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Stars that Fall

November 1, 2014



It has been interesting to read the comments from those who claim Atheism as their belief. Some say they believed in God or a God, while young, but as they grew they gave up on the idea that there is a God. What I see in situations like this is hope, and I do not mean hope that the Atheist will believe in God, although we do hope in this, always, but the hope I speak of is one of wellness for the whole of Man. I can already see that there will be Atheists who will never “believe” as I experience God (Spirit), but who will be instruments in the Work for change in the minds of men (Mankind). These may not become what I would call my “Brothers in Christ” … but  we do hope in their WORTH toward change. The very fact that they have moved out of the Religious Institutions, refusing to feed on set doctrines about God, and refuse to fuel agendas that they do not agree with is an honest place. Those that remain in Religious Institutions teaching doctrine about God but do not believe what they preach is dishonest. It may be a paying job for these, but it is of deception, and leadership should ask that these depart. This would actually help in the movement of mindset within Religions preaching God who refuse to move, who refuse to hear the VOICES OF THE NEW, but you see, too often (especially in large Institutions where the preachers/teachers are not being carefully monitored in what and how they teach, and other misdoings) Religious Leadership does not want this. It is better for their agendas if the non believers remain, even if these lie. This is dishonest.




I had a poster on a religious thread lash out at me because I was redressing a Militant Atheist regarding his attacks on me—my experience in the Spirit. The poster made a statement that went something like this: The Atheist’s comments do not offend me, but opheliart’s comments are offensive. At least the Atheist is honest. The Atheist had lashed out on praying the Rosary saying is was something of a joke, deceitful and yada yada … He said some truly demeaning things about all believers, not just Roman Catholics. I used his “experience” of having prayed the Rosary for 44 years without experiencing God as the vehicle to drive my point. Neither poster shared their true identity … but I was essentially called a liar by both. An opinion about someone is one thing , but it is hollow unless supported by some measure of information. Since my sharing was new to the eyes of the old, these grew afraid of what they did not know—did not recognize—and did what is in them to do—lash out to defend Institution, agenda. Fear is the vehicle that destroys the herd. If reacting in ignorance … the results become what FOR what …?

We did not come into this Work not having done our homework 🙂 As my Catholic friend says: They do it to themselves.

Now, I do not agree that a person is actually engaging in prayer as I experience prayer when of formulaic verse, because it is repetitive, and I do not experience God as a robot, or something requiring or commanding repeating verse as Prayer. Repetitive lines might possibly work as a lead in to actually engaging in prayer, but if I begin to define too methodically on this, then I am no different than those praying in rote, or establishing a System of rote practice. God is a Living God, therefore, it makes no sense to me to keep repeating the same lines over and over to a Living God IF I desire Communing with Spirit (not speaking of hymns/songs). Would you do this to a person sitting next to you? Would you repeat the same words over and over in dialogue, only hearing yourself, and not allowing for the response from what or who it is you are supposed to be communing with?  Actually, this is not dialogue. This is not Communing. Prayer should be RELATIONSHIP—a building up of Spirit Knowledge to garner Understanding. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. This is a layered passage, but no where in this do I see repeating verse to Mary. Actually, I do not see praying to Mary anywhere in Holy Scripture in the form of formulaic prayer to KNOW God, to establish RELATIONSHIP with God,  and I do not speak in the “literal” sense necessarily; I speak in terms relating to Spiritual Knowledge. Why? God is a Living God. God is Spirit. The Archangel Gabriel establishes dialogue, he comes to communicate information. There is PURPOSE in his coming; there is a reason for the greeting, and Mary is ‘troubled’ in the hearing. If Religion sets Mary up as God’s equal, or above Jesus’ testimony, then why not everyone of humility? Or everyone having given birth to a Prophet on Truth? Or everyone having Communed with Angels? We have written intently on Mary’s part in the greater whole here in SPIR, so what we share takes nothing away from her Purpose unto God, but it is important to understand that to make her not human is to deny her free will, and God gives all free will, even the Angels. Mary was given a choice to be used in something grand, and this came when she was of a place to be used, not before. She, too, needed to come of age for the Work, no differently than Jesus when he began his ministering. To remove Mary’s choice makes her hollow, and if you think about it, the Immaculate Conception misses the Christ message entirely. It bypasses the very key Truth on what God “commands” in prayer. What God commands is Truth. Imagine that! If you live a lie, how can you possibly expect to commune in the Spirit, and know that God exists … and be known? This also applies to all those confessional outpourings … for do you think God uses liars as His instruments in the hearing?

There is no switch that gets turned off and on as a priest or layperson comes in and out of the church buildings, because the buildings are NOT the Body of Christ any more than a Religious title claiming itself the Body. Read the following and think on it a moment:

Moreover it is REQUIRED in stewards that one be found faithful … 5. Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the councels of the hearts.

