you look at many of the archbishops like pope fran, he may not have outright lied, but what he presents is something dishonest in that he has not answered for his ‘watch’ in Argentina. and politicians, professors, journalists and religionists say … oh, wow look at the peace pope let’s give him ________… without doing the research! Is it acceptable to feed the cults through those they worship? We don’t want people trying to hide their past by using the SYSTEMS of mankind, and what man accepts through his credentials, titles and … how many more scandals must come forth before he GETS IT?

      • opheliart permalink

        and look at the “prophet” that the Muslims worship? what does this say about women? and did their prophet murder others? use and abuse for his agendas? If followers ACCEPT that these acts are true, what does this say about his followers and what they believe? do you see how this can and does affect Society? esp if these cults grow and grow and grow … and if you are waiting for Islam to give up their prophet … just look at the RCC and their DOCTRINE? their hierarchy? seriously, folks, do wake and see this for what is! Man — HUMANITY can believe in GOD—Spirit— without being a strain on the economy, the environment, the laws and growth of the people and governments …

  6. opheliart permalink

    I have been following the debate on this … give a read …

    BOSTON (AP) — If there were an Olympic medal for acrimony, Boston would take the gold.

    The debate over the city’s embattled bid to host the 2024 Summer Games has featured F-bombs at public hearings, shouting matches and online abuse in both directions.

    Regardless of whether the bid advances, some say the venom and vitriol represent a new low in a city where political disagreement long has been a blood sport.

    “This has been damaging to our discourse. It’s a wound to our civic morale,” said Ed Lyons, a Boston political activist whose arguments in favor of the Olympics have been met with profanity on social media.

    “There’s no decorum. It’s all just so vicious,” he said. “I’m concerned that if it continues like this, I don’t know where we go next.”

    Dismay at the tone of the debate cuts both ways.

    Britni de la Cretaz, a social worker and member of No Boston 2024 — a spirited opposition movement — was at a recent public meeting in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood when a woman raising concerns about how the games might affect low-income residents was shouted down by a man who called her a “f—— piece of s—.”

    No Boston 2024 condemned the hostile environment as “aggressive and threatening,” and de la Cretaz said she feared for her own safety.

    View gallery
    FILE – In this Jan. 21, 2015 file photo, shadows of organizers and reporters pass a video display sc …
    “It makes for a really intimidating environment to voice how you’re feeling when you feel like you’re going to be attacked or heckled,” she said, adding that she’s had to block people on social media because they used nasty or abusive language.

    Boston’s troubled bid got off to a rough start when skeptics questioned how much public money would be spent to bring the games to an already congested city, and it has foundered since.

    Polls have shown local support at below 50 percent. Last week, U.S. Olympic Committee board member Angela Ruggiero said the USOC was still vetting the bid and that there was “no guarantee” the city would be put forward as the U.S. candidate — suggesting Boston could be ditched in favor of Los Angeles, which hosted the games in 1932 and 1984.

    Boston organizers will update the USOC on June 30, and that could decide the fate of the bid. The deadline is Sept. 15 to submit a final bid to the International Olympic Committee, which will select the host city in 2017. Rome and Hamburg, Germany, also are declared bidders, and Paris and Budapest, Hungary, are expected to enter the race soon.

    New revelations that a Boston Olympics likely would rely on substantial public funding touched off fresh squabbles. Boston Magazine obtained a copy of the presentation to the USOC showing the bid isn’t relying on taxpayer funding solely for security and infrastructure, as the organizers long insisted.

    Inflaming all that is the massive bribery and corruption scandal engulfing FIFA, soccer’s world governing body. Boston 2024 cynics were quick to suggest the IOC may be cut from the same cloth.

    Even so, the incivility is jarring — all the more so considering the debate centers on a global movement built around the concept of unity, said Ira Jackson, chairman of the Center for Civil Discourse at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

    View gallery
    FILE – In this Feb. 5, 2015 file photo, members of the audience hold up placards against the Olympic …
    “Our better angels call upon us, if we’re going to retain our sense of coherence and community, to work hard at being more civil,” he said.

    “We don’t necessarily all have to sing ‘Kumbaya’ or play touch football together. But all of us need to listen to each other and understand one another’s fears.”

    Instead, some have likened the tension to court-ordered public school desegregation in the 1970s, which touched off a decade and a half of rage and racial violence as 18,000 students were bused to schools outside their neighborhoods.

    Is the atmosphere now too toxic for the Olympic torch to burn over Boston?

    Corey Dinopoulos, a co-founder of the Boston 2024 organizing committee who got the bid rolling three years ago, calls the tone “kind of depressing” for a world-class city with a chance to showcase itself.

