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The Magistrate

December 12, 2014

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Roman Catholic Church in Australia acknowledged that “obligatory celibacy” may have contributed to decades of clerical sexual abuse of children in what may be the first such admission by church officials around the world.

A Catholic Church advisory group in Australia has admitted that “obligatory celibacy” may have contributed to decades of clerical sexual abuse of children. Photo courtesy Gregory Dean via Shutterstock
A church advisory group called the Truth, Justice and Healing Council made the startling admission Friday (Dec. 12) in a report to the government’s Royal Commission, which is examining thousands of cases of abuse in Australia.

The 44-page report by the council attacked church culture and the impact of what it called “obedience and closed environments” in some religious orders and institutions.

“Church institutions and their leaders, over many decades, seemed to turn a blind eye, either instinctively or deliberately, to the abuse happening within their diocese or religious order, protecting the institution rather than caring for the child,” the report said.

“Obedience and closed environments also seem to have had a role in the prevalence of abuse within some religious orders and dioceses. 
Obligatory celibacy may also have contributed to abuse.”

The council’s CEO, Francis Sullivan, who has held various administrative roles in the health sector, including heading Catholic Health Australia, said clergy training should include “psychosexual development.”

“It’s a no-brainer,” Sullivan said. “You need to address how sexuality is understood and acted out by members of the clergy.”

But the Chicago-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which represents around 20,000 victims worldwide, said the latest report did little to help protect those at risk from abuse.

“Decisive action is needed, not more reports,” SNAP national director David Clohessy said. “The church hierarchy knows what’s needed. It simply refuses to give up its power and enable secular authorities to investigate and prosecute those who commit and conceal sexual violence against the vulnerable.”

The Vatican’s chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, could not be reached for comment Friday. But Maltese Bishop Charles Scicluna, the Vatican’s former chief prosecutor for abuse cases, tried to put the report in context in remarks to the Italian daily La Stampa.

“You mustn’t forget that most abuse occurs in the family,” he said. “Obviously I don’t exclude individual cases where celibacy is lived badly that may have psychological consequences. But it should be said clearly that it is certainly not the origin of this sad and very painful phenomenon and remember that there is no nexus between cause and effect.”

The suggestion of a link between celibacy and child sexual abuse has divided Australian Catholic leaders in the past.

Cardinal George Pell, former archbishop of Sydney and now head of the Vatican’s powerful economic ministry, acknowledged there may be a connection when he testified before a separate government inquiry in Australia last year. He was unavailable for comment at the Vatican Friday.

The independent Australian council is made up of church and lay members and is supervised by some of the nation’s senior archbishops, though its views do not necessarily reflect those of all senior clergy.


TOAD EERO - revised


“OBLIGATORY CELIBACY” may have contributed to the DECADES OF CLERICAL SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN ? Try centuries of sexual abuse. And obligatory celibacy is not the only contributing factor ( take a look at what this Institution injected into Society because of it). But what is seriously troubling is that our own governments turn a blind eye! And those thousands of abused victims are more likely billions.

What the world is looking at is a culture of INDOCTRINATION whereby its members are without the ability to see that THIS IS A DISEASE, and that they have “supported” it their entire lives … generation after generation. When those coming in with the ability toward Sense and Reason realize the size and scope of what this Institution has been embroiled in, the lid is going to pop and it will be like looking at Pandora’s Jar. Remember the horrors of slavery? Some people still don’t get it—right? Some people still don’t see the sickness of slavery  … well, hard to believe that there are so many who continue to support the darkness of these adolescent, power-mongering, selfish, insensitive and heartless bureaucrats, for that’s what they are. And the sheen on their hero, the Roman Pontiff, will wear off … oh, yes. And their saint JP2 knew exactly what was going on throughout his own “ordained” status, for what will be coming out about him will rock the nations.




Honestly, folks, ask yourself … who could possibly continue to support this? Support even one bishop, WHERE THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL ABUSE CASES THAT HAVE BEEN IGNORED FROM THE TOP DOWN?  Shuffling of priests?! Protecting the reputation of title, person and Institution?! This is madness!

