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The Incredible Shrinking … man (part 1)

May 19, 2015

Remember the 1957 movie THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN? I was very young when I saw this movie for the first time. I will never forget it. It made such a profound impression on me. A man in a boat off the coast of California experiences an unusual phenomenon. A dark cloud appears overhead, and what I remember of the movie is that the man gets covered in something that looked to me like fairy dust. I recall it having a sparkly appearance, but it’s been a long time and I may be wrong about that. Anyhow, the man starts shrinking … and shrinking … and the movie ends with …

Meanwhile, Scott goes through the odyssey of navigating his own basement, which for him at his current size is a cavernous, inhospitable world. Most of his time is spent battling a voracious spider, his own hunger, and the fear that he may eventually shrink down to nothing. When the water heater bursts, his brother, Charlie, and his wife, Louise, come down to investigate; by now, however, Scott is too small, Charlie and Louise cannot hear his screams for help. Louise then moves out of the house. Scott ultimately kills the spider with a straight pin and collapses in exhaustion. Awakening, he finds he is now so small he can escape the basement by walking through the squares of a window screen. Scott accepts his fate and is resigned to the adventure of seeing what awaits him in even smaller realms. He knows he will eventually shrink to atomic size; but, no matter how small he becomes, he concludes he will still matter in the universe because, to God, “there is no zero.” This thought gives him comfort and ends his fears of the future. from Wikipedia

Amazing. The man becomes unseen by his peers while being transformed. How prophetic … how immeasurably synoptic 😉




From a paper on Greek Heritage/Diaspora by Demetrios Constantelos —-

*(see SPIR essay Too Cold for Angels to Fly? )

The Greek Heritage has emphasized the belief of the dignity and infinite worth of the human being. The human being personifies the Supreme being on earth. In Greek anthropological thought human energy is conceived as the embodiment of the vital energy of the divinity. The human being is regarded as a microcosm of the visible and invisible, the natural and supernatural. The human mind, or soul, is perceived and respected as a miniature cosmos which expresses its vision in art and thought, imagination and remembrance, goodness, beauty, tolerance and the search for truth.

In Greek Heritage there is no opposition of the human being to nature, separating reason and faith, spirituality and materiality. The natural, or so-called “secular”, is sanctified in the whole realm of God’s creation. In Greek tradition the phenomenon of human life and universe have achieved a unity of equilibrium whether in antiquity, in the Middle Ages, or modernity, the Greeks have struggled to maintain in their thought a balance between faith and reason, logic and sentiment, physical and metaphysical experiences. A rediscovery of Greek classical and Christian humanism might prove a very valuable enrichment of modern life.


Let’s dip into the past for a bit …

Gregory of Nyssa (Nyssen), Theologian at a time when “God” was being described by a handful of men.

From Wikipedia (and we chose this rather than OrthodoxWiki because it reads more constructively)

Infinitude of God

Gregory was one of the first theologians to argue, in opposition to Origen, that God is infinite. His main argument for the infinity of God, which can be found in Against Eunomius, is that God’s goodness is limitless, and as God’s goodness is essential, God is also limitless.[37]

An important consequence of Gregory’s belief in the infinity of God is his belief that God, as limitless, is essentially incomprehensible to the limited minds of created beings. In Life of Moses, Gregory writes: “…every concept that comes from some comprehensible image, by an approximate understanding and by guessing at the Divine nature, constitutes a idol of God and does not proclaim God.”[38] Gregory’s theology was thus apophatic: he proposed that God should be defined in terms of what we know He is not rather than what we might speculate Him to be.[39]

Accordingly, the Nyssen taught that due to God’s infinitude, a created being can never reach an understanding of God, and thus for man in both life and the afterlife there is a constant progression [ἐπέκτασις] towards the unreachable knowledge of God, as the individual continually transcends all which has been reached before.[40] In the Life of Moses, Gregory speaks of three stages of this spiritual growth: initial darkness of ignorance, then spiritual illumination, and finally a darkness of the mind in mystic contemplation of the God who cannot be comprehended.[41]


