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Person called … God (Part 2)

December 14, 2014

What does Holy Scripture say about the Living Soul? Well, let’s take a look …
Matthew 10:28 – And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Genesis 2:7 – And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Revelation 6:9-11 – And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

1 Thessalonians 5:23 – And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and [I pray God] your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ezekiel 18:4 – Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.


A good place to start in understanding “the soul” would be to ask if every form of life has one. We do not believe that every form of life has a soul. We also do not believe that Man knows [who] has a Living Soul.

I suppose you are wondering what is meant by Living Soul, and how this might differ from the non living soul. Let’s look at the passages posted above. In Matthew, we are told NOT TO FEAR those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. It goes on to say that we are to fear “him” which is able to destroy both soul and body IN HELL.

Who is “him” in that passage? Who are we to fear which can destroy both soul and body? In the Gospel of Thomas, Savior says, Woe to you who hope in the flesh and in the prison that will perish. How long will you sleep and think that what is imperishable will also perish? Your hope is based upon the world, and your god is in this present life. You are destroying your souls.”

First of all, Man sees God as a force of Nature; that is, the believer sees God as this. WE do not “see” God. No one has ever seen God (No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. 1 John 4.12). So, why is it that Man sees God as a force of Nature in this form or that form, or in this position or that position? Without getting into all the biblical misinterpretations, let’s understand what is meant by Man’s vision—how he sees.

In the manner of the Spirit, seeing is an archetypal plane of understanding. It is of the mind. The mind is the enemy to the soul when not performing itself in Love (God), and why we have shared here that Angels have limited vision, for it is not through the mind that Angels coalesce. The mind is capable of destroying the “Character” necessary for unity in loving of One, or within One, which is a place of sealed (very important) PARTNERING WITH GOD (in the Spirit) and, …  it is only through the Messengers of God that one can unite, or partner, in this Place of Reunion (recall in SPIR we shared that we are in the Return). This Reunion is understood as REBIRTH, but it is not as simple as saying one believes or belongs to a Religion, or that one believes and follows its Doctrines, for these are unmistakably of Man, by Man (flesh), and have been changed and altered throughout history to serve “himself” (whereas in the WORD of GOD nothing is to be added or taken away from what is Truth). Even those who remain ‘devout’ within the Doctrines of Man are within a bed with the risk of  no Living on the flow of the Spirit, which is uncompromisingly direct in its “form.” It cannot be otherwise for this is HOW is it … how it is created—how it creates.

If you read more in the Gospel of Thomas where Savior speaks of the insurrection, you will read: Woe to you prisoners for you are bound in caves. 

These caves are what we of gnosis refer to as tombs.


Religion is a systemic enterprise of insurgence … when used ‘in place of’ God. Recall: God is a jealous God. Ask yourself: Why sleep in Religion when you can perform in Light? In other words, why remain in darkness when you can hear within the Spirit, and live according to the will of the Lord (Love)? 

Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.


In Revelation, it says: And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held …

MARRY THIS TO:  fifth seal found in this passage of John: for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly. 

First of all, the “husband” in this is Spiritual Symbolism. Jesus is not referring to what man understands as traditional marriage (Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come). These are beds, gods, tombs, caves, “prisons of the mind” … where (an actual place) Man serves, lives, sometimes even endures for “himself”, and why Jesus says that even Satan “himself” is disguised as an angel of light. The fifth husband who is not a husband is The Well. Photini (the Greek Orthodox name for the Samaritan Woman at The Well) gives the Prophet on Truth a drink when he asks. In this act, she does not serve Man’s traditions; she does the will of the Lord. Unfortunately, too many Religionists missed these finer details. She, Photini, is the first [bishop] in the Light on Truth. Where and how God sees this through is according to God, and not Man. If it be the will of God to bring to fruition a story from these biblical accounts to us in this New … then so be it!

This is the wonder and the awe of Spiritual Verse.

Under the altar is Spiritual Metaphor for “under the tent” … which means the GIFT of the Clergy (priests, those ministering, but not necessarily of Religious Vocation), and there have been persons “slain” while teaching/preaching under this. Now, please understand that this is not the same as “on this rock I will build My church” found in Matthew. One place is UNDER; the other is ON … and the meaning of “slain” is debatable as Man’s soul is undetermined. Which teaches us that to pray to undetermined souls is what? Man has NO power in the Spirit to determine these matters. Recall in Acts … Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: (thank God for that—right? for in this there is always hope … and no man or religion can hold sway in the Law of the Prophets as God speaks through HIS Prophets on Truth).