    “The city needs to calm down,” he said. “People are expecting a lot from the organization. We’re trying to plan for the next 15 years and that doesn’t happen overnight. I think everyone needs some manners classes.”

    But for games opponents like de la Cretaz, it’s about more than manners — it’s about the future.

    “People are asking questions because they care about our city,” she said. “If they didn’t care about the city, they wouldn’t come to the meetings.”



    • opheliart permalink

      WE think it’s about positioning and how those making decisions for a whole lotta people do not consider the REALITY of where and how these big plans ruin and cause an awful lot of heartache.

      • opheliart permalink

        I listen to those involved—doing the homework—both sides—and what I heard was:

        Mayor Walsh put his signature on something while saying it would not cost the taxpayers a dime … but those doing homework for the taxpayers found out that he put his signature on ink costing taxpayers …

  7. opheliart permalink

    Though Rohingya have been victims of state-sponsored discrimination for decades, conditions started deteriorating three years ago after the predominantly Buddhist country of 50 million began its bumpy transition from a half-century of dictatorship to democracy.

    Taking advantage of newfound freedoms of expression, radical monks started fanning deep-seated societal hatred for the religious minority. Hundreds have been killed by machete-wielding mobs and a quarter million others now live under apartheid-like conditions in camps or have fled by boat — hundreds of dehydrated, hungry Rohingya washing onto Southeast Asian shores in recent weeks.

    Denied citizenship, they are effectively stateless with almost no basic rights. As they become increasingly marginalized, several groups are warning that the building blocks of genocide are in place.

    • opheliart permalink

      Radical monks fanning deep-seated societal hatred for a religious minority? Where have we heard that before?


  8. opheliart permalink

    We shared in SPIR and elsewhere … here comes the “eucharist” change and the finger-pointing …
    “priests, you haven’t been doing it right”

    And please note where and how the RCC operates in poorer countries … so they can build their armies while they make their martyrs. We have been watching the “Africa invasion and” … for a while … we know what’s been going on there … where none of their American members can see …

    • opheliart permalink

      They can’t offer a decent and diverse education in these poorer countries without indoctrination … and ?

      • opheliart permalink

        Take care you don’t spread the EBOLA virus priests … that would be bad.

  9. opheliart permalink



    Why are the criminal minds still being praised, promoted and given loads of cash?

  10. opheliart permalink

    and the job of a lawyer is to …?

    not quite seeing what the first commenter is going on about … maybe other commenters will shed some unbiased light on this

    Garson Abuita June 1, 2015 at 11:34 am
    New York State’s law protects only religiously-oriented institutions, not private businesses whose owners are religiously observant. It does not protect the bakers, florists, photographers, etc., but it does protect, for example, a Knights of Columbus hall or a minister that does freelance weddings for a fee. The law also contains an inseverability clause, meaning that if pro-SSM plaintiffs were to challenge the exemption and win, the very law that allows SSM in the first place would be invalidated and we’d all have to start over.
    But there is definitely $, and large amounts of it … going to PROTECT religiously observant … yes? Those claiming persecution — harassment? and attacks … because they are of a RACE-RELATED RELIGION —yes?

    pro gay advocates need to be careful that they are not impinging on the rights of fair and just means in the vocations of those hired to research, support or defend views, and the rights of people to have attorneys defending ___. Not everything opposing a person’s view is discriminating or unjust. Those acting in a militant and one-sided manner to get everything exactly in their favor, without understanding the that there are many views … may end up holding the short end of the stick.

    • opheliart permalink

      Another comment …

      Jack June 1, 2015 at 12:38 pm
      Robin Fretwell Wilson sounds like a well-meaning person, and maybe in another time or place, she’d be accorded her due.

      Unfortunately, as this board indicates, what the radical left wants today goes far beyond gay marriage. It cares nothing about gays or gay marriage per se and in fact is quite bigoted against gays. It’s also on record as hating marriage of any kind or definition. It wants to remake and reshape humanity into its own image and destroy dissent on any issue.

      That’s the totalitarian spirit of the French and Russian Revolutions, and every bloodthirsty dictatorship of the prior century. It is utterly foreign to the American Revolution and the traditions of individual liberty that have long characterized the Anglosphere.

      This is what I noticed when I first listened to the extremist rhetoric of the most zealous gay marriage supporters. They’re about far more than gay marriage and it’s time for people to fight this fascism wherever it rears its nasty…

  11. opheliart permalink

    the “problem” with polygamy is the same with anything else …


    ——-Systems of Abuse——-

    *In the case of man marrying more than one woman … this often results in more children … with more children come obvious concerns … one of which is abuse of the environment

    how, you wonder? look around

    and do your homework on this

    AND the potential for illicit USE of women and children for the MALE … poor parenting and the building of ANOTHER SYSTEM OF BELIEF THAT SCREAMS GLUTTONY—more-more-more-more-more-more-more … always wanting more! Less is more my friends … less selfish desires and more interest and action on the existing concerns.