Gregory seems to have believed in the universal salvation of all human beings. Gregory argues that when Paul says that God will be “all in all” (1 Cor. 15:28), this means that though some may need long time of purification, eventually “no being will remain outside the number of the saved”[42] and that “no being created by God will fall outside the Kingdom of God”.[43] That this is what Gregory believed and taught is affirmed by most scholars.[44][45][46][47][48] A minority of scholars have argued that Gregory only affirmed the universal resurrection.[49]

In the Life of Moses, Gregory writes that just as the darkness left the Egyptians after three days, perhaps redemption [ἀποκατάστασις] will be extended to those suffering in hell [γέεννα].[50] This salvation may not only extend to humans; following Origen, there are passages where he seems to suggest (albeit through the voice of Macrina) that even the demons will have a place in Christ’s “world of goodness”.[51] Gregory’s interpretations of 1 Corinthians 15:28 (“And when all things shall be subdued unto him …”) and Philippians 2:10 (“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth”) support this understanding of his theology.[51]

However, in the Great Catechism, Gregory suggests that while every human will be resurrected, salvation will only be accorded to the baptised, although he also states that others driven by their passions can be saved after being purified by fire.[52] While he believes that there will be no more evil in the hereafter, it is arguable that this does not preclude a belief that God might justly damn sinners for eternity.[53] Thus, the main difference between Gregory’s conception of ἀποκατάστασις and that of Origen would be that Gregory believes that mankind will be collectively returned to sinlessness, whereas Origen believes that personal salvation will be universal.[53] This interpretation of Gregory has been criticized recently, however.[54]

Attempting to reconcile these disparate positions, Orthodox theologian Mario Baghos notes that “when taken at face value the saint seems to be contradicting himself in these passages; on the one hand he asserted the salvation of all and the complete eradication of evil, and, on the other, that the fire needed to purge evil is ‘sleepless’, i.e. everlasting. The only solution to this inconsistency is to view any allusion to universal salvation in St Gregory as an expression of God’s intention for humanity, which is in fact attested to when his holy sister states that God has “one goal […] some straightway even in this life purified from evil, others healed hereafter through fire for the appropriate length of time.” That we can choose either to accept or ignore this purification is confirmed by the saint’s many exhortations that we freely undertake the virtuous path.”[55] Dr. Ilaria Ramelli has made the observation that for Gregory free will was compatible with universal salvation, since every person would eventually accept the good having gone through purification.[54]


Why did man stop searching? Did the big bad woo come and take away voice for those of gnosis? Who/what is responsible for the lethargy on these exercises? Who stamped its name on God and stole the souls of the …


chagall moses

In addition …

(note* some of the phrasing is a little awkward in places. I take it that the English language may not be the writer’s native tongue)

We found this information interesting because we had written on ecumenism, and Spirrealism’s refusal to engage in the agenda of this. Why? Because it is of catholic mindset, while we are ushering in a new eve-angel (think Spiritually Symbolic Literature here, please). Ours is the New Order of the Faith, not of Catholicism—not of Religion. We are Dreamers, Visionaries … Life Art Awareness. These are our Gifts. Philosophy, not engineered, is of our sentencing. This does not mean Theology is not of value—it is! But it must endure the test of Virginity … which is a test of pure intent, and this has everything to do with Honesty. [This] begins with the question of intent: For what purpose does man search, and from where (his place in interest and understanding). Does he search and write to prove for the policy of Political gain? Is he power-mongering? War-mongering? Squashing the voices of others while he claims absolute authority … or is he just and merciful, and willing to share for the purpose of Spiritual Unity and Spiritual Growth?




Gregory of Nyssa writes from a place of somewhat “engineered” posturing … which is linked with the desire of man to put in ink God, the Godhood, and all associated with the Divine (within his framework), and yet, Paul says what about the ink and what about the tablets of the heart? Paul also says …

2 Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

But who/what are the saints spoken here? We are never given names … titles … so, who are the saints of the Writings? Would these be the RC Version? The Orthodox Version? The Episcopal Version? None of these?

