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Give or Take?

March 14, 2015

If you have ever had a dream about a pregnant woman … whether you know her or not … pay attention. It is likely telling you that there will be a birth of something. Now, if you are engaging in some way with the woman pregnant—pay even greater attention. It is likely telling you that you are part of that birth.

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

This is the parenting of that birth. The days in this refer to ‘what is’ gifting in the season of Light (day), and the length (long upon the land) is symbolic for this gifting (an active process) in communion with its Purpose unto God. In other words, thy father and mother are the Energy and Essence of the Godhood … in the community of the well of this Faith: the well representing a place of quenching Spirit thirst—and believe it when we say the Spirit needs quenching—see story of Jesus asking for a drink (Spirit working through through Human hands). And this having come from Lord thy God in His giving. To honor the Energy and Essence is to honor the masculine and feminine of Spirit, which comes from Lord thy God. Lord being the host of that which is of Prophesy on Truth. It’s a moving of parts within the greater Body of the Living.

What we are saying here is this: As a believer in Spirit, it would be wise not to dishonor what the Lord as host gives. If looking at the Parable of the Mina … it would be wise not to bury it—injure, betray or refuse its contest. To bury it is to dishonor parent, and what often happens in the systems of belief (what man THINKS at any given time and his ACTIONS within these) is that man dishonors the host. He confuses title (his ideas and behavior) with the host, thinking his ideas are the partnering. God is not an idea. God is an active flow of thirst quenching and few people are chosen in the heart of this. System is not Lord. System is not God. System is a product of calculating ideas for structural premise, not the true identity of God.

And this has everything to do with the soul—its condition—how this is being rendered. Reject or deny Mina … what happens with the soul? What gets given and what gets taken? What must be removed that Lord can give for the NEW in parenting?



Do you know of someone who seems to get into one misstep after another? His whole life is like a circling of the same missteps? He marries … then marries again … then marries again … jobs come and go … children come and go …  At first, he thinks he has what he needs to get on with life. He thinks he is in control then discovers after a while that it is not what he thought it would be, so he leaves. What if he has strengths in a few areas, but not others … let’s say he has always been good academically, and he feeds and feeds in this so much because he can succeed in this; however, this causes him an imbalance … and others, not realizing his history, constantly pat him on the back in his successes there … and he relishes this world, and he is inclined to stay there, or migrate to those areas where he knows he can win … even if it means he wounds others, or abandons others after already having made commitments and promises. He even accuses those trying to strengthen the weak areas to help establish a balance … but he denies he needs this and continues in his ways.

Why does he do this? Well, one of the problems is that he does not have what it takes to persevere. His foundation is fragile, and he has never been taught how to partner with anyone or anything for any length of time. As we said, he is unbalanced—too strong in one or two areas, and weak in others. As he gets older and engages in places where partnering with another is something he desires and is required for certain kinds of work, work he actually likes and wants … he finds himself struggling, struggling because in his place of ritual and repeated habits, he tends to get in the way of himself. Another is that his CONSCIENCE is either skewed or not fully developed. Like a child not realizing there are responsibilities in life and things don’t grow on trees without the proper care and attention that often require a give and take methodology, he doesn’t see these trees because he is focused on the forest—which he wants above all else (a cookie, a play date, a holiday where he gets gifts … soon he is inclined to want more of the same). It is the situation where when things get a little rough, and he has a few doubts, maybe some fear, and a small opportunity shows its head, he grabs onto it, leaving everything and everyone else without regard for their situations, work ethics, workload, financial situation, responsibilities … He doesn’t respect the time and attention of others, or the condition of things. He only cares that he do what he wants to do. Oh, he claims all sorts of  reasons for breaking his commitments, and he has himself talked into his own reasons without regard for the well being of others … and he surrounds himself with those who agree with him … or have something to gain from breaking contracts and commitments with others. And he does not take the time to understand the where, the why and the how in  THE TAKING and THE GIVING in his experiences. What is the purpose?

But like a child poorly parented, who acts out mostly through emotion and selfish reason, there comes the time when he must face the consequences of his actions. He may get sued by a company, or someone he had contracted with. He may lose his house and most of his money in a divorce, and through having to pay child support. Someone he betrayed, offended or broke from, rejected through dishonest means, may see to it that he never gets a job in his desired field. The repercussions are endless, and although sad, he has only himself to blame, because if he was gifted something—anything at all—he should count himself fortunate … because there are billions and billions with no marriages, no jobs … no love. These are sold into an arrangement and a life of misuse and abuse, where there is only one channel—the oppressor. She is his property from birth …

And these are the responsibility of everyone gifted something in that paradox on Love. Again, if we look at the Parable of the Mina, we are to understand where and how gift is given, and where and how gift is return.