    *that man or woman desires “marriage” with more than one spouse means nothing to us … it is what comes after that is too often full of sh**.

    • opheliart permalink

      and not just poopy disposable diapers 😦

      • opheliart permalink

        regarding the “nobody’s business” in the bedroom (consenting adults) … hmm … not necessarily so … as much as we would like to wash our hands of this …

        there will be a growing problem … likely an alarming problem … and there will need to be a few things in place …

        also, I am sometimes surprised—even now—although I shouldn’t be 😉 … at how atheists think! they think very much one sided in “areas” with a desire for “their rightness” of understanding! this is part of the problem and WHY we can’t MOVE!!!

        after having dialogued with a few of these on RNS … and followed their mindset, we see where there is a prolapse of REASONABLE THOUGHT and this, my friends, is WHY there will be a very profound change in BELIEF which will change the landscape tremendously. they read snarky as if this is a personal attack on their own personal “status” … man, oh daze … WAKE FROM THE TORMENT OF YOUR LAGGING MINDS, dear ones 😀 …

        over and over and over I see the jabs and I say … is it TIME yet—please!

        The people’s choice, folks … no votes no what? or maybe these Atheists have forgotten that it takes the people voting in their “democratic” system. The Politicians—making up our Government rely on this very thing—yes?

  12. opheliart permalink

    please read the comments …

    The commenter, Jack, is saying something … those opposing him can’t see it because of the biases. We have spoken of SPIRREALISM as a REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT (see Spirrealism’s Manifesto). It is NOT Political, however; it is of a Spiritual Wellness … a bridge of sorts. Most do not even understand of “what” we speak … because they are not moving. Jack knows something based on what came before and what he sees in today’s circles, and in one sense, he would be correct in his “understanding”. On RNS, we warned-cautioned that there are people using the gay, who are not gay … using them for their own purposes. This is true! We have been watching this. They are of a militancy of intent, but we do not fear their noise. They will not take a big enough chunk of the youth to degrade the Evolution of Man and God: Prophesy. We do not fear any of these cults because some things are coming that will help restore “some” balance … as this is always the way.

    But look at Greg1’s comment again:

    Greg1 May 30, 2015 at 9:37 pm
    So, Dennis should have become a Catholic priest? To me, the more we expose this stuff, the better. Regarding the Catholic Church, I believe God Almighty revealed that filthy scandal so to clean up the priesthood, as well as the bishopric. It was like tearing the scab off of a very large wound, but in the end the priesthood of the Church will be renewed, brought back to the state of purity. As for the Church, well the screening process has become more rigorous, allowing only men who have been called to the celibate life in. Whereas, with Hastert, well we see another male on male abuse scandal, but he is merely a politician, accountable only to the voters. So, I’m not sure how that will be cleaned up, other than jail time. In summary, the only connection between the Hastert scandal, and the Catholic Church scandal, is the male on male abuse. One can be cleaned up, the other will fade after the headlines ebb off, and continue on unchecked.

    He is a staunch, indoctrinated Roman Catholic. God to him IS the RCC—its DOCTRINE. He talks about exposing the sexual abuse and yet he does little if anything to actually expose it within his organization (someone told him it was being taken care of and of course as a dutiful servant of the organization he believes it—-he has become his own biased stumbling block——-WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BEFORE? one might say this is the reason there is a scandal … and why the abuses continue).
    He goes on to say … but in the end the priesthood of the Church will be renewed, brought back to its state of purity.
    Again, his God IS the Roman Catholic Church and the DOCTRINE it houses. He is servant to the Doctrine. One should ask: when were your RC priests ever pure? This Religionist lives in a state of delusion in that he believes man’s gods are Truth. He will find himself in that leaking ship … no paddle … evil staring him in the face and he will be fighting an imaginary war: it exists inside his head. He is what we understand as poor in Spirit.

    • opheliart permalink

      Consider what we share … and look at those sects (cults) demanding attention, money, power. Who/what is calling attention to itself? Who/what desires special privileges … and carries a cross bigger than him? weighing him down and so many others in the process … that few can move … move into places of growth and well being? Jesus told his disciples:

      And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.

      Have the Religionists missed this message? If you are a targeted sect—why? How is it that the attackers find you? I know of three after us … but why don’t we fear these? Reasonable Faith … and the fact that we are moving 😉 Can man take what we share and make it a Religion? In SPIR, we have already said this … the patterns are there for all to see.

