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The Irrefutable Mirage (part four)

February 12, 2015

Hello … it is not mandatory for the reading of this essay … but reading the first three essays on The Irrefutable Mirage would be helpful. *Note: readers may have noticed no images of paintings in essay parts two, three and four——-there is one installing these very soon.



“Life rejuvenates and brings multiplying energy: It enriches, it does not impoverish,” said Francis, speaking during the audience on the role of children in the family.

“A society stingy in generation, that does not love to surround itself in children, that considers them overall a worry, a weight, a risk, is a depressed society,” said the pope.

The pope has been using his general audience in recent weeks to reflect on various roles in the family, leading up to October’s global meeting of Catholic bishops at the Vatican on the issue of contemporary struggles in family life.

Francis made his remarks about the need to have children in a brief aside during his talk Wednesday about the low level of birthrates in European countries.

“Let’s think of many societies that we know here in Europe,” said the pope. “They are depressed societies because they do not want children, they do not have children. The level of birth does not arrive at one percent.”

“Why?” the pontiff asked. “Everyone of us, think and respond.”

“The generation of children has to be responsible, as is taught also in the encyclical Humanae Vitae of Blessed Paul VI,” he continued, referring to the 1968 papal teaching that prohibits use of contraception by Catholics.


“But to have more children cannot become automatically an irresponsible choice,” said Francis. “Not having children is a selfish choice.”


The pope’s remarks Wednesday came after an interview he gave on the papal plane in January generated controversy when he said parents may have a responsibility to limit the number of their children, saying church teaching on contraception “does not signify that the Christian must make children in series.”

“God gives you methods to be responsible,” Francis said then. “Some think that — excuse the word — that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No.”

Francis’ remarks Wednesday on having children were part of a longer discourse on the role of children in the family, which also saw the pope describe the worth and value of every child.

Retelling a time when he asked his mother which of he and his four siblings was her favorite, Francis said that she compared her five children to her five fingers.

“All are my children, but all are different like the fingers on a hand,” the pope recalled his mother saying. “It is like this, the family. The children are different, but all children.”

The pope also spoke of the difficulty many children face today, when he said it looks more difficult for many of them to “imagine their future.”

Children, he said, “must not have fear of the need to construct a new world.”

“It is right for them to desire to better that which they have received,” said the pope. “But this must be made without arrogance, without presumption.”


Francis also reemphasized the duty of children to honor their parents, saying that the Fourth Commandment “contains something sacred, something divine, something that is at the root of every other type of respect between men.”

“The virtuous tie between generations is the guarantee of the future, and the guarantee of a truly human story,” he said.

“A society of children that does not honor their parents is a society without honor,” said Francis. “Who you do not honor parents you lose your honor.”




I guess Pope Fran’s, “Who am I to judge?” is a selective theory. What he believes may be what he receives. He purports for numbers—the grave sales pitch. His push may drive disease of astronomical proportions. And with disease comes death. Where in this is the SPIRITUAL MESSAGE from all their “spiritual exercises” they say they engage in? We ask, “What are these exercises you claim are spiritual?” Hmm … wouldn’t it be a gas to see what really goes on in those halls? *I’m sure those inclined to the satirical could do a number on this 🙂

Are they in AWARENESS of what comes? Have they silenced the voices of those not like them?

It is difficult to share understanding with people who reside in places of imbalance. This is a fairly safe way for us to say it—we believe. Earth operates within a place of moving toward BALANCE. If something becomes too great in one area—too heavy and without assisting purpose for the well being of all—something enters the stream to aid in keeping it from completely overwhelming Earth and its inhabitants. There is Supreme Partner in this Balance—this is our Faith. Jesus while on Earth was within this partnering, and His ministry, if we can call it this, was to initiate movement to bring people to new places of thought. Lapidation is bad. Much of what was going on during the time of Jesus’ place on Earth was bad—in all sectors of lifestyle, belief and practice. Look at what was happening with the women and children … hmm? People were stuck in modes of selfish ways and means—sometimes cruel, unjust, discriminatory, racist beliefs and practices that caused a horrible imbalance as population increased with most being born into this self-serving mindset. It is always of the Way for something or someone to come to assist in the move for Balance.

One is brought out of mindset to the new for the arrival of something transcending.