If he should see this then here is where he gets into a pesky thing called debt …  that nags at him … weighs him down … almost as if he is pregnant. He feels bloated … overloaded with something. He feels over his head in something, but he cannot fully identify what this is. Is is guilt? Has he accumulated a lot of baggage that has caused him to feel weighted down, despite his move into another marriage or another area of work, or both … maybe even another location … where he thinks himself happy …

Something feels heavy. Is it his heart? Does he struggle to lift this? What challenges him to help him rise up from the ashes of his burned out tracks … Does he reflect? Does he retrace his tracks and see the damage he has caused? Does he consider himself responsible for the caustic way? Is he in hell? Has he made his rounds in hell? Does he and those supporting him in his negligent behavior create a world of hell?




The EAST of the mind walk is not about revenue. It is about return. Catholic mind, which is of the NORTH plane of understanding (primarily Spiritually speaking), is a type of halfway mark. Man has to find the way to move from a lesser understanding, one born from those rituals and habits (speaking specifically of mind born and raised in circular reasoning and the pledge of manmade ideology) to a BORN partnering, one that is ignited through process of elite (select choosing, elect). This brings him to the gate where he must then pass muster for that narrow and straight. Man often says (through his semi-religious understanding), “I am saved.” What he may be saved from is that first pledge on things that corrupted his soul. He moved away from hanging out at bars and drinking, offenses to women, some bigotry and racism lurking in the shadows of his early parenting … maybe he makes commitments to be an example of good faith, but what he does not realize, or has not yet realized is the four parts to reach the fifth of the well of reprieve. Peter’s vision of the sheet is Prophesy on this process. It is not only for each part in the Body of Man … but it is also Man of the greater Body, which is Church—the Spirit Realm—our Peace. The four corners, like the four husbands of the Samaritan Woman at the Well, are the marriages born within captivity, but also where we seen the footprints of the soul. The fifth, which is not a husband, is the stand we take as witness in the cornerstone on Truth. This becomes (active—ongoing, an evolving of Man and God) our Parent—One God in UNITY with earthly measure.


Man does not understand Prophesy in the greater scope of Life. He confuses prophecy and prophesy. One is stagnant and one is active. One is ongoing—an ever present congruent in Light process of uplifting measure. Whether taking one thousand years or one, one is. It is ongoing. Man thinks himself correct in his understanding of what is being prophesied, but he views this through a limited lens—his own place of being in the halfway mark of his soul. He does not see what he does not see. He does not hear what he does not hear. Man falls short? Of course! He is in adolescence in his understanding on What is Prophesy—What is God.




But what happens when pastors, priests and parents do not see or understand that negligent and abusing behavior do not move him (man) to that fifth, who is not a husband? The fifth, of course, is Wisdom, our Sophia. What occurs when dishonesty on the matters at hand are not in agreement with Truth? Too often, and we witnessed this recently, pastors and priests lack compassion, understanding, sense and reason on man’s condition and his institutions cannot be reformed for the rise of man’s soul to a place of Sophia. Too often pastors, priests, bishops … even popes … do not recognize the sins of their husbands  … not recognizing the need to honor thy father and mother (the Energy and Essence of God) … and many suffer in delusion, confusion, a repetition of error—those missteps. Reform becomes impossible—especially when the time is at hand for Peter’s Vision to become manifest in the Body. The East is of the movement and the North must give way to {this}.

How often we see man … ignoring bad behavior because he wants what becomes a temporary prize. The coach overlooks his athlete’s poor sportsmanship because he wants him to win the game, become the superstar to win the games and to bring him accolades, praise and riches. A bishop overlooks the priests infidelities and abusive acts because he thinks this will hurt the reputation of the institution, and he believes that title and brand are incapable of errancy and must, no matter the cost, remain kingly, the megastar image. A pastor condones and supports a congregant’s abuse of his coworkers, or dishonest practice in his workmanship because he lacks compassion—he is insensitive to what Spirit gives—and he lacks the ability to see how the stones are being laid to form the one—the gift in its time. He ignores the many lies and abusive tactics of his member because he wants something this member will give, but he fails to acknowledge how the member moves in the contest (his chastising in love). He does not ask himself if his son has broken his agreements, and sought selfishly. He does not pastor and chastise in a manner that will teach honest and responsible conduct. He allows the callousness, the negligence and the wounding to continue—the repeated offense—but these can fester in an overdose. These can ruin a man. These can lose a man his soul. His product, his protégé … falls, and the house of cards, which he helped establish … comes tumbling down.

