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Artists of Endearment

January 16, 2015

We were watching National News and who comes on but the Roman Pontiff, and they broadcast his response to the situation in France. We must ask, does anyone find it ironic that the “man” being interviewed on this is being interviewed because his Religious Institution did much the same thing (murder, torture, attacks) to get where it is? If the Roman Church had not power-mongered as it did, National News would not be interviewing its pope. Gotta wonder …

Jesus never advocated the war that man has engaged in for control, despite what too many think regarding what is written in Scripture. The “war” spoken of in Holy Scripture has to do with the spiritual. If the pope is wondering why the world is an antogonizing state, he must ask himself what his own Institution, of such a large and influential dynasty, brought force as product for the masses to feed on. We read an interesting article a while back about how the RCC is responsible for the feudal society. One might argue that feudalism was in place before the Roman Church put its stamp on Christianity, but then we would be compelled to ask why if Christ came was there a continued partiality and ignorance? and the denial of His message?


“By way of example, he referred to Alberto Gasparri, who organizes papal trips and was standing by his side aboard the papal plane.

“If my good friend Dr. Gasparri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch,” Francis said half-jokingly, throwing a mock punch his way. “It’s normal. You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.”

His pretend punch aside, Francis by no means said the violent attack on Charlie Hebdo was justified. Quite the opposite: He said such horrific violence in God’s name couldn’t be justified and was an “aberration.” But he said a reaction of some sort was to be expected.”


I was writing in BC, the Trilogy, Book One, and a main character, Pastor Marc Debonairy (introduced in the novel several weeks ago) says to his congregation:

Like the Sunday before, Marc stepped from the podium and made his way down the steps to be closer to the people. “Before I go any further with this, let me just say that it is my place to rattle cages, wake you from your weekly slumber, nudge and sometimes even, punch you … but not hard, and not in a way that petrifies you, or harms you. My work is about healing, and why I am here—to assist you with getting rid of those wrinkles …”


Interesting to read the pope’s response, especially after having written this in the novel. To be honest, we like what Pope Fran is saying (on the punch) … it’s a genuine response, and not something pumped up for political purposes, like so much else that he is used for … but allow us to show the pope, and his organization, just what it means to be insulted, offended and even crucified by his Religious Dogma. So many have been pounding on ‘his’ door for a long time, saying, wake up misogynists! You got mail!  And it says, you need to move out of where you are in your thinking of the Christ. Jesus wasn’t advocating his manhood when He said,

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

If these men had any real understanding on what is SPIRIT … they would know that it is NOT a Roman Catholic System. So … what does this tell you about their interpretations? “Deny himself” sounds very much like what? It’s not difficult to understand why they think as they do, and why they might have missed this epic call. All one has to do is observe their system—from its inception on through.

Again, to Pope Fran …  just because y’all want to wallow in your manliness and demigod self-worth … does not mean the rest of those making their way on God’s Earth need to be denied their Gifts! It’s time for you and your big-headed Institution, where so many have been forced to bow, to get out of the way. And you wonder why people illustrate rude and sarcastic cartoons? We are tame here in our work … compared to what’s happening out there, and we did warn this was coming.

Theirs is of an incendiary commerce.

You men, and your Doctrines, are the stumbling blocks spoken of in Holy Scripture. Don’t you see? But how could you, while in your indoctrinated state? You are of a mindset we call “paranoia of degrees”. Anyone fishing the way your institution has for—how long has it been?—is seriously unsettled in their quadrants. This does not mean we do not like you, actually we do, but we view you and those like you as quite Spiritually Immature, but, hey … aren’t we all—in places of understanding? It’s just that when you treat us as bitches, we are not amused, nor do we like your interpretations of Scripture. You don’t own Christ, or God, or Mary or any of the Word (and many RCs claim the RCC responsible for the Bible’s writing—are you ready to face what is written there?)

Why are you still out there TELLING the world what you think? Your “church fathers” often rambled on  … and on … and on … in their theories, and, well … are we rambling now?

Anyhow …

Does this insult you, Pope Fran? If you want to pride yourself on your mega-church made of glass or acrylic, or whatever else you got going, and rub elbows with Politicians, then get out of the work of the Christ, and stop spreading your doctrine throughout the good Earth, saying, MEN ONLY, or Roman Catholics only, or a Patriarchal Religion only.

We thought the days of “Whites Only” … that awful time in history, was gone … but you guys … still hanging on to partiality like you fear—fear—fear—what you do not understand.

Kinda like what Bruno sings: I’ve been locked out of heaven. You’ve made not just women, but many men feel as if they have been locked out of heaven. We, of course, don’t see any of your Religious Ordinations as “holy” … so, we are not suffering from a delusional culture in this, but hey, man … enough already! Maybe it is you and your ‘haloed’ team that is locked out. Something serious to think about there parson …

And no, you missed the message on what it means to be a saint. And you do not understand how the Spirit of the Most High uses the least likely, instead of the massively crowned and heavily ladened and saturated with … oh, I dunno … gimmicks? No sticker stars for you, sir … go back to the beginning and start over.

Feel the pinch yet?



*notice the black and white face in the burning bush—symbolic in the destruction of the mindset of partiality

the following is something we found memorable:



We do not care for the satire of the ‘cartoons’ in question. Our heart goes out to those viciously attacked—the innocence in this. We shared in an earlier essay … we are deeply saddened by all of the death and destruction … and what is on the way. So terribly sad.

All that fuss over cartoons? Surely there is a more mature way of handling this—no?



The brothers of Kimber Van Prison, OPHELIA In the Beyond, Book One



Peace and Love




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