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The Patristic Pattern …

December 3, 2014

Last week I spent a good deal of time working in the area of, “Remember, we work together as a team. Did you really do all of this yourself, or did you get help from ___ and ___?” and, “If you want to do this, you need to show that you can be a good listener, ” and, “We know you are faster and stronger than your brother, but we want to see you set a good example. If you don’t want him to act this way, you should try setting a good example by helping him, and allowing him a turn, rather than shoving him aside, or yelling over him … because you want yourself heard. It’s not all about you … remember?”

Teaching can be complex. We have shared several times that teaching is showing and preaching is telling. The TEAM aspect (working together) is a good way to demonstrate responsibility and respectfulness. Preaching involves something entirely different. There is a distinct difference, and when it comes to marriage, these two need to be understood in a way that is instrumental to the ways of just and impartial methods.


I had two major stories ruminating the other morning. One was the incident that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the other, a story of a boy in Cape Town, South Africa who witnessed his mother being abused daily by his dad, and where his life went from there. Both stories house mental distress of extreme calibers.

I will begin by digging into the tender spots—tender for some—intriguing for others.

While I was commenting on a religious news site for a short time, there were two Atheists who stood out, primarily because these post a lot. The one, I have mentioned here in SPIR several times. He needs help, but he won’t receive this through his big brother, the other Atheist, because his big brother is short-sited, and carries something resembling hate toward those of Religious circles, mostly aimed at Christians. He can’t seem to make the distinction between this and an individual’s right to express his own vision having to do with his experiences relating to something he accepts as God, or God within Religion, or even God within Society, which seems to have become a real touchy point with Atheists these days (will they ‘rip’ the crosses from the ears of the youth and demand the statues on the church lawns be removed because they can see these when they drive by in their cars … can’t have “God Art” on Main Street or a public highway 😉

Now … what struck us as off is the way so many Atheists view BELIEVERS OF SPIRIT AS ALL THE SAME … much the way a racist might view “Jews” or “Blacks” or “Women.” This Atheist also referred to me in one post as a Christian. Hmm … did I ever say this? No. Did Jesus ever say this? Did He ever say, “I am a Christian. You are all to be called Christians. You are to be of the Religion called Christianity.” I do not see anywhere in Holy Scripture where this is a command, but we also understand from the Word that this would be of a PARTIAL placement, and God shows no favoritism; therefore, it would not make sense for Jesus, or His followers, to say this. So … why would an Atheist, any Atheist, lump us in with all Christians, or even assume all Christians are the same just because we follow the words of Christ? Just as not all Blacks are the same; not all Women are the same … not all Jews are the same, not all follow instructions the same—as not all are of the same listening. Do you see our point? It seems the Atheist has based his information on Religious origins, what he has read and or experienced in this, no differently than what many Religionists have done, but neither understand our origins. He assumes we are the same as those of Christianity. He has preconceived notions, without having engaged in our work.

Before Christianity there was what? And I am not referring here to those partial to lapidation. Jesus, a Human of noble and virginal Worth, shows us in Holy Scripture—invites us—calls us—out of unjust and inhuman practices … and self-serving agenda. He shows us in His Ministry what it is to love neighbor as self. That man misinterpreted this epic move is key, and why we are here to share.




The Atheists seeing believers as ALL THE SAME cannot see us online (through words alone), and therefore should not make judgements on those things he can’t see—right? (including Spirit). What he does have is our words and our ART (should he come to SPIR), neither of which interferes with the concerns he stated regarding the Religious, which makes sense. Why? Because we are not of Religion, nor are we Political in the way he dislikes Christians. This is where it is a good measure to get out into the neighborhoods and see what is real, and what has been misconstrued, misunderstood and misinterpreted. One cannot stay penned and rely on the words of a few Religious posters, and the few in the news making their debut, usually for votes and self-agendas.

