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Spirrealism: the Spirit Art Movement

April 20, 2015

We would like to again share Spirrealism’s manifesto, but before we do this, we need to make clear where there has been a significant change. We mentioned many months ago that Al decided to take his story and write it himself. Along with this decision came other decisions that kept him from participating in this Movement. This was his choice. As we shared before in SPIR, we are sad to loose his charismatic personality, but our focus here is steadfast, and it is of the utmost importance that we stay the course … but just so our readers and supporters understand, we have no connections with Al’s Religious affiliations/memberships (Roman Catholicism, the Hermitage in Indiana, the Secular Order of Franciscans  …) as this would be inconsistent with our partnering.  We did not want anyone confused on this regarding our initial collaboration. *Note: BC the Trilogy is still on course, and requiring a great deal of research for accuracy and consistency in the writing. Thank you for your understanding.





Spirrealism is not a Religion … not New Age, not autocratic, not fascist or incidental … not accidental. Its Essence is not for the purpose of galvanizing Religious Freedoms or parlaying for these. The Spiritual Language inherent is a rising metaphor—SYMBOLIC in use—but not without merit or ecclesial offspring (ecclesial in the gift of prophetic exegesis).




Spirrealism’s manifesto:


SPIRREALISM is a Spiritual Movement for the masses. It is a “Spirit Art Trust” for the Advent of Humanity. It is a provocative and revolutionary mode of Being (living and thinking). The New Vision within this movement is of Prophetic Voice, for it is a forward return to God Essence in the sanctity and preservation of Man as Human within the power and created placement of God Purpose. The ascetic life awareness born from the juncture of these is a living and breathing pattern of color, temperature, sense and clarity within spiritual gifts. Its truth bears its fruit within the Season of its Parenthood, what would be the Feminine Divine as Essence and the Masculine as Energy. We built this platform in the hope and desire that restorative and healing graces will endeavor to move man to renewal—an epic ascension of the heart to the mind through prayerful practice, performance, literary re-view and awareness on self. As we turn the page in this chapter in the Evolution of Man and God, the landscape of religion will change, as will the face of Christianity.




Peace and Love




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