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The Causal Catholic

February 16, 2015

Their only words were: Jesus help me! ??? The beheadings are EVIL … caused by EVIL, and this is the continued actions by ignorant, soul-less infidels consumed by evil intent for their own sensationalism. But how would the Roman Pontiff know what these ‘Christians’ said? Did they actually say this? No, no … where do we read that these poor Christians said, as their only words: Jesus help me! The Roman Pontiff is again pushing his AGENDA by sensationalizing for his own cause.

First, he ignores the heat rising on the mention of the CRUSADES—THE INQUISITION and … then tries to align himself, and his position, as well as his Institution (if you recall early in his pontificate that the pope is an institution) with Jesus. What he fails to REMEMBER … Jesus was NEVER in agreement with what the popes and its people were engaging in for power and money. He would never have ADVOCATED this. The Advocate He said He would send was NOT the Crusades. The Advocate He sent is Holy, born of Light—not darkness, not pain and suffering for causes unto man and his Religious venue. The Religious Systems are the foe in this. Don’t you see? Can’t you hear the war going on? And why the EVIL did not leave? Who has paid these beheaders for their craft? Who set the stage for this warmongering? Spiritual Immaturity is Spiritual Immaturity, people, know its HEAD.

What is really straining here is that the Roman Pontiff sets up Jesus to failure, again crucifying Him—HIS MESSAGE: the Christ Way. He feeds the non belief and the skeptic by demonstrating in dishonesty through his agenda, and that of his Institution, that Jesus does did not answer their pleas. The Atheist asks, “Hey, God-believer! Where was your Jesus when these people were crying out for Him?” But the Roman Pontiff (the big-headed Vatican) has a plan?

MORE MARTYRING FOR THE CAUSE! We can rile up the people—ewwweee, baby! Is he now advocating that people return to CRUSADING and DEATH for the Roman freaking Catholic Church? Oh my … such tactics, such deceptive warmongering for Evil. This is exactly what Evil wants.

NO. ABSOULUTELY—NO! This is NOT the Christ Way!

You want to fight, Pope, then send your new office of Cardinals and NOT the children to fight your bloody war!!! 

Good grief … please take this man by the hand and place him in a safe room, away from the microphones and the press. There are others being called to speak, but few can hear these because of the big head of the Roman Catholic Church, and those like it. The “pope” is of an archaic, incendiary mind … born of a system closed and regionalized. He should stay the hell out of Politics.


The Extremists are pushing buttons they know will bring the results they desperately need. Remember, people, their bloody deaths make them honorable in the sight of their god. They are of a diseased mind … do not fall to their soul-less Regime. Do not be their Political Puppets! Please do not send your children to an awful grave on instability and despair. The pope is sensationalizing. He was not there and can’t possibly know what these Egyptian Christians said. The Roman Pontiff is Spiritually Immature … someone please silence him before the avalanche of death.


Do we want to enter another blood-spilling Crusade? Who dies in these Regimes besides the warring minds of insatiable lusts? The innocent? The Purpose unto God?


Know your enemy.




Peace and Love

  1. opheliart permalink

    WASHINGTON (RNS) After taking heat from the religious right for saying Christians and Muslims have all committed horrors in God’s name, President Obama is now angering the religious left with an upcoming White House conference on combating ”violent extremism” that seems to focus only on Muslims.

    The back-to-back controversies raise the question: Can Obama — or any president — walk the tightrope of religious rhetoric in the today’s political crosswinds?

    No, say experts who keep a close eye on presidential God talk. It’s a perilous walk, taken without a safety net as news and social media voices wait to savage him in a nanosecond.

    Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast triggered fury when Obama mentioned the Crusades, the Inquisition and Jim Crow segregation laws as examples of Christian violence in God’s name.

    “This is not unique to one group or one religion,” Obama said. “There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.”

    Todd Starnes at Fox News asked viewers: “Did you ever imagine the day would come when an American president would twist and distort and insult those who follow Christ?” And pundit Michelle Malkin tweeted: “ISIS chops off heads, incinerates hostages, kills gays, enslaves girls. Obama: Blame the Crusades.”