Where is our GOVERNMENT in all this? I wonder … Democrat and Republican, the blame is on YOU, too!


This article is so late it’s a sin. What negligence. What ignorance. Such denial it is frightening, and how dare the Roman Pontiff parade himself and his Institution, claiming peace and justice, when there is NO justice in their halls of clandestine operations. We have stated in SPIR time and time again that these men have a house to clean! They wanted the spotlight—they are going to get it in a way they never thought possible! No one should trust an organization that REFUSES to properly to deal with this kind of illness. These men have an Institution to deal with, and since they obviously DO NOT CARE ENOUGH ABOUT CHILDREN AND FAMILIES then it is the duty of the Governments of the WORLD, if they are of any honest and just measure, to rip down the walls of this impudent and sinister carriage!

And if the Governments are not going to do it then it seems WE must … but woe to those Politicians feeding their egos and gathering votes … their time is coming to an end …




Ophelia breathed a sigh of relief. “Good because I’m famished.” Hungry and tired, they pushed open the door of Rakestraws Inn and hustled in.

Almost immediately Ophelia’s world went blank. Blank, that was,  except for a smell. The smell, a stench so horrible, caused her to shrink back like a shade flower exposed to the blazing heat of the sun. Her eyes dimmed, tears began to stream down her cheeks, her nostrils became caked, and her throat closed. She found herself thoroughly engulfed in an odor so powerful, she thought she’d faint.

Ophelia tried to step backward and out the door to get away from the smell, but the force of several bodies coming in behind caused her to stumble farther into the room. Unable to move forward due to a small party waiting in front, Ophelia was trapped. She steadied herself at a table to her right and turned. Close enough that if she reached out her hand, she could touch it, was an enormous shape—a monstrosity. Cramped and desperate, she stood in the small inn that was faintly lit by a few hanging candles and wiped her eyes with her sleeves. “Q?” she murmured in agony. “What is—?” her voice stopped. For in that moment, Ophelia was able to see more clearly, and what she saw gripped her like a falcon clutched its prey. There, on a wide wooden bench, gut hanging low to the floor, was a frighteningly enormous toad.

Ophelia IN THE BEYOND, Book One, Chapter Ten, THE MAGISTRATE


The Magistrate (Toad Eero) represents GLUTTONY.






Peace and Love

  1. opheliart permalink

    “Organized” Religion seldom wants to examine their ideologies and how the system they require for their members may not be fair and just … and a safe match. If Religious ever take the time to read anything on The Philokalia (Prayer of the Heart), they might begin to understand that what doctrinal templates that Leadership IMPOSE on others can be a dangerous avenue for many, even if it appears that most are not doing harm, but what they do not see … and certainly do not HEAR … is the “teaching/preaching” and practices/lifestyle that erode the mind, denying or stunting growth (in all facets), causing lethargy and complacency, possibly initiating evil thoughts, which can lead to evil acts.

    Religions seldom if ever understand the War.

    This would include ACADEMIA. I cannot tell you how many young people I seeing struggling under the weight of this. Beginning in elementary school on up the feeding is heavily weighted, very often stacking blocks on the shoulders of our youth … not to mention, creating a size that all are supposed to fit into to appear “successful” or a “success” in the eyes of Society. This is insanity. I am starting to see signs in urban communities where the youth are gravitating toward the “less is more” mentality, and looking for a cleaner, clearer voice—their own. Thank God. Things have been awfully murky for too long.


  2. opheliart permalink

    No surprise on either end … and if Dolan thinks he can separate himself from “his past” … he is greatly deceived. He has been watched, and will be revealed for what he is, along with the rest of the abusers and misusers like him.

    These embarrassing displays cannot be taken seriously. It’s all in their powerPLAY to try to redirect thinking and position the bishops to a more palpable place. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the priests (and theirs is a sorry sight) it was said that the Political Magistrate would blame them.

