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Letters from the Priests—4

January 1, 2015


The following are letters from Priests for the purpose of sharing here in SPIR. This fourth letter is from Paul, our beloved Brother in Christ (some of these are responses to specific questions or concerns).

Addressing the Feminine Divine, the Spiritualist in Christ and …

*(the article from RNS relates to the following … was added to address the Spiritualism in Christ)


Dear [ophelia],

The permanence of the titles of “pastor” and “minister, “priest” and “parson” are, as one might expect if attuned to the Gifts of the Spirit understood and rectified in 1 Corinthians 10. 26 (For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof), for these are inclined toward the generalizations of Mankind. No man can know the fullness of the Gifts attributed to God, therefore man stages many carriages in his winding, often impending, performances, within his “quest” for self-evaluation and denial (should this be an issue). When believer turns nonbeliever, he has not experienced within the Gifts of the Spirit in a way that touches on the solemnity of rebirth. Rebirth is a cataclysmic experience and reaches the level of perpetuating breath. To refuse or deny this Gift, or Spirit within this, is NOT possible if of the remedy of wellness. Once one arrives at this point of RETURN, there is no turning away.

Breath instills.


Peace in the coming days …

and yes, as you have shared repeatedly, the wind is on the rise.


Love in earnest,






Peace and Love


*Many BLESSINGS in this coming year of 2015—





  1. opheliart permalink

    We should point out that those who insist believers in Spirit (God) are delirious, deluded, dumb or bereft of sense and reason are racist and share a common trait with the bigotry and insolence of those they condemn and judge. It is ignorance that defines its “belief” in a SYSTEM that denies the experiences of those like us—the gnostic—as something incredulous. They deny that there is PURPOSE in loving, and purpose in living that is not like their own. They insist on Humanist “terms” … but only according to “their Belief System”, which is believing that believers in God are delirious, deluded, dumb or bereft of sense and reason. The DAY is now upon us where they will begin to see their own jurisdiction—their own perilous fight.

    WE hold no judgement on anyone for this is not of us. Calling out hypocrisy is not judgement. It is meant to stir the carriage into moving to safer more realistic places of living for the wellness of LIFE—ALL LIFE (the evidence on the hypocrisy has already been revealed in Society but man has his agendas …). But if one continually puts himself (the carriage) before the horse, how will it move? Man cannot “know” God (Spirit) when of limited consequence. Here is where one begins to understand the difference between the indoctrinated and the militant and the one not so, regardless of what he claims of self, or calls self.

    If an Atheist searches to find the cure for a specific cancer in a non threatening way, through honest and safe means, means that does not injure life, our climate or our land and water … we rejoice in this. If a believer in God searches to find a cure for a specific cancer in a non threatening way, through honest and safe means, means that does not injure life, our climate or our land and water … we rejoice in this. Who is to say where cancer begins and ends?

    We grow weary of these battles that produce hate. Hate hypocrisy—so why not remove what harms? If man cannot see God—has never experienced Spirit—how can he remove this? You cannot gut a person of his mind … his heart … what devilry would this be? Bring forth the evidence in a paramount way on where and how a believer harms life rather than gutting the person. Show where and how … can man do this? There is much evidence out there where Belief Systems are a danger to the health and well being of life—bring it forth!

    WE do not need what the RELIGIONISTS need to have Faith. WE have our experiences that compel us and move us forward. WE know through conversing with the Angelic that there is LIFE beyond what the Atheist does not hear. When the Atheists begin to realize [this] exists … it will blow minds, and wow, what a revelation this will be 😀

    Peace and Love

    • opheliart permalink

      In addition, Religious Systems of indoctrination fear change, movement … anyone or anything that challenges their Doctrines. They often pretend to be accommodating and nonjudgemental, not oppressive in teaching and preach for all to see that they desire peace … ASK … what is peace? By whose measure is peace won? To one of his Doctrine peace is one thing; to one of another Doctrine it is another, and to those not of Doctrine, it is something entirely different.