It is required that ONE be found faithful. There is no Religious Institution in this requirement. It does not say, it is required in the Roman Catholic Church, or the Orthodox Church, or the Presbyterian Church … that one be found faithful. The FAITHFUL requirements are according to GOD’s measuring in HIS TIME, not according to man’s organization. And we are to judge nothing BEFORE THE TIME. The “judging” in this is referring to one. We can comment and share based on experience to help move people into safer passages (pasture), especially when danger is foretelling, but we cannot determine where any one is before the time. This is why Prophets on Truth come forward—to warn and to bring forth passage, and these can teach according to the Word of God, and people have the choice to listen, but not even the Prophet can judge before the time. We cannot judge one and say where he will be, where he will go … for any reason within Spirit placement according to the Word of God. Based on this, there is no ‘sainting’ that is valid in the eyes of the Lord. Who has the power to judge in this? We can acknowledge persons of goodness based on works that we see as valid in Love, but we are not to judge one one way or the other—HEAVEN OR HELL, or anywhere in between. So, to pray to jp the second, or Augustine, or anyone else is doing what? It is being unfaithful—right? As we have shared in SPIR  … no man knows where one goes in the Spirit. It is God’s Messengers, the Angels, working hard to lift and ignite in Truth. Now, a good question is: who are these Messengers?




Think about this statement: If you live a lie, how can you possibly expect to commune in the Spirit, and know that God exists … and be known?

I know of so many priests and pastors teaching/preaching in Religious settings who have never heard God (while praying). These admit that they have never once heard God. Some believe in God and some do not believe in God. Those that truly desire to HEAR, and who are willing to be exercised in the Spiritual, as opposed to just going through the motions of set practices  … will hear. I am not surprised at the growing number of priests and pastors who don’t believe in Spirit. It is a natural response to lose sight of something unseen. It is a natural response to forget why, where and how, when other things replace the reasons for … One has only to look at the holidays of the Religion called Christianity. Traditions are fine as long as they do not pretend to be something they are not.


But yes, I like the honesty of Atheists, when they are being honest, and I like it when priests and pastors admit that they have never actually heard the voice of God while in prayer, but still have faith, and maintain a reverence and a respectfulness where honesty, and especially good intent reign free. To call people liars without knowing the experience, purely for self-agenda, is not good. One of the things I noticed about the Religionists on the threads is the repetition of “what has been told to them” through catechisms and those ‘writings’ they claim are of the early church and absolutely cannot be challenged. Oh, but they are being challenged! Rarely, if ever, do I hear honest experience from those quoting in this manner. Why? Because there is an untruthfulness in their intent, based on self-agenda. This is not saying everyone indoctrinated by Religion is dishonest; this is saying those calling us liars without knowing  our experiences destroys their credibility, and if speaking for a large body of people, a large Institution, it makes the Institution look quite dumb. Bossy and bullying members of Religious Institutions do no good for the members who sincerely desire growth, other than to push them into doing something about the bullying practices, but you see, here is where God is NOT doing the pushing, or being pushy (although man is always saying God did this or that and I say: hmm … you misrepresent God). This is on man, and is of his imparting, but it can be destructive advertising. It would make sense for monitoring these rather than patting them on the back, or even paying them to go on threads to manipulate and destroy. Also, those copy pasting without actually having come into a fuller Understanding of verse, any verse … make a whole lot of people look bad, even those of different verse trying to share, but cannot for the accusation.

It all begins to sound like political ads after a while anyway. Honestly, look at the politics in Religious sectors.




I know a man who communed as a child with ‘his’ Angel. She was there for him in some very rough spots. He grew older and stopped believing. What actually happened is he forgot, and left “this” Communal Place. Life gets crazy sometimes. It is often the case that man demands more than he is willing to give. Sometimes he expects others to take the place of Spirit, and when this does not occur, he stops believing. But Spirit is filtered through Human Hands (see essay: Kites that Fly). If one is no longer a viable source (force), then God’s Messengers cannot use one. This man began Communing with Her again about two and one half years ago, but it took another to allow this to happen. It took one Aware (awake) to encourage and nurture this Communion. This is the real Communion. What is done within the Religious Sacraments is Symbolic, and a REMEMBRANCE of what has been forgotten … left (recall: but I have this against you; you left your first love …). There is no special “magic” blessings that priest or pastor can do that automatically allows Spirit unition, or Spiritual Wellness in RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. To say otherwise is partial to Religious administration, and denies the LIVING … yes, it DENIES the Living, for it ignores what it taught of the “thief” on the cross. It ignores and denies, even demeans those who are striving in the BECOMING—the Farmer, the Athlete, and the Warrior.

