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Betrothed or Betrayed

November 8, 2014



With all the talk of marriage in the news, it feels as if the world has a love affair with the idea more than actually living the marriage—what it takes to make it worth all the talk. I don’t need to go into the many definitions out there on “what is marriage” but I would like to share on the dynasty it has become.

I recall the first time I kicked a soccer ball. I thought that I had found the voice of movement for myself. “Is this the sport for me?” I looked a natural, and felt a kinship. But I was in college then and taking it as a course. No kidding (we did not have soccer in my area growing up). I remember nobody in my class wanted to play goalie. There was one guy in my class who was a starter for the college team, and was probably one of their strongest players. This was a cake class for him, but no … he was not going to play goalie. I was eager to taste it all, so I took the position. We had ‘mock’ games on a few occasions out on the big field, and during one of the games, a player from the opposing team plowed into me while I was picking up the ball. Bad. If I recall, he, too, was on the college team, just not one of their starters, and in that act, he demonstrated why. I felt my neck shrink an inch when his body made contact with the top of my head. It was as if he wanted to take me out of the game. I could hear everybody yelling, and he was quickly benched. I felt sorry for him, later … but at that moment, I was on the ground. I did get up and shake it off, but I decided after that incident, I wanted the freedom to move and not be so caged.

Every dynasty has its rules. It has to for the purpose of maintaining some type of order. This makes it a Religion, or one might view this as a FAITH (belief, cult, church, worship, denomination, creed). Despite sometimes being “victim” of the dynasties, I get this. But what I want to dip into more deeply here is the “quality” of the game—the game representing the affair (origin of affair: to do). In order to understand our “doing”, we must realize our origins—–we must look deep into the past to help us understand how we got where we are, and not just as one unit of people, animals, plants … abiding on the planet Earth, but also within each set of rules comprising these dynasties. I love the idea of Albus Dumbledore using his wand to lift memories from his mind by drawing out a substance, milky in appearance, that he put into a well of liquid. Harry looks in and WHOOSH … he is taken into events of the Professor’s memory. So clever. This is the type of mental dipping we are talking about. Go there … walk in those shoes, boots, sandals … sit in those chairs, stroll those halls and corridors, and walk through those cities and towns. We are looking at lifestyle, choices, actions, as we explore the dynasties … and fantasies, dreams and visions … of man, and even something more than man. It is truly a fascinating journey, both the good and the bad.

Religion of belief in a higher Authority is undoubtedly paying a price for its behavior—its very bad behavior. Those with a sense of humility within belief in God understand this. Those who are ignorant of this fact, and in denial of the overly sedating of religious material and custom, thinking they are too right to be wrong, show their pride, and refuse the necessary move for the greater good of Mankind. These are the benched in the game who aggressively rush at the one willing to take the position that no one else wants. They think because it’s a ‘mock’ game, they can get away with trying to take the lover out of the game. What they do not understand is that the lover loves, and feels sorry for those who behave badly, and will get up, time and time again no matter how often, or how many come at him in a dishonest and unfair way.

Endurance is queen of the crop. A sturdy root goes deep, and remains when the storms wreak havoc on the land. 





In the italicized above, we are not referring to one side attacking another side, or a reverse attack. What we are speaking on here is what rests in the middle of the opposing sides. Surprising to many, this is the place of the Messenger. If one throws arrows at another, there is something placed between that receives the arrows, and makes them for more appropriate use. This Messenger is always on the move, for to be laden with too many arrows would make him overweight, and lose his footing. What he must do is empty as he goes (note the ‘colt’ carrying the garments of the Disciples of the Christ alongside the donkey carrying the Messenger, and note that that the garments were empty of man).

Stay with us on this 😉

While I was in the Greek Orthodox Church, I knew a man having come from Roman Catholicism to Orthodoxy that he might marry a young woman born and raised in this Religious dynasty. He wasn’t devout in the Roman Catholic Church, but living 35 years in Orthodoxy made him a devout Orthodox Christian. He took everything very seriously. He never failed to kiss the hands of the priests, thought the Metropolitan of the area was a holy man because he was Metropolitan, believed all the stories of the saints, no matter how fantastic or unbelievable, and taught Sunday School. He made sure to attend every Liturgy and every class. His idea of the Christ was the Orthodox Church Way. This lifestyle was for him the closest to God that he knew. He was not blind to the needs of the Community at large, but he was held intact within the rules of the dynasty, which required a following that was willing in this. He was willing to be used this way.

Before going into his Greek Orthodox Church, I researched it. My interest at first was to understand its life and history, and the culture of the people, especially those from the islands … all of this having to do with research needed for Book Two of the OPHELIA TRILOGY. What I found on its theology interested me beyond just history and culture. This drew me in for a deeper look. When I made the move to attend services, I wanted very much to get inside the “places” of the Symbolism of the Liturgical process. Soon in, I sensed a resistance, which I later learned had much to do with the lifestyle of those in charge, but before I had to confront this beast head on, I witnessed a lot within the lives of the people of this culture. This, too, became of great interest to me. What better way to research Greek life, even Greek Island life than to talk to people born and raised there? Again, I felt resistance, and not from those having been born in Greece, rather from those having been born in the States of America. I quickly became aware of differences within Orthodoxy—the life, and within this, I was seeing the religious church politics of opposing sides, which was most definitely joined in a type of marriage, one that cannot be denied. One thing led to another and my trilogy got put on the shelf. As I entered new places, I began to see more clearly why the trilogy was to be put aside. There was a lot of research needed before I could:

A. actively move Book One: Ophelia in the Beyond and, B. write books Two and Three.

I did not realize the volume of Symbolism inherent in my first book, because the book seemed to write itself , but it was important that I garner understanding within this Spiritual Symbolism to understand what had been written before I moved into the writing of the others. The fiction in the story is highly metaphysical in scope … much the way LOTR or The Chronicles of Narnia can be viewed, and other works like these. And what is dynamic is Prophesy of Spiritual Verse. This is where we as a larger Community need to be moving.




