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January 12, 2015

I recall listening to a Philosopher Engineer of the Roman Catholic Religion saying that his one dog would chase what he had thrown, but his Bassett Hound was stupid, and would only smell the fingers of the hand that was holding what he was expecting him to chase. I found this an odd comment, so I looked up the Bassett to learn more about this type of dog. Here is what I found:

Exactly how superior is the Basset Hound’s nose?

All dogs are superior to humans in terms of detecting odors. But some breeds, especially scent hounds, have better noses than others due to selective breeding.

Basset Hounds were originally bred in France to hunt by scent rather than sight. They were specifically used to trail small game such as rabbits and hare. Therefore, they were bred to have a strong ability to detect and distinguish odors and a relentless desire to follow a trail.

The Basset’s nose is second only to the Bloodhound in its tracking ability.

Dogs do use their eyes and ears. But…

The nose is primary. You and I use our eyes first. But, a dog relies primarily on his sense of smell to gather information and interpret his environment.

Take a Basset Hound out for a walk and you’ll notice that while he does react to sounds and does look around, he usually walks with his nose to the ground.

– See more at:


So, you see, there is a reason the Bassett was smelling rather than chasing! What was he to chase? He is not a Retriever; he is a Bassett Hound, and he is not stupid. He may be stubborn according to the Philosopher Engineer, but he was acting as a Bassett would act, not as the man wanted him to act.


This is true of a gnostic not of Religion. We act according to what is gifted us, not according to how Religionists want us to act. 


Now … what do we mean by Philosopher Engineer? This would be someone who is a Philosopher, but holds this position through academic means, and lives within a Religious environment (of some type). In the case of the one I mentioned, he teaches at a college, also making a living on the lecture circuit. This leads us to share something else of importance: accusation without understanding. If you have been following SPIR, we have shared that the church spoken of in Matthew is not Religion. It is PEACE, which is UNDERSTANDING. This is the CHURCH of the Christ way … not Doctrine, not Dogma, not Magisterium, not men wearing uniforms symbolic of their beliefs and practices holding titles that overpower the people.

SPIRIT DOES NOT ALIGN ITSELF WITH PARTIAL ATTRIBUTE. Why would it? This would move contrary to what Christ teaches on the Word of God. God is not fixated on the sex of man.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. John 1.1


Get the picture?


So, what happens when Religious accuse the gnostic based on a Belief System born from Patriarchal Attribute? Allow us to share …

Read the comments after this article. Do you hear the INDOCTRINATED talking? Even if a Religion allowed women to become priests, what would they be teaching/preaching while married to a Patriarchal Religion with Doctrine that is very much limited in understanding on God’s Word? The Papal Curia has no intention of changing their Doctrine. They play charades in the public arena precisely to keep from having to change—to evolve—to Spiritually RENEW. They create confusion within their people for the sole purpose of keeping the lid on their failure to achieve what they say they believe, and what they claim as truth on the Word. James says let your yes be yes and your no be no. It is not wise to plow the ox and the ass yoked together. One cannot put NEW WINE into old wineskins and receive the Gifts of the Spirit.

These men and women of the Patriarchal Dome do not want the world, but especially their members and followers, to see that they are Spiritually Immature. One of the first things I learned while observing the antics of the Religionists was that they would do anything to not appear “incorrect”. In other words, to not allow their “doctrine” to come up looking fallible. They will even blame their own titled members, and the laity to keep the “believer” from seeing their darkness. Read the remarks—the comments—it is like the Tower of Babble, and no two Religious are saying exactly the same thing, except where they post “the teachings according to the Religious Affiliation”.

*Do take note where the Leadership of these takes from others to use for their own agendas. Hmmm …

But the door is being opened on this darkness … the believer and …. will begin to understand that these men had only “partial” understanding. This IS Scriptural, if anyone is wondering. Don’t ask us to do your homework for you. Which brings us to the accusations. I had a Catholic tell me not long ago that I am “obsessed” with the RCC. This caused mixed thoughts on my end, because I really thought this Catholic was farther along in his understanding. I then realized it was mostly to avoid his own temperature—his own angst about the Religion he had wedded himself to. Take note in this, folks. It is often the case that people upset with their current station will accuse others because they struggle to lift the Heart.