      What has not yet been realized scientifically—medically and … is that there exists an ENERGY 🙂 It is real. It’s ALIVE. When you realize its “purity” then you realize its opposing positions—you believe there is the energies of something unseen. Ah, but it is coming … yes … one that man thinks would never believe in {this} will believe! He is known in the world of men. And when he comes forth … watch what follows …

  13. opheliart permalink

    there is nothing wrong in wanting to counter hate messages … but watch how these groups change direction when their own get hit with something demoralizing … or devastating. there are many who have been of a fortunate residence … a sort of ‘privileged’ place of lifestyle. threaten this homestead and watch the sparks fly.

  14. opheliart permalink
    😀 … gots do what you gots to do to say I do

    … if you want to get real on this … look at child brides… these are like DAUGHTERS turned WIVES
    which brings us to:
    Several South American countries are facing criticism for their strict abortion bans. Lawmakers in Peru rejected a bill that would grant rape victims abortion rights, and Paraguay denied an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim, putting the girl at serious risk. – See more at:

    • opheliart permalink

      Atheist Max Jun 3, 2015 at 3:05 am
      I understand.
      The word “uncomfortable” is where I had an issue. The more distasteful the speech, the more it needs to be protected – and it is the media’s job to remind us why that is so important. Self-censorship is the worst kind.
      Regarding Geller – discomfort with her tactics is identical to discomfort with her freedom. They are not separable.
      It is far better to embrace Geller’s freedom of speech as the necessary tactic.

      Trying to separate ‘good taste’ from ‘rights’ is exactly why there is so much confusion about what freedom of speech is all about.

      – See more at:

      If HARVARD AND BROWN KNEW “ATHEIST MAX” —his REAL identity—would his kids be kicked out? Because of his Hate Speech? HIS BIGOTRY, RACIST RANTS, SLANDER … and his lies? He clearly demeans STUDENTS OF FAITH—OF ALL RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS—CALLING THEM DELUSIONAL—HE IS A God-HATER—JESUS HATER—and has posted some truly disgraceful comments about BELIEVERS IN GOD—SPIRIT … and twisted the words of others to suit “the AGENDA” … theirs is one of inciting HATRED FOR BELIEVERS IN GOD AND THOSE RELIGIOUS. Is this a recruiting system?

      A-MAX is quite the coward, hiding behind the name Atheist Max … we have seen some not so good things … 😦

      now, is someone going to tell on him? is someone already following his rants? we believe so—oh, yes … yes, yes, yes … and he may be in BIG trouble. Will the BIG $ donor decide to call off the donation to Harvard because of the slanderous A-Max?
      hmm … watch …

      • opheliart permalink

        and those PAID to troll like a PREDATOR looking for people and their comments … to degrade and demean reputation and to slander … WILL BE FOUND OUT AND EXPOSED.

        There is something ‘fishy’ indeed.

  15. opheliart permalink

    JR June 3, 2015 at 2:44 pm
    The Pope is speaking to the world as its moral leader, and he personally lives in a manner that past Popes have not. Not that the trappings and treasures are anything to be ashamed of, for they belong to the Church, not the Pope.
    Cashing in the Vatican’s two millennia of art, books, artifacts, and relics would be like emptying the Louvre to feed the poor. The world would lose sight of its cultural history.
    The Pope asks the world to assist the poor,especially families, for they are the core of society’s structure. He could also be preparing for his definition of marriage and family in the upcoming Synod of Bishops.


    JR and THE WORLD are in for a BIG eye-opening …


  16. opheliart permalink

    the collision: ODing on the veruca salt—I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW

    two systems of belief collide

    I had an interesting dream a bit ago … the entire face of a museum of arts building fell. i watched it start to crumble … much like the twin towers then the entire front came forward on to the street and the buildings across the street where i was shoveling a few steps of snow for a restaurant … it was dark out but i saw it fall and i turned and ran to warn the people inside… and …

  17. opheliart permalink–abc-news-celebrities.html

    this of course is a favorite story for haters to use against religionists … it is a lesson, however, all the way around … take heed
    josh, a troubled youth, is facing scrutiny from things he did when he was 14 — from the story, the sisters did not know—were not aware. the boy sought help—you must give him that. what happened afterward with the law involved is telling …

    *parents, how many of your children are engaging in inappropriate conduct as a teen—even into college? how many of your boys have raped young women? or been ‘rough’ with them? or were involved in drugging young women and taking advantage of them sexually?

    truth be told … there is a lot of bad behavior going on … I have heard stories my whole life and almost became a victim myself at a college frat party.

    what are you teaching your children? or not teaching them? what do you allow them that so many should THINK this type of sexual behavior will not cost them … somewhere in time

    what you believe may be what YOU receive

  18. opheliart permalink

    as for my work:

    I sing the song because I Love the man … I know that some of you don’t understand … milk blood to keep from running out

    I have seen “the drug” and the damage done …

  19. opheliart permalink

    this sounds off … someone isn’t being honest … WE DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING WE READ—DO YOU?

    another article:

    Ibrahim Rahim, an imam at the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland, California, earlier posted about his brother’s death on social media.