Now, I do not believe either of these Atheists are true haters of Christians, but I do caution them on their comments, because it is beginning to look a lot like racism, and it does add to the climate of disease when done in such a way that shows ignorance rather than fairness. And the matter of those following a person Atheists believe never existed is a lame argument these days. Take, for instance, Adolf Hitler … there’s no denying he existed, and look at how many followed his words. In our realm of belief, Hitler never believed in Spirit, and never experienced this. If he had, he would not have done what he did. This is the same for all those who do very bad things—even setting self up to be worshipped. This is NOT humility, nor is it wise. It shows conceit and lack of Spiritual Awareness, and certainly does not involve the walk that is required for coming into Spirit Gift. Religion and God are not the same, just as Regime and God are not the same, as we have stated here in SPIR several times.

Now  … what Religion has done through its SYSTEMS is another matter, as these are witnessed and experienced by many people over a long period of time, and we have a good amount of information on this, even if some of the historical writings are not completely accurate. Not all the writings are credible; things were edited to suit agendas where the System controlled the writings, and this would include where and how the bible was written.






And no, we are not proud of being gnostic the way some Atheists say they are proud to be Atheists, or those proud to be Roman Catholic, or proud to be American, because gnosis is a place of growth, learning, moving, and not an actual label as Christian might be a label, or Atheist might be a label … and we certainly do not ‘feel’ that we are above others. And I have never been one to share as openly as I have been called. I have wrestled with this. It is very personal, and to be honest, I do not really enjoy being so “out here.” It’s sometimes degrading, but I know that this part is absolutely necessary for what comes next.




What is evident in our Society is the reality that there is more and more religious activity (of all variations, including Atheistic sects), and some of this activity is causing strife, even dangerous places for believers, just as Gays and Women and Blacks, even the “disabled”and the “different” have been targeted in certain areas, and are still at risk. Some of the news stories and posting is sensationalistic and borders on criminal, in that it informs, even misinforms in a way that drives people to hate instead of healing. *Beware of things like anti-semitism, racism, sexism, discrimination, and the like. We are not saying to not get angry at injustices, because anger at hypocrisy is good, even anger at complacency is good, but we caution on the pushing of agendas which can be evil in disguise. We say this for your safety and well being. What we are seeing is Government taking steps to investigate and remove those sites/organizations engaging in this, or allowing this.

We do not give podiums to these voices. Intent is a complex and divisive purpose. Which brings us into something I have been wanting to share—wanting to share without ridicule. This would be our SPIRIT GIFTS.




The day before the Sandy Hook School horror, I was sitting at Bradley Airport in Connecticut. I was texting someone having to do with Spirrealism. I texted to this person that I was in CT, waiting for a plane to arrive carrying two students. He texted back, asking what I meant by CT (the abbreviation threw him off as he is not familiar with this area). When I looked at “CT” there on my phone, I felt a heightened awareness, something I get when I sense the Spirit showing me something. I even texted back, “CT means something. I am being shown this. I don’t know what, but I now realize that I have been shown something having to do with or within Connecticut. I wish I knew. It is good that you asked what this means, I have been shown this several times over a span of two or three weeks.” Things began to come together (and this is just one example of many).

I was young in this at that time, but it is a Spirit Gift. Atheists can ridicule, and Religionists can scoff at this because they believe that only their “holy men” can know of these things, which I have since learned is not the case, or they would not be behaving in the manner they are, but the reality is … some are born with an ability beyond the Skeptic’s rationale.  Similar to, but not exactly the same as, one born with the ability toward painting, and how others are born with an ability toward music, this is something we are born with a “tendency toward” … but like painting and playing an instrument, this gift must be exercised in order to be fruitful *Understand: Be fruitful and multiply—Spiritual Symbolism.


It is not of God to show specifics in these matters, however, especially for one as young as I was in this Gift. In other words, Spirit does not “tell” us exactly what will happen, as there is always HOPE that things will go in a different direction, and the Spirit does not place stumbling blocks before us. SPIRIT IS FILTERED THROUGH HUMAN HANDS … as we have shared here in SPIR numerous times is the process of this Work. The signs are always there … people refuse and reject these … or they do not know or understand the LANGUAGE *Understand: I have this against you, you left your first love, REV.

Man is in infancy in his understanding of God.

Man blames God for incidents like what happened at Sandy Hook, abusing Verse and hating Religion, calling it evil, because of an incident that may have more to do with Man’s ignorance of the differences and NEEDS of people. It is not Spirit denying prayers of the children. (Yes, this is what one Atheist petitions, which is extraordinaryly odd). Man does not UNDERSTAND how Spirit works! He has squashed the efforts to move within this to better understand God, and how God is relevant in our lives.