If Man thinks his Religion at any time was God-like enough to not be impartial, he would be deluded in thought—which is a type of “flooding” (think of the story in the Old Testament where there is a great flood and you begin to understand its Essence—its Testament—and that it is stated as “old” is conducive to its “character”).

History repeats and through this there is much information that instructs us, but nothing happens the same way twice. Some things must dissipate that other things might increase for restoration of the minds of men. If man-mind is overloaded in one place, it is time for ‘it’ to move to another place. Whatever is in the way of this move will be removed. The “old” may not die out completely, but it will dissolve enough for RENEWAL to begin its process of restoring Faith.

While reading some of the articles and comments about the man who killed the 3 in North Carolina this week, it became apparent where people are in thought. Atheists jumped aboard trying to show a certain face on the discussion boards. They try to “defend” their non-belief in God in an effort to satisfy some part in their appearance that demonstrates that it was NOT Atheism that drove the man in North Carolina to murder. And yet, they have no qualms about blaming the beliefs of those who claim Religion, which also houses thoughts on something. Both involve thought in a place of belief in and of something, even if the belief system houses thoughts about believers in a Supreme Being, and thoughts on why and how he, as Atheist, does not believe in a Supreme Being. If man denies this, he denies thought, and likely ignores Conscience … which is a refusal to see that mirror. We see the imbalance in  thought. Why? Ignorance comes to mind, but a better way to say it might be lack of realization of the ‘character’ within the mind.

Thought without CONSCIENCE is what? Without this partner where is thought? A misguided principle? What gets in the way of normal thought, causing criminal acts? Belief? If belief, which belief (s)? Would you say there lives within a person a system of belief that can motivate a person to act indecently? Where in the mind of the Atheist is there a guiding principle of how one should act when facing anger, hatred, stress, frustration, mental exhaustion, fear, sadness, sorrow, suffering, disease … even zeal and attrition?

Those believing in a Supreme Being have the same faculty as the Atheist which can include Conscience. The question is where and how is Conscience fortified, nourished, cultivated … for proper behavior under extreme conditions? When the mind is attacked with adversity, where does the Atheist and Believer in God go for assistance to keep from doing harm, including harm to self?

Some attacked by adversity seek drugs, but what happens with dependency on drugs? A flooding? An imbalance that causes a need for change? Some say … “This drug no longer works; I need something stronger!” Some say, “I am addicted to this drug and am out of control!” Some end up living half lives because the drugs consume much in the living. Science and Medicine will and can give you just about anything as a counterfeit voice of Balance, but this is not saying that all of it is necessarily bad. Look at Religion—a temporary medicine? A quick fix for the immediate? Some drugs may be necessary for a while, for various reasons, but we do not believe in drugs as therapy, nor do we believe in drugs as parent, or for parenting.

A story: My first pregnancy resulted in Ectopic Surgery. I was surprised at how determined the hospital was in giving morphine and other drugs to treat the pain afterward. It was like clockwork. They only came into my room to give me a dose of something, including a small tray of food, which I could not eat. I could not eat or drink anything without vomiting, nor could I carry on a conversation because of the morphine. I finally said, No more! How about Tylenol with Codeine? said the nurse. No, thank you … what else can I do? You can walk. People have said that walking helps to release the carbon dioxide gas that was used to expand the area to do the surgery. And so I spent the night walking with my partner, Fluid IV, back and forth and back and forth until the pain subsided and I began to feel “normal” again. I was willing to endure the pain long enough to get through it, and it went well. I actually felt better out of bed than I did in bed.



The Book of Job is a lengthy expression on literary exegesis. Many of the writings of The Philokalia do the same, but in different format. Both are real in the sense of SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, both the good and the evil. We don’t see all of what is necessary in Job’s story, but we do see the places of pride and imbalance in the written texts on Prayer of the Heart. One is dull while the other is exclamatory.

Has Scripture become dull to the mind of the Atheist? If heard through the Religious channels of man vying for attention then we would say yes. When it impedes necessary growth of virtue and practice in Society through product then yes. When it becomes a vessel of self-serving practice then yes. When it continually hangs its hat on the dimming vestiges of the homo-esoteric clairvoyance of the medieval mediocrity of man in the throes of his crusades … then yes. Has Atheism become its own Religion? Yes. Two warring over one rule: who is right.