We mentioned in the previous essay that there is a Spiritual War. You can call it whatever you like—Political War, Religious War, Secularist War … Humanitarian War … whatever seems appropriate to you personally, but one thing that stands out within this war no matter what you call it is the strong element of unfair play, and this shows its face as dishonesty. One has only to go into any venue where there is opposition to see this. People will often say and do things based on limited experience. They have an idea of what something might be (might be saying) and they act, sometimes react, based on this “idea” … Their ideas have purpose, but are they of an honesty in the real truth on the subject? Do they have unity on what it takes to speak with authority? Or are they speaking from a place of indoctrination based on limited understanding?


On the Spirit



Let’s look at the story of Jesus hanging on the cross in the middle of opposing sides. One criminal says to Jesus, “If you are the Christ, save yourself and us.” But the other, answering, rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God, seeing you are under the same condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this Man has done nothing wrong.” Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

Jesus hangs in the balance. He did not judge the one criminal, saying that he would go to hell, for his place is already of hell. Jesus rests between two opposing views, and SERVES within this place for choice. Essentially, Jesus tells the one criminal that he will be moved. He will be moved into a new place. This story is pure SYMBOLISM. It’s teaching us through fictitious narrative. If you deny this possibility, walk into that place and hang yourself on that cross, and tell me, could you carry on a conversation of such profundity while lashed and nailed? Seriously … Now, what is not fictitious is the reality of Truth in this illustration. It is very real for those in it, those experiencing it. No one can tell one in this that he is lying, and neither can anyone lie to take this one, or anyone in this, out of the Work (and his Worth) based on church rules, institutional setting, while claiming to be Authority on Spirit. The fact is, the Messenger remains within this stream of continuous Dialogue. One has only to realize what the cross represents in this, and what the choices are.

This leaves the believer with a pretty powerful question: what is the truer marriage? Is it dynasty with all that has been accumulated in titles, creeds, rules within orders and penmanship, or Spiritual Knowledge acquired through the choosing based on what Jesus represents in that story? You see, Spiritual Knowledge uniting with Understanding creates an AWARENESS that we of Gnostic Literature embrace as Wisdom. It is Wisdom that is alive, awakening us to hear and become known within the Realm of the Spirit. It is Truth that we marry into and become as One. This is our Higher Calling, which is not bound by the rules and creeds found in the dynasties of man, along with all his religious decor.

In a previous essay, we said:

In the blink of an eye … all could change.

I have said that the face of Christianity will change as will the landscape of religion. Be aware that a ‘flat’ earth turned round can be of a similar marriage in the Spirit.




No man has final say on what is Spirit, as this is superbly in motion. No man—no title of any INSTITUTION, claiming anything in these matters can claim he knows, or she knows, through this church, or that church, or this dictate, or that dictate. Man wrote his ideas about God then shut the door on movement. He may try to use the words of others about being a “moving” church, but what he is saying from his position reveals something of dishonesty in his walk (which includes his dynasty).  What I hear in the words from those of dynasties is that they are infallible in what they have written in ink about matters pertaining to that which is Holy and of the Spirit, but WE KNOW what Paul says about what is written in ink. It is said:

Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.

Spirit is filtered through HUMAN hands … not through hierarchal mandates born within the enslaved passions of manmade dogma.

Those of Religious dynasty say, “We are sorry we messed up on this and that throughout history, all those murders and all the torturing, and the very bad men, our “holy” leaders, who abused and accused and judged while carrying “the keys of Peter”, or the Cross of Christ … but we are the mouthpiece of God. We cannot be wrong about anything within our dynasty.”  They go on to say that this one or that one is God’s literary agent, through their titles, and can edit God’s Word. “We have it all,” they say, “both Knowledge and Understanding.” We shake our heads and ask, “Are you the mind of God? Prophesy shows us what your dynasties did.  Truth has revealed your dishonesty, and will continue to reveal your darkness. You may have fooled many, but you do not fool us. We have vision beyond those wildest dreams of yours, for we have not shut the door on Truth. You can play at being something you are not, or you can enter the real, and step aside that the Worth of those called can be heard for the healing of many. What say you?”


And those silly, little games you play online where you think no one can see your real intent is  … well, dishonest 😦



TOAD EERO - revised


For the children, you can be no more. You had your chance, you refused, and you denied the Marriage of Worth. You have been betrayed, and in this betrayal, you have betrayed many. You no longer have voice. Move, or be moved.




Peace and Love














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  1. opheliart permalink

    I thought to comment on something shared in this article, but when I read a few of the posts, I was shown this is not worth OUR time and effort. There are posters so steeped in their own “rightness” and their desire to degrade and destroy something they are ignorant of (the experiences and love of others), they drive them away … and not only do they drive them away, they make the ground unproductive. The “hate” of these posters is so great that what is working within them drives them to comment in such a way that makes SELF the FEATURE … steering all fruitful discussion and dialogue away, causing the plants to become choked by weeds (Parable of the Sower). We do not post where the soil is so wretched, stale and unfruitful, for we know what happens to the seeds and the plants. We know the harm done.

    Peace and Love

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