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Keeping the Light On …

November 30, 2014

I was watching the youngest of our family members at play and I was thinking how I might explain to a five-year-old the first steps of soccer. Before I would allow any drills with the ball on the field, I would gather the players together for a talk. The talk would go something like this:

1. It’s a TEAM game, which means it is not all about you. You are not the only one in the game. It is not about you being the best player on the team, and it’s not about how hard you can kick … or how hard you can throw … or how fast you can run … 

We work on these skills to improve for THE STRENGTH OF THE WHOLE TEAM.

It is a game about working together—playing together—assisting your fellow teammate to do his/her best, which helps you do your best.

2. It is a game of structure … which means it has rules. You cannot run wildly in the field doing what you want to do. It is a game with positions. You learn to work hard in a position, and you need to understand that the other players have their positions.

3. It is a game of taking turns, and learning patience when it is not your turn. When it is not your turn on the field, it is a good time to encourage your team players, and to allow time to be encouraged.

4. It is a game of fair play. You do not overpower another player because you are stronger, or bigger … by tackling him/her—wrong game, that is football … another kind of football. Do understand that mistakes can happen, and that we learn from mistakes, and we learn from each other. No one knows everything; not even your coach.

5. It is a game of learning to listen—paying attention—observing—and following instructions.

6. It is a game of showing you can be a competitive player, but also a kind player. Winning isn’t everything; learning and improving individually and as a team, both on and off the field, is the more important.

7. It is a game where respect is important to playing well and playing honestly, even showing respect for the opposing team. If we did not have the ‘opposing’ team, we would not have a game, and our growth might be less than what it could or should be.

  … by number three, at least half of the team would  have stopped listening 🙂


Okay, so it takes repeating, and learning as we practice and play the games. The important part in getting a self-centered child growing up as a respectful citizen within Society, understanding that behavior matters. So … where are we as a Team?




Daily, I ask a simple question. Where is my (our) Relationship with this group, or that group? In this, one thing becomes very clear: Some groups are not “set up” to receive one like me, nor are they of a mindset open enough to come to our Plane of Understanding. These harbor the trademark of an irreconcilable worth. They are ruled by their System of Belief, and there is no room in their house for anyone not practicing like them. They build their dynasty of belief and practice for Self (as a body of like-minded men) within the house, and they often build this by using people who are not in a position to make informed choices, or who cannot resist the authority at hand—a System overpowering the people, especially those most vulnerable.


To view women in this manner; to use and abuse them as this System has, in partnership with the Roman Catholic Church, is of a behavior disgraceful and insidious

A few questions:

Is Society deaf to this?

I am concerned that Society has not taken much note on this atrocity, but does not hesitate to make a hero out of the head behind the organizing. Who supported the stealing and selling of babies? Who paid for this horror? Why has this malpractice been shuffled under the rug? Why would anyone fall in line behind leadership refusing to acknowledge their hand in this callous and cruel care taking? Why would anyone trust their family to the INSTITUTIONAL leadership behind this?***


It matters little to them how those outside their System live and breathe. They populate and produce for their own, which they see as “the right life.” What is interesting about the life choices of some of these sects is the need they have for others to build this dynasty. Their design is also to use others outside their belief System to make [money] for themselves, that they might grow and live within their dogmatic design of culture bearing.




To one of gnosis, this is a type of incorrect Worth in God Purpose. It hoards for illegitimate parenting. It is inconceivable to us to mimic within anything of this likeness. WE WOULD NEVER ALIGN OURSELVES WITH THESE INJUSTICES …  AND THE PARTIAL AND DISCRIMINATING FACULTY INHERENT.  These are not Human in our place of understanding. The gnostic waits, is patient (not without grumbling … but it is only grumbling … for if ‘he’ was of the mindset—the intent—to overpower, ‘he’ could do very big things, things that might shock …).

We understand the places of those within confined spaces, however, and why it is difficult to move, or be moved (that weight—see previous essays) … but we cannot serve it.

We cannot control what is coming, either. What is coming will reestablish “personhood”, and remove that which does not ‘play’ (move) according to the needs (health) of partnering designed for mobility. Man cannot see this. He does not understand the forensics in this movement. Recall, his world if often insulated and limited in Spiritual vision. The Verse has been cut and clipped and masterminded according to his regime’s desires—implemented and taxed according to a few of title …

but these will be removed, as it is now Time for the turn of others. Some will be taken out of the game, and there will be a tremendous shift of power. Do not be surprised if the tables turn on those Regimes of self-aggrandizing practices.

Those who believe they can outrun their ignorance … and their bad behavior … are very much in denial. They will soon feel the sting of their own selfish and destructive gain. Their choices will be avenging.


Man digs his bed with the heaviness of a forklift—yes, it is BIG. He gets what he pays for.




Some fear the demise of the old guard. They do everything in their power, often overstepping on the field because of this fear, as has been witnessed throughout Time … destroying fields of new growth, contaminating the fruitfulness, which turns the food into a hell of misinformation and poor educating. The inner house struggles—a systemic demise—that imperils existence for millions, even billions. They think it is this or that causing the change of “deity”, but it will be by their own choices … those behaviors … that force movement, removing them that others may have Voice.

