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Artists Beware; the Philosopher ain’t square … continued

November 21, 2014

That God of the clergymen, He is for me as dead as a doornail. But am I an atheist for all that? The clergymen consider me as such — be it so; but I love, and how could I feel love if I did not live, and if others did not live, and then, if we live, there is something mysterious in that. Now call that God, or human nature or whatever you like, but there is something which I cannot define systematically, though it is very much alive and very real, and see, that is God, or as good as God. To believe in God for me is to feel that there is a God, not a dead one, or a stuffed one, but a living one, who with irresistible force urges us toward aimer encore; that is my opinion. Letter #164 to Theo (c. 21 December 1881), as translated by Mrs. Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, as published in The Complete Letters of Vincent van Gogh (1991) edited by Robert Harrison


Yesterday morning I read a comment on a Religious site that made me laugh. The commenter posted a list of names of those he claims are Atheists. He has Van Gogh at the top of the list. Knowing that Vincent wrote many letters to his brother Theo ( I have a book of his letters; Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait /Letters Revealing His Life as a Painter / Selected by W.H. Auden), I did a quick online search just to see what people are saying, and right away found the above (pasted) from an Atheist’s site, also included.

the link:





But am I an atheist for all that? Vincent never claims Atheism as his Belief, Faith or Religion. He is merely sharing that if clergymen think him an atheist—let them. People read what they want to read, interpret how they want it to sound, and begin their escapades. This was dishonest—to use Vincent strictly for an agenda in trying to “prove” God does not exist, or that all Religion is evil.

But what does it prove? It demonstrates that Religionists work both sides in a predatory manner. These are your two faces projecting something of ignorance. They do not have all the facts, but it does not stop them from “educating” the public. But hey, if that’s what people consider EDUCATION … then they can have it! If most of the voices are sly or incomplete methods of indoctrinating others to suit self-agenda … it lacks in integrity. It is lacking in Truth. And this goes for the use of all those  Studies out there on what people believe and align with. People often say what they think should be said, but do not actually “live” in the manner they “say” they do. And those doing the studies never DO THE FOOTWORK to see if what is being said is actually true. Go out and drive through the neighborhoods—Be a witness to what is really happening!



Ruth Ikon by L Thiel


Someone may say, “Hey, no one has ever seen God … how can you write about God?”

The answer is not so difficult: EXPERIENCE. Where Mankind gets his wand in a knot (borrowing from J. K.) is in the understanding of Love. Some people simply cannot read it because they live in a type of cloud … one that is unknowing, which is another way of saying there is a lacking in experience, and the reason there may be a lacking in experience is because windows are closed for the purpose of serving self-agenda. If you took one commenter/sharer in his writing and studied his posts over a period of time, what would surface may not be LOVE, but a type of OLD Testament “God” … which so many find difficult to read. There is a service to self, while “playing at” Loving ALL in a manner necessary for growth which leads to healing. The “Religionists” who want only their perspective heard, acting on this, serve not neighbor as self, but self in ignorance, and betrays himself … which is just another way of saying that he has not experienced God. He is not drawing nearer to what is God.

Atheism is a fact. It holds purpose, but we see this as a temporary ‘measure’ in the wellness of Humanity and all that this is worth. Some notable Atheists will “get it” … they are going to GET what we share, and be instrumental in helping to move Light. This has been Prophesied, and we are already seeing signs of this. People fall short in Understanding—both sides—both faces on that patriarchal divide.

Someone may say, “But the writing in SPIR criticizes the Roman Catholic Church a lot. Where is the love in that?”

Like we said … some people simply cannot read it because they live in a type of cloud … one that is unknowing, which is another way of saying there is a lacking in experience, and the reason there may be a lacking in experience is because windows are closed for the purpose of serving self-agenda. If you took one commenter/sharer in his writing, and studied his posts over a period of time, what would service may not be LOVE, but a type of OLD Testament “God” … which so many find difficult to read. 