    Ibrahim Rahim wrote on Facebook that his brother was shot while at a bus stop on his way to work. He asked for prayers for his brother.

    In a 2013 interview with CNN, Ibrahim Rahim voiced his objection to presiding over the funeral of Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

    “We don’t want people looking at us as though we are empathetic in any way to what has happened at the hands of this man and his brother,” he said at the time.

    Ibrahim Rahim said his brother was on the phone with their father and was shot three times in the back during the confrontation.

    In a statement, the Islamic Society of Boston said police have invited Muslim leaders Wednesday to watch surveillance video of the shooting.

    HE WROTE ON FACEBOOK THAT HIS BROTHER WAS SHOT IN THE BACK— where would he get this story? was he attempting to incite violence against the police? 😦

    Are we going to allow people—anyone—to lead us into lies? False Doctrine?

    Some can SEE through the lies …!/video/on-air/as-seen-on/Terrorist-Ties-to-Boston/306060361

    • opheliart permalink

      the truth on these stories will come out … and those dishonest will be seen for what they are

    • opheliart permalink–abc-news-travel.html

      Ahmad, a chaplain at Northwestern University, told ABC’s Chicago station WLS on Sunday that she requested a closed can of soda “for hygienic reasons.”

      “And so she said, ‘Well, no one has consumed from this can.’ And I said, ‘That’s fine but I would really prefer for hygienic reasons and health concerns,'” Ahmad recalled. “She said, ‘Well, it is against our policy to give people unopened canned beverages.'”

      “And then she said, ‘No diet coke for you,’ and she picked up the beverage from my tray table and took it back,” she said.

      Ahmad said the same flight attendant then served an unopened can of beer to another passenger.

      When she confronted the attendant, “She said it is against our policy to give people unopened can beverages because they may use it as a weapon.”

      “So I said, ‘Well I think that’s strange because you’re discriminating against me because clearly you gave the passenger next to me an unopened beverage can.’ And so she looked at that, picked it up, opened it and put it back. And as she was putting it back she said, ‘It’s because you would use it as a weapon.'”

      “At that point I was in utter shock,” she told WLS. “I was almost tearing up.”

      Ahmad said she then asked the other passengers, “Did you all just witness this discrimination?” and she claims another passenger muttered “you Muslim” and told her to shut up.

      “And he said, ‘You know you would use it as a weapon,'” Ahmad recounted.

      “I just couldn’t believe what he had said,” Ahmad said. “I was in tears.”

      The attendant apologized after the flight, Ahmad said, but she told the attendant that her actions made her feel “very threatened.”

      United Airlines initially called the incident a “misunderstanding.”


      did the man near her actually get an unopened can? I thought the attendants always open the cans …

      still fishy …

  20. opheliart permalink

    baggage …

    it’s not about meditating … not the way folks understand this … this method is still a one dimensional quip … a flat bed hosier … not gnosis in the Spiritual of Reaching the places of the SUPER.NATURAL 😉

    do you want to Commune in the SPIRIT? the HOLY Spirit? you need One.


    • opheliart permalink

      playing mind games? anyone can do … the spirit world is ready and waiting …

      If you desire the ESSENCE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST … you need One.

      If you do not believe us … but desire to know if {this} is real, there is someone you least expect who will come forth with something no one thought possible (well, almost no one) …

      I am pleased and excited for it to come forth 😀

  21. opheliart permalink

    force … brutality … insurgence … rape … torture … the list continues …


    few people understand how evil dresses itself as something faithful … devoted … undying in mission and worth … it tells the world of its ‘rightness’ and its godly zeal through force and manipulation … it fuels the media, the masses, the missions and the ‘martyrs’ … it knows it can find recruits through anxiety, unease, mistrust, animosity, partiality, lethargy, illicit feeding and breeding, ritual, corruption, injustice, racism, bigotry, unfair practice, complacency, dishonesty, hatred … bloodshed … and fear

    it can even dress itself as partner and parade itself as peaceful wine … a praiseworthy parent

    the world watches as evil finds vessels of use … of all kinds … of all partners … of all partial institutional enterprise …

    WHERE do you allow yourself to be deceived?

