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Feasting on the Kingdom (part 1)

May 16, 2015

For centuries Christianity was determined and enforced by a handful of men. God, Spirit, Jesus, Christ, Savior, Messiah … became the hammer and the nails for these few. People complied, obeyed, bowed … some denied … some fought the Systems allocated under the regimes of Christendom. Schisms occurred. Many died. Still there was fierce and brutal governance using Christianity as a strong arm, a weapon … occasionally, a shield. Catholic Religion grew. Man used it with a heavy hand. Jesus became both enemy and friend through the popes, pastors and priests, and yet, every imaginable crime and indecency found a living in man’s church.

Did they misunderstand the passage: For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light? Was Jesus to be used as a blunt instrument to dull the senses … force obedience … turn away those unwilling to go along with the hypocrisy?

Could it be the time has come …

And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,





“In our introduction we insisted that there is a deep and indissoluble bond between theology and mysticism, between doctrinal tradition and spirituality. It is impossible to expound spirituality otherwise than in a dogmatic form, dogma being its outward expression, the only objective evidence of an experience which the Church affirms. Personal experience and the common experience of the Church are identical by virtue of the catholicity of Christian tradition.” Vladimir Lossky, Conclusion: The Feast of the Kingdom/The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

Of course Lossky speaks of his own understanding of church within a System of Belief he calls Eastern Orthodoxy. His choices have been filtered through an indoctrinated life of feeding on the practices and beliefs of this same. In other words, he feeds on “himself” … not the Kingdom of the most high (Spiritual Realm). If he had been feeding in the Elect of the Spiritual Community, he would know that Dogma is a way in, but not a way out. Apostle is what? Sent out  … as? Messenger. This requires an impartial place of imminence.

So Peter opened his mouth and said: “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality,

And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. 


Catholicism is a mindset—a negate understanding. One cannot erase that this was an “ignorance” initiated through dogmatic streams to convert to a one thought-thinking method, or methodology—a singular, partial life and living. It shows itself in its denominational venue: catholicity of Christian tradition. Catholic, meaning universal, was intended for this one mode of thought, evidenced in Lossky’s writing. The intent of these men was to make all people Catholic Christian … their idea of wholeness. History has shown us these acts. But what kept this from happening?




Is Lossky wrong about Christ? As we have shared before, this is not about right or wrong … our purpose here is to become within not virtuous of Religion … but within the stream on Truth—Light on the Word (on this rock I will build my church). Dogma is not an absolute in this realm of understanding—Being—Becoming. Consider the child of negative parenting. How does he know of Truth, his Spiritual Name (Saul>Paul/Levi>Matthew) if his choices are limited to one means, and he learns nothing on forgiveness, repentance … or renewal. What has he to forgive? Repent? And what of the child born without the ability to engage in the theologies of man (through the Christian Tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy)? Is he a heretic? Does God forsake these? The mindset of ‘catholicity of Christian Tradition’ makes little sense if viewed from the outside. To be an outsider we have only to look at the Prophet Jesus … and where he opined.

And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.


Man cannot control the remorse or sorrow—its truth, consequence, sincerity or genuineness—through absolutions and the like. It is of a lack of knowledge to think man can eradicate a person’s sins through his theory of hearing the confessions of another and making absolutions. He can forgive the one confessing through his own personal understanding, but he does not speak for Spirit in this. Where did man get the idea that he has the ability to absolve sins? He is unaware of the depth of the sin in need of forgiveness, and he is unaware of the contrite heart. He has not even understood his own maladies. It is said that one cannot heal another if his own wounds are not healed. Man simply cannot ascertain the Spiritual process of confession and forgiveness by using Theology–the Traditions in his System of Belief, for these ruminate within ideologies unfulfilled and characters forced into submission. This practice is nothing unless the person moves to remove himself from place and product of offense, and this is a Life Choice Advent—an ongoing edict. And if he were true to this command, he would be out of the System that keeps him from his worth and not pendulum swinging within it. He would be on that upward climb (Acts 1.13/Matthew 14.23) where God has signaled his release.