Yes, Francis Underwood is this product. Few can read “house of cards” and not think of Francis. You know the expression “they had it coming to them” … does this ring a bell? Does one begin to realize the murder, the theft and the lies, while the other overdosing in it? I have heard some say they preferred watching the “evil unit” of Francis and Claire to the change of character in the new season. I prefer the characters coming into awareness of their condition. What did we see in this? The weight of guilt? How this needs to be realized? The seeds planted and where and how they bore fruit? Barrenness and birth.

The debt … and how this can be worked off?

The pregnancy is the promise. The birth is the gift, but the gift, as we see in the Parable of the Mina, is not to be buried, hidden, misused, abused … destroyed … for it may very well be the soul of the one in the making of the NEW within the host of what is ongoing—our evolving: Prophesy. It thirsts. Give a Prophet a drink and receive a Prophet’s share. Honor Lord thy God that your days may be long.




Peace and Love






  1. opheliart permalink

    in an effort to ease his conscience … man does things, offers this or that, still in his deprived state, but his eye cannot see for its own speck, that this is not the way unto truth, and he accuses …
    but it is not for him to dictate what should be, because he has lost his voice on the matter. he no longer has a part in the story. he no longer has Mina. it was taken away because of the misuse. he was shown his negligence, his missteps … even through his own experiences of being misused and abused in his choices throughout his life, and the wounding from these he does not learn compassion, sensitivity to the needs and works of others and how he should conduct himself … he has learned nothing from his wounding … because he continues to wound … and the cycle never changes … there is a repeating of the same … he is master of his own failing game plan …

    but there are those who refuse that game—that system—and will not give into it because it produces that choking (the seeds sown on poor soil) … and it produces no fruit … no GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT …

  2. opheliart permalink

    the condition of the roman catholic church is that mindset that repeats in abuse and negligence. it cannot see for itself. it gets in the way of itself. it is its own stumbling block—creating stumbling blocks for others. it condemns and criticizes its members for moving out of its “mind” set of doctrinal abuse … it does NOT see this as being a chastising, and it continues to confuse the people in its circular rhetoric, causing a type of hell where members suffer strangulation when they should be moving into breath—their GIVEN voice in gift.

    its pride is the weight of its warriors … and these hang heavy around their necks like fool’s gold

  3. opheliart permalink

    those who sit in the pews—feeding and fueling the abuses, INCLUDING THE MOLESTING AND RAPING OF CHILDREN because they are ignorant of their system’s way … saying, oh, he (or she) is just pissed off because he got rejected, criticized by the priest or the pastor … NO!!! she is wrong! she is a fool and a blasphemer! who does not know a child abuser if he spit in her face!!! she sits there NOT knowing the full story—-because the one sharing has her emotions under control, and understands the situation far better than those who pay into the system … and this one has allowed herself to be subjected to ridicule to save the reputations of some … some who are in need, and needed, and therefore are not to be destroyed—ruined. these are a few who must understand what they have done and act on it in a way that ignites for change.

    the full story was not shared, for had it been these men might be chastised before their time.

    but the prideful who sit in judgement while allowing the abuse and doing nothing but poking fun and ridiculing what they do not understand will be seen for what they are—“whores”—and cruel and malicious people sitting in ignorance.

    the time is now

  4. opheliart permalink

    “State police say people who make methamphetamine are leaving “the deadly explosive chemicals in public places to return later to get the finished product,” rather than risk explosions and contamination at their own homes.”

    hmm … your grandchild walks into the bathroom … he is only a few years old and _____

  5. opheliart permalink

    This is what is disturbing about Religion:

    James Carr March 13, 2015 at 6:21 pm @RNS
    The Church has no authority to reverse Dogma …so you will never see homosexuality viewed as virtue, women’s ordination, or unnatural birth control methods blessed. The Catholic Church ONLY speaks as God, Himself, would. It instructs Society, Society does not instruct the Church.

    The Catholic Church only ONLY speaks as God, Himself would? If this man believes this—what does he think the Roman Catholic Church was saying on the murdering and torturing of people through its use of DOGMA?

