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The Language within the Carriage

January 20, 2015


















Just a quick essay … much work at present:

*Researchers will discover that ARTISTS, especially the Spirit Artists, have much to offer in these studies.

Very interesting! But one might ask if the figures represent something having to do with a person’s life, culture, and belief system. In other words, instead of the scary image being a “ghost”, or a mythical figure of a person’s Religion, is it metaphor/symbol for something occurring in the sleeper’s life? And how does the “good” and the “evil” aspect of these figures (images) relate to the beliefs and non beliefs? The ones dreaming are clearly seeing and experiencing “something”. Do we take that “something” and disregard its symbol—how it relates within life choices, practices, experiences—place of understanding? And what of those experiencing something while awake, and not in a dream-sleep state? Are there similar visuals in the dream-sleep and the wake state?

What we are seeing here is continued steps in dream-sleep analysis. Others have studied in this, but they may not have been able to ask the right questions, or maybe those in the past who had studied in this were dismissed. We have been waiting to see this start in a more meaningful way. In time, what these researchers will discover is that there is a LANGUAGE in the dream-sleep state, a LANGUAGE in the Visionary state; all of this having to do with Mysticism. Dream-sleep state and Visions have their own Language. When the scientists get wind of this in a more meaningful way, there will be a turning of the tide.

What they need to be looking at through these states (places) is how the feeding habits of a particular person within a group encourage, discourage—move people—where it takes them in their decision making habits/practices.  This will tell us a lot about the helpful and harmful “acts” within cultures.

For example:

An abused wife may EXPERIENCE in a Language similar to an oppressed wife in a Religious/Belief System that denies female voice.

A sexually abused child can share his dreams/visions without ever having to face the fear of “telling” on the priest, vicar, dad, brother … because the dreams/visions will demonstrate patterns, all within a “coded” Language.

*Beware of those dishonest … this has always been a problem, and always will be, but there are ways of knowing the truth. The key part of these exercises is to better understand the harm and the good of LIFE, and to go where no man has gone before … 🙂





Peace and Love

  1. opheliart permalink

    If our Governments refuse to act APPROPRIATELY AND IMMEDIATELY where there are cases of abuse/sexual abuse of women and children … and they do BUSINESS with the perpetrators of these acts, and those obscuring the facts on these crimes/serious offenses … THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY TO FIND OUT WHO IS GUILTY AND WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH.

    If organizations are HIDING things—as we have been saying in SPIR—these will be REVEALED for who and what they are.

    So, POLITICIANS—RELIGIONISTS … YOU MAY WANT TO START CLEANING HOUSE, and taking a good, strong look at WHERE you are …


    • opheliart permalink

      your popes, preachers, politicians cannot save you from this … oh no … if anything, they will do as they have already done—ATTEMPT TO SAVE THEIR OWN SKIN, AND THE REPUTATION OF THE ORGANIZATION—and unless you can demonstrate and prove who is the guilty party in allowing these crimes/offenses to be ignored and permitted to continue … it may be YOU that gets the blame and the shame, and no jury today is going to be soft on these crimes.

      *something that just came in … who is to say there aren’t drones already photographing what’s going on in those seminaries, religious corridors, houses, parishes, churches, side streets, alleys, docks, boats … if the RCC and others claim they have a no tolerance rule on the sexual acts of minors, which I would think would include the seminarians … then they would have nothing to worry about—yes? except maybe those still on the loose, who are obvious either dishonest in their vows, or seriously ill …

      Hmm … interesting how technology has come so far … so fast … quite annoying in many ways, but if it will reveal the lies, hypocrisy and especially the SUFFERING OF OUR YOUTH—baby, let it roll!

  2. opheliart permalink

    and how does her Roman Catholic Belief play into her Politics?

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