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The “God Bubble”

January 26, 2015

12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.




section (unfinished) SEVEN SPIRITS AND SEVEN STARS

by L Thiel

Spirrealism Movement, January, 2015



One of the most interesting and challenging places I have encountered has been observing the God Bubble, but what has been an even greater challenge is letting go of “feelings as cult” within these places. When one can lose the weight of indifference while carrying the light of its metaphor, one has moved beyond in years.

It is always a struggle, and often peculiar (in the liberated sense) to hear Religionists state that this person, or that person (of his Religion) … is wise. I look, listen, walk around the writing and do not agree on its wisdom. I see glimpses of “something” of potential, and slight movement, but the carriage remains somewhat stagnating within a particular mindset. I won’t say that this mindset is necessarily right or wrong, but when pushing and shoving are occurring in the Market Place … some things need clarifying, and this is where one is used in ways uncharacteristic of the IMAGES of Man.

The image being the God Bubble.





Have you ever unwittingly popped a God Bubble and watched what came forth? Have you ever tried to help another see the danger of actions and found yourself being used to open a door or a window on something, to allow for vision … and the curtain opens to reveal what so many jokingly refer to as the Wizard of Oz? He is just a man—yes? A man with a lot of window dressing  … smoke, loud noise, size … What we speak of here is the mind harboring feelings—thoughts ascertained through some form of experience, but also … a lack of experience … which leaves one wondering on the truth of the words … and for What Purpose? 

What men did not “hear” (in the Spiritual Sense) is the fuller story on the Wizard of Oz, therefore his calculated efforts fall within a party base unconstitutional (meaning, not set up or established within a guiding principle). Without Dorothy, there would be no LAND of … If Dorothy had not been on the road trying to save Toto from neighbor Gulch, the flight would not be the flight—the creatures, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, would not find their voices. Dorothy serves as Metaphor for Truth. SHE is why these “articles” are written. Before this, they served in a limited capacity only to fall prey to ____.  She is the guide. She is the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ. Without this, the creatures, great and small, fail to reach the greater destination—what we call Spirit ID, Wellness, Spirit Art, Spirit Gift, Spirit Voice … MINA. She is the vehicle, so to speak, for the Return to childlike innocence for Understanding …

She harbors courage, and so much more.

The Wizard of Oz may be a fabulous fantasy, but it tells the secret of the ART OF LIGHT within the Groom—PEACE.

And Toto? Well, as we shared in an essay about the Book of Tobit, the dog is SYMBOL for Vision—seeing ahead .  .  . And recall, it was Toto that revealed the man behind the curtain 😉




When Jesus says that He came not to bring peace but a sword, He is telling us that what He brings is that which sheds Light on Truth. The sword is what cuts away the unnecessary that weighs you down (recall Paul when he says to put away the things of a child?). It is a movement of cataclysmic release. Do not allow militants and the overly zealous, or the stagnating mind to teach you that Jesus is bringing mutilation and abuse, even death. NO! Those of demented and oscillatory state deceive, deny and CRUCIFY! They can’t make up their minds where they are because they do not know what they are. So they torch, burn, pillage the wealth of belief and lives of others in their efforts to “create” something for themselves, or to remain within the Bubble they call ‘God’.


Mankind/Humanity, even Angelkind are scattered in their pretext. The coat of many colors is our advance on Truth. How? Joseph represents our “king” … he suffers at the hands of his “brothers” … he is thrown into the gulch (much the way Jonah is swallowed up by the whale). The gulch is the cistern, well … narrow path ( recall the Orthodox story of Photini having been tossed into the well because of  Emperor Nero). The multi-colored coat reveals our Worth (wearing of this in the Work), understood as our fostering, foraging, ferocity (like a lion), courage, caring, pastoring, preaching, parenting and .  .  .


Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


The question we ask you … are the “brothers” keeping you from this place of Peace? One would be wise in asking  … what are the brothers?

These can represent a number of things but our overall realization on this would be Religion and Politics. If a Religion’s belief is that they wait for their “messiah” to come and guide them, save them … if Politicians wait for their ‘president’ … We ask, why do you wait for your messiah—your savior—your king? Hasn’t WISDOM taught that she is here?

ASK, Seek, Knock … Are these brothers?

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Seek and Knock are the MYSTIC and the PROPHET on Truth, the guiding Principle be the prayer of ASKING. These are active movements: our ‘Twin Towers’ of  refinement, our cataclysmic Reach. These are within the Character of Prophesy (the Evolution of God and Man). The Prophet God and His Mystical Man. Wisdom and Worth born from Light.

Oh, I can just hear the grumbling of the patriarchs of male dominion. Funny though, many priests I know love the Feminine Divine, or maybe just the idea of it … not having experienced this … yet. Both the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic have presented this only in surface. We have shared this in SPIR already, several times.

Who/what will demonstrate the Reality of our Sophia? Of Wisdom? Can you see this? Or can you hear it?




Wouldn’t it be interesting—quite the marvel—if “Jews” found the real Jesus under all that heavy weight?



Peace and Love














    • opheliart permalink

      it does not matter which side you claim, or where you sit in your religious/political Pride, the children continue to suffer

      why is this? too many children and not enough parenting? poor parenting? poor policies? poor pastoring? too many poor? poor education? impractical purchasing? paste up politicians?

      laziness … feudal environment … false positions …

      a poverty of love?

  1. opheliart permalink


    the roman pontiff is still speaking from a split tongue! and no, he is not the most popular man on this planet … well, maybe to religious like you … most could care less what he says and does—trust me, i have asked, and the response is: i don’t listen to what religious say … just give me the facts

    but he is a political puppet, and he will be held accountable for his ACTIONS … and the sexually abused children he ignored!

  2. opheliart permalink

    i guess elton john may have been a little confused on fran’s referendums

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