It is childish play to perceive man as arbiter of man’s sins other than his own personal odyssey. There are too many variables to announce System of Belief (Catholicity of Christian Tradition—its Theology/Doctrine) as an absolute on God’s fullness, even as a necessary in the experience of Mysticism—especially as a necessary. I know of some Mystics who, as children, before entering the theologies of man, experienced Spirit (God’s Angels) … after entering Catholic Theology, they lost touch in this, only later to reengage in Spirit activity (Communing) when they left the theological circuit and male overtures contained within this. But when entering into these “man marriages” again, they lost touch, and interestingly … we notice a drop in Conscious well-being and sensitivity to the plight and circumstances of those not like them or their stream of thought. Yes … we have been researching and studying the activity and found the paradox within Catholic Theology carefully crafted to keep individual in and de-sensualizing. In other words, unmoving in the sensuous (relating to the senses rather than the intellect). This has everything to do with SPIRITUAL AWARENESS.

One has only to look at the Clergy Child Sex Abuse. Does man not see this as a great sin? He stands at the podium condemning other states while his own festers in mediocrity and illicit endeavor. These are crimes against the those unable to fight their way out of the System. Their choice is smothered and deceived. The Prophet stands among the people and witnesses these crimes. He warns that their day for atonement is near. A Prophet on Truth has not caused the harm, and he has no control over what comes … for man is given free will. He cautions and he warns that man will be held accountable for his actions. Who can deny this as just? Rendering unto Caesar what is of Caesar is exactly this.

And isn’t it interesting that many experiences involving spiritual visions, prophetic dreams and the like happened with the less theologically-induced believers, those not pedestaled in hierarchal circles? And those struggling with the System—arguing with it? The churches did not hesitate to use the Mystics and the Seers, and their experiences, to boost Institution’s image, but the reality on these experiences is that the minds of the commoners and those engaging in a genuine desire for closeness to God, not Institution or Tradition, not dependent on Theology, were being rendered in a way as to ignite a place for visitation—entry. This is of the Mystic’s right. This is a reality few know and understand, but do know that there have been limitations for these. Once the dogmatic captures gift, gift cannot continue as needed. These remain stagnating in a pool of … well, whatever did the usurping. We have seen this repeatedly. This is a form of Spiritual Abuse, especially when Religionists (often the head honchos of the institutions/parishes) try to mastermind gift, denounce Mystic’s relevance or purpose, or flat out dismiss all that the Mystic has to offer, even calling the Mystic false or evil. But Faith will sort the good from the bad.

Be eager for the word. The first aspect of the word is faith, the second is love, the third is works, and from this comes life. The Apostle James

What we hear in this passage is “I am” … way … truth and, life … leading to what? What is God. But for God to be experienced we must come into truth, what is “Christ” Love. This is the Essence, a KNOWABLE part of the Godhood, or, as we prefer, Parenthood God. The Energy is experienced through the Light on the Word, not known in that it is unseen. The Energy is Father. The Essence of the Spirituality of Christ is Mother, through Son, “Jesus”, understood as Savior—an active, not stagnant, Name. Believer enters into his Spirit ID (uniting within this) and this involves a yoke that is easy while the burden is Truth (Light).

Partake of instruction with a great amount of silver, and gain much gold from it. 

Please understand, we are sharing Spiritual Symbology here—a Language only partially understood through the tongue of man—his Theology. Mary, Theotokos, is Symbol in this, but the Reality of Spirit is not Mary but Sophia—our Wisdom. The Three consisting of Mother, Child and Father is the Trinitarian Life. Reverse this stream and what do you see? The seed of Him through She brings  … what? (more on this in Part 2).