Gregory touches on some wonderful elements in the understanding of God, but he lived at a time when every word was dogma-ed. One was faced with harsh realities if someone in seats of power disapproved … for their own agendas … And on and on this fiasco endured. Women were mostly outside these schisms and partnering. They were mostly property—an attachment much like what we do with the art added to these SPIR essays. The mothers and daughters is what made life for these men possible, however, for man cannot live on bread alone … and yet, man in his theological circles never figured “her” into the study; at least, not in the natural SENSE of Symbolic usage. There was Mary … Theotokos … Virgin … but did these men get the picture on this as a partnering for the Vision of Christ? On the surface, they did … many did, but they never left their place of insurrection to come into a clearer understanding of Mary/Theotokos. The Roman Catholic Institution nearly eradicated her place at the Table—the Feast of the Kingdom—when it announced her as Immaculate. This Theology takes away her Spirit Awareness in HER part in the Story. It is through She that He can subsist, which makes her what? CHURCH … symbolically speaking. If he is born of a woman, He fulfills the Prophesy.  She “housed” and fed the fruits of what? Christ—the initial courage and place of this. To disavow Her the ‘preeminent’ person in the Godhood does not allow for a fuller understanding … and this would include FEMALE in the fight—that cataclysmic climb. Just calling the RCC “mother church”, or something of this without the understanding of impartiality of God is simply ignorance … however, the titles mean little in the Prophet’s Voice … so, we won’t get bogged down in this terminology. What matters is the Character unto which LIFE encourages LIFE—the UNITING within the Spirit.


100_8556Munch Madonna 1894


Man fighting with himself. Man fornifacting with himself. Man lusting for his own elf-satisfaction. We are having a play with words just a little bit, but this is quite accurate if you understand man’s life choices.

1 Corinthians Chapter 16 is Paul Prophesying. He is sharing his SPIRITUAL Odyssey. It is all Symbolically Written. Each name, place, person and … has a Spiritually Symbolic meaning, and teaches us on the Way. Does man understand the Language?


Let’s look at Gregory’s understanding:

However, in the Great Catechism, Gregory suggests that while every human will be resurrected, salvation will only be accorded to the baptised, although he also states that others driven by their passions can be saved after being purified by fire.

The baptized? If Gregory could see the baptized today would he feel the same on this? I think not. It’s like a hospital overflowing with maladies and no doctor in. If man cannot be of his own “doctoring”, he cannot be baptized. And what of those never having been given the choice in this? Read the first verse of 16.




Let’s move away from the word universal, shall we? As we shared in the previous essay, its intent was to make all people think one way … with a forced experience. Universality is a contradiction on the Spirit understanding of Identity (one’s coming into awareness of his Spiritual Name). Do you see it now? After reaching this place, there is a common bond or goal, which is Purpose unto God. Before this, it is dicey and can be quite illicit in endeavor, because man is pushing his stumbling blocks in the face of others … when he is of insulated and partial portent.

Now, in reading the paper on ecumenism … we begin to understand the concerns more clearly. Who is pushing for ecumenism without understanding the greater picture? I don’t agree in the prophecies of those the writer mentioned, as I see glimpses of something arising, but the mindset is limited in that “seers” are confined. It is much about this church and that church, but, of course, this is partial. The Gift of Vision is partial, as well. But hey, the good Lord says …


For all have sinned, and come SHORT of the glory of God; 




Peace and Love








  1. opheliart permalink

    Another parking dispute followed by deaths?

    You can’t blame Christians for this, A-Max!

  2. opheliart permalink

    my-my-my … the Roman HYPOCRITICAL Catholic Church … has anyone done a survey yet on how many sexually active Roman Catholic homosexual priests there are? how about bishops, cardinals and oooooh—popes?

    C’mon guys … come out come out wherever you are … we know …

    Comment from Larry:

    The Catholic Church overstayed its welcome as being an integral part of the Irish government apparatus. The abuse scandal is just the tip of the iceberg in Ireland.

    There is also the scandal involving use of near slave labor in convents by women who were involuntarily left in their care.

    There is the scandal involving human trafficking and forced adoptions

    Then there is the way the church undermines medical ethics and professional standards in the country

    Yep, the Catholic Church has given up any pretense of moral authority for the Irish people. The public is getting fed up with their nonsense.


    you need to ask yourself: is any RELIGION/DOCTRINE worth all that?