WE are responsible for exercising our Spirit so that we can grow and know God. *Understand: I never knew you. We are to draw nearer to God, but what is against us is Evil not wanting KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING IN AND OF THE SPIRIT. Things are at work that silence this Voice. Religious big-headedness blocking the way? Oh yes, but Religion is not all evil! Religion provides structure but should never exceed what is necessary in “believing.”

Now, we will not share what has been shown on Adam. This is not the venue for this, especially at this time, with so much hatred for Spirit roving about, but please, look at what has come out in the story on this family. Is God really to blame for the death of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

Take a careful walk through SPIR with an open mind and you may begin to see what is Prophesy: the EVOLUTION OF GOD AND MAN.




This, folks, is working together as a Team. It’s not all about us, but it does require others to listen when we speak, and we do listen in return. But what has happened is man has placed his big head (Religious Doctrine? Political Agendas?) in the way and those with the potential for Spiritual Gift cannot see around it for movement toward this ID. WE can see through the head, as this is a gift awarded those of Peace (Understanding). This does not mean we read minds; it means we are able to see through the darkness as we carry something of Light *Understand: If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light.


LET THE CHILDREN BREATHE, PLEASE … For God’s sake … let the children breathe is one thing we have shared on Religious venues.




What Man does not understand about God is that is is necessary for Spirit to use those with Gift to See. Angels have limited vision. This is fact. Spirit is filtered through Human Hands. But if man is stuck in a Patriarchal net, advising poorly, drugging the masses, redirecting members away from these Spiritual Gifts, those able to work toward healing FOR Mankind and FOR the Human Race, he cannot see, experience, HEAR the signs necessary for this walk.

This is far beyond anything that titles and labels have been able to understand. Don’t you think it’s time we move toward this Understanding? Dreams and Visions are a staple of the Mystic and the Prophet. Why does man deny the necessary EXERCISE in this? Why does he rely so heavily on rhetoric and his theologies without engaging Metanoia?

Now … How convenient for an Atheist, of all people, to BLAME God for the death of innocent children. Really, now … this is a desperate and invasive act, and we find it dishonest. It is one thing to lose faith because a Religious has put all his eggs in one basket called the Roman Catholic Church, a Religious Dynasty, or something like this … quite another to MISUSE AND ABUSE FOR SELF-AGENDA. For shame …

This type of online posting DOES NOT MOVE US INTO A PLACE OF WELLNESS, because the fact is …

There are Gifts that man has yet to ignite for Understanding.




—How sly and clever of careless and selfish intent to mislead …




Peace and Love



  1. opheliart permalink

    I was shown something today that really hits home on the Militant Atheist’s attack on the personal faith and experiences of those who believe in God. WE have shared here in SPIR how there are some Atheists who almost HUNT down believers on Religious News sites and forums, and likely Spirituality, Belief, and Faith threads, and say unkind things about those sharing their experiences on God. They attack in a way that shows a depravity of love and compassion. What brought me to share this was a video of one of the three young women kidnapped and raped repeatedly, along with the physical, mental and emotional abuse, by a man named Ariel Castro in Ohio. The young woman who received the worst of the abuse—unspeakable abuse—said that it was her belief in God that kept her alive. I ask one question of the Atheists:

    Should she have stopped believing and allowed herself to die?


  2. opheliart permalink

    To add the above comment …
    Whenever someone has hurt me, or whenever I think I have it bad, where I am struggling with what seems like endless frustrations with people not listening, not hearing in a way they need to hear—for this work or that work—or when people have been selfish and careless with the hearts of those trying their best to give rise to awareness in the injustices and horror, deception, cruelty and attacks on personal faith, belief and experiences (including those often very pronounced dreams and visions) … I will think of the ones kidnapped and tortured, who endure day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year trying to survive the hell. I will pinch myself hard and tell myself that I am privileged … and have voice … and am well … and will work even harder in SPIR-SPIRREALISM and whatever opportunities come from these to help in the HEALING.

    As one of voice, I have a responsibility to use my gifts to help others. I could not live with myself if I did not.

    Peace and Love

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