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The Real Love?

November 5, 2014

These days I just scan religious articles and the comments following. What I mine in the cultures of the world is consequence. As a Spirit Artist, what can I do but respond in some manner what is shown. As a listener, one hearing, I share what is shown through Gift(s) awarded me. I have always said this, despite the labels, or the betrayal—betrayal, primarily because there is fear of consequence which does not conform to ideals … or a specific “brand of morality.” Even through it all, we listen, and walk around the statutes, hoping for that moment where  … a place opens, and a person experiences a lucidity beyond what their own regal patronizing performs. My Art is not engineered in these rooms, however; my Art is acquiesced in ways not understood by the universal theme: the daily beast of culture bearing. The way I do this is our ceaseless prayer: resting in response, which is of a listening fight. Wrestling with Angel is not lost to one of Spirit. After the wrestling, what is left is the discernment, a period of rest to garner understanding. This is a very important part in attaining Wisdom. This is a part that so many left for fame and fortune … for title and recreational vices.





Look at the Artists of Antiquity. El Greco was a Mystic, and what is interesting about his work is the dynamism of his figurative language through paint and line. He sculpted figures unlike what people call “the real” … or Realism. He was not depicting the flesh so “in the flesh” … he was illustrating within a “foreign” Language, one more esoteric and sublime. His paintings show another story. Few see the difference in this story and the story of merely painting for title, or painting for money. But El Greco made money from his work, and lived according to the wealth of those of Religious title, as these were primarily his benefactors. He was fortunate to have had this opportunity. Not all Spirit Artists received such “acceptance” in the daily beast of culture bearing. It took time for his Art to be more fully appreciated, but even in this day, El Greco’s works are not understood in the Language that they were painted. Artists of Spiritual Verse, despite working so forcefully within traditions they promoted and served, in a time of extreme antagonism, where there existed little choice but the choices offered within the dictators of that day … did not often understand where or how their “art” speaks a different Language. If you walk through a gallery housing “religious” art desiring to hear the Language not heard, there will be a wrestling, and periods of resting within the discerning mind, which assists in moving the Heart into a place of refinement. There is art that is Religious, and there is art that is born of Spirit.

There are Artists striving in the work to express something unseen, experienced without a doubt. This does not mean there are no questions, or that the reach is won. This is saying that it is of a continuous striving for something that is always in motion. Prophesy is this movement. Prophecy (as is stated in gnostic verse) was cut off with the head of John. One has only to hear the words, and knows …who claims absolution through Title and Institution that has already shown its “face” ? and will continue to be revealed for what it is? Nature will take its course. Do not be so surprised by the languishing of the rituals amidst the centuries old habit. The ‘devout’ of the Systems claiming to be of Peace are losing face … as has been prophesied.

One has only to look at the orcs of the Universe: ISIL. You do not build a house on sand and expect that it will survive the wind and rain … the shifting, and the moving.




Notice this quote by El Greco:

“I hold the imitation of color to be the greatest difficulty of art.” 


Color, temperature, tone are difficult to share in commenting within online forums. Even essaying here in SPIR is difficult because of the limitations of these words. We must create a way to communicate with so limited a medium. How does the Spirit Artist who uses COLOR, TEMPERATURE, and TONE (to name just a few) when there are confined spaces? When rooms are limited? When rooms are crowded with much the same voice? Voice is many things, and difficult to express in limited place. I was shown different words, and using capitalizing to differentiate ‘Spirit Understanding’ from the flat bed grid on understanding—the daily beast culture bearing. The usage of the word “understanding” was commonly known a certain way, and we needed to elevate it—lengthen it to illustrate a “higher place”. I was made fun of for doing this. To make fun of us for not speaking like others is no different than making fun of one not speaking the language of the norm—when one is fluent in Spanish, and someone criticizes the use of English is what I am talking about here, and this just a common example. But, you see, it seems acceptable to extremists to trounce on those they DO NOT UNDERSTAND, and it seems acceptable to twist words and demonstrate hatred toward the refinement practices of those not complying within the Systems understood and practiced by the majority. I cannot even say all I would like in this because it would not be fair even to those who are most guilty in the ridicule, and the hypocrisy. Many complain of Religion while using language born from Spirit and used in Religion. For example, an Atheist used the word “self-righteous” in accusing Religious, and I pointed out that he must believe in something of God if  he chose to use the word righteous. But the truth in this is there is an even greater use, one that is not so confined in space, and that is the LANGUAGE OF THE ARTS.




Essentially, Spirit Arts do not belong on most of the online venues, but there was and is a need. I went for several reasons, and this was not to give credit to L Thiel, but to demonstrate that LIFE exists in places not so confining. The world, as big as it is, is small in comparison to Planetary Awareness, and in this, I speak of the planes or places of Becoming something greater than yourself. If you can imagine, for a moment, that what is “out there”, or,  “up there” is happening within “here” both in the good and the evil, you begin to Understand when we speak of Planes of Awareness. There is a War happening—a Spiritual War. Men cannot see this War for the events within his flat bed grid of self-satisfying expenditure. We feel this in ways that we cannot fully explain, but even more so, we strive to express the elements within this Life. Often, those of the Atheist mindset push their agenda through their “Realism Culture.” Our Realism is more aptly defined through philosophical outpouring in the Arts, Spiritually. Those who have never communed with Spirit cannot say that this does not exist. They willingly accept that men are gay, or something of another desire, but they shun the idea that there are some who communicate differently. Why? Because they have not experienced what we speak on, and they confuse Religion with Spirit. They see a gay man attracted to another like him, and accept this willingly, especially if Religious speak out against this, for in their agenda (if they have one) it adds fuel to their views of believers in “God” as being bigoted, insolent and vile … but they do not see Spirit moving—active, and therefore relegate this ‘notion’ to the dust pile. God is garbage, they say. Spirit is nonsense, they say. Therefore, all God believers are ridiculous fools in the minds of those claiming Atheism as their god. They accept the REALITY of what they see, but not the REALITY of what one like me experiences, and so, the ARTS are used to establish the Reality of Spirit—of something other than what is seen by the eyes of men.

*I use the subject of the gay because it is of this day.




Pride. I read an interesting comment while scanning that had to do with being of the Gay Pride stature. The poster pointed out that he was not proud of being “gay”, just proud of being a part of the movement to become openly gay within a culture he felt was telling him he was wrong for being gay. Where we differ from him and this thinking is that we are not proud of the Spirrealism Movement for the purpose of elevating a culture, any culture, for it is not culture that we share. It is the ART (which includes Spirit Verse), not us that speaks more effectively, and more fluently, which we understand as Verse. This is not of the flesh in its intent, and is not rooted in fleshly desire. IN Essence, it shows no favoritism—it prefers not one over another. Spirrealism unconfined to “set principles” or undiagnosed, or undetermined by manmade standards is active in its wake. It is not a “label” with the intent to overturn set thinking about “us”, because it is not about “us”. It is about Spirit Awareness, which is for the benefit of ALL … through choice. There are too many “mixed breeds” (and I say this in the best possible way as I love animals) to segregate in the manner that these swelling agendas so often do. What is happening in these agendas, which have become so political and so avenging is, they take away focus on areas that really need the attention. Move through less noisy and less political, and help others like you without all the fanfare. I want to say “get over yourselves” but I know they must go through some measure of it in order to get to the other end of the moment. Even so, there are gays already tired of hearing about gays. These do not like this fanfare, and I can truly understand and do feel for them. Force feeding is not a wise move. Nature will take its course as it always does and we will see what happens in the herd rush (one way or the other). Man is eternally usurped.





Peace and Love



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