    This is just the beginning …


  3. opheliart permalink

    Read the following article this morning:

    It is what we have been sharing on SPIR and elsewhere.


  4. opheliart permalink

    In addition, why would anyone trust LARGE AND GROWING RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS that show partiality—align themselves with inequality, and advocate for unjust and forceable behavior?
    Read the first comment on the following article. No one can deny that what this commenter is saying is of concern. Sure, a neighbor could lose control and hurt you or your loved ones, and this not have any specified Religion attached to it, but why push the agendas of others when the Doctrine is clearly of a discriminating and unyielding Belief System. There are rules that must not be broken, and when they are—what happens? What do these Religious do?

    We ask why any woman would willingly adhere or align with ANY Religious Beliefs that refuse them Voice … for the simple reason that GOD may call her to something enigmatic and provocative—something of a revolutionary status. Look at Mary of Holy Scripture! SHE sure did not ask man what she should do about her Gift.

    We are not shy on this front, folks!

  5. opheliart permalink

    You see, The Roman Church set something in motion … based on its misunderstanding of the Christ Message, and its desire for power and control … what took up its horn continued to deny …
    and the RCC was happy to see the continued squashing of the Feminine Divine, because Christianity, by way of the Roman Catholic Church IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE, Patriarchal … but what follows now is its Brother, Islam … also Patriarchal, and now you see why the Roman Pontiff is so eager to pay tribute to him. He has others doing his “dirty work” … and now says, ah, the War on Women is over … look at how agreeable we are … (cough-cough) …
    You betray yourselves, Religionists … for what comes your way will knock the stuffing out of you!

    So there.

  6. opheliart permalink

    Ask yourself …
    why aren’t the Rubios of the way, way over there upset with the roped pope? We were shown things long ago on what these “politicians” were up to, along with their “heros” …

    the Powerplay is in session … and oh, won’t it make some lucky author of history——


    *note: RUBIOS

  7. opheliart permalink

    copypaste-copypaste-copypaste … are there any honestly seeking true information out there?

  8. opheliart permalink

    santa’s sleigh about to get away?

    Put it altogether … (third party) politics? a pope too “good” to be true? the IN HOUSE selected teams for clergy sex abuse just not making it happen? keeping the “image” safe from scandal all those years, no matter the cost … even the lives of men, women AND CHILDREN? JP2 a peace prize winner—ah, no … he was and is NO saint, my friends … you’ve all been mishandled on the facts …

    wake up-wake up … every BODY everywhere …

  9. opheliart permalink

    There is a comment on the above article that demonstrates the IGNORANCE, COMPLACENCY and lack of LOVE in the Catholic Church, and is one of the reasons the RCC has been sexually abusing children for centuries (4th c … that’s what we heard in Spiritual Communion … “She” told my Catholic brother who shared with me what he had heard, and I listened further, and learned the nature of this). They think this disease is being “taken care of”. Seems the commenter has never spoken to one sexually abused in the RCC—has never been able to put himself in these shoes, and understands nothing on the nature of this ugly disease. The problem will NEVER go away—will NEVER be taken care of because of HOW the Institution is taking care of it, how they have dealt with it in the past, even worse … WHAT AND HOW THEY ARE IN THIS SYSTEM OF BELIEF—that Doctrine they have wedded themselves to, and forced on the people … a PATRIARCHAL BELIEF SYSTEM OF NO RETURN—no Spiritual Renewal—there can be NO HEALING in a System that DENIES TRUTH. The only way to help heal, and to save the children from Roman Catholic sexual abuse is to remove the Roman Catholic Institution—to tear it down.


    Political puppetry and betrayal does not constitute TRUTH. It does not save them from their ignorance and their poverty of Love.

    Ask: Why haven’t these men and women seen this in their ranks? Why has it taken this long? Is there something impeding them from recognizing/seeing this disease? The only reason this has come out is because as the laws of Society change, some people have moved toward a more HUMAN existence—a greater awareness—and are able to understand some of what causes this, and how and why it has not been dealt with sooner … and FREEDOM TO SHARE WITH LESS CONDEMNATION! People can SPEAK OUT NOW where they were refused and denied before.

