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Too Cold Inside for Angels to Fly?

May 12, 2015



The tempest  … time, season … for stormy weather?






In the previous essay we shared the following: The Greek Heritage and the Task of the Greek Diaspora by Demetrios J. Constantelos.


The following is a short excerpt from the essay:

The Greek Heritage has emphasized the belief of the dignity and infinite worth of the human being. The human being personifies the Supreme being on earth. In Greek anthropological thought human energy is conceived as the embodiment of the vital energy of the divinity. The human being is regarded as a microcosm of the visible and invisible, the natural and supernatural. The human mind, or soul, is perceived and respected as a miniature cosmos which expresses its vision in art and thought, imagination and remembrance, goodness, beauty, tolerance and the search for truth.

In Greek Heritage there is no opposition of the human being to nature, separating reason and faith, spirituality and materiality. The natural, or so-called “secular”, is sanctified in the whole realm of God’s creation. In Greek tradition the phenomenon of human life and universe have achieved a unity of equilibrium whether in antiquity, in the Middle Ages, or modernity, the Greeks have struggled to maintain in their thought a balance between faith and reason, logic and sentiment, physical and metaphysical experiences. A rediscovery of Greek classical and Christian humanism might prove a very valuable enrichment of modern life.


What struck me about this essay is the dynamism of its intent. Although clearly of a strong heritage, one steeped in tradition and religious conviction, it possesses a character, or characteristic, depending on how personal you are with the “creator” … toward the richness of desire to express an immaterial wealth born from an awareness of Supreme being and its relationship with creation. I have read several papers by Constantelos and I read his 4th Edition on Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church and I like his measure of fairness. I also like that he brings to light something of the making of man’s move toward enrichment. I may not fully agree with the Doctrine of the Greek Orthodox Church, but I have learned and experienced important parts to the greater whole from having read Eastern Orthodox Theology (both Greek and Russian) and “church” ethics, and from having engaged in this. Even Roman Catholic expression, particularly its Imagination, contains positive points that bear witness to the Supreme Being in the “wellness” of Mankind, but I have no desire to promote it beyond the decent and good measure in the artistic, because it lags  … and lags in the ESSENCE of the dynamic of Understanding God. It clings too forcefully to its Dogmatic Places and Death Prose for Spiritual Growth to materialize as it must. And it must … to Become.

What is interesting about the Greek Culture is that it is a distinct expression holding its own purpose in the world, and we would hate to see it lost. This is important in the presence of diversity. We encourage this. No one should chastise culture except where it interferes with important, healthy growth, or where it imposes itself negatively in Society (politics and …). The Greeks in America step back on some of the hot topics, and not enforce their views too imperially. How much they engage secretly and do business against the need for movement remains to be seen. How much they sell out to garner property and business to build themselves their own dynasty in America and other places remains to be seen. The struggle is of partiality, and a missed or forgotten message on Diaspora.

When we read comments by people … watch the news, read articles on the turmoil within Nations … we see Politics/Religion where man speaks through a filter of this same, forgetting that behind those scenes … lives a people—a culture at war within itself. Easy to accuse the Nation of Greece, for example, in their policies, poor decision-making … ignoring all that they brought to the table ages ago and how they struggle to “find” themselves in a Society demanding more. Does Greece want to become another United States of America? Please, no … but we cannot stop the war. It rages because people want … and want. Without preparedness, and an ear for insight, you end up with an Olympic-sized mess with hearts turning away from what bore its first fruits on the desire for excellence in the arena of the soul.

People must step outside self to realize the necessity on the ingrown toenail gouging at the flesh. It hurts—yes, but it must be removed. Man must be removed to allow for HUMAN to be born; otherwise … as time passes we watch all things crumble, decay, burn, dry out, rot … wash away … including mental thought ignorant of its own juices. The prophets warm the waters for the transformation of man.





Forget what you see. Listen to the words …

Autognosita … having to do with self-knowledge … constant repentance and RENEWAL.

Point: if you believe there is more to you than you alone—a “partner” in your Spiritual Odyssey—Spirit Awareness is forthcoming.

