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Ignorance is Bliss?

April 1, 2015

Ah, where to begin …

The following are three Religious News Service Articles. Why we post them has everything to do with ignorance. The antagonist for the main purpose of this essay is a man who hides behind the name Atheist Max. You know him through some of our previous essays. We have used a few of his comments to assist in the understanding of how we are not understood by Militant Atheists, and … militant or indoctrinated Religious.


I walk onto the comment board. Atheist Max does not understand my color. He has never seen my color before. Like many whites saw the dark skinned for the first time … what? a savage? not human? not like us? He begins his charade to confuse the minds of the readers. But why? Why would this man who claims to love Humanity—all people—be so ignorant about what I am? Well, we would have to go back 44 years plus. He was raised in Catholicism. Steeped in it. He believed every doctrinal point and followed all its practices. He said in an RNS interview … after the Sandy Hook Elementary School atrocity, he stopped believing in God. It sounds to me like he blames God … but he says he does not believe in God. So, how can he blame something he says does not exist? Is he blaming those of Religion for murdering 27 people? Hmm … sounds to us like a manipulating and clever militant—a Stalin type. Yes? No? This always starts somewhere doesn’t it?

God is not Religion. I am not of Religion. I have told him this repeatedly. Does he have selective hearing? Does he choose what he wants, twisting, distorting words, to fuel his hate agenda? Yes! Absolutely! He wants to destroy my reputation—make people believe that I am a murderer. Why? He hates me because I am not the same color as him. I look and talk differently from what he believes is right, and good. He is a militant. I am not. He accuses and condemns without evidence. He confuses me with the Inquisition—the Crusades—the bloodshed in the Middle East and all the horrors happening around the world. He blames me for these horrors. Why? He has an agenda. His.




From the second article:


Atheist Max March 29, 2015 at 12:32 pm (in a comment to me).
My love of children is superior to whatever nonsense you are selling.
I must speak up in their defense.

Religious genital mutilation – an entirely faith-based depravity – is a disgrace to humanity and an ongoing assault on their helpless little bodies! Girls and boys grow up entirely disfigured and emotionally injured by these depraved practices and you obviously don’t care about that at all.

Shame on Christianity and Jesus in particular for these multiple depravities and this profound indifference to human suffering.


So … we ask, did Jesus ever say to circumcise? What is the SYMBOLISM on this in the Old Testament? Is Atheist Max ignorant or is he pushing his hate agenda? I never once said anything about circumcision in our exchange. Where would he get his opinions about me on this issue? Is Atheist Max dishonest? Yes! Absolutely!



‘Nuff said.






Peace and Love



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