    Suddenly, Wednesday’s (Feb. 18) upcoming White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism came into sharper focus.

    The White House announced the summit in January as an event made “more imperative in light of recent tragic attacks in Ottawa, Sydney and Paris.“ The topics will be efforts to prevent efforts to recruit and radicalize potential killers. But all the examples were community programs aimed at Muslims.

    That doesn’t fly with the Interfaith Alliance, which has sent an open letter to Obama, signed by leaders of 18 religious and civil rights groups. It said the conference should not single out any specific faith when it condemns extremist violence.

    “Here in this country, Muslims are far more likely to be victims of the actions of extremists than they are to be the perpetrators,” Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance, said Friday (Feb. 13).

    In a time of hypersensitivity on all sides, Moline said the White House attempted “to satisfy both sides of a silly rhetorical debate” but chose language that, “unfortunately, was more encouraging to the antagonists toward Islam than the people who practice it.”

    Show caption

    President Barack Obama looks at the portrait of Abraham Lincoln that hangs in the Oval Office prior to meeting with President Álvaro Uribe of Colombia, June 29, 2009. RNS photo by Pete Souza/The White House.
    This image is available for Web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

    Still, Moline does not find Obama any more or less graceless with God talk than presidents before him. Someone wielding religion as a rhetorical weapon has pilloried every president, from Thomas Jefferson to Abraham Lincoln to Obama.

    “I don’t think people’s reactions are different than they used to be. They just have a new vehicle for expressing it,” said Moline. “You can sit down behind your laptop and spew all you want.”

    There really is no way any president can get religious rhetoric right, said Martin Marty, one of the nation’s leading religion historians.

    Presidents have three roles they could take – “none of them Constitutional.” said Marty. He listed the roles as a priest over the rites and rituals of the nation; a prophet calling Americans to virtuous account; or a pastor-in-chief comforting them in moments of tragedy.

    Rare is the president who could safely and consistently navigate any one path, and “Obama has none of those choices in this era of polarization,” said Marty, the retired dean of American church historians, at the University of Chicago. “He doesn’t stand a chance.”

    Even Lincoln, who spoke in a prophetic but religiously generic voice, was pounced upon by both abolitionists and slavery proponents for calling America God’s “almost chosen people.”

    Every president has taken blows from the media of his time, said David Domke, professor of communications at University of Washington, in Seattle, and author of studies on religious speech in American politics.

    What’s different today, Domke said, is the speed of the Internet and social media, and the velocity of the anger from evangelicals who feel their cultural clout is slipping “so they are fighting harder.”

    Add to this that there actually are “some very some very dangerous people in the world who claim to be Islamic.” To ignore that is to ignore global reality, he said.

    There’s one other inescapable obstacle for Obama, Domke said. The president is a Christian but a stubbornly significant number of Americans still thinks he is a Muslim.

    A 2012 survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found 16 percent of voters — including 24 percent of white evangelical voters and 25 percent of Republican voters, labeled him as a Muslim.

    “If he criticizes Christians, he’s seen as a closet Muslim. If he criticizes Islam, he’s accused of trying to hide that he’s Muslim,” said Domke.

    Still, despite the crosswinds, Obama steps out on the God talk tightrope. Domke said Obama is pushing harder now than in the first six years of the presidency to create a “religious and racially pluralistic America.”

    • opheliart permalink

      Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast triggered fury when Obama mentioned the Crusades, the Inquisition and Jim Crow segregation laws as examples of Christian violence in God’s name.

      “This is not unique to one group or one religion,” Obama said. “There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.”

      Todd Starnes at Fox News asked viewers: “Did you ever imagine the day would come when an American president would twist and distort and insult those who follow Christ?” And pundit Michelle Malkin tweeted: “ISIS chops off heads, incinerates hostages, kills gays, enslaves girls. Obama: Blame the Crusades.”

      INSULT THE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST? So, tell me Todd, what do you call the bloodbath of the Crusades and the Inquisition AND … Christ messaging?

