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Keeping the Light On

November 23, 2014

I was doing a bit of research on the business of hate, and what I read on the statistics sounded off—things like: over 35% of Latinos are anti-semitic.

*I add the following link for some clarity on the topic—-it being a more recent article than a few of the other sources online.

If true, I am not convinced it is actually hate that is brewing within this, especially in today’s climate of shifting powers. It reads more like injustice—injustice cultivated within a complex system. I know from my own experience, there is a rise in emotion when I see a group getting a lot of credit for being called visionary and for being called laudable, when in truth, they have not done the work to be awarded the honor. It’s easy to see through the cloth on this, but it does cause upset knowing that dishonesty persists. The real visionaries are the ones making careful decisions, having looked at critical aspects for the greater good of all, and this takes time. These are the ones willing to move when it it necessary to move, and share when it is necessary to share, but certainly not caught up in political schemes just to show a “good” face … while harboring intent to overpower others unjustly, and intentionally creating hateful disturbances.

Some people are born into a culture of dishonesty and unjust practice, and live within this, priding themselves within this, indoctrinating others within this, and acting in accordance with theologies of others that align within this. The system itself needs some careful examination. People take for granted what is written and promoted by a select few, without fully understanding the source (s). One might first ask why Latin America is in such distress? Poor information—poor teaching—indoctrination of set principles … are just a few reasons, and these fester within oppression and poverty. It is difficult to look out of this confined “space” and see clearly. What gains momentum within the mindset of those living in unjust places can be called anti-semitic, but may not be housing hatred. People want someone to blame for suffering and they fall back to old habits—ignorance. But there is almost always a System urging, pushing … cresting.

Let’s look at something here:

Overproduction can ruin the play.

Some things need to happen naturally for a resistance to take hold and become of a greater purpose. For instance …

Why the sudden interest in autism with this group? They are playing the causes to meet with their own agendas, which is another way of saying that they use the people dishonestly. This is not saying that they have no feelings on the matter; it is saying that they have NO EXPERIENCE in the matter. They have spent most of their days distant from the real issues, and ignorant of the struggle (This may be your answer to why Latin America is in distress). Denying an autistic child Communion (as we pointed out in SPIR some time ago) may have gotten their attention, but of course they would never credit the real channel in this. They want the masses to think the pope and his cabinet are sooooo generous, and so special, and ain’t ‘we’ just grand—a real visionary. It is one thing to TELL everyone what they ought to be doing, quite another to actually WALK that road yourself.

People need to be careful where and how they present themselves. They send an incomplete message, and a message that smacks of dishonesty. The Roman Catholic Church (leadership team) is playing the people against the people—against the move toward HUMAN Understanding. They have been pushing agenda, and trying to steal the show. They are creating dissent in America, and throughout … while playing at being a caring, trusted, personal and loving parent. Do not be fooled by their antics; they have two faces. Why the confusion? Recall an earlier essay? Remember, folks, they ruled masses for centuries—ruled and abused and harassed and tortured and murdered like a psychotic dictator (I read an informative article on Lithuania yesterday and was again reminded of the forces at work in these beautiful villages so long ago). This is fact. This is certainly not Christ, and if anyone believes that this is what Jesus instituted in His Ministry, they are dangerously deluded. But we know through our friends and neighbors that most Catholics are not like this—right? Many Catholics suffered at the hands of a System they served! AND STILL DO. The Mystics were often tortured and brought into submission. Silenced, then used by the System for money and control. Writings were edited to serve the master called the Roman Church. 

Take time to look at all the pandering … the attack on American ways … the two conflicting messages coming from RC leadership. Are they playing the people? Are they pushing an agenda of disruption, even hate?. Yes, unrest and injustice already exist … but, come on, folks,  … the pope’s “poor” message … the hit on capitalism … always preaching from the pulpit while sitting in his glorified cap and gown, and to hear people call him a prophet, a visionary, one who is an expert on the Spiritual message of Christ? No, dear ones, this Institution does NOT know Holy Scripture. If they did … they would NOT be where they are … acting as they are …

These are Spiritually Immature.

But …

… the people want a hero. Hmm … did you ever think about why Jesus was “visible to the people for three years” in His Father’s Ministry? This is not a trick question, but it does require a little movement. Part of this movement involves the position of women, and we need to be up front on this … the Institutions denying women rightful partnering in the Spiritual Wellness within Society will be revealed for who and what they are—dishonest, and certainly NOT of the intent to move and improve for the greater good of HUMANITY (male AND female … in case the misogynist is unclear on WHAT IS HUMAN because his head is stuck in a cloud). It is clear to anyone who Becomes Human within the Christ Message that Jesus was calling out the derelict mindset and calling for Renewal. This, my friends, involves the view of women, and the role of women in this Ministry. Anyone who does not see this, and denies women equal share in Spiritual Gifting should not be claiming Jesus as anything.

And then there is the Atheist stating that Jesus hates women. And he has called the current pope of the RCC a Humanist. Say what? Denying women, viewing them as less than? The truth is, he was brought up Catholic and was indoctrinated with their version of Scripture for many, many years … tough to shake off the patriarchal net. Seriously, one does not shake off this mindset so easily. It requires a RENEWING. This goes for the Roman Catholic leadership, and all those who THINK LIKE THEM. If one lives and moves within a confined space of indoctrination and set principles … how can he possible speak for so many? Unless his intent is to rule many based on these set principles. It’s a power play. They are not of Spiritual Renewal. They seek something not of LIGHT. These do not seek Truth. Theirs is one of Religious greed, for why else would they align themselves so systematically within POLITICS and POLITICIANS, and systematically deny PRIESTLY ORDINATION FOR WOMEN?

What Jesus is demonstrating in the stories and in the Parables is a calling out of the old way. The first “bishop”, if we can call her this, is the Samaritan Woman at the well. Do you see what we are saying? Jesus called the least likely. He interacted with the “layman” calling both male and female to Spirit Awareness. Why do believers continue to wait for their Religious Leaders to tell them what to think? How to act … where to be?

*And interestingly, Judaism, the more moderate form, has a much better UNDERSTANDING of the role of women Spiritually than Roman Catholicism. Gotta love that!




Back to the topic …

Now … We are not saying there isn’t hate, actual full-fledged hate that people are born into … or move within for the purpose of power. As we have said, hate is a business. It can also be a culture, as is evidenced throughout the world where there is constant war. It can overwhelm attitude and overpower jurisdiction. It gets what it wants for itself, but it will also destroy itself. It’s just a matter of time.




I read a comment on a religious news site earlier this week which I found of the old bottled remedy. The man made a prediction based on statistics, and his own belief sysem, which portrays an image quite surreal. Roman Church (think back to its inception) and Orthodox Judaism coming together to form the end times when God comes to save his people. Whoa! This takes us all back to the darkest of days. But, you see, maybe this will be the case for his own life. What you believe may be what you receive … His visionary status rests within a closed window policy, and I hope others come and challenge his thinking. Just because many babies are born within “set” Religion, does not mean they will remain there. This is the beauty of Prophesy: The Evolution of God and Man. Do not fear that any of these hard-wired “Religionists” will take control. Things will get worse before they will get better , most likely, but MOVEMENT is within our grasp. One fire can ignite a whole generation … in varying degrees. It all depends on wind, where and how it blows. If you are one who is concerned about anti-semitism, do not be afraid to open your windows to feel that air 😉

IT IS often better to move to grow, which requires leaving the old garment. The growth we are talking about is drawing nearer to God for the RESTORATION of the Human Soul. Those who refuse LOVE for dynasty will lose voice. It is the way.





“The Lord doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel”.


Peace and Love.


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