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Light Infinite, a continuous thread …

November 10, 2014






“It is through light that light exists.” Jesus



I did not want to continue in the previous essay (Betrothed or Betrayed). The night before I published it, as the hours ticked by, I wrestled with going to SPIR and finishing what had been started. “I am weary of this,” I said. “I want to move into what was started within my work long ago.” I heard a very definitive command: Finish it. I cannot share here all that the “voice” of this represents, nor can I engage in the forensic partnering within this sentence, but what I experienced told me “it would be done” … and done it was, and not in any way that made me feel enslaved, nor did this cause me to feel undermined. The resulting move ushered me into what I desire. This would be Light Infinite.


Before I begin to exercise this entry to any significant degree, I want to first state that I am gnostic ( likely more of Gnostic Literature, for to be gnostic alone sends incomplete parenting), but to be perfectly clear, I am NOT of Gnosticism, as I am not of any Religion. Please do not be fooled by careless comments from those trying to establish misinformation about gnosis, and what it means to be within this. The ignorance of those desiring to mislead is paradoxically inept, as these care little for the tenor of the performance born from exegesis. The lazy man’s purgatory resides in systems of depreciating places. They will find themselves without a home, as disingenuous intent is commonly found wanting.

*Note: I speak not of those claiming Gnosticism, but of those who comment from a place of darkness.



As I begin these I understand that it profits nothing to bury the work, and I should also state that we are of a time where no man can edit or destroy these writings. There will be no penalty for sharing them. No prison. No torture. Those who once used mediocrity and selfishness within a power-mongering place of restitution can no longer defile and diminish. It feels good to speak now in my own language, if I can call it language. It feels more like voice.



Mathaias was the partner for the replacement of Judas Iscariot of the biblical story of Jesus. Was he human? Yes. Was he more than human? He was of a nature kin to the Work within gnosis (Knowledge). Man did not understand the writings of the Apostle Thomas and others, and it was of necessity to hide these for when the time would be ripe. Allow me to share what Mathaias wrote in the hearing of Thomas and Jesus.

The hidden sayings that the Savior spoke to Judas Thomas, which I, Mathaias, in turn recorded. I was walking and listening to them speak with each other.

There are several questions we ask first.

1. Was Mathaias actually there listening to the two speak to each other? I am shown no, and yet I do not doubt the “authenticity” of the words.

2. What is meant by “the hidden sayings”? This ties in with what I share on the first question.

3. What is meant by walking and listening? Walking and listening are two “active” parts to move into a greater whole in gnosis, required for the HEARING, Spiritual Knowledge uniting with Understanding to achieve Truth.

These three questions are pivotal in the quest for God Understanding. We have shared in SPIR that this is a three in one Relationship. In what is shared above, we have three—Mathaias, Savior, and Judas Thomas—in the one. The One is God. This is how the “Trinity” works. This is how the Spirit is unified (united) for God Purpose. There is a connectedness in the walking and the listening within Mathaias, but before we can know this, we must first realize what took place in the “choosing” of Mathaias for disciple turned apostle.

The story tells that the Disciples of Jesus gathered and prayed, asking, “O Lord, you know the hearts of all, show us which of these two you have chosen to take part in the ministry and apostleship …” Acts 1. The eleven cast their lots and the lot fell on Mathaias. That the followers of Jesus cast lots demonstrates an impartial method of choosing. The greater number of ___ is the chosen. If using sticks, it would be the greater number of sticks. This is worthy of further scrutiny in understanding the impartiality of God. God allows each to choose based on what each Disciple understands/knows of the two being considered for ministering and Apostleship. We are not shown the details on this; we are only told the outcome, but what stands out is the primary goal, and this is that these men are acting on behalf of Jesus, and recall, Jesus is not alone in ‘his’ parenting. These men act on his behalf, but not without first asking: O Lord, you know the hearts of all, show us which of these two you have chosen to take part in the ministry and apostleship. This is prayer to apprenticeship for the work. In this, NUMBERS SANCTIFY.


Why do numbers sanctify, and how does this relate in the greater scope of understanding the three in One?

