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Person called … God

December 12, 2014

Known for his pro-West stance, Liu once stated in an interview: “Modernization means whole-sale westernization, choosing a human life is choosing Western way of life. Difference between Western and Chinese governing system is humane vs in-humane, there’s no middle ground… Westernization is not a choice of a nation, but a choice for the human race” LIU XIAOBO

Liu made this statement a long time ago. He has lived in a type of insulated place of “learning” the whole of his life. I have not studied Lui’s manifesto; I don’t need to study his manifesto, but what he was saying in those words is saying a lot to a lot of people—still.

I have commented that I am of the East. This means more than just a Western-Eastern view and lifestyle. It means something Spiritually relevant in our understanding of God, because I/we … of gnosis, do not separate God from His created. When we look at anything, we view it through a Spiritual lens which is NOT an insulated place of Being. In this, we do not fully agree with Lui’s statement, but we sure as heck know and understand what his VOICE means to so many! We would never squash this, as we see a tremendous need for this stirring of waters. Our hope is always born from Spiritual exegesis, and in this, we can allow for demonstrative CHARITY … and one must discern, or at least study more than what is on the surface within this, to garner a clearer understanding of its wealth.

Liu is a charitable donor of life—his own. These are called MARTYRS.


“Through studies, I have become even more convinced that I have no personal enemies,” Liu said, repeating a statement from his trial five years ago that he held no grudge against those who prosecuted him.




Liu’s more recent statement above holds truer to what the East witnesses in the Life of a Living God. That he uses the word “personal” is very telling, and says something in how Mankind must realize life in order to hear and make choices. Now … certainly, the hostile abuse and murdering within ISIL, and those like it, house something of another character—another personality, and is why we call these the orcs of the Universe, and are not of China’s current System of governing, at least, apart from any torturous activity, which exists in ALL quadrants of Society no matter what Mankind wants to think, or what he claims.

I know from a few of my own experiences of being rejected, treated poorly … where THE ART, THE WRITING AND THE VOICE WERE CENSORED, SQUASHED, EVEN HARASSED … there is within, a witness, saying: if these things had not happened, I would not be where I am today, speaking for many who are struggling to find Spiritual Voice, Spirit Gift … Spirit ID. Those who did these things to me have taught me a great deal in what it is to be deprived, denied, and in a very caustic way (within Spiritual Understanding) … crucified. To burn is a regal Spiritual Metaphor. Being crucified for Human Wellness is a Gift, not a death sentence as so many (Religious, especially) seem to think … IT IS A LIFE SENTENCE, and in this vein, we live not just charitably, but within a reciprocating vessel of Truth. This IS the way that Jesus taught in his words: I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me. The understanding of ME in his Verse is paramount to RENDERING SOPHIA.

And this, my dear friends, brings us into a whole new understanding of Hades. Did Jesus go to the place of the dead? Is Hell a place of timely insurrection? Please, do not withhold Truth from the Caregivers of Peace. Know your place!

And Man says, “But we have gone to war! Look at our history!” And The Prophet says: Man has misunderstood the Word. He missed the Message. He misused the Verse. The uprising of what I speak is the WAR ON IGNORANCE within Self, for loving neighbor as self is the Cross of Iniquity.


And mine hand shall be upon the prophets that see vanity, and that divine lies: they shall not be in the assembly of my people, neither shall they be written in the writing of the house of Israel, neither shall they enter into the land of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the Lord GOD.





Rendering Sophia

I recall clearly his enthusiasm when he first got a glimpse of this Spirrealism work. We share this again with our SPIR Readers.


With Rendering Sophia, L. Thiel establishes herself as an august provocateur; theologically, aesthetically. What is immediately lucid upon viewing the painting is that it is theologically pregnant with seemingly illegible signposts guiding the viewer through the artist’s byzantine labyrinth. The illegibility of those iconographic signposts is assuredly deceptive. The artist’s signposts are composed of a sapiential ascension towards the Sophialogical cathedral.

In the river of divine pathos, all poverty of sacramental imagination has been excised. Art and faith are inseparable in the boundlessly expansive construction of L. Thiel’s composition. Her composition refreshingly reveals that she is not content with being “just painter.”

