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The Poverty of the Lie

May 2, 2015

We are not going to comment on the canonization of the Roman Catholic “evangelizer” known as Junipero Serra, but we ask that you at least read the articles … and a few of the excerpts, comments related to them.

Thank you.



Some of Serra’s sharpest critics say he was part of an imperial conquest that beat and enslaved Native Americans, raped their women, and destroyed their culture by forcing them to abandon their traditional language, diet, dress and other customs and rites.

Add in the diseases introduced by these Old World invaders, and the original indigenous population of perhaps 300,000 was decimated by as much as 90 percent.

“If [Serra] is elevated to sainthood,” Nicole Lim, the executive director of the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center in Santa Rosa, told The New York Times, “then [Serra] should be held responsible for the brutal and deadly treatment of native people.”

Serra’s defenders acknowledge the dark side of his legacy but argue that it’s not fair to judge this 18th-century missionary by 21st-century standards. They argue that he was a moderating influence on his fellow Spaniards and frequently pleaded for more merciful treatment for the Native Americans under their control.


European racists are not agents of God, thank you very much. No racists are agents of God or your god is not any God people want to worship and serve. I grew up close to one of Serra’s Missions and know that Native Americans were treated like slaves, their own religions given no respect and genocided as part of the whole European genocidal wars against indigenous populations to seize their lands and resources–for Europeans.

Francis is hitting lower and lower on the morality scale as he defends indefensible RCC policies, such as their history of slavery using Native Americans and destroying their own religious beliefs that held their tribal cultures together so that Europeans could more easily take their lands and lives away..



You lived near a Serra mission in the 18th Century? Wow, you’re old.
If Serra is to be maligned, then all European Americans are equally maligned….do not tell me he acted worse than your average Joe in the pioneer days.
Revisionism. Stupid, ignorant “history”.



James Carr, are you really saying that genocidal racism conducted by European Americans was ok because they all were doing it? Wow..where did you learn your ethics? Don’t tell me, Catholic school. And btw, one doesn’t have to live in the 18th Century to be close to a Serra Mission–there’s a bunch of them. I was born in one of the Mission towns.


That Francis can honor past racists actions that had hideous effects on California tribes made slaves to ambitious Mission padres wanting to impress their Spanish rulers anxious to gain that gold those natives had, and all that land that looked so similar to native Spain, that Francis can do this is also how he can support modern European racism that European Jews are conducting against the native population of Palestine. American “Manifest Destiny” i.e. Europeans conquer and rule over native peoples translated into its Jewish version of “Eretz Iisrael” and they both smack of “Third Reich” horror stories to their victims.


The tribe I used to work for for years was composed of descendants of survivors of the Indian Island Massacre that so few Americans know about because the Civil War news obscured the European-American racist genocidal California Indian War period where California State supported white settler death squads murdering Native Americans. Over 200 women, children, and old men, were axed to death by white death squads as the native able bodied men deliberately left the village thinking even white people wouldn’t kill innocent women, children and old people so they removed themselves to protect their villagers. This was just the tip of the genocidal war period, atrocities that make Auschwitz look like child’s play, babies put in gunny sacks and drowned, ndns thrown overboard to drown after being taken off shore, rapes, murders, forced marches where most died, all their culture, even language taken away with no backup population as had the Jews, Armenians, all the larger ethnic groups had.




Peace and Love


  1. opheliart permalink

    Continued comment from the RNS article …

    James Carr May 2, 2015 at 9:43 am
    Sorry, don’t buy the genocidal maniacs history that you profess. Junipero Sera was bringing the word of God and the concept of civilized behavior to the native peoples of California.If it looks “ghastly” today, then that is because we judge the past by a standard unknown at that time. The intent of Fr. Sera was good, good enough to be canonized a Catholic Saint. The Church is not stupid enough to raise a questionable soul to Sainthood, it’s investigation into a person’s life is exhaustive and lengthy.
    Perhaps the Native Americans should stop moping over stories that are some 200 years old and get on with reality.


    Sera wasn’t bringing the Word of God. [*Sera] was indoctrinated and doing exactly what his Political Magistrate said to do. Civilized behavior coming from the RC Henchmen? Good God, these people are mad! This type of behavior is not of our God—NOT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT … the evil of the Institution CLAIMING “itself” God Authority is what? EVIL. Do not pretend it is anything but …
    “the Church is not stupid enough… ” His Church is quite ill. Case open—time to investigate ALL those Crimes against Humanity … including the 300,000 babies sold in Spain and the millions of women dying in hospital beds because of the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church … AND all those molested children … ongoing …

    Case open … Pandora’s Bottle …

    • opheliart permalink

      *note that the commenter has misspelled Serra’s name [*Sera] … he did the same in arguing a point about Thomas More. He spelled More as Moore (another article). I have not witnessed this commenter as having a spelling problem .. so, what do you think he really believes? and is he “protecting” himself from what he believes is a grave sin? —supporting and defending these criminal acts, and the fact that his Institution behaved illegally, illicitly and in the name of Evil not in the name of Good.