    Spirit filtered through human hands.

    That horrid System refused them and still refuses them voice. And the RCC has denied and destroyed the VOICE OF THE FEMININE DIVINE … as the world will gradually come to realize, and please understand, one does not have to be a woman to KNOW the ESSENCE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST AND TO SPEAK FROM THIS PLACE OF UNDERSTANDING … as ESSENCE IS THE FEMININE OF THE GODHOOD AND ENERGY IS OF THE MASCULINE … which tells us WHY the Patriarchal Systems have failed and are failing.

    Human male would have to unite with his FEMININE DIVINITY—Angel. Human Female her Male counterpart. This is the wrestling of Angel understood in Holy Scripture, and what instructs us and teaches in Love on the Nature of Life—ON TRUTH. This is impartial as God is impartial and does not show favoritism. Christianity in its Religiosity denied this FRUIT—denied the Winedresser, denied the optic Spirit of Continuing Light because it embedded itself in Dogma. It never understood HOW THIS WORKS!

    *JP2 chose a man of greed and illicit behavior as his companion in this walk. His name is Maciel … remember this name, Rcs, for you will face him again … and again … and again, because you looked the other way when you were called to HEAR THE CRIES OF THE MARTYRS.

    This INSTITUTIONAL BELIEF SYSTEM CANNOT GET AWAY WITH HIDING THESE ILLS for much longer (and this includes all Systems like it).

    The commenter does not understand a thing about how this type of disease operates, and he allows himself to be misled in his thinking. He lives in a state of delusion. Until he steps up and faces the nature of this beast with his own flesh and blood, he will not know WHAT IS GOD! Some insist on the hard way—so be it! They were given the choice—to clean house—they chose ignorance and complacency … and deception … to protect their titles and reputation. What will come from this will turn their world upside down. There will be NO MORE tolerating of this type of horror—the RCC and those invested in it will be stepping in the “hell” they created for others.

    Peace and Love

  10. opheliart permalink

    The Evil of these institutional biases and egotistical partnering knows its time is coming to an end. It knows it cannot continue in its Medieval Metaphor, that the Papal Offices cannot continue … Growing Societies of freedom of voice AND choice … will not support this insulated, male dominated, patriarchal, dogmatic, institutionalized mindsets. It knows it needs to look credible in a politically vibrant Society where PEOPLE, both male and female, have the RIGHT TO SPEAK out against hypocrisy and ignorance … and EVIL acts, without being silenced, without being tortured and murdered. The RCC can no longer control matters and squash these voices as they once did. They have lost credibility through their corrupt, insulated and dogmatic Systems, which did more harm than good in the world—a failed mission is what it is.

    The legacy the RCC left is a mixed bag, and ISIL (like Hitler), uses the same EVIL the Roman Catholic Church used in establishing its dominance … And partnering with Islam is telling us what? What does the Roman Pope demonstrate in this move? These are biased, IGNORANT OF HIMSELF, Patriarchal Religions … dogmatic, insulated, denying female voice …

    THE RCC IS NO MENTOR ON TRUTH, my friends. Look at its pathetic stations—all puffed up, shuffling predatory priests and bishops, promoting these, lying to protect its reputation, setting up laws that determine who goes to heaven and who goes to hell … the silly, erroneous doctrine … and what has been injected into the world through all of it?

    WHO OF HUMAN CONSEQUENCE AND LOVE SUPPORTS THESE? Who in their right mind can say they are of the Love of God while aligning with Systems that breed ignorance, and deny VOICE! Do not allow the pandering and political moves of these men to fool you, folks! Not all of these stories are factually true! The Vatican is good at creating smokescreens so that the masses do not see what they are really up to.