Peace and Love







  1. opheliart permalink

    any chance the pope and his accessories (followers), including those having put together this encyclical—

    (then putting the “pope” stamp on it like he wrote the darn thing—did not realize their pontiff was an expert on climate concerns—my-my … where did he find the time while FLYING to all those places … shouldn’t he be planting a large garden in his city state … by REMOVING THE FRAUD and the lazy living, and those who have known about the sexual abuse and did NOTHING!) …

    —are DOING ALL THEY CAN TO SAVE OUR LAND>SEAS>SKIES>BEES>TREES>BATS>CATS>>>>>>BODIES OF WATER…? Any chance the RCC is planting a forest after all the paper wasted on their papal bull? is anyone following this guy, and his organization to see JUST HOW CONCERNED THIS INSTITUTION IS WITH OUR CLIMATE? any proof in their actions and lifestyle (including their teachers and preachers and seminaries and …) that demonstrates AN AWARENESS, AND A WILLINGNESS TO THE CARE AND CONCERN OF OUR CLIMATE—THE LAND, SEAS, SKY …?

    what makes this pope a green pope? the money the institution makes from all their papal bull 😀

    really now … get serious, and please challenge where it matters, folks … rather than sitting in the pews believing EVERYTHING they tell you …


    • opheliart permalink

      Seriously now … anyone can say anything to try to make a person look “good” … or an institution look “good” … because they know that people will not usually take the time to check or challenge these to see if they practice what they preach. Where and how will the pope and his followers demonstrate they care about our climate—our land—our seas—our wildlife—even humanity??? Will they take away the hefty lifestyles of their orders and put the billions into healing? YEARS OF WORK TO HELP ADDRESS THE ISSUES OF CLIMATE CHANGE?

      Throwing out a few sleeping bags to the homeless? Telling mothers they can breastfeed their infants in church? Good grief, a church isn’t worth going to if a mother has not been permitted this! Who needs a pope to tell them to breastfeed? Condemning extremists for attacking and murdering when they are guilty of this very act … not just in setting up their institution claiming itself God’s mouthpiece, but also in allowing women to die in childbirth because they refused abortions to save the life of the mother. What kind of minds think like this? Now suddenly to appear to the world as if they are a genuine lover of life? Of women? Of our land and sea and wildlife? The pope has no understanding of pets and how these are important to people! He does not understand the WORK AND WORTH of the Spirit.



    • opheliart permalink

      seems some maybe be losing their jobs …

  2. opheliart permalink

    More rattling of cages …

    When will man be willing … ready? to discuss the possibility that the OT and NT were translated by men not in “understanding” of the Word? When will these men—many believing in the Holy Spirit—realize that there is SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE inherent in Spirit Writings? Atheists attack from a place no different from the Religionist! It seems both want to throw out the Writings … because they do not have what it takes to UNDERSTAND the words, or even where there are parts mistranslated. If of a Spirit Gift in this Work … it is clear to one where the Voice changes—where it is NOT in compliance with Truth.

    Imagine how the dogmatic does not want one with vision in this to speak. Why do you think so many were silenced, and tortured and brutally murdered throughout history … WE would think Atheists would want those with vision to be allowed to speak rather than attacking them with ridicule and dishonesty, or supporting those engaging in this manner.

    What happens when Religions throw out their “Book”? They do what they have been doing because they never quite understood the writings—they create their own dogma. And history shows us what happens when men do this! Did it ever occur to Mankind that the reason the WRITINGS were professed in the first place was to keep from unnecessary harm? To profess TRUTH AND JUST MEANS? But man did not understand what was written, and so he used these incorrectly, and he may have revised them to SUIT HIS AGENDAS? Hmmm …?

    Is Mankind ready to hear the Truth?


  3. opheliart permalink

    ” “The process of healing also needs to include the pursuit of truth, not for the sake of opening old wounds, but rather as a necessary means of promoting justice, healing and unity,” he said, draped in a long garland of yellow and white roses.” the roman pontiff

    not for the sake of opening old wounds? how, dear man, will you remove the infection on those poorly band-aided wounds? what do you understand of healing, unity and JUSTICE while living in a centuries old DYNASTY that promotes INJUSTICES? Are you the hypocrite, dear sir? you need to get back to your city state and start cleaning house—yes?

    when you have shown YOURSELF AS IMPARTIAL then you may speak … when you have stopped the WAR in your own wards then you may speak … when you are willing to give up these worldly lifestyles of your stations and all these gods (recall the woman giving two mites—everything she owned?), including that dying dogmatic religion of yours, then you may speak
    when you recognize the disease in a manner that causes YOU to cry out, Abba, Father! then you may speak. until then … you are but sounding brass and tinkling cymbals …

    Why did you deny those who came to you in Argentina? Why did you not believe when the children came crying out for your help, roman pontiff? Why do you hide behind centuries old doctrine that you know is death? Why did you act to protect reputation of your institution rather than help the children, and those in need, pontiff? They came to you with truth about your clergy and … and you turned them away. Did you call them LIARS? DECEIVERS? TRAITORS? or did you just brush them aside and refuse to investigate the claims … were you the one walking by the wounded and the bleeding while the Good Samaritan picked them up and carried them? Who/what carries them now, pontiff?

    you may think no one sees, but you are sorely mistaken, sir.

    For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.


  4. opheliart permalink

    seems some may be losing their jobs …

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