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A Person called … God (Part 3)

December 11, 2014

We do not write for any paper, and have no need to worry about the rules of the institution, and we have enjoyed “breaking” rules in our essays on SPIR (when we are aware that rules actually exist, for often the brush moves as it must). The writing—half essay-half homily—but more appropriately in keeping with Artistic freedom in the Spirit Sense, is saying, “Stay wet! Be moving, and do not concern yourself with those t crossings and i dottings; you are painting with words in a LANGUAGE not fully understood so …

… do not get hung up on the cross.”

We like a little edge, and a lot of space for interest. It has been said here that we share a little that others might share a lot. We can share answers that others can see the problems, but this is, and always will be, an invitation and not a push. No one is forced to read and discern the messages in these writings, and there is messaging—quite enigmatically (“I” do not take credit for this). I have been told by priests of how the indoctrinated (often the laity … and we hear groaning by these same priests, but hey, who worked the formula?)  … see SPIR writing as somewhat new age, or, where there is a sharing of a personal experience that reflects poorly on Religion or Religionists, they will view it as complaining. It is obvious that they are of an insulated space and reside in the epidermal of inquisitiveness. In these cases they have been told what to think instead of how to think, and have little understanding in exercising the condition of the heart. Ascending heart to the mind is as foreign to them as carrots to a frog.

Frogs will also eat worms, night crawlers or red wigglers and they are an excellent food for your frog. Worms can be found in pet stores and fishing supply stores. Remember to dust the crickets with Calcium with vitamin D3 at least once or twice a week to ensure he has strong bones and avoids metabolic bone disease. If you keep crickets, feed them multi grain cereals for example, and spinach, carrots, oranges, apples and all the good stuff you yourself know is healthy for you. When the frog eats the cricket, he gets that good nutrition too.

*When I was shown: Ascending heart to the mind is as foreign to them as carrots to a frog … I said to the Angels, “You are being silly,” and I heard in reply, “It’s true; they do not know how it works.” 🙂




With such diversity in the world, we do not look at the writings/art and critique people by how they use metaphor, analogy … figurative language unless, it is obviously irate, indecent or dishonest.

The following article I found posted by a commenter (also the author of the article) on a Religious News site. We found it a decent read and share it here.


We do not care about the Roman Pontiff’s ‘expressive’ words. Much of what he says is obviously steeped in an archaic mindset of Patriarchal business dealings, and he is one of many Religious in this and he knows it, relies on it, and lives for it. He has little experience working/residing with women (except for maybe a few before he became “the hero” of the Times … and this is certainly not something we care to share). What we are saying is the words are his to use as he feels moved, inspired, even led, but where and how he aligns himself within Religion(s) is far more telling. Most know the saying: Actions speak louder than words …

Well, here is where we look at the fermentation in the acts— where and how these accumulate nutritionally. In other words, what is he serving or servicing in the eating and the feeding? WHAT DOES HE SOLICIT?

 Where is Spirit positioned that he remains of the old and catering his “time” as Roman Pontiff with old bread, and copies of this, and the old wine skins that have long ago cracked? We see these cracks and we have been saying, hey, folks, look out. The Roman Pontiff does not know what is coming, and neither do those feeding at his table.

We realize and understand the need to tread slowly, but the first steps really should be in the understanding of how to listen. Recall it says: those with ears to hear? We see that those of an insulated place do not know of what they eat. We have heard the Religionists say, “You are on the outside looking in and do not know what ___ or ___means …” No artist/person of vision keeps himself placating in the ruins of the frame. If the house is without perennial structure then it fails to reach its fuller potential.




You see, God is a Living God. Holy Scripture tells us this. Even if one says he never experiences this Living God, he can believe that it is a real place of evolving. The PERENNIAL STATION is within the salutation of our Spiritual Gifts. It’s not about US … it’s not about the titles of man and his undulating practices of hero worship within his quadrum of institution, and dogmatic enterprises. It’s not square. It’s not a box—a tomb—it’s a radiating PERSON of uniting within Spirit to achieve Spiritual Wellness.

Many Politicians play both hands against himself. As we shared in SPIR … man often betrays himself, but if these Religious align within this frame, waiting for the Light of Day to conform to the dictates of this, the Day says to the Light:

“Hey, I see that you are New.”

And the Light says to the Day, “Of course I am New!  Did you think I was born yesterday?”




Mary Christmas!



Peace and Love 😉




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