The ‘numbers’ in this illustration represent an anomaly. The anomaly is “kingship”, which is comprised of many voices speaking one dialect, understood as Truth. When there is a common foundation, such as the prayer ushered in through the Disciples, the process begets a soul-shaped charisma of choice that is right, or good, for the work(s) ahead. This demonstrates FAITH AND WORKS in the common attributes of human need. Many believe, and many would agree, that belief in something generates something for something. A farmer believes in good soil to grow a decent crop to feed many in a healthy manner. This would be the same belief as one of gnosis. Like the parable of the sower, the soil, or choice of where to plant a seed, is most important. This same is illustrated in where to build a house (see parable on the house built on sand). The gnostic looks at the three variables as “interstellar” worth: positioning—placement (note the middle space). These three, again, speak on this anomaly. If the “kingship” is built on sand it will not survive the storms. Also within this understanding, the chosen to “house” (prepare and care for) the seed must be free of disease to grow the “child” in a healthy manner, free of dishonesty. And it must be open for listening with a willingness to walk. This is the listening and walking of Mathaias. This also demonstrates a “following” the VOICE OF TRUTH. This is the same ‘following’ spoken of by Jesus when He says, “Pick up (take up) your mat and follow ME.”


Where disease and rot accumulate is where ‘one’ refuses or denies voice. Using instead a malfunctioning. Here is where Prophet is better understood. Prophet, such as Jesus, or one acting on his behalf, rests in the middle (see previous essays), where partiality is not the common denominator. The ‘denominator’ is the one “to name” (see origin of the word) what is the need, and this name is kinetically, socially, spiritually and most epically linked in command. The command understood in this is love of Truth, and all its factions, which includes neighbor as self. Name is important as we see illustrated in Jesus naming the Disciples, and the scene where Peter is realized by name. These are individual attributes which come together to represent a whole. The Fellowship of the Ring in LOTR is a fine example of a joining for an epic need. The Chronicles of Narnia also shows a gathering of named for an epic need. There is no one tribe in the voice, however, hence the 12 Apostles, and no one tribe speaks in full for any.


But how do we understand what is of Truth and what is of untruth in the naming?

First, we are not referring to “religions” in the many voices on Truth. For in these religious are dishonest fields, and short cuts, and faulty tools, and misinformation about the soil and the seed and the planting and the growing seasons and so on. Truth is born of honest practice through the listening and the walking. There is no one-sided advance in this life. It is a middle road of moving toward Understanding on Truth. There is Truth in many fields through many, but it takes one named to share truthfully. These are the chosen in fair practice, but these are few. Now, what is done with what these share is another matter. People steal and use for their own gain all the time. This is dishonesty and unfair practice. For instance, if one walks while listening to Nature and the Galaxy in honest practice as he is called (named), and shares in this in honesty and fairness, but another comes and steals the work to bully and betray, or takes and uses this to credit his own bigoted belief system, there begins a revolution of disease which infects the growers and the fields. Please read the following article …

*Thank you Chris/RNS for the insightful article—timing is everything 🙂

I was pleased to see that Carl Sagan spoke eloquently in the Spiritual about the heart and the mind (see previous essays where we advocate and share in the ascension of heart to mind for the uniting). He is our example in the walking and the listening to Nature and Galaxy. He did not know all there was to know, but he was used in honesty for the work on Truth. But, you see, others have already come  … others who have shown themselves to be the bully on the grounds stealing the lunch money of others (see Parable of the Vineyard). They  did not walk and listen; they accused mercilessly those like us speaking on the Spiritual. They carried no one, and yet they desire Carl’s name to credit what they think is Truth—their own, which falls short in destination: the goal of UNITY. Why? Very simply because they do not recognize Spirit, or that which is of Spirit … in the sharing. Theirs is a voice of detention, assassination and ridicule. We recognize Carl Sagan’s Worth in the footsteps on Truth.

Not everyone is brought to speak one voice on Truth, and no one individual knows all. It is of ignorance and darkness to disparage and discredit those brought in to share in like manner of honest measure. We can call out hypocrisy when there is a trusted need to move from set or stagnant place, and this calling out takes many shapes and many forms, and yes, there is harshness, as the need quickens, but within this there should be an Understanding of the walking and listening … for the purpose of waking. This is the Light.


Light on Light … continued in upcoming essays.







Peace and Love





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  1. opheliart permalink

    This is what is meant in the jumping from ship to ship (see essay two: LIGHT INFINITE).

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