    I know of priests and others claiming belief in Spirit who have EXPERIENCED {this} — not through their Institution that has them enslaved … through something unrelenting and impartial … and still … they disbelieve—still they desire either self-centered game or Institutional pride. They have been shown repeatedly where they are being DECEIVED … FACT—EVIDENCE—and yet, they continue to deny … even unjustly accuse in their blinded state, and think nothing of bullying others, even using others selfishly and lying to hide their misdeeds. They lack compassion … they lack Peace … they know not what this is because they are too busy hiding from the fact that they were PATRIARCHAL, unseeing in the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, and that they were misled. They hide behind false marriages. Of course, this is a choice they can make as the Spirit NEVER forces … not like the Doctrines of Man that demand allegiance even while requiring theft, deception and abuse …

    • opheliart permalink

      those “Virgin” sightings … with all the rhetoric (in the partial contest of the vineyards of man)


  22. opheliart permalink

    An obituary published in The (Aurora) Beacon News said Reinbolt had “a unique and fascinating mind” and was drawn to the arts, especially film, drama and music.

    yes, we are aware of what ‘evil’ looks for and entitles itself to

    Now, ask, “Where have I seen this before?”

    Where has there been an unbelievable amount of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE … from what initially seemed an unlikely source? Now … are you surprised?

    But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    Now … ask how many Dennis Hasterts are out there … WHERE they are HIDING … for how long … and if there is anyone being PAID to remain silent? Clergy? Parishioners? Pastors? Professors/schoolteachers? Politicians?

    • opheliart permalink

      even consider those having used bright interns as mistresses … or for their own games … or seminarians, students … looking up to these “mega men” that the world sees as GREAT … GOOD, HEROS …

      What set itself up as GREAT and GOOD and INFALLIBLE (incapable of being wrong) … manipulated the masses like a addictive drug, selling itself—whoring itself—paying itself—to appear MAGNIFICENT—RIGHTEOUS—HOLY?

      And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God. (Mark)

      And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God. (Luke)

  23. opheliart permalink

    There are many “topics” of the news in this day … and several of these take up a lot of time and attention … the youth are esp vulnerable … the media and the mind manipulators have their causes and agendas in high gear …
    we see how there is pushing a serious imbalance and where and how lives will be lost, but man is in the indoctrinated state … feeds disunity … his own ramblings and control patrol …

    they will loose their children because they are not aware in how these things control the masses and they are not of the ability to see its calamity. they do not understand the patterns—they miss the signs—but they love the attention, the money-making schemes and scams that satisfy self-agenda … and in the final hour … there is such waste of purposeful parts.

    but something is in motion to help to establish balance … it is of the way

  24. opheliart permalink


    and do we have a large DONATION for the study of rape of young women and children? this has been around longer than any group or sect advertising itself as anything … the outburst of some of these communities is expected, and in the public eye in a very large way … man at one type engaged in sexual activities with man without proclamation … do you know the history of this? but where do we see avarice? have we forgotten the abused and the abuser’s tactic? sly are the ones wearing the decor of ____________________________________________________________

    know your enemy

    we speak not of those born gay and seeking companionship in a genuine manner … we speak of the predator … and these, folks, are not always what they appear …

  25. opheliart permalink

    The time for man slandering and SPEAKING VILE publicly against a BELIEVER in SPIRIT … GOD … Supreme Being … is coming to an end. The MILITANTS will be held accountable. They will be found guilty of inciting violence against another, slander … even RACISM … Prison time? Steep penalties? Yup.

    Man says, Say what?! Their FREEDOMS in this will be held to severe scrutiny. As we said … the FACE of Christianity will change as will the landscape of Religion.

    If anyone thinks that Society will go the way of A-Max and his creed—NO. All those cheering the madness of this instability will be held to the law of just means for the safety of many.

    Don’t think it’s going to happen? Watch what comes …

    • opheliart permalink

      and that goes for the nasty remarks about Gays … ssm and … Gays are already dividing into their sects/cults much like any group— of Religious, and they want to be accepted for what/who they are … and like any organized group (institution/ establishment …) they must be held to the same criteria of existing groups … although, things will change as there is a need for this.

      • opheliart permalink

        like these awful stunts … and to use GOD’s name so fruitlessly and ignorantly …

        We won’t blink an eye should there be STIFF fines for these meddlers of hate.

