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The Pilgrimage

January 15, 2015

I was reading an article recently on how to feed birds in MA during the winter. I was glad to see that we are doing just about everything necessary for them. The Christmas tree always gets put out in the fenced in area of the yard and provides shelter from the cold and strong winds (yes, folks, those of us who celebrate “Christmas” consider the local farmer selling trees and the wildlife … and this is a Christ message for us in helping others, even when some call for no Christ in Christmas). Popcorn, bread, nuts, sunflower seeds, and other goodies get put out almost daily, especially when the weather gets super cold, and the birds do come as they need these to keep warm. We even scatter sunflower seed on the ground for the Mourning Doves as they cannot perch on the feeders like the smaller birds. This year, we saw a few new faces come to feed. It takes time, but with the right fruit, they do come. Even the hawk found something to feast on. It made me sad, but these are hungry, too.

What was interesting is that I notice birds actually at my windows where I work when the seed has run out, as if trying to get my attention, and I see them waiting for me outside the door early in the morning. When I go out to refill the feeders, a few stick around because they want first dibs. Even the squirrels, one black and one grey, have been filling their bellies. It’s nice to see them here.





This reminds me of how SPIR and SPIRREALISM, the Spirit Art Movement, came to be. It started out slow, and has continued steadily. It was never to be a one hit wonder—a bright flash then a shelving to collect dust—it is to be the “blueprints” for something bigger, and it is growing into much more than just a group of essays with added art. We knew this, and we knew that it would evolve and build. A MOVEMENT has to start somewhere in some manner, and although we were told by two priests that it isn’t getting the thousands of “hits” that other blogs and wordpresses get, we understand that this is not how SPIR/SPIRREALISM was to come into BEING. Like any newborn, it must take the necessary steps to grow properly, and this includes proper parenting. It’s not about us, other than the very important fact that we need time to grow, too … but equally important is that this is about helping others. Helping others in the manner that we have been shown takes time, especially with what this carries. What has been demonstrated here is just a small part of the greater frame of where and how the Spirit Art is moving.






We know that a tour of the paintings will soon follow, and this is key in Spirrealism’s introduction into Society, as any significant Body of Art should not hang in traditional galleries for months, even years. These are a growing collection that symbolizes a SPIRIT ART MOVEMENT in the Renewing, and requires that it find its Pilgrimage.

Step by step, what has been gifted is coming into focus. Even the novels (BC, the Trilogy and the Opheliart Trilogy) are coming along beautifully. I am forever in awe on how these flow, come together, and touch on so many of the messages we have shared here in SPIR while still providing the necessary storytelling that keeps the ‘reader’ wanting more (which include me—as I am continuously learning and desiring more). It’s quite the experience. Even the paintings must keep flowing.  Earlier in the week I bought oil bars and began the process of building for texture in Spirrealism’s LETTERS TO THE MONASTIC series, a collection of five paintings (see first and last image of this essay—the last having been redone with oil).

Here in SPIR/Spirrealism we are not in a race, do not desire to overwhelm Society with a brand of something, for any “cause”, or to sell millions, or to stand in judgement on the world. That is not what we are—that is not what we are about. We are not a Religion. We are not ruled or operated by a System of Belief, nor are we governed by doctrines of any stripe. We are a type of bridge from here to ____ something New. This does not mean we do not have competition, or one might view this as “something out there that needs to be challenged, and in challenging these, we are challenged“… for strong waters is paramount to the Return … in the Spiritually Symbolic to understand the Wisdom on the Word of God. To deny that this exists is to deny the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ, and how this is a redeeming feature in the life of a believer in Spirit.




SPIR is now entering its third year. We started on January 9, 2013. The following is part of an essay from early in its first year. Also, we should add that after I received SPIR, Alfred brought up THE BLUE RIDER (Der Blaue Reiter) ALMANAC, which gave us a view of ourselves through the lens of the revolutionary.

(a bit of info from Wiki: The group was founded by a number of Russian emigrants, including Wassily Kandinsky, Alexej von Jawlensky, Marianne von Werefkin, and native German artists, such as Franz Marc, August Macke and Gabriele Münter. They considered that the principles of the Neue Künstlervereinigung München, a group Kandinsky had founded in 1909, had become too strict and traditional.

Der Blaue Reiter was a movement lasting from 1911 to 1914, fundamental to Expressionism, along with Die Brücke which was founded in 1905.)  ——–Seem familiar? 🙂



One might well ask: “Do we need another ism?” I will answer that with another question: “Do we continue to need gifts?” Yet, Spirrealism, as an art movement, makes the claim that it is art endowed with breath of spirit. It is spiritual gift. Now, the red flags are flying high, or, at least, a bold yield sign. Why are the warning indicators immediately thrust before us? That is because we are inherently suspicious of spiritual gifts. Oh, we will readily accept the latest, new and improved version of iPhone, which will render the previous model obsolete, but a spiritual gift through painting? What can we do with it? Can we buy and sell it? Is it functional? Why do we need new art? Why would we need a new idea in the arts? Isn’t painting dead? Furthermore, why would we want or desire a new spiritual art movement?