That Man set stumbling blocks before the people is of serious consequence. Many are called (invited); few are chosen … is not to be misunderstood, and misused to deceive the masses.





Has Man considered that there are planes (places) of Understanding on Truth and that it is not a hop, a skip and a jump to Heaven? Beyond the flesh is as relevant now as it will be after he dies. Has Man considered that even the Apostles of Christ may still be in a place of redemption … moving … drawing nearer to …


100_1066 What Is God? But please understand this if you understand nothing else … these are of a Work Force undenied. God’s Messengers are NECESSARY for the uniting—coming into the Spirit. The question believers should be asking is …

Am I united within the Spirit?

If a believer is not hearing in the Realm of the Spirit on ‘What is God’, then he might ask who or what he is listening to? No other can fully know how, where, why each is called by God? No Religious leader can dictate what should be for another believer, or even for the unbeliever. Man can have structure for the purpose of fellowship within his belief, but no Religious Denomination can determine the SOULSHIP (the Uniting) unto God. The System is not the reigning power on Truth. There may be rules within a System that are in place for the protection of large groups, but these are the rendering unto Caesar, but does not constitute the Will of the Lord.

Mankind/Humanity, if claiming belief in the Spirit of the Holy, should be asking WHERE HE IS IN HIS UNDERSTANDING ON TRUTH … is he drawing nearer to God—Wisdom? Is he coming into his Spirit ID?


So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in corruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. 

However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. The first man was of the earth, made of dust; the second Man is of the LORD from heaven. 


Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.




Peace and Love













  1. opheliart permalink

    This will likely be our last sharing here in SPIR, as we, one within the Work of the Spirit, was/is of use in securing the Platform for the New (renewal), and will continue in the Faith as we are shown. *I do not pretend to be anything more or less than what I am* but do expect that Religionists (those married to Religion and living within this as their god) will continue to label us, dishonor and dismiss what/how we represent what is Truth in Love. What we are called to become as believers on Truth is of something undetermined in the passage, but unceasingly clear in the Purpose. Many will come after and share as they have been called … and we look forward to witnessing these exchanges, in the continued Movement, Spirrealism … as Spirit Art Movement and coauthor in the Light.

    WE urge you brothers and sisters of the LIVING GOD to not allow the finalities and carriages of title and brand to disavow your place in the Spirit. Seek and ye shall find. Knock … and that door will be opened … but to remain within the old skin refuses not only the WINE of the Spiritual Well Being of Humanity, but also the Vineyard of what will be: Prophesy (the Evolution of God and Man).


    November held some truly interesting parts. We leave you with a small one here:

    Some of our visiting family headed out for a walk to the river. It was in the middle of a very wet and engaging snowstorm. One of the younger of our group was overly anxious and raced out the door not properly dressed. I came as I am accustomed having done this walk many, many times with Grace our dog. Without gloves and snow pants on the younger (insisting he did not need these), he and I set out hand in hand with Grace on a leash. We crossed the road and headed for the river. Away from the main road, he took off running. The rest of our group was taking a bit longer to prepare—quite a bit longer. After some time, and almost to the river, I called to him that he should slow down, because it appeared that the rest of the family was unfamiliar with the path, and since the snow had covered our tracks, they had likely lost their way. He raced on. I turned and started back to look for the rest. He realized this and in doing so, realized that he was cold—very cold, and wet. Jumping in every slush puddle and plowing into every snowbank hands first was beginning to take its toll. Whining that he was cold, I hollered for him to run. I explained that Grace was covered in snow and beginning to shiver. She needed to keep moving to stay warm. The younger ran, played, ran, played, whining off and on during his return, all the while hollering for us to stop. I walked slowly but methodically. When we were not far from the road, he stopped, planted himself firmly on the snow covered path about twelve yards away, and announced:

    If you do not stop right now, you will NEVER catch up with me!

    This, of course, had me laughing.

    Peace and Love

  2. opheliart permalink

    The following article is an important read, and is something we have touched on in SPIR throughout. Man cannot deny the fact that the Roman Catholic Church, and the offspring of this, put its stamp on Christianity … but it wasn’t until the two (RCC and their label, ‘Protestantism’) began to integrate for stronger political voice in a changing climate of belief and “relief” that the term “Christianity” became viewed as Medieval. While I was growing up (I will be 56 in Jan), you were calling yourself a Roman Catholic or Catholic, or you were of something like Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist … And while I literally watched a swelling of Roman Catholics in communities because of the push for numbers—having large families (which I never understood if not running a farm 🙂 , it was the Vatican that was viewed as Medieval, out of touch with the reality of God’s Word, and fixated on something metaphoric. Those of us outside the RCC never believed the popes and the hierarchal stations aligning itself within this Doctrine had any special SPIRITUAL gifts. It was very showy, excessive, full of unusual contracts (reminiscent of what Jesus pointed out in the “old” Religiopolitical of His day), but was tolerated because it was viewed as THEIR choice—how they wanted to ‘worship.’