      See previous essays in SPIR on this scandalous affair—the ignorance is baffling.

      • opheliart permalink

        These men walk as if they have no SPIRITUAL SENSE.

  2. opheliart permalink

    and? everybody has one to write their ya-ya speech …

    you think your god fran will make sure you keep your job?
    hmm … he ain’t thinkin’ of you kid

    his “world” exists within something you haven’t seen yet … but you will … sorta

  3. opheliart permalink

    only men of politics and poor ethics care little for children abused …

  4. opheliart permalink

    If you read the comments on this article, including the author’s comment about HIS VICAR OF CHRIST …

    you will see that he has not done his homework … hmm …
    maybe he did not read the “door to door” …
    maybe he does not see that his vicar of christ is proselytizing by his positions and his actions out there in the Political and Religious arena—what the heck else would you call it?

    so, we ask Mark Silk: is it okay and permissible for his vicar of Christ and no one else?

    • opheliart permalink

      this is of the catholic mind … they see only one “side”—view through a limited lens. this is how Society became what it is today in regards to the WE are RIGHT and YOU are wrong … the either or and nothing more syndrome—my way or the highway—PRIDE OF ENDEAVOR … within set thinking. THIS IS NOT GNOSIS—not gignesthai …

      it is thought filtered through a prospect called surface delineation. THE ROMAN DYNASTY through enforced rules devised this mindset through theological council and imposed it on humanity.

      • opheliart permalink

        How is it okay for this man of an amassing organization to go out and blow his damn trumpet—expecting the attention of the world, telling them who is right and who is wrong—claiming itself the CHURCH spoken of in Holy Scripture—flip-flopping during his CRUSADE—and this isn’t PROSELYTIZING?

      • opheliart permalink

        It seems the author of the article: DEAL WITH IT … wants everyone to listen to his Vicar of Christ and all else be silenced on matters pertaining to Christ. To one of gnosis—this Vicar is not OF Christ as he is OF Dogmatic Appeal, something Christ teaches to come out from. Why would anyone in this DAY listen to men having conformed to RELIGIOUS IDEAL, enslaving billions, insisting on RC Doctrine, rather than SPIRITUAL EXEGESIS? Must the youth stay on barren breasts? Put away the things of a child and GROW! You don’t need all that paste-up performance. The pope speaks with a split tongue, anyway, depending on what he thinks the people want to hear. Ahhh … now this is the sign of a Politician, and the Roman Pontiff has always been a Politician, and maybe this is why Mark Silk adores him so much. This is not SPIRITUALITY, despite what the titles read. Sorry to disappoint … but it is time to move on …


        IS THIS WHAT THE WORLD HAS COME TO? PUTTING MEN LIKE THIS ON PEDESTALS, CALLING THEM HOLY AND PRAISING THEM? The children and their families who have suffered matter not?
        This is shameful! Is it possible this pope was chosen by his council BECAUSE he has a record? It would be easy to blackmail one like this. They could throw him under the bus if they wanted to—or use him as a Political Puppet … and all he needed to do was say yes or no to being used in this manner, and he said yes, use me for your agendas … but the Vatican is not in agreement … much warring, but most agree on one thing: do not ever allow for Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church to appear erroneous … hence the smoke and huffing and puffing … and loud chants and populism and… and…


  5. opheliart permalink

    Article from THE WEEK

    Everyone seems to agree that Pope Francis is a unique figure. We’re told he is humble. He’s the “cool pope,” unlike his predecessor Benedict. He is “earthy” and creative in his insults. Some Catholics, even my friends, think he is uniquely pastoral and personable. Others, like myself, find him uniquely opaque and exasperating.

    That lack of clarity is partially attributable to Francis’ fascination with politics. After the United States agreed to restore relations with Cuba, a deal that included the involvement of the pontiff himself, the Vatican’s secretary of state emphasized Francis’ ambitions for making the Holy See a bigger player in international diplomacy.

    But it goes deeper than that. Politics and political metaphors shape his view of the world.

