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Artist Beware; the Philosopher ain’t square

November 20, 2014

 “Dionysius distinguishes two possible theological ways. One—that of cataphatic or positive theology—proceeds by affirmations; the other—apophatic or negative theology—by negations. The first leads us to some knowledge of God, but is an imperfect way. The perfect way, the only way which is fitting in regard to God, who is of His very nature unknowable, is second—which leads us finally to total ignorance. All knowledge has at its object that which is. Now God is beyond all that exists. In order to approach Him it is necessary to deny all that is inferior to Him, that is to say, all that which is. If seeing God one can know what one sees, then one has not seen God in Himself but something intelligible, something which is inferior to Him. It is by unknowing that one may know Him who is above every possible object of knowledge” … and so on and so on … Vladirmir Lossky, The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church


We shared in SPIR very early in that Lossky reversed the God dialect when he said that Energy is knowable and Essence is unknowable. I would like to see someone take this on—I mean *really* take this on, and give Patriarch Kiril and President Putin a run for their money. Putin seems to think that America is … what was it he said?

“The United States wants to subdue Moscow, but will never succeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

“They do not want to humiliate us, they want to subdue us, solve their problems at our expense,” Putin said at the end of a four-hour meeting with his core support group, the People’s Front.

“No one in history ever managed to achieve this with Russia, and no one ever will,” he said, triggering a wave of applause.”


Of course, we would NEVER want to humiliate them. We want only to solve a few problems having to do with theology—agree? At least, from our place of vision; we cannot speak for the Politician of the States.




Now, allow us to share a bit on what Lossky is saying … and not saying.

First, theologians often write from a place of indoctrination. How their ideas form is rooted in soil having been prepped through a system of ideology that is catered to by something we call Evolution, or Religious Evolution—the understanding that his carriage is within an existing system, but not actually moving from it. Another way of seeing this: just because there is activity does not mean there is growth. This is not negative nor is it positive unless, we need to move it. If we need to move it then we have to look at how much weight it carries. It becomes a negative when it is too big, or too heavy to move, but it does not lose all positives during or after the move. What remains tells us something for movement, and, movement occurs because of the weight.

A simple but sad example is that if the world becomes overpopulated, and everyone wants big, heavy things for living on Earth, and Earth is munched up and overloaded to make this happen, the world loses life. We see this with wildlife. Something has to go—right? Greed and “need” sure does bump out some for its bigness—yes? As Spirrealism Artists, we are not pro abortion because life of any size (except female mosquitos and female deer flies) is important to us. It holds remarkable value intended for *something*. Now, to be just two but giving birth to ten … children … while living in a tent with nothing to farm … is what? We speak not so much of the poor and destitute caught in this as we do the element of the design—its system of ideology which brought this about. We ask, “Who in their right mind keeps having children when they cannot feed them, clothe them, house them, and knows that at any minute a bomb might explode nearby and kill at least half of them?” Destitute they certainly are … and what might have been a positive is a negative. What we learn in this is that people cannot see ahead while indoctrinated, and working from indoctrinating framework (carriages). And those governing through doctrine are not having to experience this same fear and discomfort, but do lack a necessary ‘ingredient’ in UNDERSTANDING (Spiritually speaking, this would be Peace born from acuity demonstrated in Love). Stoicism is not all that it’s cracked up to be 😦



What remains for the teaching (showing) is Philosophy—our positive.




WEIGHT. Mysticism carries weight. Organic Mysticism is mined within Nature and, Life as we know it, wherever that may be. Ordained Mysticism carries more weight because it carries not just what is experienced within Nature and, Life as we know it, but its own carriage of doctrine … which carries “things” suited to the ordination, along with where this lives and breathes.

What we portray here is the pilgrim and the parody. One travels; one travels only when he must.

Lossky, if I can call him this, projects something in his theory on God that is distant—too distant to understand in a way that is amending. He is honest in his theories, but he is far from the reality on “what is God”, and is therefore away from what is contingent on “knowing” Spirit (God). We figure this last statement will rattle things in the upper echelons of the religiously ordained, but hey … listen up:

It is no secret that Orthodox Christianity is of a patriarchal Religious portrait and practice. They are male-centered in their theories on God. They uphold FEMININE SPIRITUAL in surface only (we have shared this 2 or 3 times now in SPIR). They are hard-wired in male dominion; understandably, a lot of this coming from their language interpretation of Scripture. Born from this is a house; its framework engineered through minds of one color; the color RED. Red? you ask. Yes, red is a definitive (set within limits), primary, and is within the understanding of the Cross (also see the red of the Tabernacle curtain). It is “contained” by way of  regality, partly by being a primary, but also because it is a necessary partner in this life. Without ‘pure’ Red we cannot make Purple, as one example, so … we need Red. Red is a master of sorts, but he should not be on his own if he plans on producing anything having to do with movement in life. We are ‘coloring’ you into Spiritual Language; bear with us … Red symbolizes what? In its many hues … restlessness, fury, heat, new as well as old (sun rising and setting), pain and suffering … and power. Are these all masculine IDs? Not necessarily—at least not in the Spiritual. Many fruits we eat have red; we have red flowers and red leaves in Autumn; blood is red; women menstruate red … babies born from pain … Ohhh, now we are on to something! What was of weight, had to move: Mother giving birth naturally.