    When I came to see that I was not of Christianity was when I came to hear the Words of the Spirit, and it was not like what most Christians were preaching and teaching, and I realized that Christianity was merely a placard for a System of Belief, and not the actual “Voice of God.”

    “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

    As a gnostic, but not of Gnosticism, I am still viewed as a heretic (time on the Christianity forums made this quite clear!). WE are certainly okay with people labeling themselves—calling themselves whatever they want—WE are not okay with these same labelers claiming their belief SYSTEMS as God’s Word outside their placards. NO Government of a desire for Human Wellness should be advising by allowing Medieval Christianity, or anything like it, as their foundation for governance if saying they are of a heartmind of fair and just practice. And within this understanding, there needs to be much, much, much more study in how these Beliefs Systems hurt and help the Human population.

    Metaphor is certainly not anything to be offended by, unless it impedes the health and well being of the people. We are of a Spirit Art Movement, and understand not just the VALUE of Spiritual Metaphor, but also the NEED in this changing climate where RELIGION has its roots …
    SYMBOLISM is a vital medium in the walk toward Truth in Love, and we experience this as the forefront of the Verse … before getting into the background of the Character(s).

    Peace and Love

  3. opheliart permalink

    I do not share this for the article, as I do not place much stock in studies of this sort, but please take time to read the comments.

    If one is working within the Divine, he does not need to torture or abuse or bully … or demand allegiance … to gain information—any information. One NEVER abuses when of the Spirit Holy—our Divine Essence. One may challenge, but never for illicit purposes, and never in a manner that is deceptive or unpastoral.

    HUMAN Beings have within them the GIFT TO REASON … and when under the care of one of congruent posture, he can rise to the Art of his Spiritual Intellect, and come into the celebrated place called LIFE.


  4. opheliart permalink

    Posted the next day—

    RE: “please read the comments” …

    I went in to read comments on this article and who do I see but RNS’s resident Militant Atheist. I was not referring to HIS comments when I said read the comments 🙂
    He seems to love to make HIMSELF the topic of conversation … but what I did notice is that his HATE SPEWING AND MISINFORMED COMMENTS WERE REMOVED (the ones I read yesterday). Now THAT is worth celebrating! Because his comments are often TORTURE.

    What people do not realize is that those of us of Spirit who believe in the Messiah, Angelic Messengers, the HOLY Spirit … EXPERIENCE THESE AS “CHRIST IS WITHIN” … feel daggers enter us when people like AM start spewing ugly, misinformed words about Jesus—God— words which I cannot share here to show SPIR readers because they are so hurtful.

    It is one thing to say you are an Atheist who does not believe in God having never experienced Spirit, it is another beast altogether to continuously spew ugly words about the Holy Spirit, while saying you don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. Those who do this want themselves to be ‘god’, dictator, only system of belief, by denouncing the WORTH and LIFE of others, which they know nothing about. How is this any different from the ugly biases and discriminating faces of those Religionists who believe and behave as if they (their BELIEF SYSTEM) is the Voice of God, and all else should be tortured into silence? This is how the Roman Church started, while claiming itself infallible and God’s Church … through murdering others, silencing others, destroying the Feminine Divine so that they might power monger and set themselves up as God. What is most interesting, and worth study, is that AM was brought up in the Catholic Church, having fed 44 years on a diet of PATRIARCHAL RELIGION … it’s no surprise he behaves as he does. He just jumped from one ship to another, continuing to claim himself truth. You see how Atheism can be just as Religious as the Roman Catholic Church? What is the difference, my friends? There is NO difference. Each carries a Patriarchal Belief System, and acts on this for HIMSELF—to lift his own voice above others by attempting to silence those of a FAITH and BELIEF unlike his.


  5. opheliart permalink

    Yes, Jesus was … and is. He served as a Prophet on Truth, and Prophets of [this] remain. Did he die on the cross? This would depend on one’s understanding of the cross. If torture is your game then torture may be your Cain.

    Man is young in his understanding of God. Once he accepts this and is willing to put away the things of a child, he will BECOME.


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