We are talking about a recourse. This would be The Return. That man entered into these theological arenas is not bad, only where he diminished the voice and truth of others, and acted vehemently in his proclamations, causing others to run for their lives, hide, convert for safety of family … acceptance and ability to get along or get by … so, we ask, did he act in accord with evil? Is he still acting in a manner that insists the listener bow to his commands?  Man has been brutal in his theological usage … do not underestimate its carnage. Know it for what it is … especially in the wrong hands, and this is true of any form of ideology. Even dreams and visions can overtake a person and persons if there is none to dispel the idiocies and redirect the purpose, symbology and carriages.

Now, to be told that “Catholicism” … or catholicity of Christian Tradition is of an ignorance in understanding on Spiritual wellness  … one has where to go? Remain seated while Jesus says take up your bed … throw arrows at me … look to see how this mindset became jurisdiction, where and how it was implemented, or seek, ask knock  … but remember where one needs to go to hear?

The mind of man is an exceptional instrument, but the fine tuning of this is found in the Human Soul, where Light manifests in Darkness.


Continued …



Peace and Love


  1. opheliart permalink

    Hi Mark, “…the proportion of committed unbelievers — atheists and agnostics — is on the rise.” Your remark made me ask myself if I qualified, because I hope not. I like to think I am committed to the unfettered search for knowledge and insight. Commitment to any particular method or theory colors/distorts the mind.

    It is good and necessary to question. One can only speak from experience, and no Theory or Catholic Tradition can speak for all men. It is an absurdity found in lack of knowledge—often a childish foray—to insist that all think like ______ or that all experience or should experience like ________. Truth can only ever be evidenced through Light. Understand this and you are of the way shown in the Word. Choice is neither good nor bad, except where and how it fosters evil. Evil is understood as carnage, but do know that evil is clever in industry (a diligence of intent) …

  2. opheliart permalink

    “pope urges sense of responsibility …”

    where does this pope, or any pope or bishop … or priest, or nun, or layperson urge a sense of responsibility in the Clergy SEX ABUSE … the bishops, with orders from their superiors, allowed sexually molesting priests to continue their evil acts. this demonstrates that john paul2 is not a good or holy man … or benedict … or any other superior in the rcc. where is our government in these crimes, we wonder. why are any of these men to be trusted on anything? why should anyone trust the roman pontiff’s toying with the emotions of the people when he labels another man an “angel of peace”? as he pushes his institution’s agenda

  3. opheliart permalink

    This comment -from a Reuters article …

    Greg1 May 18, 2015 at 5:49 am
    It is interesting that Ireland is falling, as well, where one of the nine Church approved apparitions took place. And. these apparitions are all oriented towards trouble on the horizon, pointing to a time of trial ahead. What I find interesting that Sister Lucia, one of the Fatima Portugal visionaries, who just recently died after having lived into her 90’s, told her fellow sisters that Our Lady appeared to her several more times since the 1917 apparition, and communicated clarifications of the things shown to her when she was just a little girl. And what I find interesting is that Mary told Lucia, that when an individual sins, they will be judged individually, but when a country sins by enacting laws that permit abortion, divorce, and gay marriage, the whole country will suffer the consequences. And wow, all these places Our Lady appeared are all heading down the same road paved by immoral lawmakers.

    WHY would God give a Roman Catholic indoctrinated individual these visions? The answer is simple … these are NOT of the Holy Spirit. This commenter is being used to indulge your emotions. Whatever your understanding or acceptance of marriages … the MARRIAGE spoken of in the Writings has to do with the choices of man, and his honesty in Light. The woman he speaks of is either very undernourished in matters of the Spirit or lying—used for Institution and System of Belief. The “our lady” visitations are a trick of the indoctrinated, and this woman has allowed herself to be used an an advocate for delusional practices. This is not to say that dreams and visions aren’t real; it’s saying there is a LANGUAGE—A SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE—speaking in a manner she does not understand. What happens is man takes and uses these for his own purposes and this creates the FALSE DOCTRINES of MAN.

    We have grown weary of this melodrama.

    Ask yourselves why the ANNULMENTS AND INDULGENCES were permitted with the Superiors? And what of the Clergy Sex Abuse … We have yet to see these indoctrinated answer the many questions on this!