What some think of as “the heavy hand of God” is really man’s choosing. He does it to himself. This is where he lost connection in his understanding of God, and where he continues to feed his ego in ignorance. He condemns Society (the throw away culture, those who abort pregnancies, those who divorce …) without realizing his own self-aborting practices. His nearness to God fails when he has overdosed on his Doctrine (Understand: James 4.8) … but within his dogmatic state, he places stumbling blocks before the people—those following his Regime, either by force, misinformation, or both.

In this, he forces the abortion and the divorce within denial of Spirit Gift. 

And his “judging” of others who do not align with him, or think like him, comes back to reveal the TRUTH about his condition. His denial within this judging finds its home in darkness (lack of awareness). As John has written in Revelation, where the Angel says, I have this against you, you left your first love. That first love is the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ—through ME, the witness, and the Resurrection of Life, our Sophia (Wisdom). You see, it is man’s archaic channels that keep him in denial. Like a Season’s end, when the blossoms have long been expired, the fruit BECOMES ripe for the choosing. In this …


Many are called (invited); few are chosen. 








I was doing a little research on how it is that Governments (especially the USA) permit and do business with Institutions denying women equal partnering. I looked up the Roman Catholic Church and read comments from Catholics stating:

“the church” is not a corporation, and cannot be held liable in the discrimination against women.

Others simply stated that the Roman Catholic Church does not discriminate against women.

It seems they believe “Self” is outside government jurisdiction. Hmm … Government has no say in what goes on in the Roman Catholic Institution on American soil? This is tragic. What of the others acting in this same manner? Is this why the clergy/hierarchy sexually molesting children, and women, on this same soil, are not called out and dealt with by Society? What parent permits this type of behavior to continue for centuries?

It plays house … with no real consequence?

Things are about to change. The Institution(s) can call itself many titles, seeing itself as God’s Mouthpiece, but the fact remains … these are outside the Temple, and have NO Authority to speak the Name in God’s Voice. Did he miss this epic destination of Godly Worth? Did he not understand that he has no power in and of the Spirit unless Chosen? He claimed himself chosen—that position of entitlement for self-agenda, and chose to align himself with DOCTRINE that advices poorly—that sees poorly—that demonstrates its emptiness and its lust for the caricature. He parades this, and others follow without question, thinking it their their ticket to something personal and perpetuating, but we ask,

Chosen how? Chosen for what? Dynasty of self-indulgence throughout three Seasons … three Parts of Peter’s Vision of the sheet (Acts) is revealing itself as what? It is not loving neighbor as self. It is not impartial, and it is not of Wisdom.

He plays a weird and reckless game.

And we ask,

Why is man so infatuated with his position—this title? Why does he savor the theatrics by the head of a corrupted state—a state that diminishes the Gifts of the Spirit? Why does he place this head on a pedestal, rallying around semantics as if this god he has chosen to speak for him is going to move him to personal attribute?

It is a wearisome goal he has.

Why has this been a tackling place of incidence for man? For one, he never learned the Language of the Spirit, instead, making himself ‘master’ of the games.

He chose his own likeness … when it was to be made in God’s likeness. No one has ever seen God? So this made it OK to devise a System of proprietorship that enslaved the masses … ridiculing, manipulating, murdering …? Hmm … the River runs dry … What then will those of insulated thought in his ministries of self-aggrandizing stations do?




He can thank God all he wants for this pope or that pope, or this bishop or that bishop, and put mind, heart, soul, strength in loving these shadowy escapades above what is impartial for WELLNESS … but he may find self residing within a systemic demise. If ‘he’ thinks this SYSTEM is of the Nature of Truth by his alignment within doctrinal ethics according to his place of Religious entitlement, within condemnation and denial—denial of women, and children, and what is necessary to enter the field—as if his Political Magistry is capable of Truth Essence, or even honesty of tactic and rule of practice … he will soon discover the hate manipulation that is at hand, for what will come of his overproduction will be the land fall.

This hero magnate may lose your place at the table—the harvest of Autumn, our THANKSGIVING.


Those not for the Human Place will soon learn who and what is behind the anti-semitism, and the hatred, and the denial, and the crucifixion … and they will realize they have been betrayed. The traitor is within the agreeing to play two faces. The choice was his, and theirs, and these were given much—a chance at Restoration, but chose deception as their vehicle.


Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together… And still be seeking what is of God.


It is of each to clean his house (room) first, before he can enter the Realm of the Spirit—BEFORE entering the field of battle. This is a given.






The real Francis knew not to align with the singular collection of apparel. He heard the cries of those neglected, rejected, and fostered improperly. He refused to wear that garb—that sanctimonious garb. Those of the fictitious title sift in the dark … spouting words that “sound” of unity, but these have not done what has been asked of them. They must first learn to listen before heading out onto the field.



Peace and Love















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