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The Patristic Pattern

December 2, 2014

I was listening to the news last evening and heard that the Roman Catholic pontiff condemns ISIS. Allow me to ask a pertinent question. Do you think ISIS cares what the Roman Catholic pope is saying? Why might these orcs of the underworld be interested in what he has to say?

Think about this for a moment. To have the leader of a very BIG Religious Institution “condemning” it may look much like what?  Food?-–energy for the destruction they desire? It would make sense that they would love the attention. It gets them riled up for more mass murder and atrocious acts. Hasn’t anyone in the RCC and Government Agencies figured this out yet? Guess not … unless there is some reason Society is not telling these men to be silent, and to get back to their own corridors, where there are a number of horrors still in session.

Seems the RCC has quite a list of its own atrocities it needs to be held accountable for (see previous essay on the 300,000 stolen babies). Do you think these men understand what is at stake, and what is necessary given the awful reputation? The list is long, and covers a lot of territory.

Truly, the Roman pontiff needs to shush. Long ago, a Dynasty developed, calling itself the Roman Church, and it did much the same thing ISIS is doing today. I’ve read forums and have seen at least a dozen posts stating that Adolf Hitler credited the Roman Catholic Church (including its offspring) for much of his theology in putting together his Regime, and acting within this. Hmm … ISIS may be inclined to tell the RC pope that his Institution taught them everything they know. Master of all—along with its view of female as property to be stripped and misused; the women and children used for its antagonizing and insidious agenda. Did both build their foundation on this same theology? How many followed the RCC in its view of women?

One does not shake free of this patriarchal net of abuses so easily. Read the comments on the forums and news sites … even what seems like the most decent share a commonality of ignorance regarding women (even women) … and what should be like a Ferguson uproar is barely noticed, sometimes even used to attack those who oppose specific political views, but not much more. There is no outrage that males share in how women have been treated since the dawn of Man. No persistent calling out of indecencies, injustices and poor treatment.

Evil finds its way through the venues of those having laid a foundation of hatred and destruction, even the general malaise and attitude of complacency. Evil uses what is unclean, what is not pure—following the tracks of those torturing, murdering, deceiving, abandoning and denying, and we are not talking about the Religionist’s understanding of what is pure, for he seems to have gotten caught up in his own selfish agendas:

*Again, thanks, Brian, for the article. You are reaching outside all the boat hopping. Real stories—real stuff.

And oh my … what I had to write in BC on the “virgin” status of the women back in the ‘Jim Jones era’ of Pentecostalism and the Church of Latter Day Saints was less than saintly; meanwhile, some of these same men were raping their own children. Seems the evil followed the offspring down a similar path of disease. Same or similar mindset?

Why? Because it is disease. Watch what comes next. Man’s patterns have been infected for a very, very long time. The enemy has perverted the trail, and man walks right into its nets, having been cleverly disguised as something “good” and powerful, and just … then again, ego tells its own story …

What an impropriety.


*thought I would add a Roman Catholic’s response to a comment to the RNS article (link posted above)—you can decide for yourselves what the RCC teaches its members:

Art Deco Dec 1, 2014 at 2:13 pm
How much is going on between your ‘progressive ears’? If you’re complaining about medical examinations given to police recruits (which are no more invasive than the medical examinations given by occidental gynecologists), you have a parochial and overly prescriptive conception of ‘human rights’. If you’ve nothing serious to discuss in this realm, discuss something else.


SPIR readers, do you think the Roman Catholic pontiff would be willing to condemn this RC member’s attitude? We have yet to hear him make a move apart from the Patriarchal Venue, the Brotherhood Agenda, the Fraternal Nexus. Seems he has a penchant for the Brotherhood Mosque. That is very interesting … very.






Look at how the RCC charged into countries and forced itself on the virginal landscapes. Hmm … kinda reminds me of a Militant Atheist from a religious news site—the one who behaved as the predator, and followed almost every one of our comments that he might discredit something he knows nothing about … and that would be us, but as we are not POLITICAL, and we are not RELIGIOUS, and we do not force anything on others, nor do we push agenda, only invite … it seems this Atheist missed our message, as most extremists do,  when not listening—when not allowing others have their turn to speak. This is very patronizing, you see—a rather indecent way to behave. It is very much the five-year-old (see previous essay).

