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Light Infinite

November 17, 2014

I was thinking that we would not be commenting on this suffering, but because of the announcement made by the Institution, the Roman Catholic Church, we have something to share. The topic of suffering is difficult, and not to be rushed into by anyone, including Religious Administration. Religion, no matter what title it gives itself, even while pushing for a one world religion in its own name (brand and style of belief, and btw, it has been no secret what these are up to in the political arena), is not above God in what is sin, therefore it has no authority to judge on the topic of suffering. If one thinks himself God, or if many believe an organization is God Authority … these matters can be dealt with personally, and privately, within the organization, and these can choose to die and receive according to their own doctrinal beliefs. But there is NO reason for a Religious Institution to be announcing this for all the world,  unless it actually believes itself God’s mouthpiece, which should cause any civil Society concern. To be of this climate and temperature is an undermining tactic, and is of arrogance. It also shows itself as seditious … and deceptive—playing at God rather than behaving in the Spiritual. This shows its intent: Political Magistrate.  We would think this Institution would have developed some compassion and understanding given their reputation in the area of sexual abuse.

Let’s look at the following passage …

Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Institution would do well to take heed to these words. They mean more than what Institution may think they mean. The kingdom of God is NOT a fog of derelict duty, born within institutional bias. Are you drunk on your own wine of self-importance? This, just for starters …




Sin against God. What does this look like? Sin is missing or missed awareness. To sin is to be off (off course) from what is within God (Spirit), which is seen as a distancing from UNDERSTANDING within Truth. If Institution, any Institution, has a means of removing suffering in the case listed above then come forward and show yourself capable; otherwise, be silent. The RCC has been desperately trying to stir up trouble to get people to react in militancy (on several issues, and using the Islamist as their patron … pay attention to their efforts) … partly to squelch feminine voice, but also, to steer eyes away from their own deprecating ways. Why do the masses fall for this? They desire a hero, but is this hero and its Political Magistrate going to save them from suffering—any suffering? They began their crusade with murder and many followed suit. They wear the garb of what? What repeats? Who brought this carnage into Society?

Jesus had a different message from this RELIGIOUS ADMINISTRATION … if anyone is still unclear on this. He was demonstrating the move to awareness, and calling out hypocrisy for LIFE. Do not be fooled by the tactics of manmade authority and “holy father (bull)”. A wild dog can be tamed if given proper care and attention, but a pack of wild dogs can do what for what? Know your enemy, people, or live with your choices. We would very much like the loud mouths to be silent that the voices of suffering may be heard well enough to hear where they originate … for proper healing. A family grieves … many families grieve … the Religious Institution calling itself “the Church” is not going to help ease that grief with its lack of compassion and its poverty of love. It won’t even address the sexual abuse because it continues to evade these issues. How does it manage to do this for so long? Hmm … it is not hard to see, friends … oh, no, it is not hard to see.




And the Religious Administration has denied so many Communion … that body and blood they claim as real … they deny those they claim as “the unworthy to receive.” Why? Because they claim these have sinned? While the hierarchy struts around in expensive garb, eating and drinking expensive wine … living in extravagance for centuries … no wives, no children (except for those hidden wives and mistresses and the children born from these) to tend to in their suffering … as they sit in their high chairs demanding control? Wow, the hypocrisy is immense.

Here is what comes from lack of love … from a lack of personal RELATIONSHIP in Spiritual Wellness:

Jesus wants his enemies executed – NOT LOVED. (Luke 19:27)

Jesus wants us to make slaves of our neighbors.
(Lev. 25:44-46)

Jesus hates Gentiles and wants them KILLED.
(Gal 3:29)(Matthew 15:24)(Jeremiah 48:10)(Luke 19:27)

Jesus hates unruly children and wants them KILLED.
(Matthew 15:3)

Jesus wants innocent babies KILLED
(Hosea 9:11-16)(Isaiah 13:15)

Jesus would like it if you got yourself KILLED.
(Matthew 16:24)

AND JESUS SAYS HATE your mother, father and children.
(Luke 14:26)

The ‘morality’ of the Bible is the stuff of nightmares.