    The Roman Pontiff speaks a “good” game, calling the women “genius of the church” … yada-yada-yada … but it’s just a game. Where have they ACTED in these words—actually made things happen. If they truly believed in their HEARTS … they would not even BE WHERE THEY ARE! DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING! But man loves his damned heros … Good grief. Do not believe all that the news tells you. Reporters are either taking sides by supporting this Regime, or lazy in their fact-finding and just copying what everyone else says, or writes, which may have been initiated for the sole purpose of making the Roman Pontiff look “good”.

    How can they look credible, and remain a force in a growing world, a world that no longer believes in the fairy tales? Well, folks, it is not hard to see what the Vatican has been up to. Their LOVE has never been TRUTH. Never. Look at how they drive. Any System born of torture, as the Roman Church born and bred itself, advertised itself (in this you may begin to understand the woman giving birth in pain in Genesis) … is NOT of Truth on the Word of God. This does not mean that people can’t move out of these beds of insulated thinking … but it does REQUIRE MOVEMENT: Ascending HEART TO MIND.
    Jesus teaches us to take up the Cross, and He never teaches that this is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and its Doctrine—NEVER! Nor does He teach that it is Christianity. What is Christianity but what MAN has determined it is, but look at its behavior for centuries. Look at where Christianity struggles. What is Christianity but what each man says it is.

    Now the world thinks this current pope is some kind of humanitarian … no, people, he has not knuckled down to address the problems of his very large Institution, instead he charges out into the political arena playing the good deed doer—that’s BULL! What we find hypocritical is that any other Institution—business—political MAGISTRATE—is held responsible for its acts, but our GOVERNMENTS HAVE NOT HELD THE RCC TO THESE SAME LAWS. Why?
    Is the RCC trying to cover up again what it knows was and is very, very bad? Glossing over the ills, while NOT addressing these FIRST AND FOREMOST … continuing to plow the ox and the ass … speaking in a forked tongue … hmm …

    Do your homework, PLEASE!!!

  11. opheliart permalink

    And people say, “The RCC is not Babylon!” Well, folks, Babylon is FALSE DOCTRINE in Holy Scripture; this is what “Babylon” represents in the Word of God. Each person must decide what he believes—where he chooses to live and breathe.

    But what of those in SYSTEMS where NO CHOICE is given? This then tells you something about the System—yes?

  12. opheliart permalink

    And to be honest, it is just hard to believe that women are wooed by a few sleeping bags when their daughter’s lives are at stake in SYSTEMS pushing to destroy their right of Voice. Both pope and Institution showed its face on the voice of the feminine … more than once, and continues to force men and women into a box … with the woman relegated to a lesser role … and THESE MEN KNOW THIS and continue to obscure this fact through their “good” deeds like sleeping bags … we say, yep, promoting that sleeping position, again 😀

  13. opheliart permalink

    Just astounding that people are doodling … merely doodling …

  14. opheliart permalink

    wonder where the poster child picked up these ideas 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      “Kasper, who previously led the Vatican body responsible for promoting Christian unity, said the pope was asking the Curia, or Vatican administration, to examine their conscience in a bid to promote spiritual renewal.” RNS

      Spiritual RENEWAL … gee, where did, Kasper the friendly ghost, come up with this?

      The papal office actually bothers to read the VOICE of one other than their own. WE have been sharing on SPIRITUAL RENEWAL since SPIR started … many, many essays ago.

      It is quite obvious where they have been getting some of their material. WE were shown this would happen even before the “retirement” of Benedict. What is more than evident, however, is that these men DO NOT GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE … 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        RE: Kasper, who previously led the Vatican body responsible for promoting Christian unity, said the pope was asking the Curia, or Vatican administration, to examine their conscience in a bid to promote spiritual renewal.

        always, always, always trying to make themselves LOOK good …

        before, it was REFORM-REFORM-REFORM! On the Amazon Forums (where so many staunch RCs congregate) … I said, not reform, not repudiation … SPIRITUAL RENEWAL!

        This led to our starting SPIR and SPIRREALISM.