Would this be due to fear? Fear of the unknown? So much fear that they feel they must cut people off in mid-sentence? So much fear and HATE that they feel they must try to destroy the reputation of others, even when they no nothing about them. In this case, it would be the gnostics. The Religionists cut down my family; not those of Gnosticism, as we are not of this, but of those seeking Renewal—those of gnosis.


Now, to be fair, some missions did invite change, and did help move the people, but the women and the innocent mostly remained in the clutches of an offensive and deprecating System. Okay … it happened, and those still paying into this will be held accountable, but WHY is it still happening? 

Well, let’s see …

Many Atheists are still blaming a God they don’t believe in, and Religion they call evil, as well as all those who dare to share belief in Spirit (it’s like an automatic gun these shoot when one shares that they believe in God—quite irritating, actually). If they don’t believe in either, why bother playing the critic? We’ve done nothing to hurt them. Do they think that have not voted for Politicians who have not lied, denied, abused and accused unjustly? Hey, they pay into the Systems like so many others. Are these free of having supported the malpractice of doctors and lawyers and educators and scientists and … those advertising their own “doctrines”? What have these done for women’s rights through the centuries? I mean, as a group, called, ATHEISM?


SO … why is this still happening?

Now we have what is called the Secular Humanist. To a gnostic like me, this is like saying the color red is really the color green, but don’t look too close, because you might see that it is really the color grey. It’s all about persona.


Who is left but the Religionists and those of Religion, and what are these doing?


As we were saying …

Two faces … Is this proper parenting? Please wake, people, one cannot call himself of the Christ Way and continue in paralyzing the masses with this demonic strain. It’s a rotten mess. The decay is beyond hope, my friends. Get out while you’re young … before you die from …


Your ‘god deeds’ under a creation of male ego (the Patriarchal maze) is stinking up the climate for those who desire Wisdom. Even the land and seas cry out … the animals speak …





Paul’s words on marriage speak on gnosis, not the pious marriage norms of Mankind’s Traditions.

Even Jesus said:

“Woman, what does that have to do with us? My hour has not yet come.”


5His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”…


(5. HIS MOTHER SAID TO THE SERVANTS? … gotta love it! :D)







I am hearing more and more from the youth on their dreams. The SYMBOLISM of these are amazing! So telling—so revealing on the nature of Man … and HUMANITY. I have even heard from youth of Judaism and Christianity that they were brought up in Religion, but desire the Symbolic.

Meanwhile, we witness the Resurrection.




So … why does the Roman pontiff rush to blast his trumpet, telling others that they are condemned?

Wait, his supporters say … he condemns the acts of these, not the people doing these acts. Oh? Then what does his DOCTRINE tell of his beliefs? THOSE ARTICLES WRITTEN IN INK THAT HE ABIDES AND RULES THE MASSES BY? Does he contradict his faith? His belief? Maybe he needs to revisit his Doctrine of his faith to understand what he has set up in Society, and what his members spout over and over and over.

Dead soil … as if preparing a grave, not for the planting of seed that will find its roots in the wealth of the Spirit.

But if these cannot hear, or refuse to listen … what do they teach on Truth? 





There is no question in our hearts that those who have behaved as ISIL will be held accountable for their acts. And the RCC and those like it are not off the hook—oh no. It has centuries, and counting … for it continues to evade Truth, and needs to step off the field, for he has not learned from his bad behavior and lack of obedience. He has not learned to listen. He has been so busy bullying others, and telling others what they can and cannot do … and misdirecting on Jesus’ Ministry …

Now, would someone dare to chastise me for making a comparison here? It is acceptable for one but not the other? As a woman am I to remain silent? Is this the words of the Prophet? Ha! Hardly. Man did not understand the Symbolism of the words … and he created something that fell way short. Okay … it happened, but why is it still happening?