    Francis’ most recent comments in Manila affirming the church’s ban on artificial contraception, as well as his later comment that Catholics are under no obligation to reproduce “like rabbits,” were shaped by a political frame. You might even say his view is distorted by politics.

    Before his now infamous “rabbits” comment, Francis described the effort to legitimate the use of artificial contraception in the Philippines as “ideological colonization.” It reminded careful listeners of John Paul II’s phrase “contraceptive imperialism,” used to describe the way NGOs and other aid organizations premised aid on the acceptance and promotion of condoms or birth control pills.

    In his interview, Francis said:

    [Pope] Paul VI’s rejection [of contraception] was not just in reference to individual cases: he told confessors to be understanding and merciful. He was looking at a universal neo-Malthusianism which was calling on world powers to control birth rates: births in Italy dropped to less than 1 percent and the same in Spain. [Vatican Insider]

    In Manila, the pope used similar language:

    Just as our peoples, at a certain moment of their history, were mature enough to say “no” to all forms of political colonization, so too in our families we need to be very wise, very shrewd, very strong, in order to say “no” to all attempts at an ideological colonization of our families. [Vatican Insider]

    As history, this is an expansive reading of events. Of course there were disciples of Malthus warning of overpopulation in the 1960s. But internally, Paul VI was faced with a panel of experts that he himself had convened, who asked if he could find some way to lift the ban, couching it in the same pro-family, pro-responsibility, “under limited circumstances” rhetoric that accompanied a repeal of the contraception ban in the Anglican Church at the Lambeth conference in 1931. Pope Paul’s response in the encyclical Humane Vitae was not particularly political. Rather, it affirmed that he and the church had no right to change the laws of God, then dwelled on the beauty and consolations of that teaching, and the possible consequences of not following it.

    For a man who issues such colorful and memorable putdowns, it’s an odd tic of Francis’ to retreat into political formulas to describe what the church once understood in terms of personal sin. Francis seems less horrified by mortal sin than by Americanization. I’m sure he would clarify, if it were put to him that way. But it reveals an instinct.

    Retreating into politics is comfortable for Jesuits of a certain age. Reducing or transmuting Christian liturgy, theology, and scripture into politically ideological terms (or saying that these artifacts of the faith can only be understood in such terms) is not unique to Francis or even the modern period. It has roots going back six centuries.

    Francis’ determination to “make a mess,” his loquacity, and political instincts have a disorienting effect. They exacerbate the fact that the modern papacy has become as much a media institution as an ecclesiastical one. It gives the impression that the Christian religion is a series of policies, many of which the pope has the power to change. It gives aid to those confused theologians who think the historic dogmas and doctrines of the church are merely historically accidental “emphases” on this or that aspect of the gospel. Revised doctrines could presumably give a different but still legitimate emphasis on the same. So why not let this popular pope do just that?

    In these same recent interviews, Pope Francis referenced a 1903 novel by Robert Hugh Benson, Lord of the World, which he has brought up before. Benson’s work is possibly the first ever dystopian novel. It’s about a Catholic apocalypse, treasured by some traditional Catholics. It’s the story of the anti-Christ taking power and restoring all peace to Europe through a universal dictatorship, which eventually sets out to exterminate the remnants of the church after a new, misguided Gunpowder Plot.

    The protagonist eventually becomes a pope of an underground church. He mostly lives alone and in secret in the Middle East, offering the Mass and governing the remnant church through secret private messages sent out to individual bishops.

    It is fascinating that Pope Francis keeps recommending this book to people, precisely because that fictive papacy is the very opposite of his: unpopular, feared, hated, and marginalized. It is entirely transfixed with Masses done in private, to please God and to reconcile the world to him. He faithfully recites the words handed onto him. He prays, and encourages.

    It would be possible for a pope to imitate that example today from a Vatican palace. The pope would give only small private audiences, and trust other cardinals to give sermons at his public liturgies. His words would still govern and appoint, but from behind closed doors. But he would (and should) avoid Pope Benedict’s practice of publishing books while pope. He would extinguish Francis’ habit of extemporaneous speech. It would be a truly humble papacy, where politics is avoided, and where the personality of the occupant does not presage some reform. A servant of the servants.