    Many nations are trying to get out from under the governance of a stifling and hypocritical System … the Roman Catholic Church … in the case of Ireland. Read the horror stories on the RCC in this nation. When will ALL nations realize that the RCC is a whore-mongering, power-mongering Institution—desiring desperately to reclaim property lost. Only the ultra indoctrinated remain within this guise of interests and politicians for force of set power and control … but watch them run from the ignorance and the evil when they realize its face.


  4. opheliart permalink

    It won’t be the issue of ssm that will cause the RCC to lose its parenting rights … it will be what it has been instigating in the dark—under those robes … where they think no One can see. Watch closely what comes … and do not dismiss the Palestinian Partnership on the part of the Vatican as some do-gooder act on peace … the Vatican does nothing unless it serves ITSELF. The Brotherhood System was long ago installed, and it will be seen for what and how it is.

    I asked in the papacy of this pope soon after his positioning and was told something alarming. I shared this with very few—all three Catholic. Two denied this as a reality, the third was outright abusive … and yet, look what is happening: a political pope under the guise of peace … speaking from two sides of his mouth. He is under the gun of the Vatican, however, know this. I see these 3 beginning to realize that they could not see, or hear on these matters as their minds were ruminating within Catholicism as God.

    • opheliart permalink

      but remember, the pope is making choices … he made a choice from the start to be used in the Vatican’s plans … so, this pope will have to in some way answer for what comes forth from his actions. If there is carnage resulting from his positioning then this speaks badly on his Institution … because his Institution has a way of positioning people so that they will do its bidding … know this.

  5. opheliart permalink

    man loves his pedestaled men, and are always looking for a promotion …

    but watch the demotion … 😉

    This author does not understand the “language” … nor does he see what goes on between the “sheets” on this … ah, but he will … will he ever! That he stands front and center for an industry that demeans and devalues the fight to bring Spiritual Awareness to man … and to do away with the oppression and ignorance and injustices in a struggling world is telling. He pats the abusers on the back and says, my god, how wonderful you are in your lies! I just love the way you deceive the people by your half truths and how you allow the media to serve your purpose, and how you speak from two channels … of dishonesty. Tsk-tsk …

    Does he desire the oppression of women? the discrimination and devaluing to continue? The abuse of children—ongoing? He is a silly man who loves his god, pop-up Fran—which is THE INDUSTRY OF DENIAL OF ABUSES!!!

    • opheliart permalink

      what? all because he allows a handful of Republicans, whom he hates, to get his goat? He loves his seat at what table?

      he can’t be that naive … 😦

      • opheliart permalink


        As we said … the Vatican does nothing unless it serves itself … it NEEDS to partner in order to order … and the Brotherly love is more than obvious (one has only to read the doctrine—and the council adjunct to understand this—and the smelly helly mess). There are some things the pope’s peeps do not know as they pledge allegiance to their nhero. As for the mistaken identities on this … hmmm ?

  6. opheliart permalink

    Francis said such a practice “drugs the community, homogenizing choices, opinions and people.” He urged bishops to instead go “where the Holy Spirit asks them to go.”

    Hey, Fran, if both you and the bishops did not HEAR the Holy Spirit on the CLERGY SEX ABUSE —WHEN THE CHILDREN WERE AND ARE CRYING OUT —what makes you think they can HEAR in the Spirit? the question inquiring minds want to know is what the hell are they listening to?

    • opheliart permalink

      women dying in hospital beds … boys and girls raped and made to do awful things with cruel and very ill men … while the LEADERSHIP ALLOWS IT TO CONTINUE—EVEN HIDES THIS …


      Do the supporters of their god fran desire this ignorance and mediocrity and HYPOCRISY to continue? fran is NOT addressing the more important concerns … HE WANTS SUBMISSION–HIS INSTITUTION WANTS SUBMISSION—CAN’T YOU PEOPLE SEE THIS?!

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