  3. opheliart permalink

    like anything, theirs is “pride of”
    what starts out as a protest—awareness—for specific rights … eventually overreaches and enters the big headed—pride-filled arenas … and the initial message for equal rights like ssm gets lost in its own form of self-aggrandizing … or it just becomes a RELIGION like so many other interests.
    they do it to themselves can be any group demanding/desiring focus on us vs them or WE ARE THIS, but not you … THEY WANT TO BE SEEN AND HEARD—THEY WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW WHAT-WHO THEY ARE … no different than what Religious do when evangelizing/industry … and yes, it can become their testimony for a certain lifestyle. those who raise these concerns are not all wrong … although being hate-filled is not called for … treating people badly because he is gay, or even not gay is not showing impartiality or love. There is annoyance and a loss of sympathy and concern when people stage their own form of bigotry, idolizing or parading of self interests, however … we get this.

    *I am not big on parades … have never much cared for them … for anything … that’s just me … and I have never liked the idolizing of any person/sect … again, just me … whether a musician, religious figure, member of a certain organization or field of work … I see too many people worthy of recognition and credit that never get this while they quietly endure … often times the very ones having made the musician possible, or the “success” of an individual or organization and these often go unnoticed … so … I see more in the making of the story.

    —–like any group that is trying to establish rights and privileges there are growth pains, fits and starts, zeal, fierce loyalty and often there is overeating … and like any large and growing belief system, lifestyle …there comes something to balance it to keep it from becoming overwhelming.


    • opheliart permalink

      there will come schisms and differences … and there will be fears and concerns within their own interests or sects
      there will be some things coming out that will surprise

  4. opheliart permalink

    hmm …

    raise the fear level …

    what needs the fear level increased and why?

  5. opheliart permalink

    the ox and the ass—the ass and the ox? never mind … and people wonder why less and less folks are taking religion seriously

    • opheliart permalink

      i am not a fast food muncher so …
      i don’t DO these 🙂

  6. opheliart permalink

    Researching, reading along then this:

    “if your god existed, he should be incarcerated.”


    Praying to god is like writing a love note to a serial killer for not killing you today.
    Childish, cruel abjection.


    If we had moderating duties at RNS we would delete these types of comments and ask the commenter to either stop commenting or respond with something less ignorant and destructive. To troll for belief in God related comments and write to thoroughly demean, even slander, in ignorance, with the intent to incite murderous activity (as one never knows the feeding that goes on and where) … on belief and faith that may result in something far more hate-filled is insidious and beyond disrespectful—it is dANGEROUS. I would not want to be in the shoes of RNS or this commenter went this gets investigated … after the _______________________________

    • opheliart permalink

      either give this guy a swift kick in the butt and get him off this drug or explain to him the DANGER of what he is doing … BEFORE the serious offenses occur—neither RNS nor the commenters have any idea what this is doing … we shared with him in several ways, but unless others take responsibility, as well, and stop patting this kind of behavior on the back … it will end up bad—real bad, and this causes concern for the safety of others, esp the children!

      if people don’t care about this then let it be on their hands—they will be held accountable and must live with it

      they have been warned

  7. opheliart permalink

    is this guy full of himself?

    could be why people are angry …

    • opheliart permalink

      i guess it never occurred to these men that the more they announce themselves either persecuted or the creator of prosperity on moral law and ethics … the more people use it to instill fear …

      lapidation … now, let me see …

      • opheliart permalink

        and no, as we have shared before in SPIR … we do not believe Judaism as the chosen ones by God …


        and who wrote what for what?

  8. opheliart permalink

    MINDSET, my dear, Maggie … men have been ruling the roosts for so damn long it really makes you wonder … doesn’t it? that man has forced his SYSTEM —but where did this come from? Jesus was fine with women … so, WHERE did this come from?


    • opheliart permalink

      the whore-mongering of the Religious—Political?