God does chastise those He loves 🙂 But He will not push agenda. He allows choice … but GOD DOES WARN. As we shared in the previous essay: Mankind cannot see ahead while so indoctrinated … but if man decides not to listen, and this includes listening to those crying out, because he would rather continue in pursuit of his own agenda … as he has done for so long with so much death and destruction … things do happen. “Wait,” you say, “are you saying God will murder man if things don’t go according to this or that?” Hmm … God consumes man for the LOVE OF HUMANITY.  He is a man eater. This is gnostic material, folks, so don’t go jumping out windows and breaking legs. We need those legs. As we shared in the previous essay: There is the pilgrim and there is the parody.


One has to understand those two faces to understand how he betrays himself, and many around him. We see what the Politicians (including the Religious) are up to, and hey, history repeats, and this has been shown already. Nothing new under the sun? Man is greedy and wants what? BIG. MORE … including property. And he will show this face to get to that face. It’s about intent, but he cannot see the demise of his actions, and who will suffer. Women and children have suffered, and will continue to suffer under this current patriarchal mindset. Study it! Learn it! Come into understanding on WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE! When you are able to recognize it … you will know the intent of those working for something other than Life … Love … Peace.


They do not know what they do. Why? Because they reside within a fermentation of doctrine, and one does not need to be a believer in Spirit to be within this state. The state is a closeted perspective, unknowing in its own expenditure. A Catholic I know had a dream a while back … and just before waking, he saw the figure of a woman, but not just a woman (an angel is what it seemed to be representing to him), and she was out in the frigid cold and snow with her lips (the color purple) pressed up against the window … while he lay in his bed. Now, this is telling us something!


Let’s look at Vincent …








Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.

My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?

But the LORD is the true God, he is the living God, and an everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation.


Seems Vincent was on to something, but Society (the daily beast of culture bearing) did not appreciate him. Was he too different from Society’s image of what a man—a painter—should be? Did this drive him to mental illness? He wasn’t mentally ill, folks, and he never hurt anyone, but he was different—different from others, and man does not know for sure what happened to Van Gogh. Likely, the “men” didn’t like his style 😦 I wonder how many Atheists today would have looked at Vincent in the same way as the clergymen.


THE HAGUE, 8 February 1883

Dear Theo,

My hearty congratulations on Father’s birthday, and thanks for your letter, which I was very glad to receive just now. I congratulate you especially on the operation’s being over. Such things as you describe make one shudder! May the worst be over now, at least the crisis past! Poor woman! If women do not always show the same energy and elasticity of thought as those men who are inclined to reflection and analysis, we cannot blame them, at least in my opinion, because in general they have to expend so much more energy than we in suffering pain. They suffer more and are more sensitive.

And though, they do not always understand our thoughts, they are sometimes quite capable of understanding that one is good to them. Not always though, but “the spirit is willing,” and sometimes there is a curious kind of goodness in women.

It must be a great load off your mind that the operation is over.

What a mystery life is, and love is a mystery within a mystery. It certainly never remains the same in the literal sense, but the changes are like the ebb and flow of the tide, which leave the sea unchanged.

(the beginning of letter 265)




… which leave the sea unchanged. 

Vincent captures something in his last two sentences here.

… and love is a mystery within a mystery 

Of course the sea changes, because Mankind has polluted it, but apart from this reality, the sea is left unchanged in its movement. This is a constant, but what happens when the sea becomes greater than the shore? Land depreciates. It becomes barren, broken, diseased and useless without water … when not of proper use. People look at self and immediate family and live according to what makes him happy. We look at the whole of Life and know it is crying out. We see that one or two of anything is not everything, and that without balance there is depression and dementia. We see a suffocation of the Art of Loving … and know that in order for Humanity to be, there needs to be change. We choose.


Below is something we call an irregularity. It is irregular in scope and perspective.


The Ten Non-Commandments:

I. The world is real, and our desire to understand the world is the basis for belief.
II. We can perceive the world only through our human senses.
III. We use rational thought and language as tools for understanding the world.
IV. All truth is proportional to the evidence.
V. There is no God.
VI. We all strive to live a happy life. We pursue things that make us happy and avoid things that do not.
VII. There is no universal moral truth. Our experiences and preferences shape our sense of how to behave.
VIII. We act morally when the happiness of others makes us happy.
IX. We benefit from living in, and supporting, an ethical society.
X. All our beliefs are subject to change in the face of new evidence, including these.


At a glance, VI and VIII contradict each other. Ha-Ha! Welcome to that world of the patriarchal demise.




Peace and Love


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