    One can hope.

  6. opheliart permalink

    People may wonder … gee, why are you picking on this guy or that guy …
    easy enough to answer … we are calling out something that needs calling out; we are bringing attention to something that needs examination … if man is teacher and man is bishop (one claiming Knowledge of Christ) … we are looking at church and state according to man. If both overwhelm the class with mindset catholic, for example, where does this allow for freedom to choose for those not catholic? where does this allow for VOICE not like catholic? how just and how fair is discriminating against female for example ? catholic doctrine has notoriously discriminated against female in both church and state—both of which are catholic (western mindset). The understanding of God is patriarchal in the catholic western mind. From this was born man’s views of what should be.

    Shouldn’t we be moving away from the imbalance of the Male Dominion both in church and state? And we are not talking about women as orators in government positions, including the public classrooms; we are talking about ‘thought” and how this is parented in understanding all things.

    Peace and Love

  7. opheliart permalink

    In a video entitled, “A Message Signed with Blood to the Nations of the Cross”, the Islamic extremists butchered 21 Egyptian Christians on the shores near Tripoli, Libya. Following the grisly execution, a militant warned: “We will conquer Rome.”

    Conquer Rome? … hmm … very telling.

  8. opheliart permalink

    We gave Mark a hard time, but we know he can take it 🙂
    A comment from his article:

    samuel Johnston Feb 17, 2015 at 10:05 am
    The ever increasing dissonance between the independent judgments required by modern life, and the authoritative medieval mentality required by the Church, ultimately dooms the institution.
    Gods are either speculative explanations, or they are feelings we interpret as coming from inside us- but not from us. Again, the Church tries to control our private interpretations and claim authority over them. They claim to follow God, but the actually are in the business of controlling us and him.
    Here in Alabama (Shelby County) there was a woman who drew quite a following with her visions, and messages from, the Virgin Mary. Our local Catholic Bishop was asked if he approved. He said: “as long as she says nothing that contradicts doctrine.”And there you have it!


    Ha-ha—yup! Something is coming that will shake things up quite a bit.


  9. opheliart permalink

    where russia will compete with the US is in its longstanding tradition—pride
    there will come a battle of the rise in “intellect” through not education (as man understands this in his valor of academic successes) … through ingenuity in the ARTS. we have shared in SPIR already on the mad-eyed artists needed to help MOVE society out of his pit of circumstance to a more relished persona
    it’s what we have been saying all along … history repeats but things don’t happen the same way twice
    what russians thrive on in fallen position is their ferocity to live
    when a society is given so many choices, and it’s more easy street than work ethic, or too highly focused in certain areas—the igniting of creativity in the new lapses and falls prey to dimness and sluggish foray
    when there is limited means, an antagonist, people have something to fight for … a desire to be heard, to be free … to share in a more pronounced, provocative and revolutionary way … they take what they have—what is given/gifted them and love it —live it— drive it with passion and purpose

    • opheliart permalink

      now you may see why “balance” is needed … what is causing so many (from all over) to join EXTREMISM (of any venue)? what happens when people are not aware as they need to be …

      • opheliart permalink

        take the reach and freshness out of the ARTS in those ORGANIZED rooms and where do the youth go to ignite—to feel real—to EXPERIENCE beyond the slavery of those dull, predictable norms—standards? grades—blah! tests-tests-tests … who created such a mind-grueling mass grave?
        and we wonder why society pays so much to see death—crash and burn in entertainment … and when they can’t get enough there … where do they look for it?

        what happens when the students figure out they can holler religious discrimination, political discrimination … and get the schools and colleges they want and the grades they want because everyone is so fearful of being accused and condemned?

  10. opheliart permalink

    yes, they regret that these were LATIN Catholics … hmm …

    if ever? is this author on some sort of a crusade himself? let’s just roll over and play dead … it’s like …
    don’t say his name!
    what name?
    you know!