Okay, so you see, Red is not solely masculine, but we needed to have something with which to demonstrate movement, birth, life and light … which bears fruit on Truth. The color Red is a “determinator” to God … along with brother/sister Yellow, and Blue … with their Recipients, Purple and Green and Orange, and so on … with all the warms and cools inherent. It is ENERGY. It is seen, even experienced, but not known, because there are too many variables congruent in the Messaging. This is what makes up the Spirit of Holy Ordination, and it is not confined to the male or the female, nor is it contained within Religious Doctrine, or the recipients of these. Holy Spirit cannot be contained, and when Religion tries to defy this steady Truth, it gathers weight, and cannot flow as it needs to flow.

Now, ESSENCE of Godhood is a knowable formality. We use the word formality to establish a sense of balance—order necessary for Understanding, which draws one nearer to God. We have shared numerous times here in SPIR that the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ can be found in Galatians 5.22. This is not just a reading, but a PLACE of Becoming. These house the Gifts of the Spirit, which are what we speak on when we say Spiritual Gift, Spiritual ID, Spirit Art … and this is experienced and knowable, because these act as MOTHER to the Senses, providing Reason. Without Feminine Spirit, we lack in Understanding, and cannot birth knowledge necessary for Truth. 

Apply this to the war zone of the poor family of twelve sitting in a tent with nothing to eat … and you see the lack of Mother, the Essence of the Godhood. The question in this: who is parent to the destitute? And remember, Spirit is filtered through Human hands. So… what does this tell you of the “doctoring” or “indoctrination” … and governing party?




Crying. What if there is a law that crying is forbidden? If man cannot release naturally, he loses touch. I read comments by men, very intelligent men, and I can feel the weight they carry, and I sense this carriage over years and years, and am aware of the distance he is from God. Pain is an absolute. It teaches us about sorrow—a necessary ingredient in Love (loving). Just like Red is necessary for Purple, pain is necessary for Understanding this movement of Spirit. It pinches us, jolts us, even burns us; causing us to wake … to smell those flowers, and to see those changing leaves, and to feel the dimensions of temperature, which are very much about planes of Understanding … we need *something* that ignites. Life then death then back to life … And none of this is solely Masculine. This much we must know, or we die from lack of breath. The “child” never wakes.

Humans can ignite this. Spirit through Human hands is how God brings forth what is necessary for Truth. A Down Syndrome child, for instance, is our challenge. Why? Because Society is set up for an engineered perfectedness based on his theologies. Instead of the “different” child being perfect in what he is, he is forced into the confined status of one man’s idea of perfection, which he created from his understanding of God, or from his lack of knowing God. The Down child is ‘Down’ because Mankind labeled him Down. There is no ‘wrong’ in this child’s personality, and he should never be denied; instead, he should be fortified, as every child should be. It is Mankind who must realign his thinking. His mindset is TWO faces preaching the same Doctrine in Red. Why would Society want two of the same mindset? Religion should be balancing the injustices through Christlike ‘apparel’ … not oppressing the child through dogmatic stations ( Are you gaining a clearer picture of the greediness of the Kiril-Putin malady—of two minds the same?).

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Colors flow more profitable in life when Red is mixed with Blue … and …

We are telling you that God’s Messengers do not look like Angelina Jolie! Not saying they can’t … just sayin’ … 😉 They are faceless to demonstrate God’s impartiality. They perform to ignite, so that we do not lose touch with the realities of LIFE, calling us to Spirit Awareness. They remain impartial as God shows no favoritism. But if man is so weighted in his ideas of what is, or what should be, he misses.


Continued …






Peace and Love






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  1. opheliart permalink

    In addition …

    From Boston’s O’Malley (RNS Article posted today):
    In the “60 Minutes” interview, O’Malley also called the Vatican’s investigation of American nuns a “disaster” and said if he were starting a church “I’d love to have women priests,” but he added that’s not what Jesus did. Both comments sparked strong reactions.

    He’d love to have women priests but that’s not what Jesus did? What did Jesus do, O’Malley? I think you might have missed the message 😀 Do you think that the 12 are priests? What do you call the ROYAL PRIESTHOOD then?

    “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:”

    Jesus NEVER did the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, either. Make it up as the INSTITUTION went along … This is dishonest, or just plain lack of Understanding. Think about what those 12 represent, O’Malley … think now … and KNOW that we are not all indoctrinated by Religious precepts, nor are we Spiritually inept.

    You will not last … your ship goeth under …

    Peace, man … peace.

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