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Letters from the Priests—2

December 23, 2014

The following are letters from Priests for the purpose of sharing here in SPIR. This second letter is from James, our beloved Brother in Christ (some of these are responses to specific questions or concerns).

Addressing the Feminine Divine, the Religious and …

To [ophelia],

There is but one in the life of a believer in Christ. To endure in this is to understand the purpose of the cross. Man thinks his carriage which he has attached to the wiles of this world are the sentences known, but he is often deceived in this because he fails to carry what is necessary in the work, which constitutes worth in the life (light).

Do not be discouraged by those who cannot bleed. Theirs is a dry well, having been usurped through unexpected gains. Shedding is a mature partnering. He will see his false prayer, and know that he has been misled.


Peace within our carriage, Sister,





    • opheliart permalink

      Re: he (O’Reilly) walked all over you (part of a comment to the author)

      Nah … to be honest, I watch very little TV, and NEVER watched O’Reilly (this was my first), and never watch Fox News … I do not care for the billboard sign in discussion, as I see it in very bad taste (reminds me of something AM would do … the “NOBODY” part is offensive, and shows partiality, even a type of racism to one like us) and demonstrates ignorance that I am beginning to believe few truly understand …
      now, what I hear in this exchange between Chris and O’Reilly is something we call:


      It really isn’t about the words on the billboard, or even that militants feel the need to post these … it’s about moving away from something dogmatic—something of a queried perspective. Chris demonstrates through his “demeanor” HOW HE IS OF THIS SEPARATISM … O’Reilly is REACTING to something that does not agree with his mandates. If you take away the premise, we are looking at two fundamental voices … one of fundamental purpose; the other of introspective voice … that being without a load of ‘macabre’.


      • opheliart permalink

        what we are saying …

        secularism is a vacant place—an undetermined place of creating ‘of something’

        separatism gives one a sense of movement—moving away from ____, and this is a good and necessary positioning, and very much of God

        we hear chris as “SPIRITUAL” not secular … now, what we are seeing/hearing is that chris, and those of human carriage, generate interest through a topography of introspective voice through honest measure, not fully in agreement within what we call the NEW, but listening, stepping carefully, even foraging for hidden fruit … maybe of voices lost or disregarded, even snuffed out

        *this is important in Prophesy: the Evolution of God and Man


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