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Letters from the Priests—1

December 21, 2014

The following are letters from Priests for the purpose of sharing here in SPIR. This first letter is from Francis, our beloved Brother in Christ (some of these are responses to specific questions or concerns).

Addressing the Feminine Divine, the role of women and …

To [ophelia],

You have allowed the fostering of Truth to breathe apart from the nexus–the Roman Catholic Church and those of this same belief system. The women of these strains do not yet see their demise within a decaying archetype, but as the men garner understanding within this (Energy and Essence of the Godhood—particularly the Essence) they will emerge as righteous and know their place in the Covenant.

Clare (with Francis of God/Assisi) was an accessory to Francis, having not been able to speak as freely as she was ordained in the wealth of the Spirit. The  times being what they were … Francis was the corner place in her favor, but he, too, suffered under the regime of man’s insidious braiding. The cord of three was not as it will be sown in the new, [ophelia].

Place yourself against the hoard of the disease and it will not touch the fruit.

Peace is with you, Sister.

In love,






One Comment
  1. opheliart permalink

    It is a shame, dear Francis, that there are those who seek to make the Christ message about themselves (about “him— their institution”) … by pasting ‘his’ images and ‘his’ words out for the world rather than knowing and showing the true Light of the Worth of the Spirit.
    It saddens us to see the gluttony … the politics, the greed, the display of self-annunciation. And religious commentary and advocacy has bowed to this display. Why, Francis, are so many seduced by this posturing?

    The answer on that is … easy.

    May the Grace of the LIVING God become Love within those who seek to know His Name.

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