    • opheliart permalink

      Does anyone think God has forgotten these crimes against humanity?

      • opheliart permalink

        I guess the author will find out soon enough …

  11. opheliart permalink

    Kayla’s friend is correct … she {is} a saint. THIS is what people of Religious decor tend to miss in the understanding Scripturally.
    but please … make sure the proper safety procedures are in place, and that those entering into these places are well informed!

    Peace and Love

  12. opheliart permalink

    Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN February 24, 2015 at 4:41 and … RNS (she keeps adding after her name … what’s up with this? WE thinks she may be pulling wool …)

    Fran:Then why did Yeshua tell the apostles, “Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained.”
    (John 20:23)?

    and geraldine, my dear, you think this gives your ROMAN Catholic popes this same as if these are THE APOSTLES? Sorry … you have a misconception on WHAT IS GOD. Your “higher calling” as you put it ( in another post) just doesn’t get off the ground war … deal with that first and you just might REALIZE what it is to BECOME … JAMES SAID NOT TO SWEAR OATHS … Hmmm? and you have sworn oaths to your RELIGION and your RELIGIOUS ORDERS … so how can you or your celibate bull mates be within the SPIRIT OF THE ALMIGHTY … when they are closed within their nets of Religion-dom?

    APOSTLES WENT OUT … And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.

    You have a lotta-lotta baggage my dear 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      let us remind you that your Roman Dynasty built itself up by a lotta lotta WARRING—power-mongering—torturing and murdering, lies—deception—Political manipulation—FEAR, threats using DOCTRINE, forcing women to have many children even when so poor.
      THAT, my dear Gerry, is NOT Christlike!!!

      It is a travesty … your Institution reeks of deception, destruction and death!


      For shame … the day of reckoning is now upon you

  13. opheliart permalink
    *seems the atheists and the roman catholics don’t see it

    the atheists so desperately want to get their digs in on the christian sects they will end up silencing their own voices… and the roman catholics think themselves above critique 😀 (oh wow)

    just be patient … the rc’s are in for a long, hard … bumpy road …
    something is coming that is going to be as a loud clap—ATTENTION CLASS!!! and it will feel like disaster to those of religious insurgence
    the rcc has a lot of blood on its hands … houses … heels … and it is so much the whore, as is any institution sitting in high chairs dressed in expensive cloth while power mongering, destroying … manipulating, enslaving through dogma … paying into—paying for ads and doing business illicitly… —breeding for numbers—using and abusing—the elitism, misogyny, lying to protect reputation …
    and, of course, the blatant discrimination …

    they were being called out years ago but they denied this voice … and so they shall see what it is to be without voice—without gift …
    the parable of the talents is quite clear on how SPIRIT OPERATES

    when there is disease of astronomical proportions and the people wallow in their pride-filled indulgences … things do happen

    next essay: there is no such thing as APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION
    Matthew 16. 12

    12 Then they understood that He did not tell them to beware of the leaven of bread, but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees.


    • opheliart permalink

      but why would atheists be without voice … after all, they claim their state will allow them this freedom?

      what they do not see is what is quite real, and state knows how real this can be for many, and this drives the carriages one way or another way … and to try to use a benign agenda to combat an agenda far from benign … is too inconsistent and too unresolved to have consequence of importance in this climate.


      and those of selfish or dishonest intent—having betrayed—abused
      … state will be looking for credibility—background—and this will need one not hiding behind lies and poor parenting …
      photos will not protect as anyone can make believe in photos, and the same with words—pretending to be this or that—trying to look credible, or of something trustworthy … no

      state needs one clear-minded—AWARE—not given to pandering or selfish ideals … but one having taken much time to realize the girth … what is at hand—what is at stake—what rises and what falls—where and how …