But okay, this essay is not meant for the right and wrong of these, but for the mechanisms of the mind. The Roman Catholic/Catholic Church is in flood mode with a sinking boat and no oars … and it looks very much like it has not learned to swim the cool, cool waters of … seeing itself for what it is and where it came from, therefore, it cannot see ahead for what is needed. This is true of much of Religion, but Christianity is not over yet. Islam will sink. Why? Because it loves itself more than it loves Love. It’s prophet is of Religion, a temporary place. “Christ” is not a Religion but a foundation ( Matthew 16.18) not bound to the Earthly Enterprises of Mankind. CHURCH IS PEACE—a place of Love not bound to the Doctrines of Man. Islam, the RCC, Mormonism … all demanding adherents to its cloister. Gnosis on Truth understands the necessity for mind exegesis and movement. It does not embrace worldly visions but it does engage in the world for kindness and addresses what is most necessary for travel. Look at Islam’s prophet—a lotta lotta weight—eh? Marriages … religious yada-yada—all that Offspring. And Joseph Smith? We won’t even go there. Jesus was just 3 ‘years’ for a Purpose unto God. His instructions to his Disciples were to come OUT, and to carry what?

And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.

Much SYMBOLISM in these … much, but no tummy weight—no marriages (spiritual understanding not material understanding on this please) … and WOMEN were involved in this as equally as the men, and do not let anyone tell you differently. What is coming will show the people the truth in much of where man went … and where he did not go.


To return to our topic(s) of the first 3 essays, “Gd” didn’t just fart and Man said, “Hey, lookie-here—-giddyup!” There was no loud bang that set things in motion. Once Mankind begins to realize a few things, he may be delighted at the prospects, and there is soon coming the day where it will be few in numbers who say they do not believe in a Supreme Being. But where will an Institution like the Catholic Church find itself when people engage in gnosis within a truistic voice without the need for Rome?

People without imagination suffer from the Authority of Realization. Reality and Realization are not the same. They do not have the same parent. This in the next essay, The Irrefutable Mirage, Part 5.



Peace and Love




  1. opheliart permalink

    cardinal’s new balance of power?

    bye-bye birdie

    • opheliart permalink

      Larry February 13, 2015 at 12:06 pm
      Better late than never?

      Shame and embarrassment are powerful forces. Being instrumental in supporting mass murder tends to make one re-evaluate their position when such things are made public. Make no bones about it, Christian churches openly collaborated with the repression and mass murder of the Nazis (with one, sole exception). Nazi repression worked well with their long standing doctrines. The Catholic church openly supported Fascist regimes besides the Nazis ( Franco’s Spain, Croatia’s Ustasha, and Belgian Rexists).

      It has only been rather recent that the Catholic church admitted some level of culpability in the excesses of right wing dictatorships in Latin America. It took the end of the Cold War and about a decade of recrimination from the World Court (and Spanish Government) for them to finally take notice.

      • opheliart permalink

        and the author trusts a dying regime to safeguard his religious query? is he pushing agenda?
        if the RCC has not seen to those children sexually abused by its own clergy/superiors and head of state —looking the other way to protect reputation and money … what makes this man think it will be a brother to him in time of need?

  2. opheliart permalink

    The RELIGIOUS of a ‘God’ cannot deny their history—their acts. If looking at the “Catholic” … where can this go with such heavy baggage strapped to it? How can it climb out of such an expansive “history-riddled” hole with things like the Inquisition and those barbaric crusades? And more recently, the partnering with the Political Dictators … The EVIL of these has not gone away, my friends … to stay within what categorized and ‘realized’ ITSELF God’s voice and ADVERTISED and CONTINUES to ADVERTISE ITSELF as “king” … is a DEATH SENTENCE … a terminal disease—get rid of it—the mindset of these regimes … MOVE PEOPLE!

    Get out from under this or it may come crashing down on you in ways that you cannot imagine. Do you see what is before you? Of course not! You have stumbling blocks before you and cannot see what is needed for your own people.

  3. opheliart permalink

    THIS IS AN IMPORTANT READ, and please click on the caption of the photo of the men with knives-swords.

    and what happens in America while these immigrants go through their “growing pains”?

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