      • opheliart permalink

        +for those of you interested in the science of these “patterns” … this is a common practice people used to “cover” themselves from what they believe is bad or wrong. if you look at the writings of ‘saints’ and other figures, even the commenters supporting and defending agenda and doctrine … you will see the patterns on this … and do understand that history often writes what history wants read … and an institution like the rcc edited to suit agenda—a form of manipulation that is easily seen in writings of their ‘saints’, esp where OBEDIENCE to rome/pope is instrumental. In addition, if you study the RCC theology on their beliefs/sacraments, you will see how easily they “excuse” themselves from sin. Of course, Absolutions and Purgatory are at the top of their list …

        Why bother with TRANSFORMATION today when you can do it through a priest … or wait until RC Purgatory … and how neat and tidy that Communion Deal is for the unrepentant? Nobody but Roman Catholics get this neat and tidy deal … 😉

        Gee, anyone could build a monster of a Religion making up stuff to indoctrinate people … to use as LAW on people for subjugation … oppression … silencing … hiding crimes … Oh, and someone please explain to us why the RC bishops and their superiors get EXCUSED from the crime of covering up the molesting and raping of children, and the RC pope actually trusts and ordains one (see Barros in Chile) … it takes one to know one—eh?

  2. opheliart permalink

    We can do WITHOUT the Roman Pontiff’s ZEAL of enslavement, corruption, torture, abuse, rape, murder … bloodshed. Honestly, it is this kind of mentality that has caused so much abuse in the world—the arrogance and insubordination of “we are the truth; therefore, can do whatever we want to whomever we want to get OUR way.”
    This is a sickness. Our Lord NEVER instituted this—never. We think the Roman Pontiff provokes to start a war—BLOODSHED. The RCC is losing credibility and numbers and it appears as if his Vatican Think-Tank is rustling up their feast. The only way they know how to govern is to indoctrinate and enslave, and through MANIPULATION … crusading and war. If they can’t breed the women the way they want, they can’t build their evangelical foot soldiers to procreate their agenda …

    This is madness. Someone please get him away from the podium and into a quiet room somewhere, and tell his cabinet to start cleaning house! The CLERGY SEX ABUSE HAS BARELY BEEN ADDRESSED—CENTURIES WORTH OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!

    • opheliart permalink

      Why would a person claiming “holiness” cause this kind of upset to people whose family members were abused, tortured and murdered by the Catholic Church? What kind of person needs his “saint” like a drug for himself and his followers?

  3. opheliart permalink

    Please DEFINE what you mean by discrimination. Also is it discrimination when Atheists claim believers in a Spiritual Identity are idiots, delusional … and the like? Atheists can point at Religious Doctrine, and say, “Look, see … this teaching and that teaching have caused this—that … or, this Religion and that Religion have caused this—that … ” … but what about BELIEVERS? The gnostics were burned, banned, butchered … and now we have the Religion called Atheism protected from … ?

    Believers or Religionists? Please be specific on WHO and WHAT … where and how the Atheists need to be protected … because I have read some nasty, rotten, ignorant sh** on threads and forums from MILITANT ATHEISTS demeaning, degrading, even LYING … about a person who believes in Spirit … and that is worse than discrimination, folks. Slander is NOT ok. Where have you people been? GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO WAKE TO THE FACTS … and stop pandering to either side. It’s obvious what is going on here … good grief … play your games—fight and pedal your wares …

    Trying to gives your lawyers something to do? Tell them to go out and stop the peacekeepers from raping little boys and girls … plant a garden … the Bees, Monarch Butterflies, Polar Bears, many Fish are being discriminated against—what say you?

    A bunch a whiny pansies? … I always thought the Atheist a tougher person … but now I am beginning to wonder …

    Although, we did say the Atheists would have their Day … hmm …

  4. opheliart permalink

    Greg May 3, 2015 at 12:31 pm
    The thing I don’t understand is why in the world an “atheist” would waste his/her time commenting on a Religious New Website! You’d think they would spend their valuable time on this earth thumping the Progressive Strategy Handbook on secular sites.

    Maybe because Atheism is a Religion? Face it—they have their beliefs and rituals, one of them is to comment on RNS … 😀
    Stick around, Greg … you’ll see the name of the game.

