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Servitude … continued

January 10, 2015


Relating to the article above:

I almost posted this as a comment in the essay, SERVITUDE, but I was shown that there is more to be shared and … this would serve better as an essay. When I read the commentary by Mark, I found it a bit sensationalist, and far too brief to engage in any meaningful way … until I read George and Samuel’s comments (sometimes just posting a piece of news gives rise to debate). Both men have valid points. Where I saw it worthy of SPIR (sharing here) was the position of bishop (priest, pastor, minister), and how this is relevant to what I am currently writing in Book One, BC the Trilogy. I am writing about a pastor, and last evening I added a priest, to go along with the layperson, Gunner (we introduced him in a previous essay with little Marla Stowe), and the lives of these (and many more) that come together for the betterment of a small community in New England.

It is clear, to anyone paying attention, that those being educated, and those taking on the vocation of minister, pastor, priest or bishop (on up)  … are being called into question on their behavior, and how one in this position is to SERVE what they claim as God. This has been going on for some time (really, this is nothing new). We have been seeing the “falling short” in the worldly expectations of these men and women, and this is in ALL titles of society—from pop idols to patriarchs.

To get directly to the point in what we desire to share is the ongoing evolving of one claiming God (Spirit) as Truth … there are no shortcuts—no “getting over” on anyone or anything. There is no dishonesty or deception in Spiritual Awareness. Believers are “partial” in understanding of Spirit. This is fact. Get used to it. One “goes through” the BIRTH in Spirit Becoming. This is what creates Godliness. This is what demands one to become greater than he is. This is what challenges us to be better—do better—in LOVING NEIGHBOR AS SELF, which is the more mature response in understanding this passage in God’s Word.

Word is a LIVING ENTITY—it has ramifications. Look around, read the columns, the books, the satire, the comments … IT HAS RESULTS. All born of some type of “spirit” … the question one might ask is, which spirit? Holy or unholy? Rich or poor? Heaven or hell? Each has purpose, but ask yourselves what is the purpose unto God? Denial and deception do not cut it. Understanding “metanoia” is key, but it is not all there is to know.

Titles do not advocate Truth on the Word of God. Only God can do this. Only Spirit can align in Truth, not Magisterium—not Doctrine. Doctrine can incite, and it can also invite … but do ask, invite where, to what?

Understand something here …

Aslan tells Lucy (Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis): Things never happen the same way twice.




Peace and Love

One Comment
  1. opheliart permalink

    We keep reading where ATHEISTS blame “faith” for the religious atrocities, biases, abuse and misdemeanors of people believing in “something” … God, a culture, a tradition, a metaphor as rigorous and emphatic … as if faith is something to despise, and stay clear of. WE find this very odd, as people of all walks of life, breath, speech, practice and lifestyle experience faith in some form. WHAT EXACTLY MAKES THE ATHEIST’S UNDERSTANDING OF FAITH SO RIGOROUS AND EMPHATIC?

    Why do some Atheists hate faith, and warn against its parenting? Why do some Atheists believe faith is responsible for ill will? I am of significant Faith, not afraid or ashamed to admit this, have experienced tremendous wealth and peace within, not to mention LOVE … so, how is it that WE of this FAITH are to be despised, ridiculed and denied voice?

    Peace and Love

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