        Parable of the Talents, my friends …

        *I told a priest earlier … why go to the “whore” (Spiritual Metaphor if you understand Prophesy) called the Roman Church and pay TOP $ when you can get the milk for free?

        Peace and Love

  15. opheliart permalink

    in addition:

    nothing changes unless the people are willing to move from their doctrinal disability (they do it to themselves)

    stealing the writings of others and tweaking them to somehow safeguard the vatican from looking guilty in these is typical vatican behavior … they have been doing it for centuries
    *changing “dementia” written here in SPIR, for instance, to “alzheimers” (risky choice) is what?

    what this institution is using the roman pontiff for is what we call the santa syndrome
    better watch out—better not shout—better not pout—the pontiff is god and he is miffed— to praise and raise their hero to esteemed levels … but through what means? how and why? surely not for TRUE MOVEMENT!

    as if the HOLY SPIRIT can be manipulated in such a manner. it’s SPIRITUALLY IMMATURE, and quite childish. actually, it is … dangerous ( a child playing with a loaded gun?)

    THERE CAN BE NO SPIRIT WHERE THERE IS DENIAL OF TRUTH … REJECTION OF THE LIVING GOD … DOGMATIC BEDS OF INSULATED THOUGHT … the Spirit cannot MOVE within this arcane and deliberate mindset. the institutional sects have never figured this out. SPIRIT cannot be manipulated into a chalice and have any REAL PURPOSE UNTO GOD. it’s nothing more than a tradition of belief that holds no power. God cannot be manipulated by using priests and hierarchy choosing all male partnering—men going into these often misogynistic and elitist beds …(beds? often quite literally, as we have read the many, many stories of the sexual exploits, and some are quite disgusting to those who are of a FAITH and BELIEF where HONESTY is paramount to seeking TRUTH *let your yes be yes and your no be no … but woe to those who play both hands in deceptive practices in pastoral positions) … THEY DENY WISDOM, instead vying for power and politics … and self-satisfaction

    anyone with HEART … SENSE and REASON who operated an institution with the likes of what is going on in the rcc and has been since the murdering and torturing of its visage … would do the honest and safe thing and rip down the walls of that carriage so that NOT ONE MORE IS ABUSED … not one more is lost
    instead these men smokescreen—pretending to be angry at the leadership— and play politics

    any person can go out to the pulpit and criticize the christians of the sect … there is NO GIFT in this!

  16. opheliart permalink

    the point is, they can shuffle … and shuffle

    they have every body else doing their work, while they steal the _____

    interesting to watch how they manipulate the masses, including the journalists

    well, they turned the real francis into a lucky charm and prostituted mary while setting her up on a pedestal —only for those struggling with the idea of so much patriarchal dominance … they had to do something, the people were getting restless, and they ate it up like strawberries and cream!
    but what does it say about their doctrine? turning OUR dear MARY into a whore … for shame … these did not even give her the VALUE OF HER WORTH IN THE SPIRIT—THEY DENIED HER CHOICE.

    GOD GIVES ALL FREE WILL. it is quite clear that the RCC NEVER came into the understanding of how Spirit operates.

    and now, they are onto another scheme, and how they love center stage … like overcooked hams 😀

  17. opheliart permalink

    Peace? Uh, much like Christianity has behaved in all of its history, beginning with the murdering and the torture, power-mongering doctrine of your faith, ROMAN Pontiff? You cannot bull your way into making anyone of SENSE AND REASON believe in its Doctrine as being a Religion of Peace. Time to grow up, pope fran … your knickers are showing, dear one … YOU LOVE THE PATRIARCHAL LIES that infuse your drink—eh? PEACE IS NOT BORN FROM PARTIALITY, pope fran—NEVER … as GOD’s WORD CLEARLY STATES:

    God shows no partiality … He shows no favoritism … He is no respecter of persons … and even PATER says: No one has ever SEEN God.