      Ask yourself … who stands to gain from waring nations? Religions can fill their coffers when there is war. They can use these systems to make themselves look “good.” Instigating war through big mouthing, parading self, and agenda … look over here—look over there—
      Jumping on the backs of the hard work of others (climate study …) to make your Doctrines, or your bishops/politicians look more palpable is dishonest, and certainly a cheap and solicitous trick. Look at the track records of these! The evidence is there! Why waste your time inviting these marauders to your table that they may continue their deceit, gain populist vote and get rich? Are you for well being or against this?

      ASK: Who is discriminatory? Who denies choice? Who betrays his own people that the reputation of “doctrine” or “image” might appear infallible?

      • opheliart permalink

        So, hear this …
        and ask yourself: who stands to lose from Atheists becoming believers in the Holy Spirit? Who/what fears gnosis? We are not of GNOSTICISM, as we are not of any Religion, so do not think because I say I am gnostic that I align with Gnosticism … but this Religion is coming. Think who/what might fear a Religion that does not adhere to the current Doctrines of large, existing Religions of Society? Long ago, and for many years since its inception … what happened to those who expressed/shared beliefs different from the growing “Churchism” (cults) of man? And yes, these were and are cults. One has only to look at their Systems of Belief; practices and teachings—what man did within the indoctrination of these. Man does not want to admit that his DOCTRINE, which he insists cannot change because it is infallible and “God’s Word” (for instance: no female Priests … because Jesus was a man? 😀 … honestly, my friends, do you think God looks at penises to determine TRUTH IN THE LIFE? These Doctrines missed the message on what is the way, the truth and the life) … caused and causes great harm. He powerhouses to promote a “reformed” agenda which he glazes over with words like “spiritual reform” and “spiritual renewal” (the first, an incompatible teaching; the second, stolen from those not like him) … but HE DOES NOT KNOW GOD …

        God says … I never knew you.
        Why? What keeps Spirit from entering the PEACE PROCESS OF LIGHT (Understanding)?

        Dishonesty … deception … selfishness … the list is long, but what about INDOCTRINATION? IS THERE NO ROOM AT THE INN FOR THE BIRTH OF THE NEW?

        The Word of God teaches us what these men did … one has only to be willing to receive.

        Prophesy is an active component of Truth, and this is never stagnant, nor can it be confined in Dogma. This is NOT the Mysteries of the Word.


  2. opheliart permalink

    All very slucky …

    quite the inarticulate mess.

  3. opheliart permalink

    We had been traveling, and oh what a trip this is! It is just now that I am able to catch up on some religious news. The above article is of interest. Unclean women? Who knew? Temptation? These men are seriously unwell. Get them OFF that plane, and escort them to their RELIGIOUS mode of transportation—a donkey, perhaps? Yes, let these men get to their destination by donkey. What? Donkeys can’t swim a sea? Well, now … seems these ultra ignorant have a serious problem, but it is very likely they have no problem selling their wares to “the unclean” and those they are “tempted” by … 😀

  4. opheliart permalink

    One of gnosis understands that “jew” is Spiritual Metaphor for Light (Holy Scripture). Jesus is an enigmatic figure, and should never be assigned RELIGIOUS titles for the purpose of promoting Religion—any Religion. “I came not to bring peace but a sword” is understood through the dialect of the SPIRIT COMMUNITY, otherwise know as Angelic Messengers. Who are these, you wonder? Do God believers know the LIFE OF THE ANGELS … understood in the context of SPIRIT FILTERED THROUGH “HUMAN” HANDS? Believers should not be asking “was Jesus Jewish” … they should be asking: WHAT IS HUMAN?

    “Coming out” of set mindset is the epic salutation.

    Keep searching …

    Peace and Love

    • opheliart permalink

      In addition,

      RE: Jesus

      “Essenes” in his youth. Gnostic in his growing (hint-hint 😉

      He was never Christian, and is never of Gnosticism. Never once does Jesus say to become Christian, or to be of Christianity! Do you read this in Holy Scripture? If so, where? “And they were FIRST called Christians in Antioch” (Feminine/town of two cities) tells us what? (Think Prophesy)

      What of Christianity would He favor? The Lutherans? The Baptists? There is no UNITY in the separatism of Religious Carriage. Religion is merely a “temporary place” on understanding. It holds no partnering for the RENEWAL, because it places itself (its creeds, tenets, rituals) between Man and God, and advocates partiality within this carriage. As a child we like to play house—we have husbands and such—Paul says to put away the things of this childishness.