    It is hard to believe that there are still people today that think the RCC is God’s mouthpiece. It is time to change this. The RCC will be torn down.

    • opheliart permalink

      Humanity cannot grow in Light with this type of mindset … and if the hierarchy is not willing to tell the truth about their inception, and how they have controlled the masses — if they will NOT address the serious corruption and abuse and flagrant deception in their institution, well then … it is time for it be seen for what it really is …

      God shows no favoritism …

  6. opheliart permalink

    hmm … science-wise verses the wise-guys …

    tried to have a conversation with a non believer in Spirit the other day after having made a reference to “mystical understanding” … the non believer interrupted me before I could explain … by saying: that is illogical. there can’t be something mystical and still be understood.

    😀 … I tried to explain that the word “understanding” in the Spiritual Sense is not the same “understanding” that man might think—HOW he “thinks” (having to do with WHERE he is/a place) … he refused to open for listening, and since I don’t speak the LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT where someone cannot hear, I did not push or argue the point. It is not for us to convince someone of something unknown unless he WANTS (desires) to know … which brings us to KNOWLEDGE. One must first realize a need (within that place) for Knowledge on something unknown to be moved to a place of Understanding. These words are not of logic but of sense and reason within a complex Voice (SYMBOLS). If you have ever heard the VOICE of the ANGELS (good or evil) … you believe it exists. Just as Animals have senses Mankind does not have … one in the Spirit has Senses that exceed him.

    You may have heard in the news recently:

    The officers heard a voice when inspecting the car that had crashed into a river. They didn’t think there was anyone alive in the vehicle. Do you think that 18 month old toddler after hanging upside down for 14 hours next to (maybe partially submerged) frigid water said, “Help me?” Did the officers hear this in their heads?

    I was getting ready to catch a train for a 3 wk. trip (summer of 2010), and went to say good-bye to my Jack Russells. I leaned down to kiss the male Jack and noticed he looked severely worried. He usually followed me around while I packed but he sat in his bed. As I looked at his eyes, I heard, “I’m dying mum.” (to our dogs, I am referred to as mommy or mom … like: go see mom, she’ll feed you). I was startled, to say the least. He was coming up on his 13th birthday and was up to date on his wellness checks with absolutely no complications. I kissed his nose and said good-bye, thinking … I know what I just heard—clear as a bell—but what does this mean? I returned after my trip. He looked great for about four days or so then we noticed him lethargic. I took him to the vet and they said he had fluid built up around his heart. I rushed him to the Emergency Clinic where they drained the fluid and I made arrangements to have more tests done. The vet said things did not look good—I saw her face–knew what she was trying to tell me should the fluid return. Less than a week later … I was out for a few hours, came home and found him curled up looking as he did before. I had to make a decision. I walked over to our pool, looked into the clear, blue of the water; asked Lord what I should do and I heard: He just wants to be with you.

    I cannot share all that happened next—the details—but I knew what I was to do. How I knew?… I just knew. I carried him up to one of the upstairs beds, crawled on the bed beside him, my face next to his and said, I am right here with you … I am right here with you. Within 5-7 minutes he passed. I would never have made it to the Emergency Clinic. He went quickly … and …


  7. opheliart permalink

    now that people feel less afraid to speak out … and that SOME in authoritative and powerful positions are realizing the degree of sickness, ignorance, offense and wounding (the consequences of …) of these types of acts … as we said earlier in SPIR … the lid will pop off that pandora’s jar and …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • opheliart permalink

      but ask yourselves who—what fed the mindset on the degradation of female —this body—as an object to be belittled, abused, thought of as lesser, PROPERTY, degraded … used and misused for selfish and ignorant purposes? who-what viewed/view that a woman’s body—FEMALE—is merely a tool for greed and lust?

      *we were researching on a news story and came across a music video of two famous music performers-males dressed in suits with two naked young females strutting around … AND THIS SAYS WHAT ABOUT THESE PERFORMERS? first of all, it’s bad art … a sort of lazy SEX SELLS agenda … can’t go wrong sales wise on that—WITH FRATERNITY BOYS LIKE IN THE ARTICLE IN THE PREVIOUS COMMENT …
      ah, but there is coming the day when people will put it together and realize that this equalled that and they are both doing the same to the FEMALE BODY and woe————————————-
      those LAZY-arsed not of decent humanity will be booed off the stage …

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