From the introductory statement: “Spirrealism is not a religion.” We can, oh so easily, anticipate the next, premature, sophistic, accusatory question: “Then, it’s new age?” I might be tempted to answer with yet another question: “ Is that better than old age?” The New Age genre has, rightly, been saddled with widespread dismissal due to the excess of attached, farcical baggage that accompanies that parody of a movement. Isn’t it better to renew the Old Age, rather than throw it out with yesterday’s bath water?

“Renegade expression” is one of the descriptive components used in Spirrealism’s premiere manifesto. Yet, preceding that idiom are the words: “beauty diaphanous.” Those two sets of phrases are hardly contrarian. They can, and should, be transcendently complimentary. The orthodox and the provocative conjoin in Spirrealism, the way the Second Testament can potentially unify with the Hebrew Scriptures. Spirrealism edifies that restless Sanctuary and, in so doing, applies salve to the pigment.

Our sanctuary is the quintessential ancient of ancients. Restoration abides within. Of course, the texture of our sanctuary demands that we do not flinch from the possibility of provocation. It is merely possibility. We do not aim for it, nor do we concern ourselves with any such likelihood. Firework displays are, inevitably fleeting, rendered superficial phenomena. If provocation is the consummation of an initial exposure, let us render it an incandescent provocation.

I was first introduced to L. Thiel Hewlings via a forum, through which we began dialoging art spirit. Over the course of a year, these exchanges intensified, and shifted, quite spaciously. Occasionally, turbulence was the result of such seismic explorations, but these were perpetually invigorating challenges. Eventually, we astutely discerned the genesis of collaboration.

L. Thiel Hewlings is authentic peer in Spirrealism. However, she is not a peer I unquestionably edify. She would not have me reduce her to such plaster pedestal. Nor would she afford me such an insulting simplification. She is too faceted for that.

I have seen her work evolve from something I merely found a slither of interest in to work that incessantly confronts me. Our discourses, our collaborations have reaped egalitarian essence.

It is not by mere coincidence that L. Thiel and I found our hymn of the pearl in John’s Samaritan woman at the well model. I bandy back and forth with her and her work. Of course, the two are inseparable. I see the latent element of autobiography when I encounter the canvases of one Photini: Woman discovered at the well, waiting at the well, returning to the well.




Let it be known that we do not discourage painting of ‘the Prophet’ here in SPIR/Spirrealism because we understand the Prophet on Truth to not be a single man of indentured force, but Wealth in Wisdom—an evolving Prophesy of Light on Love. We welcome dialogue on Truth and the Nature of our Being. We realize that much of the writing in SPIR by opheliart is, at times, esoteric, and this, for a purpose, as not everything can be understood in one feeding. This is what keeps readers coming back for more, and those denying and rejecting what is shared here can find their food elsewhere if they disagree. There is no forced feeding, no doctrinal espionage of worldly compliance, but a forensic coursing to realize and renew within the culture of the Spiritual. 

We are not a ritualistic endeavor, nor are we to be undermined by those of this sentencing. I have had to hold steady against some who sought to undermine and use SPIR/Spirrealism for Religious purposes, and this is not to be. We see value in Religion, of course … but we understand that we are not of reform in these institutions, but we also do not advocate repudiation. As we have shared numerous times, we are striving in the ethereal of our Faith and this is epically of a renewing feature. And what we have come to see is that when we talk like this, Religionists (of Christianity) look at us with skepticism and concern. “You are wrong!” is what we often hear from these. “How many have you brought to Christ?” is another. Why would anyone interested in Spiritual Verse ask this? we wonder. Well, it is because they have a “partial” understanding on ‘What is God’, and this is why they insist ‘we are wrong’. The truth is, we cannot delay in those arenas. These have pitched their tents and wish to deny others from the necessary pilgrimage. We say, the face of Christianity will change as will the landscape of religion. Where these fall within this remains to be seen. God gives choice, but this is not of a betraying or dishonest factor. Dishonesty is not of Truth, nor is it a way to healing, and we understand that we are not to suppress (or bury) the Gifts.




Jesus was of revolutionary and provocative Verse … Mary, in her SYMBOLIC STATION, as well as Photini (Samaritan Woman at the Well) … and the Chosen of Christ … all revolutionary and provocative. This is our call—our life—our well being, and we invite you in this  …


Peace and Love


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