Metanoia … change of mind and ways 

Point: For one of gnosis this involves the ascension of heart to mind where the two coalesce. This forms a greater whole called “the Soul”, but this is not of a singular entity. It thrives (breathes) in community of both Spirit and Flesh. Spirit filtered through Human hands is the chosen spoken of in Matthew 22.14 and 20.16. It is here that Spirit Awareness finds its Name (Spirit ID) … Example: Saul>Paul, Levi>Matthew …

Gignesthai … unremitting, never static … becoming 

Point: A continuous movement—stream flow—breath of Spirit within the call to ID. It is not without unremitting desire for the greater whole in UNION with One (God—Spirit), which is a Community in Voice.

*Found this while doing a little research. Thought we’d share:








This essay contains mere glimpses of the philosophy on the soul—the evolving of this. Soul could almost be thought of as “God” if understood through the stream on continuous Spiritual Growth, because it is insatiable in its desire for closeness or oneness to Spirit, and the health and wellbeing association.




Peace and Love



  1. opheliart permalink

    please read the comments

    of course this is just a fraction of worldly view, but do ask yourselves where you sit

  2. opheliart permalink

    we find this chastisement wanting given the power-monguering of his institution. seriously, it’s okay to have the extravagance that the rcc has established for itself (the hierarchy and …) while those with money are judged? and the rcc has used the poor for its own gain to build itself into the political-religious dynasty it became!

    how can anyone take this man seriously? THE RCC USES “THE POOR” FOR ITS AGENDA ONCE AGAIN!

    you may say where and how? one clear example is what happened with the Native Peoples in CA when Serra and his Henchmen raided the people … not a decent exchange, folks … AND THE ROMAN CATHOLICS ARE IN AGREEMENT ON THIS? CANONIZING A MAN WHO ABUSED? HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT FROM THE ROMAN PONTIFF ORDAINING BARROS IN CHILE?

    Why do Catholics continue to support these Crimes against Humanity? Are they so indoctrinated that they cannot see their ignorance on these matters?

    • opheliart permalink

      Catholics, and supporters of this mentality … you are holding back Man from GROWING—from growing Spiritually … from realizing an unstable condition. Why do you even need this? Do you think God favors you more by having men in robes showing favoritism for their own?

  3. opheliart permalink

    Let’s lay out a potential landscape …

    Without spelling out the obvious contention in American Society (religious-political) … which party do you think will win the 2016 Presidential Seat?

    We see a moderate “Republican” taking it.

    Why? Many things coming to a head. Without getting into the negatives of either party … MA is a sign—generally ahead of the times (whether you agree with its policies or not) … Charlie Baker in the seat of governing. This is neither epic nor final. The carriage in this climate will rock and roll like a buggy hittin’ the dusty trails of the wild, wild west so many years ago.

    But why? Schism within groups. This is the determining factor. It’s no secret this has occurred in both mainstream parties, but there is Schism beginning in other groups, as well. Start paying attention to where people of ‘established’ groups (where activism is found) are beginning to separate … and why.


    • opheliart permalink

      Realize who/what desires some measure of control, and where they believe they can most effectively be heard, utilized … of voice …? Study their strategies … how they go about getting what they want … the reactions to this … and so on.

    • opheliart permalink

      and we said of dolan … liar, liar, paints on fire? yes, look underneath his frocks … what do you see?

      • opheliart permalink

        nonbelievers and even some believers … rage and share about how RELIGION is so untrustworthy … fascist, ignorant, brutal, unjust, an indoctrinating drug …

        CAN YOU TRUST THIS SPECTACLE? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ABLE TO TRUST THE VATICAN ETHIC? HAS IT EVER BEEN IMPARTIAL … NOT GREEDY … HONEST … NOT HOSTILE TO DIVERSITY? OR DOES IT ALIGN WITH WHAT SUITS ITS AGENDA—WHAT IS DOCTRINALLY MUCH LIKE ITSELF? Whether you agree or disagree on the doctrine is not really the point here … as we have FREEDOM OF RELIGION IN THE US of A … the ? you need to ask is what is pop-up fran playing at?


        And Atheists, are you really that naive?

    • opheliart permalink

      John Pulawski May 14, 2015 at 7:53 am
      The Palestinian people deserve a better advocate.