    • opheliart permalink

      Another comment—-Clermont is an author and does research …

      Betty Clermont May 4, 2015 at 7:35 am
      The pope said Junipero Serra “was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States” at the May 2 event and earlier he said the canonization in WashDC during his US visit would be a “national event.” Joining the pope at the Pontifical North American College in Rome were Cardinal Raymond Burke, American Opus Dei prelates Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez and Newark Archbishop John Myers, along with Francis’ friend and Opus Dei member, Guzman Carriquiry, appointed by the pope as Vice President of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, a rare honor for a layman. The supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson gave the closing talk. The Knights have invested millions in the Church’s war against women and gays.

      The pope refused to rescind his appointment of Juan Barros as bishop of Osorno, Chile, even after there was a near riot at his ordination because Barros not only witnessed clerical sex abuse but later covered-up for the pedophile priest.

      The pope is so… (cut off do to character limit)

  5. opheliart permalink

    just think how many of these cases go unreported

    Main article: Religion in Paraguay

    Main Catholic Chapel in Concepción, Paraguay
    Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism, is the dominant religion in Paraguay. According to the 2002 census, 89.9% of the population is Catholic, 6.2% is Evangelical Protestant, 1.1% identify with other Christian sects, and 0.6% practice indigenous religions. A U.S. State Department report on Religious Freedom names Roman Catholicism, evangelical Protestantism, mainline Protestantism, Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform), Mormonism, and the Baha’i Faith as prominent religious groups. It also mentions a large Muslim community in Alto Paraná (as a result of Middle-Eastern immigration, especially from Lebanon) and a prominent Mennonite community in Boquerón.[47] Wiki

    Well, Catholics? Are you satisfied with these cases? Your RELIGION has much INFLUENCE in Paraguay … what are you going to do about these poor girls and women?

    Waiting ….

  6. opheliart permalink

    Betty Clermont May 6, 2015 at 6:32 am
    Replacing his predecessor’s loyalists with his own is the only “reform” to Vatican finances made so far by this pope. The only “transparency” has been the Vatican Bank’s financial statement released last year showing the reform begun under Benedict XVI. According to the Financial Times “The scandal at the Vatican Bank” this was done under threat that the Vatican Bank would be barred from international financial markets if it didn’t clean up its act. The rest of the 40 plus Vatican departments’ finances are as opaque as ever.


    Allow us to point out that Benedict was more or less “forced” to address (in some degree) the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal … otherwise, it, too, would have remained as opaque as ever.

  7. opheliart permalink

    People, people … people …
    man, even what you claim is your holy man … does not know WHERE the SPIRIT of the Unborn goes. All life has spirit. Spirit can reside in any life … not all “spirit” is of Life, but all life has spirit. No reincarnation in the well of HUMANITY … but in the event of miscarriage and … the ‘spirit’ will manifest in life—-somewhere. If a growing being begins to lose its life source … for whatever reason … spirit must move to a source of life to continue its cycle. NO “SPIRIT” IS LOST IN THE UNBORN … AS NOTHING IS LOST IN THE SPIRIT 🙂

    • opheliart permalink

      as far as the commenter hiding behind a name (A. M. see his posts on the Dallas Art Exhibit and …) his idea of Humanist Society is HATE Speech … why else do you think he so ardently supports it? This allows him his venue of derogatory and illicit war-mongering against believers in Spirit …
      If Society/Government should ban potentially harmful and personally wounding HATE Speech, where people speak/write hate-mongering words … that incite war … he would be out of a job—RNS’s pet Hater of BELIEVERS IN SPIRIT … and he would be held accountable for his cowardliness and his lies. He has no idea What is Spirit … what is of Holiness—What is of God … as he has NEVER experienced this. If he had knowledge of Spirit—rather than Ignorance—he would cease his rants and misuse of Writings.
      His kissing up to Laura in the article is to us insincere … for if he understood Wellbeing … he would not behave as he does.


      • opheliart permalink

        As we work toward calling out of Hypocrisy, lies, theft and deception where suffering is harmful and generates a dysfunctional and unbalanced Society … the drawing out the infection from the wound … people like A.M. and his supporters place stumbling blocks … stifling the move toward Wellbeing.

        As the Mathematician said in Jurassic Park on the manufacturing of dinosaurs:

        Just because you can it doesn’t mean you should.

  8. opheliart permalink

    Someone told me that Gene Roddenberry read the Gnostic Gospels and this influenced his writing.

  9. opheliart permalink

    We should also mention that a commenter posted a response to an Atheist that started out:
    Holy Shit … Larry … (then praised him for something he thought was spot on).
    I responded to his response by making a sort of joke, saying something like … the only shit that is holy is the pope’s .. the rest of us have fairly average shit …

    RNS deleted my post along with the other comment. We do wonder why it was deleted? –it was not a CARTOON … but was a mild joke … did they delete my comment because they thought it offensive to the pope or to those who worship the pope? I don’t really care on the deletion, but we do feel it important to point out how some comments are treated as compared to others. Seems some get the ROYAL treatment 😉

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