    Therefore, it seems you have your priorities a bit confused. The RCC and Islam are quite naturally brothers, as the SYSTEM goes, and why you are pushing its Religion … not because you care a whit about God’s Peace … but because you are used for the sole purpose of elevating this ESTABLISHMENT to rally with your own ESTABLISHMENT … and WE DO NOT LIKE THAT YOU ARE DOING THIS—YOUR PANTS ARE DOWN, dear pontiff … your fly is open—
    IT ENSLAVES BILLIONS … but what do you care? DENYING AND DESTROYING THE FEMININE DIVINE IS IN YOUR NATURE, MAN … time to grow up and stop treating everyone like they are your Pashons!

    Your folly is a repeat as you are never, ever, of the NEW.

    Go back to your house and CLEAN up your clan!!!

  18. opheliart permalink

    Do we even have to say it pope fran? please clean out your house! you and the other leaders in your institution have not done what is necessary to combat the disease in your organization. how much longer will you be in denial? and preach to others when your own organization is full of children crying? you denied them voice—called them liars—and even to this day you do not address the rampant misuse and abuse. surely you know by now that you have strayed very far from the message on Truth … in those halls, and titles …

    it is said that one cannot heal another until he is healed … and you hold many hostage, and deny fruits of the SPIRIT … DENYING THE FEMININE DIVINE … how much longer will you preach in darkness? you deceive the people, you patriarchs of misinformation … you have allowed yourselves to be misled …


  19. opheliart permalink

    We keep wondering why the Roman Catholic Church keeps parading on about homosexuals in their Organization. Our research, which includes talking to priests in the Institution, has said that their priesthood is filled with gays, including sexually active gays … so, what is this Religious Institution up to? It’s okay for their priests but not okay for their parishioners? This is the more absurd of the Religious … come on, RCs … stop pretending like everyone is without awareness on what’s going on in those orders. We’ve even heard staunch Rcs complain about sexually active gays in their priesthood, and these are not small numbers of priests, either. What are these bishops and archbishops trying to prove to the world? Surely they are not so without awareness of what is going on in their orders that they do not know the facts on this. Or could it be that these men are S-L-O-W-L-Y trying to break it to their members what has REALLY been going on in those orders … for centuries. This is dishonest—truly it is. The LEADERSHIP and even the seminarians and priests, and nuns, have been trying to hide these facts for a long, long time. Enough already!

    Good grief! Surely there is MORE to tell …


    • opheliart permalink


      the following comment after he says, ” I smell a JW” (I take it he means Jehovah’s Witness)

      Russell Johnson January 8, 2015 at 11:07 pm

      Also, you obviously do not know or understand Catholic teaching. You have been deceived by your “governing body”.

      Catholicism teaches that people who, through no fault of their own, never had the opportunity to hear the gospel or be baptized but lived virtuous lives as best they could MAY POSSIBLY, through the infinite merits of the atonement of Christ, gain salvation. Even St. Paul teaches this.

      Our God, unlike yours, is not cruel and hateful.


      DECEIVED IN YOUR GOVERNING BODY? ho-hum … oh, boy … this caused a laugh. The RCC was built on the bodies of others — MANY MURDERED — it grew through oppression and intoxication of doctrine … HOW IS THE RCC ANY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT THE EXTREMISTS OF ISLAM ARE DOING TODAY? We think this commenter needs to take a closer look at his “gods” — that thing called his “governing body” — and smell his own hypocritical ignorance … (but it is possible he is trying to show this very thing by posting what he did 🙂

      AS for what he says about what Catholicism’s teaches …

      THE RCC DOES NOT DEMONSTRATE WHAT RUSSELL SAYS … all one needs to do is take a walk through history and observe the facts. This man deceives himself through practices not in accordance with what he claims as his own law. Why? Because the “teaching” he claims that Paul teaches has been FILTERED THROUGH MANMADE RELIGION not through the VOICE OF THE LIVING GOD. How is he any different than the JW? Religion is Religion!

      According to RC baptism … according to RC gospel … according to RC virtuous life … ALL FILTERED THROUGH THE RC PATRIARCHAL LENS …

      Actions speak louder than words, my friends …


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