      • opheliart permalink

        false marriages are false marriages …

  14. opheliart permalink

    those having been dishonest get caught in their lies … tis better to come out with it now—tell the truth about those steps

    those dishonest and of false and selfish intent cause much harm to the youth …

    • opheliart permalink

      the TIME is now to be of honesty and pure verse …
      people too often think they have all the chances—all the time—and continue in dishonesty when they know what was first shown to them was of importance, and of greater worth, and made commitments … the spirit is tested … but where does man sit? he thinks himself safe from betrayal … he thinks himself safe from enemies … he thinks he cannot lose everything … his fantasy is just a fantasy—short-lived—especially when used to hurt and betray, thinking this is truth … or that his mind was not misled … or that he won’t get caught

      he has forgotten SOPHIA …. he has forgotten that MINA is taken from those who bury it … betray it or misuse it in fear or for selfish gain … WHAT IS THE RETURN TO THE ONE HAVING GIVEN MINA?

      time has nearly run out for those of the marriage beds … the WOMAN of these LIFE CHOICES … and where is the man shown “light”? where is he when called to show what he has done with Mina?

      caught in a bed of dishonesty? because his denial and judging of those called for the work is now upon him asking: what have you done with the TALENT given you?
      the time is now upon him if he knew better but he continues to deceive … to injure … and continues to bury what is necessary for spiritual growth

      you don’t want it? you do not want what is gifted you—not willing to WORK WITH WHAT WAS GIFTED YOU? then it shall be removed from you …

      today is that day

  15. opheliart permalink

    on a lighter note …

    traditional marriage … huh … wundr wjo wote dit?

  16. opheliart permalink

    *please read the comments
    what comes to mind?
    a person having experienced discrimination … due to religious sequestering … cannot share HIS OWN STORIES because …? religionists are what? ignorant of their own prejudices … their own bigotry … their own poor brining in religious venue … ?
    who feels sympathy for those unwilling to move out of stagnant and unyielding places? to use anti-semitism as the flag waving “woe is me for all eternity” because we do not want to get out of the way of ourselves is sounding quite lame … and why people are growing weary of this cry.

    politics is politics … religion is like politics: two brothers in a bed of ________.

    don’t get us wrong; anti-semitism is evil where death and destruction abound … but like nuns refusing to get out of the way of a runaway train because they think God is telling them to STAY WHERE YOU ARE … hold your ground … uh-no … maybe GOD IS SAYING: get up! Move!

    • opheliart permalink

      when i think about how many women (AND CHILDREN) are attacked, raped, kidnapped, beat up, murdered just because they are female—their looks—it is horrifying!
      at least once a week, i am aware of a man having given me a look like he had something not so nice on his mind … (just in passing—at a store, parking lot, street …)
      in college i had THREE dangerous situations occur where RAPE was a near occurrence. one where i was walking at night back to my apartment and a guy asked me if i wanted a ride and i said no and he parked, got out of his truck, and chased me—i ran like i have never run before (sure didn’t hang around to see what might happen!) … the next morning i heard on the news that a women in my town had been raped that night … one poor girl was not so fortunate

      being a woman/girl is NOT safe in any place:

      “This is not unique to one group or one religion,” Obama said. “There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.”

      • opheliart permalink

        i had been thinking on what Obama said there and it is clear that so many Religionists believe themselves above criticism. if they cannot see that Obama is being used to call attention to the indecencies of “religious—political” behavior … and how so many have used their Religion (and Scripture) as a mechanism to judge and condemn others … it is time they reap what they sow.

        yes, now is the time for man to see what he had created for himself …

  17. opheliart permalink

    very sorry to learn of this

    there will be more of the same … and the people will realize how they are owned …
    and will seek retribution

    • opheliart permalink

      Oh, and btw, Orthodox Christians … Boris Nemstov—here is a MARTYR for you!

      • opheliart permalink

        WE shall paint him within one of the canvases … as is done with all slain in the NAME of HONEST INTENT …

  18. opheliart permalink

    we can understand pulling out of a parade that has become so politically charged with agenda. this is not a positive place for little ones. it’s a confusing situation for most let alone little ones … but it might be interesting to see just how many catholics realize just how “gay” their celibate priesthood is, and how sexually active their “celibate” men and women are in their orders …
    it’s kind of a joke, really … if not for the hypocrisy

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