        We really, really REALLY need to move out of these mindsets in our Society—PLEASE! Government—PLEASE!!! Put the ax down on this kind of rhetoric. Don’t try to be so politically correct or so constitutionally infallible 😉 … JUST EXERCISE SOME MEASURE OF RELEASE THAT SAYS: ENOUGH! WE NEED TO GROW, PEOPLE!
        You have found loopy holes for soooooooooooooooo many other things for sooooooooooooooo many of your comrades, we won’t blink on this one 🙂

  26. opheliart permalink

    Check this out:

    the priest is accused and charged with getting a seventeen-yr-old male and an 18-yr-old male high to the point of passing out then sexually molested them …

    read the comments by the carrot cake man

    and this:
    CarrotCakeMan June 5, 2015 at 5:15 pm
    We see increasingly how these Catholic bishops are really politicians who hide behind their IRS 503c3 status so they can go about their crass political machinations while evading taxation and scrutiny. These politicians seek to blame LGBT Americans for what they themselves convenienced, in a desperate attempt to demean, demonize and dehumanize LGBT Americans and advance their anti-gay political agenda. Fortunately, our courts are not fooled.
    A solid question here is: did the priest desire sexual acts with males? it appears so—wouldn’t you say? the priest might be bisexual … desiring sex w/both male and female … what are the other stats on this case?

    • opheliart permalink

      It’s important to realize that years before Fr. Wehmeyer was arrested, MPR reports, top archdiocesan staffers knew that Fr. Wehmeyer had “engaged in troubling sexual encounters — that he had approached young men for sex at a bookstore and cruised nearby parks” where anonymous sexual encounters often took place. In 2009, he was arrested on – and later pled guilty to – charges of drunk driving. Police said he was asking young men, ages 18-21, if they wanted to party with him at a state park.”

      Here is a clue …yes?

      • opheliart permalink

        We understand what cake is saying … we’ve heard this before many times … however, this is just the beginning of this terrible saga … and NO one is going to think this is mostly a “heterosexual” issue involving the clergy …

        I have already heard from priests — priests who would know.

        and … there are other things, things so very bad … when these come out, the clergy-hierarchy will never be looked at the same again.

  27. opheliart permalink

    of course this is all manmade DOCTRINE burying man deeper into his cults

    we shared many times in SPIR, these men have no power in the Holy Spirit … they have no understanding on WHAT is saint.

    but ask yourselves why this roman pontiff would insist on canonizing this FRENCH man … ? to instigate something within france? their acts are so obvious it is often amusing … but possibly not so for those of judaism.

    • opheliart permalink

      *be aware people … that you are not being betrayed

      this looks sneakily like tactics of old … THE SIGNS ARE OBVIOUS

      look at the patterns … man repeats and repeats and repeats … esp when his SYSTEMS of BELIEF are permitted the red carpet

      • opheliart permalink

        the Vatican sees those calling themselves reformed and many moving out of strict religious sect altogether and embracing change and they see the influences of this on the people …
        they pretend at mending fences when in fact they are …

        they HATE the idea of women in positions of RELIGIOUS titles … like priest-rabbi and the influences *note the little charade w/Burke 😀 … so amusing! … and many of the other things involving women … like abortion. if they cannot control the women through pregnancies … marriage … and since they are losing the woman’s vote in their parishes due to those awful CHILD ABUSE scandals … and the shutting down of so many parishes (while they purchase and renovate that big plexiglass cathedral) … and they live an unreal existence in their finery … and the poorer countries that are supposedly booming in catholic numbers they cannot control as they used to because of the war lords and that other sh** going on …

        tough being a dictator these days—isn’t that right, Vaticants?

        but in their desperation to ordain priests/rabbis and … to gain control … they have not been very care-filled in their choices … WARNING: ordained men as ticket holders in one of the worst rackets involving children. when this comes out … God help the people 😦

  28. opheliart permalink

    check this out … as of Sat. 6-6-15 … there are 40 comments about “the mass” …

    the Catholics come running out *^$)#@ … for or against .

    the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? um, I can barely hear you …

    What you believe may be what you receive

  29. opheliart permalink

    For those of you who thought pope fran would be your ‘savior’ and make change in the RCC … by allowing ssm … you have not been aware, and understand little on the Vatican ethic. First, any Institution that claims itself God’s mouthpiece—infallible—the TRUE church—God’s chosen Religious … is dipping into vats of insubordination … careless feeding, self-righteousness and Ignorance. The horrors of the centuries should have taught man the feeding on this … but … man is what? and power does what? Theirs has little to do with actual BELIEF in God, and the completeness and PURITY of {this}. One of Spiritual Understanding sees the caricature and refuses to idolize its tenor, and will not abide in false doctrine … or use man or woman for selfish gain, not even pope fran.