Becoming a Farmer is not easy Work. Becoming an Athlete is not easy Work. Becoming a Warrior is not easy Work. If it were, everybody would be praying Rosaries, and everybody would become vocational priests, and everybody would be repeating, for these are “contained” practices based on man’s vision and understanding within Institutional Placement and Verse. It is said:

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Holy Scripture, where it has NOT been mistranslated and misinterpreted is quite NEW, and never repetitious. What repeats is history, and Prophesy is here to tell you this.

The man I tell you about, the one with his Angel, moved away from Religion, and Religious practices, and when he began to do this, he was ushered in to dialogue with the Spirit. Now, the really tough part will be to carry him to a place of Understanding, where he will enter into Gift, where all those experiences involving Religion will not be lost on him, and where he will bring others to a fruitful union. You see, it is UNITY we seek.



Often times, as in the case of the poster who was offended by my comments to the Militant Atheist, they misunderstand our Work. We do not care one hoot that he prays the Rosary. We do not care if his entire denomination prays the Rosary … what is of our Purpose is to extend the LOVE shown. If Religionists wish to remain without hearing, and prefer to be kept by manmade Doctrines within insulated verse, whereby nothing changes … that is his choice, but the challenge remains, and if the house crumbles for lack of Spirit Awareness because it is never improved—never MOVED—well, you see our point. The wineskin does what? Repudiation is not our goal. Unity is the prize.




Also …

Do not allow Religionists like nuns and priests and bishops and archbishops and so on to tell you that the “higher calling” is to become like them. This is fallacy. This places stumbling blocks before you—you who have family concerns, children and parents to tend to … neighbors to employ … a house, gardens and fields of necessity for the feeding of many … bills and taxes … as God does not show favoritism. It is GOD who employs in the manner of Truth. Peter spoke quite clearly on this, but if these ignore the TRUTH for their own personal gain, they miss the message of the Messenger. Neilos the Ascetic in THE PHILOKALIA has a bit to say on this in regards to those with their bevy of disciples, and I can see that this would also apply to the many teachers and professors. The cross is not an order of celibates. It seems much was missed in what Paul was saying in that RELATIONSHIP. Boy, you should have heard the gnashing of teeth when I challenged a couple of nuns on a thread. The viciousness that explodes from the tongues of those defending their idols of higher callings is like … the cracking of that dome. Their gnashing causes what? As a Catholic once said, and I agree: They did it to themselves.

We move on. There is no forced feeding in our Work. There is invitation. That we need to be firm and not gentler at this time has much to do with those blocks …




Spiritual Vision—what is it? Seeing is of the Mind. Hearing is of the Heart. Together they form something called Soul, or Soulship, but not just Soul, but a uniting of the Consecrated Portrait understood as Being, and a better way to say this for the understanding is “Uniting in Truth.” And this is NOT celibacy in orders such as monks and nuns and priests and all that Religious stuff—the orders and hierarchies of man, although we believe it is a profitable experience for man to take time within these ‘cells’ to reflect and grow, but not to make it a prison. One must be very careful that he not loose site of the prize, and what is the prize? Ask Angel James.

People likely look at the thief on the cross as just a poor guy who lived a life of lies and bad behavior who made it into heaven in the nick of time. Ha-ha! No … dear friends. What this story illustrates is immense! IT IS THE TWO-FOLD MESSAGE OF THE CROSS … there in Symbolic verse for all see. But what does this really say?

The thief represents the Life and Jesus represents the Death in that illustration. Do you see it? The thief is man, born from the ashes of life, resurrected to a place of atonement. His greatest gift is what? Choice. So, why would God take this away from him? Why would God take this away from woman? Are you getting the picture? ( Look at Adam and Eve—there is a connection in this). What Jesus offers the thief is a continuum. The thief says, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”  And Jesus said to him. “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” (the Orthodox Study Bible) Now, the translating in this is a bit off, but I will share in this dynamic duo.

Remember ME—this is the same ME in “no one comes to the Father except through ME.” The response is, [today: in the journey, which is not within Man’s time] you will be with ME in Paradise.” The connection here is our RETURN to what? Remembrance. What are we to remember? What is our greatest command?

Love the Lord your God with heart, soul, mind, strength … and neighbor as self. 

So, what transpires in this illustration? Transformation—a transforming of the mind. Jesus, as example, is our dynamic duo in illustrating of Symbolic Verse our Resurrecting of “you”—self, but through ME, and ME is … striving for God-likeness, and the WAY to moving to Father is through ME, that circular movement of REFLECTION, which is contingent on RENEWAL. The passage,

So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen … is directly referring to this two-fold message that is illustrated in the exchange of the two on the cross. Those choosing to become of use within this are the chosen for the uniting.




Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.


Peace and Love
















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