For Peace, Humanity and the Separation of Church and State

Stiff stuff—eh? It’s like grain alcohol straight. It is from a former Catholic of 44 years inside that “church” (I would include more info but it seems the commenter on RNS wishes to remain hidden, although I read where he shared that he has his own Atheist website. This we do not wish to share in SPIR). What has driven him to such madness? He offends and insults many in his lies. He is as one said, “arrogant and naive.” This man has clearly never experienced Spirit. Does he know Jesus, talk to Jesus … to know that these horrid, twisted words he has posted for all to read are true? No; he slanders. What he desires is his own world rule, and he has pretty much said this by desiring that all people think like him. So I ask all of you reading SPIR:

Do you want a world run by narcissists? Do you want your children and grandchildren governed by the Roman Catholic Church, and those like it—the angry Militant Atheist, such as you have read in the above? Do not think this has not happened. But wait, what is Religion offering up now? Look at the latest event at the Washington Cathedral. The proverbial “ecumenical” way? And for what purpose? To invite more patriarchal Religion full of the old bottled remedy? To allow male dominance over women but in different garb, calling itself something else of Authority? Are the people moving or are they playing politics with religion? Both the Episcopal and the Roman Catholic/Catholic like the demographic in this. It suits them.

No thank you, we do not want more patriarchal minded Religious running the States of America. Do we want it  controlling Earth—our beloved Earth crying out … necessary in feeding all life?

Who will take the bite in this biased and partial creation? Not ME. Where is the REAL UNITY in this?


Politicians beware … all Politicians …




Something interesting to share …

The Gospel of Thomas is known for the mention of “female” in a way that sounds indecent. It took me a little time to move into understanding in the Language of these texts. The voice is not favorable to the contemporary mind. We recognize this, but we invite you to hear what is being said in a passage such as:

Woe to you who love intercourse and the filthy association with the female. Jesus / Gospel of Thomas

If you read Gnostic Literature with an open heart, you become aware of a type of poetry that is instructive, but in a sensory way. You enter a perception within Spiritual motivation, meant for exegesis. Everything I have read … from Enoch through … and into the Parables demonstrates a paradigm not like the academic formulas of man—what he envisions as conciliatory. What I find interesting about the RCC as it began to mount itself on a pedestal as “God’s Mouthpiece” is that it denied women through their ordinations and this life as if they actually viewed “female” as filthy, and intercourse as filthy. Take a moment to listen to their tenets throughout history …

Immaculate Conception

Celibate Priesthood

No Priest Ordinations for Females … (just to list 3)


But what does the above passage really say? What is it teaching on Truth?

We do not have the actual text in hand, understandably, but what we do have is Spiritual Awareness. What is said in this passage is this; sorrow is found in the excesses of the flesh and the filth in loving this above (over) the fruits of the Spirit. The female in this passage is not woman; the female represents “dynasty” … wealth within these types of things, and what these produce … as opposed to Character Witness of Spiritual intent. The harlot of the Book of Revelation tells of this same sorrow. Babylon in Revelation represents false doctrine. It warns on selfishness and the indecency of power and money over LOVING God with Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength … and neighbor as self.

So you see, voice is important to understand, and abide in, and should not be permitted misuse, or to be used abusively, as this is unjust, and dishonest, causing much wounding. We believe that the “Author” of these through the Human subset lives (is alive) … and it is truly offensive for these words to be taken out of context and used illicitly, and for this VOICE to be twisted and hacked to death by the hands of those who hate. Actually, we view this as criminal. This would be the same for what Religious preach from their loudspeakers about Spirit.


What about you? What do you say?




Peace and Love






  1. opheliart permalink

    In addition …

    It still amazes me that what I think are fair minded individuals, continue to support, defend and promote Religious Institutions that look at me as less than them. I am still wondering how it is that our Government continues to cater to INSTITUTIONS AND INDIVIDUALS denying women and viewing them as less thans … not up to the benevolence and Spiritual ability for leadership, even permitting men prayer in Cathedrals … but not women. Women do everything men can do except pee standing up, but dirty toilet seats have even forced this on us (not in my home, however) … AND, we go through the discomfort and pain of giving birth …

    What’s up with this?

    Now all the hoopla …
    The pope coming to Philadelphia? A pope that does not fully address the abuse of children? A pope that refuses to believe women are capable of the BISHOPRIC? And everyone goes goo-goo over his visit to my beloved Philadelphia? He will taint its streets with his discriminatory cap and gown. I do not think I will ever visit Philadelphia again … at least NOT with the same feeling of one engaged in brotherly LOVE.

    Tis a cryin’ shame …

  2. opheliart permalink

    and we should add:

    I had listened to an interview (which I mentioned in SPIR some time ago) where one, a Ms Doyle, actively involved in the clergy sex abuse crisis, told of this very thing. I had not come across a link in my travels, but it seems someone else has.

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