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December 9, 2014

Before we share on the Ophelia Book Trilogy, we would like to give a very sincere thanks to our SPIR Readers, and those who have been regulars, having sent us “likes”  … and those who have been “following” … and these are many …

Thank you for your interest.

Readers coming on for the first time and looking for “comments” may be disappointed. They may ask why ophelia has done most of the commenting 😀 We always knew this was a PLATFORM being built—SPIRREALISM, the Spirit Art Movement. We have a Platform now, and it serves in the writing and the art.

Spirrealism, like any art movement, can take many avenues from this point. It might even become a Religion some time down the road … as we are aware of how people take art and use it … but please know its origins—this FOUNDATION—was never intended for anything indoctrinating or dogmatic. It is wet canvas, always, and always in motion as any true Spiritual Movement should be.

*I have dialogued with people in private, and I have shared here in SPIR that I keep our conversations private. Only where I have been shown important information to share have I shared, but only for igniting, and I have kept the identities private (excluding those comments that have already been made public). I have also gone on every WordPress of those posting ‘likes’ and those following SPIR/Spirrealism, and have enjoyed many of the articles/essays. Thank you for these.

May we continue and grow in the upcoming …






The following images are from Book One, Ophelia, IN THE BEYOND, a fantasy for ages 10 and up. It was published nearing the end of 2009. What a Christmas Gift it was! I never thought I would become an Author-Artist. This was never a dream of mine. One thing led to another and before I realized what had happened, I had a self published book, the first of a trilogy. It has gotten wonderful reviews, and the truth is, I have yet to ‘be’ out there moving it (except for a two day stint at the Philadelphia Free Library where I nearly got blown from the court because the wind was so intense on the second day … and the usual art shows when I was still involved in these). I have, at times, been challenged about this lack of marketing but, I soon realized after the publication that there was much more at hand. And when I look back now—4-5 years—I am astounded at how far I have come.

RESEARCH. I was send in to do research for Book Two, and ALL that was to follow … before Book One could find its truer voice. What a journey it has been—the ups and downs—and all that became necessary. When I look at my photo, a selfie taken with a mini digital camera (not bad-eh?), from the summer of 2009 (age 49), I see a slightly vain doodler with big teeth. I kid some here … but that is the point …

I was a child moving into womanhood in the NEW.






The following is the beginning of Chapter 1 from Ophelia: THE WORLD BELOW, Book Two.

-a rough draft

*For those unfamiliar with the story (which I imagine are most), the landscape begins in the first two books with Ophelia in her homeland: Greece, in a village called Paipalon (patterned some after Chios, as I was inspired and horrified by the “katastrophe” on the island in 1822). The period is the 1920s, and Ophelia is twelve years old. The book houses much Spiritual Symbolism.


Chapter 1     THE WARNING

“Be careful what you tell others, ” cautioned Eleni, one dark eyebrow rising while she stared firmly at her daughter. “The people in this village—” She paused and looked to the window as if expecting to see a neighbor peering in. Seeing the opening unoccupied, she looked back to her daughter. “—they will not understand.”

Ophelia gazed into Eleni’s black pools. Her eyes were so dark she believed she might fall into them and disappear entirely. Only a stern look on her mother’s face and one raised brow kept her grounded, and revealed to her the serious nature of their situation.

“I often thought to tell a friend of those things I remembered of my early years,” said Eleni, recalling her short time spent in Cain. “Sometimes I would see the grey walls of the caves in my mind and I would begin to lose myself … and someone would say to me, What is it Eleni?” Ophelia’s mother heaved a tedious sigh. It sounded to her like a passing of the ages, sprung from a place of giving birth to life … then death … then life again. “It was during these moments that I would almost speak of Greyborn.” Eleni looked to the stone floor beneath her feet. Ophelia looked there also. Both united in their memories of a place known as in the beyond.

Eleni reached out and grabbed her daughter’s hand. The grip was a pleading for forgiveness. “I-I tried to keep it all from you.” Her voice quivered. “I wanted you to work—be a good girl. I never wanted you to know of the strange place—the magic place—but I see now that it was very selfish of me.”

Ophelia knew then that both had moved from the place of their childhood, each in the position where tradition expects the expected, to a place of unity, where mother and daughter feel as one.



Title: Ophelia THE WORLD BELOW


by L Thiel Hewlings

December 9, 2014







Peace and Love


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