The indigenous spiritual force renders the composition a paradoxical ikon: diaphanously silent and idiosyncratically aural. A canvas, imbued with Eve’s colored earth, invites us to embark on a promenade, swaying to an unfinished Mozartian mass.

There is certainly a relationship between tradition and artist here. That relationship, however, is something akin to an act of internalized propulsion. Tradition is mere springboard in the artist’s chromatic evolution. L. Thiel’s ikon is epically liberated from institutional religion.

The enormous activity in Rendering Sophia unveils fragments of the mysteries; fragments slithering towards an illusory acknowledgment of an inevitable apophatic conclusion. Such a conclusion could easily threaten a polarizing aesthetic and theological defeat.

Yes, L. Thiel’s distinctive iconography is not imminently accessible, but it undeniably dazzles in its inimitable allegiance between delicacy and fiery ikon. The artist yields secrets when the spectator accepts her far-reaching invitation to soak oneself into this homogenized vision: A worldly conversion towards Sophia. (larger image of the painting can be seen)


If Al were to read this today, after nearly two years, he might change it—edit the wording. He is a Classical Thinker with the HEART of a Poet. Honestly, I believe he was born this way 😉 Which is why he might change what he wrote on this Spirrealism work. He does not remain within a bed—any bed. True Poets never do. This is why Dogmatic Systems hurt Artists like us, … but within this hurt, there if often movement, if not so severe as to destroy life altogether.


eaker gravatar



That men have become vocationally ordained priests has not been lost on us. I said in SPIR quite some time ago that priests are some of my favorite people. No, I was not showing favoritism when I said this, or was I? That was a long time ago. We do say things for reasons we do not always understand right away, so, maybe there is more to this—yes? Of course there is. There is a Royal Priesthood which all are called within, and these are not necessarily the vocationally ordained. Know this. However, there is something to the wearing of cloth that needs further scrutiny and examination. The cloth is a SYMBOL of something penitential in a believer’s life—at least it should be. The priests are to be those Caregivers. They are in agreement with the plea to enter Spiritual exegesis … enter that war on ignorance … and provide for the flock what is instrumental within the healing.

It has been shared in SPIR that Religion provides structure but should never exceed Love. So, what has Religion done for the vocationally ordained priests? Do these men enter the “war” that they might KNOW the oppression of others—the censoring of others—the abuse, misuse, discrimination, torture and murder of others (and this most definitely includes SPIRIT GIFTS)? Do they come into a place of unsolicited love for the purpose of Truth?

Ha—we know what Religion has done to most of the priests. We know what the marriage bed has done to the Spirit Artists … and the Caregivers …

IT IS TIME TO MOVE, my friends, and if anyone is preaching peace while wearing old wineskin, he is confused in his direction. This is not saying Religion should no longer provide structure, as many things can be Religion, or that Sacraments must be done away with and Fellowship removed … what we share is the verifying of these, and Man cannot do this if he is ignorant of himself.





Mary Christmas!


Peace and Love 🙂


  1. opheliart permalink

    The following is an interesting read:

    I really enjoy these challenges. There is so much I could say on this, but I know there is much to share through the Priests from their letters. I believe there are several having to do with this topic, but I wait to see what comes forth on other matters.

    It’s kind of like when mother says, “Before you can go out to play, you first need to clean up your room of all that dirty, stale stuff in there … dirty laundry and old food containers …”


    • opheliart permalink

      Listen and discern on Mark 4 (5) and John 6 (10) 🙂

  2. opheliart permalink

    Maybe both believer and nonbeliever need to evaluate what is meant by “faith.”

    “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

    So, what is meant by HEARING? This is where KNOWLEDGE ‘COMES IN’ … and where Faith holds court within the recesses of the mind (not child’s play, I assure you, despite the word recess ). But in order for one to HEAR, one must clear out all the cobwebs, and those things called dishonest in the eyes of Truth. This having everything to do with those old wineskins.

    Peace and Love

    • opheliart permalink

      in addition, EXPERIENCE is what teaches the NATURE of the FAITH.

  3. opheliart permalink

    Interesting read … but as a believer in SPIRIT, it would make a lot of Sense to ask yourself what is meant by “Jew” in Holy Scripture. It is not what so many think. And the STAR is not exactly what this man states …
    it is much, much more in the Prophesy of God.

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