      Where is your Angel? From this question the revealing will take place. Watch what comes forth …


      • opheliart permalink

        … and on the topic of “Pharisees” … that is Spiritual Metaphor for “mindset.”

      • opheliart permalink

        In addition,

        Should a certain System of Belief suddenly announce that Jesus was a Jew, it would be prudent to ask why? Why the interest now? What “inspired” this interest? How would announcing something like this at this time help the Institution?

        When an Institution (of set belief) is desperate, things do happen.


  5. opheliart permalink

    Here is an interesting belief of the “evangelical” Christian (and I use the label evangelical as the Religious use it in Society for the purpose of showing an image):

    “I am saved.”

    I got into a “heated” discussion with one of this carriage not long ago on this topic. He says he is saved. I told him that his “use” (and understanding) of this is not of my Faith—not what I believe. Unfortunately, I was not able to share much in why because my voice was not heard. He would not allow me to speak (or finish any type of sharing on this). He shut me out by saying things like: That is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard!!!
    What was bizarre, I wondered. What had I said?
    I won’t go into the fuller exchange, but I ended up saying, “Bizarre? Just call me a winebibber then. In your belief, I am going to hell. Okay.”

    What I added, while trying to share, was this: You are not wrong. I am not saying you are wrong in what you believe …

    So, you see, there was no condemnation on my part—no judging. So, how it that? How can I not believe as he believes on “his being saved” and him not be wrong? WELL, it has to do with placement—where he is in his understanding of Spirit. I know what I am, and how I am used, and the “I am saved” does not apply in this. It is not relevant in how I am used, and please understand, I am used to open doors … (and please know that I was very clear in telling him that I was not above him) …

    AND, get this … he actually heard in prayer much before my arrival that I WOULD COME AND OPEN A DOOR (gotta love that!) … AND … many, many months ago I received a Vision where I was a small person, standing on a platform, and I opened a very large, wooden door—a mammoth sized door … and let me tell you, the door took some moving! Beyond that door was DARKNESS. Yep. I then asked what I am to do with that. I was told:

    You will walk them through.

    Now, is that man saved? Maybe he has only UNDERSTOOD the half of it—the mindset of MAN.

    I told him, “Just when you think you know, God shows you how little you are in His vast Wealth.”

    Give it time, many “saved” will be running to understand what the Greek Orthodox call METANOIA … but remember, the GIFT IS CONTINUOUS … and does not stop with Man (in other words, no pitching tents to keep others from continuing that climb).

    Peace and Love

  6. opheliart permalink

    I am always interested in what Chris and others like him have to share, and the voices and commentaries of these are important, and need to be heard. Where I often cringe a bit is when I read what non believers (nones as these are called now, but this LABEL does not define us, nor does it say much about what we are) state about WHAT Jesus TAUGHT. I would not say these have missed the message, but again, it goes back to understanding the FULLER message, and where man pitches his tents and no one else gets to pass and share in a realistic and plausible manner. Man has yet to come into THE PLACE OF UNDERSTANDING ON JESUS—what He Is, HOW He served … and WHERE WE MOVE in this.

    Are these “nones” stating WHAT JESUS TAUGHT any different than the Religious and what they teach? Coming out of a Belief System does not warrant Spiritual Understanding, and let me remind everyone that GOD IS SPIRIT! Ignore this fact and you ignore a very sustaining Truth.

    I notice on the graphs that WE are not a percentage 😀 It is like WE do not exist … gotta wonder, folks … gotta wonder … but this is precisely “where” we have nones in the “first” place.


    • opheliart permalink

      My LIFE is devoted to the Word. It will not be reduced to the poor being continually understood as people without privilege, and people without food on their tables.

      Consider the poor in Spirit.

      “For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.

      For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

      For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always.

      For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.”

      Come on … you can do better—can’t you?

      Barbelo (Wisdom) asked the Invisible Virgin Spirit (Essence) to give her Foreknowledge, and the Spirit consented … {The “secret” Book of John}


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