      The Palestinians in Israel live better in Israel than they do in the OTHER Palestine, better known today as Jordan.

      Palestine was the country of Jordan AND Israel. The Arabs were given the eastern 2/3rds(Jordan), and Israel was given the western third. One of the reasons this land was ceased to Israel from Britain was due to all the Palestinians that fought with the SS under the Third Reich.

      Why does British Palestine get more world attention than the ever stronger cases for “border adjustment justice” such as Tibet, Kurdistan, Chechnya, Bialypolska, the Basque country, and possibly even the Navajo and Lakota nations?

      OK, so a 150 acre country first recognized by Benito Mussolini now recognizes a group that does not even recognize Israel. Apparently the Church still has a soft spot for Fascism as it did in the 1940’s.

      Pedophiles & Palestinians now share the compassion of the Vatican. It will not help advance…

    • opheliart permalink–finance.html

      the ‘operator’ of the train refused to speak to police … then we are told he was knocked out and does not remember anything prior to why the speeding and why the sudden breaking … hmm …

      this is very peculiar … one might say, not coming forth with the facts
      our question is … did the force of putting on the brakes at so fast a speed at the curve cause the crash in the manner that it is? yes—no? we were wondering on trying to break a car at a high speed on a curve … but of course these are two different transport systems on two different terrains … still … there is doubt on this coming forth … odd.

      I recall a bad car accident when I was 24. A man driving a van (at night-dark) hit me more or less head on – the drivers’s side of the car at a curve in the road. Impact to head knocked me out-trapped in seat-finally woke and had to push down the arm rest *old 1976 baby blue mercury cougar–thank God for its big, solid front 🙂 trying to slide out of the seat to get out at the passenger’s side … (man who towed the car couldn’t believe I was alive) … received stitches in forehead and scalp … cut up from smashed windshield and glasses … banged up knees pretty badly … But I recall everything —all the details before and after.

      The families of this devastating crash in Phila. will want more answers than “I don’t remember”. We feel for his position … we really do … but it almost feels as if he wanted to …

      Let’s see what comes forth, shall we?


  4. opheliart permalink

    After discussion … it’s more than clear that there are people so determined to push their agendas with little to no regard for the safety and concern for children. They do not recognize that hiding and denying sexual abuse of children is NOT okay … is not good … and worse … allowing these abusers to continue their raping and molesting of children. How can anyone trust men and women who continue to ignore this criminal behavior? It is astounding that people think the pope is holy … or a good man … ALL of the popes and cardinals and bishops and priests and nuns and laity involved in this, having denied … hidden, assisted in these crimes:
    … the list is long …

    The time has come for this to be exposed as the acrid, deceptive and rotten mess that it is … and if the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is so lax and ignorant on this very serious issue of sexual molestation and abuse of children then they are as CRIMINAL as those covering up the abuse … as well as the abusers themselves! How can our own President meet with these men —bow to these men— knowing they are guilty of these crimes? Or does he live in ignorance, too? Denying? Looking the other way? This is unconscionable.

    We are truly ashamed of this justice system … truly ashamed … and we are sad for the continued struggle men and women committed to this ongoing fight to expose—reveal—and STOP this abuse (in all facets of society but esp where people are thought to be holy or Godly—but no, no, no, NO!) … only to find ignorance, complacency, deception, lies, lack of compassion and sensitivity from those who should be dealing with this as a priority.

    They will all be exposed and it will be seen for what it is.

  5. opheliart permalink

    Has Theology saved man from anything? Theology is stepping stones to get from one place in the river to the next, but does man ever cross over to the other side, or even make it down the river? or does he play beaver and build himself dams?

    On matters pertaining to poverty, the biggest unanswered questioned is why do we have it? It is a simple enough question, but has man been able to answer it?

    • opheliart permalink

      this leads us to another question: who thrives on poverty? who sets himself up on the poverty of others?

  6. opheliart permalink

    Imagine you are a Native Person to the state now known as California. A man they call Serra leads a large army into your villages and over a period of time nearly decimates your tribe … Throughout this process, thousands are murdered, enslaved, tortured, abused, raped and almost completely retrained in thought, dress … living … through Serra’s SYSTEM of slavery and Fascist Governance, which includes INDOCTRINATING your people—even forcing them to obey Serra and his practice and beliefs.