    The franchise of the RC… Vatican ethic … is to use woman. Put it altogether.They desire born Catholic. This is ‘its’ brand … I suppose this is a carryover from Judaism. They come out and pretend otherwise, but the links are all there … and from what we have been told, the compartments are in place and have been for centuries. Why do you think the “Peter’s Successor” was such a big push in the RCC from the start? Seriously! They had people convinced there was a direct line from Peter and THEY ARE IT THROUGH THEIR POPES. No, if they understood THE APOSTOLIC LANGUAGE … they would know that {this} does not work their way (manmade doctrine). Jesus knew and spoke on this. He prophesied on this very thing. AS did Paul and … We could show you many places … but …

    Now, to have 2 males married … even if adopting children … what does this say about “their” compartments? They already have many gay men, some sexually active, and these are already married … to what they claim as “the true church”. Again, they missed the message on WHAT IS PEACE when Jesus spoke of this (I came not to bring but a sword). So … they backed themselves into a corner with all that finery and beautiful arts … and education and … then trying to stuff the man-woman marriage—that they prettied up with all the catholic verbiage—into a sacrament designed for man’s appeal. Yes, MAN’s appeal. But that ‘appeal’ is changing … these are age-old dippers thinking man wants the FEMALE IMAGE in size D cup that carries many children to build them their quadrants. Nope .. all gonna change, including that female look … actually, it’s already changing. They want men desiring sex with woman to have their CATHOLIC children—one right after the other like an open bag of potato chips. Um, not in the more ‘civilized’ areas of the Earth—not happening, Vaticants.

    Read through everything since pope fran started his position, and not just the “who am I to judge” (the incomplete quote) … including the Islam Brotherhood partnering and what do you see?

    They NEED the female in the marriage setting. Ditch the contraceptives and they know what happens. They have known it all along! People allow themselves to be deceived. It is truly sad.

    • opheliart permalink

      My gosh … these people are in for a HUGE surprise! Likely an alarming one.

      In thinking about the canonization of the anti-semitic priest (see above comment for article) …

      Why make Mary IMMACULATE? Mary was a Jew? Were the anti-semitic Roman Catholic hierarchy concerned about the birth family of Mary? Did they make her IMMACULATE to distance her from Judaism—the Jew … this ‘family’? And they trumped it up with a lot of Catholic verbiage to disguise their true intent?

      Hmm … like reading a book.

      And they get caught in their skivvies.

      • opheliart permalink

        so … here we have a very large institution allowing homosexuals into their orders and promoting the more “tow the line keep mouth shut” types … men who would not be worth much to them on the outside as they would not likely impregnate women, and would not build their dynasty the way they needed it built … and if a mess of these men (heterosexual and homosexual) needed the children for … you know … to satisfy … you know (of varying degrees of suffering and illness) then okay, but keep it quiet …

        but what is happening? Care-less, negligent, ignorant, insubordinate, power-mongering, whore-mongering … deceivers, having lied and denied … and hid the atrocities … and the time is now for all to see what the Vaticants are really staging.

  30. opheliart permalink

    This from a staunch RC:

    JR June 5, 2015 at 7:31 am
    There is no truth in the Jehovah Witness cult, as devoted you may be to its tennets of belief. Men with no religious authority or knowledge created this cult in the late 19th Century. Jesus is not Michael the archangel. You should open your eyes to the Faith your parents abandoned.

    😀 I am in no way of the JW sect … but JR needs to WAKE-Up … He has no Knowledge of the Archangels … and WHAT IS OF THE CHRIST—he has no Knowledge of HOW Spirit works. His position and stance of a ‘secular’ Institution claiming itself God’s mouthpiece explains a lot on how and why he knows nothing about the HOLY Spirit.

    Hmm … wow, this is telling …

  31. opheliart permalink

    take care what you believe

    I think by now you have seen the Vaticants at work … so … BEWARE of the deception … and those posing as ___________________________________________________________________!

    • opheliart permalink

      the Vaticants desperately want W-A-R …
      in war they get in a better position for control

      don’t believe us? look at the patterns—the behavior—the patterns … then ask yourself why a pope claiming a peace initiative is so intent on the POLITICS of so many countries? It is not peace the Vaticants seek; it’s confusion and disruption and igniting what? They have been manipulating the masses for centuries doing the same thing but with different faces … the gnostic says, *sigh* this time … the world will know the truth about this fascist regime.

      • opheliart permalink

        ask yourselves who still behaves toward a man of an oppressive and abusive institution like he is a god? ask yourselves who still believes in these men as the only way to get to heaven? ask yourselves why the pope is so keen on places like manila and sarajevo and … he hasn’t initiated one piece of LITURGY that advocates for Light on the Word of God. He hasn’t demonstrated to a single citizen of these countries the poorer aspects of BELIEF and the need for SPIRITUAL GROWTH … he only maintains the old wineskin … these people are FAMISHED and all he has to offer is the same old ghastly notes … Vaticant’s memorabilia …

        so very sad …

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