Did he think that God’s Time is man’s? Hmm … The Day is soon upon these where they will reap what they have sown. We have yet to see the necessary steps taken in asking forgiveness for all that bloodshed, and all the lies, and destruction of life. And to think this Institution, and those like it, scream insults at those entering the abortion clinics? How sad. How very, very sad.


Here is a question for the Roman pontiff:

Which do you think banished more LIVING, BREATHING, THINKING BEINGS—The Roman Catholic Church or men and women having aborted a child?

Although we are not pro abortion, we know the life in the womb is of a nature undetermined. Why? Why is this life undetermined? Well, what determines this life? What has this to go on? What thoughts—acts? We want to believe the unborn goes to be within the Spirit, but if the life has not become of a life given in marriage to Spirit … where would the life come of age for unity in the Spirit?

Seems man has a long way to go in his understanding of God.




We sometimes cringe when we read what the average Christian has to say about Agl. Paul’s words. First, he is complacent regarding the abuses, and this is a questionable position to foster … then he goes on to tell others what is of God, without realizing what is LIVING. Is the Spirit dead? Have they forgotten—God is a living God? They say Paul tweaked the words of Jesus to make the texts easier to read 😀

They believe the apostles expected the return of Christ in their lifetime. My-my … seems these do not understand Spirit. What does Paul teach?

10 But if Christ is in you, then even though your body is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives life, because of righteousness. 11 And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of, his Spirit who lives in you.

What is being expressed here is Essence—the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ. This having to do with PURITY … something Virginal.


IF CHRIST IS IN YOU … HIS SPIRIT WHO LIVES IN YOU … now, my dear Patriarchal-ness, if Christ is in me, would that make me male? This is not a trick question, folks. I know one thing, it blows the Transubstantiation Theory to Hell, along with a few other theories … but apart from that … IT MAKES ONE NOT ONLY HUMAN, BUT VIRGINAL.


Gee, and Paul and Jesus say nothing about first Doctrines of any Religious Institutions. Oh Well …




Peace and Love


  1. opheliart permalink

    The following is a worthy article, and it reminded me of what is written in this essay, THE PATRISTIC PATTERN. The difference in the representative spoken of in this article and the representative of the Roman Catholic Church is significant. One is acting on behalf of decency and just behavior and treatment; the other relies on Patriarchal theories, and represents a place of inequality, as female is not an equal partner in his citizenry.

  2. opheliart permalink

    Atheist Max December 12, 2014 at 12:45 am

    That fact that the Bible is misunderstood
    by a majority of people
    does not argue in favor of a God who is all-knowing
    and all-powerful
    but a god who can’t do anything right!
    and who probably can’t exist if he tried!

    *Found the above to an article on RNS.

    One of these days, Militant Max will realize that SPIR exists, and maybe he will realize that there are people LIVING DIFFERENTLY THAN HIM—ONES VERY DIFFERENT!
    His ignorance resides in a place of limited knowledge and experience. That he prayed his rosary for 44 years and never experienced God is NO reason to condemn God (for his “prayer experiences” demonstrates very limited UNDERSTANDING) … and blame God for the deaths of those at Sandy Hook Elementary (written about in a following essay).

    WE find it peculiar, even of dishonest intent, that he would use something like this as his platform to spew hatred. Who does he attack?
    God or those who believe in God? To a gnostic of Spirit, there is no difference … which means he blames us.

    Someone please tell me how Militant Max is any different from those in the countries of Boko Haram, where “kill those who don’t think like us—live like us” is any different than what he is inciting in his rants here in the US of A? How is it that he is allowed to condemn believers, calling for the “death” of THIS LIFE—OUR LIVING GOD (as one of Spirit believes) … is any different than what ISIL, or Boko Haram, or any of these other extremists are doing—spewing DEATH to—?

    There is no PEACE AND LOVE in that war …

  3. opheliart permalink

    In addition …
    I am surprised that any organization in a civil and just Society would permit the rants of one like him. These obviously do not understand what is God, and they certainly do not understand one of SPIRITUAL GNOSIS!


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