    Time passes … and you look at the people today praising this man for a job well done for this attack, and near mass destruction of what was/is your land and people. You see their LEADER canonizing Serra and those who worked for him and his Magistrate. They think both Serra and their current Magistrate a god because they bow to him and praise him and call him holy father. You think this must be the Devil and his minions that roam Earth to destroy life that you knew of as good and precious.

    Then you look and see their robed men they call bishops … hiding their men who rape and molest little boys and girls. These same types … sit with another governing body of the Land that was once yours … they do nothing about the abuse, and they praise the Leader canonizing Serra and his men who destroyed your people and your way of life. You think this must be the Devils’s brother and his minions who roam Earth to destroy the life that you knew of as good and precious.

    Then you look and see these same men preaching that to kill a young man is wrong … for trying to murder as many people as he and his brother could by placing two bombs near families, much like your own. You think this must be the Devil’s lie called Hypocrisy.

    • opheliart permalink

      Hey, Vatican … your dedicated and indoctrinated members may not be watching … but can you guess WHO/WHAT has been watching you all this time? And “Jesus” is saying, “What you have done to them … you have done to me? Why do you continue to CRUCIFY …… ?”

      What makes you think you are right to do what you did to those Native Peoples? To anyone anywhere when you came charging in with your damn Doctrine slashing … EVEN TODAY YOU LIVE IN IGNORANCE OF YOUR ACTIONS!

      It is time for the Roman Catholic Head Trip to end———!

  7. opheliart permalink
    Rosie SCAMmell … and pray tell how does this jive with the Clergy Sex Abuse … or are YOU trying to stuff bread into their mouths to silence them?

    You people are full of indoctrinated bull. Why is RNS giving you space? To try to boost the RCC image? Good deeds will not wash away the blood stains on your hands, girl …

    Betty Clermont May 16, 2015 at 7:04 am
    The Philippines is an impoverished nation. The Catholic Church has for decades opposed contraception, divorce, women’s health care and progressive governments which tried to address the causes of poverty.

  8. opheliart permalink

    Read the first comment —from a staunch and highly proud Roman Catholic … 😀 His Fatima Oddity isn’t weird but the tongue wagging is?

    Please …

  9. opheliart permalink

    daily we read of the details on deflate gate … hiding cell phone messages—athletes-politicans—and their detailed lives, along with sex flings and affairs, kim kard’s clownwear and things like this … but man isn’t interested in saving children … even the religionists screaming about those aborting children but do not say much on the investigations regarding the crimes in their own seminaries and parishes, schools and __________ even when they hear these children have committed suicide from years of suffering the wounds of this abuse. These people are a bit twisted in mind—wouldn’t you say? They do not see the large plank in their eye …

    but who will come and remove it?

    Where is our GOVERNMENT on these issues? We are alarmed and mystified at the fact that our Government of the US of A has done little to nothing to aid those actively investigating these crimes. Is our Government bought and sold by the criminals? the desire for votes? Many politicians are Roman Catholic … even running for President—why would these men and women assist SNAP and BishopAccountability? The RCC is likely their bread and butter.

    This is a disgrace.

    • opheliart permalink

      Man cannot move to BECOME of Humanity until these serious concerns are dealt with. Until man is willing to put aside his differences on theological points and … and address these very serious crimes involving OUR CHILDREN … he CANNOT AND WILL NOT MOVE INTO A SAFER MORE ADVANCED PLACE OF RENEWAL.


      Religionists, if you are reading this … and you wonder why your churches are floundering … why Christianity seems to be losing its prominence … why pastors and priests and other religious leaders are turning up corrupt, involved in pornography, alcoholics … engaging heavily in politics instead of focusing on their flocks and little ones of this … why man seems stiff-necked, proud, bullying, ignorant, self-serving, partial, heavily inflated … understand your place—his place.

      If you cannot protect the children … you are not worthy of the One.

  10. opheliart permalink

    We will stay on this … and GOVERNMENT , you better wake up!
    Along with the concerns of SEXUAL ABUSE OF THE YOUTH … is coming the often misunderstood and disregarded SPIRITUAL ABUSE OF ALL AGES.


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