  9. opheliart permalink

    It is these kinds of illnesses that require MAN to shrink and Love to increase … we understand this as: man must decrease that God may increase … or, HUMAN must increase, however you wish to experience this … but DO experience it! To sit complacent … like so many RELIGIOUS … thinking their superiors are taking care of the sexual molestations of THEIR children … no, they are not dealing with it. The pope and his Vatican Think Tank and all those lying bishops have found ways to skirt the issue—smokescreen the problem. IT IS A SICKNESS WITH MAN—INDOCTRINATED MAN—MAN OF SYSTEM—MAN OF HIS INSTITUTIONAL GOD that he will not rip down those decaying walls to reveal the stench and find out what dies within. They do everything in their false power to hide and deny that these acts are happening. YOU WILL NEVER HEAR THE POPES CONDEMN THE ABUSE OF THESE LITTLE GIRLS BECAUSE HIS OWN HOUSE IS A FESTERING CESSPOOL—GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY … and he knows the fingers would be on him and his cohorts, saying: look, look at your house! You have not been honest, and you continue to allow the rape and abuse.

    Sad … so very sad! Think about it, folks … sexual abuse of children in the RCC for centuries, and the Catholics do what? Parade themselves, condemn others, and behave as if these abuses are nothing more than a few here and there. READ THE COMMENTS FROM STAUNCH CATHOLICS—THE DEVOUT! They are ignorant of their own guilt in this. Know this. We actually fear for them when this becomes seen for what it is— and realized for what it is … and why we have been warning and warning and warning … Falling on deaf ears? So sad. They do not see what is ahead! We do. Crimes against Humanity … my gosh … the “catholic” will be look at as an ingrate—a sickness of man. People will hate and attack. We warn but no one sees—no one cares to see. The Catholics think their Vatican cares about them, but if they read their own history (Ireland, CA w/Serra and so many other places like Spain) … the “Political Magistrate” does not care about them, or the female, the children or the parishes … they care only for control and submission. Study their steps for God’s sake! Don’t you see the performances they are putting on to garner control? The Brotherhood is desperately trying to build itself … both Islam and Roman Catholicism, and those paying into this SYSTEM … but there is something coming that they are not able to control …

    watch what comes …

  10. opheliart permalink

    I did not realize Ireland had not legalized divorce until 1995! What of cases of domestic abuse? Child abuse? Multiple sex affairs where the spouse became infected? Drug abuse? Criminal and gang affiliations? Need to stop getting impregnated by husbands due to ill health, too many children … abuses …

    oh, there is the Annulment in the RCC … and what is this supposed to mean? That none of it ever happened despite the “special” pastoring by their hand-picked by “god” priests? and what if “the church” would not allow the Annulment? what then? continued abuse?

    hmm ..

  11. opheliart permalink

    The CATHOLICS need to reexamine their Doctrine and get it right with all the WOMEN STILL DYING IN HOSPITAL BEDS BECAUSE OF THEIR DAMNED FEARS THAT ARE INSIDIOUSLY DANGEROUS! A priest once tried to tell me that there have only been a few of these cases where pregnant mothers died in the process of giving birth because the doctors/nuns refused to abort TO SAVE THE MOTHER’S LIFE … they let the mother die when they could have saved her life.
    No, my friend, this has been going on for a long time all over the world. HOW MANY WOMEN DIED OF SOMETHING THAT LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE MURDER?
    Crimes against HUMANITY due to what?

    more on the Ireland case:

    how many cases are swept under the rug because of the implications in this and the increasing charges of MURDER?
    And I hadn’t even thought of the Ectopic Pregnancy until I read the above post! My first pregnancy was an Ectopic Pregnancy! Had I lived in Latin America at the time … I might not be here today … 😦

    • opheliart permalink

      INDOCTRINATED MAN IS WITHOUT COMPASSION, SENSE OR REASON … who serves and supports this type of illness and ignorance? The Vatican. Now, do YOU support this mentality?

      • opheliart permalink

        Are you the type to allow dishonesty to prevail? To allow callous and ignorant indoctrinated men to determine your salvation? Who are these who claim absolute truth through their doctrine? Deceivers …

  12. opheliart permalink

    and this guy was out on the streets free to do more serious damage … his record was growing increasingly more dangerous until someone probably offered him a deal, and as sick as he is … he had no problems carrying it out

    the question law enforcement should be asking … who/what set this up and why

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