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Tongue Twisted?

December 8, 2014




I find it interesting that so many men see the Roman Pontiff as their hero. They just can’t seem to stop talking about him—writing about him, praising him and THANKING GOD for him …

… and I guess bowing to him.

As a woman, I find the RCC a terrible representative of God.


the following is a comment on the article:

ClevelandGirl Dec 8, 2014 at 2:48 pm
So, any/all of us who have left/fled are sick and in need of healing? Really?!!! Uh, maybe we left/fled because RCC Inc. *made us sick* and we needed to leave in order to heal, not the other way around.
Abuse, bullying, social abuse, horrible sermons all about money week after week, misogyny, homohatred, enforcement of conformity and homogeneity, etc. When the air is toxic, it’s stupid to keep breathing it when you can leave the building and get fresh and clean air to breath. The longer you stay, the sicker you get.
Even though I experienced sexual abuse (including public nonconsensual urophilic BDSM abuse by the nun who taught my first grade class, done in front of all my classmates), it was not that issue that caused me to leave (because I was still blocking, still not comprehending over 30 years ago — it was only about four years ago I learned through the Murphy/Ryan reports about nuns and urophilia/coprophilia and their sadistic punishments related to bodily functions that were universal and not just about me and my weak bladder). It was witnessing a conflict between a pedopriest (who was obsessed with the movie Pretty Baby and teen prostitutes downtown) and a stoner over getting a stoner to pay rooming house rent via servicing said priest. It was shunning by parishioners after hubby and I got married and I wasn’t pregnant within six months of the wedding date. It was the mean-spiritedness and bullying that always got rewarded while the victims got punished, something that had gone on my entire life. It was the misogyny probably most of all 30+ years ago and is still a principle reason I don’t even believe in the minimums anymore.
RCC Inc. and its entire belief system is iatrogenic and toxic. The only real healing is to get as far away from it as possible. You don’t go to hospitals that have high infection and morbidity and mortality rates when you can find a better one or just find a way to get yourself well on your own or via other nonreligious sources.
– See more at: Pope Francis’ culture war – Spiritual Politics




Peace and Love


  1. opheliart permalink

    yada-yada-yada …

    the real reports have yet to come … and this, my friends, will rock the cradle

  2. opheliart permalink

    oh, and …

    losing Rc nuns?
    Let’s see how we can patronize WHILE ADVERTISING the vocation …

    This Institution is a real trip … or should we say Trick!

    and the masses fall for it every time … or do they?

    Hmm …

  3. opheliart permalink

    The Vatican walks blindly into the night …
    and these groups think there is no one watching them.


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