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Kites that Fly

October 29, 2014

In starting this essay, I heard the title, KITES THAT FLY, and I thought, Don’t we already have an essay by this title in SPIR? No matter, I said, I will go with it.

I was about to end my relationship with the comments on the RNS site (use of), but I caught sight of the following to an article on Pope Fran in one of his latest announcements, which was about the Catholic belief in evolution (the reader can look it up). I marveled (something I look forward to in this Work) that ‘Bob’, a Catholic, one who seems attracted to this renegade pope of the Roman Catholic Church, shared something not dogmatic, and not doctrine riddled. I am attracted to this ‘pope’ for different reasons, and definitely NOT their “love” of exorcisms … for this practice is seriously ill (exorcists from the around the world gather in Rome to pray for Satanists? Exorcists? They play with things that are a danger … like a two-year-old playing with a loaded gun). I still see Fran being used as the political puppet, though, and eerily so … more like a blackmailing 😦 … and I am still seeing a mess piling up, and wounding … but as I said in the previous essay: It is their bed. What is happening is Prophesy (active). Remember Malachy? The Vatican is in the process of doing away with the papacy. They do this through a medicated means. This medication has serious side effects, however, for they have no vision in this, nor do they care about the health of their members. What is important to them is that the Bulls come out of the closet to spar with the Elephants and the Donkeys. They fear losing control, and they know their DOCTRINE (in all its fairy tale likeness) can no longer “secure” their position in the minds of the people. Too many have defected, and too many desire change. What’s a dictator to do? What does any dictator do to secure his position?


One question some are asking: Will the Atheists and the nonconformists take the bite? I would guess it depends on their agendas, and whether or not they see the bigger picture. Anytime a Religionist is pretending to be offended by one calling out hypocrisy instead of supporting what they say is the reason for their belief, the imperative move it to ask questions … but if you do, be prepared to get yelled at, or maybe, ignored … depends on the habit.





Now, about the topic: EVOLUTION and GOD CREATION

This from Pope Fran:

“God is not a divine being or a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life . . . Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.”

Pope Fran, if God brought everything to life then wouldn’t that make God a DIVINE BEING? His statement is a bit over the top coming from “spiritual leadership” claiming itself to be God’s mouthpiece … hmm … but this may be where we see that great divide, and the reality that the Roman Catholic Church ain’t what the Catholics thought it was.

God is Spirit (Divine? No? Yes? *see John 4, oh, but wait … that’s the part where the Woman at the Well is brought into the story, and because she is the first Bishop *Symbolically speaking* the RCC can’t possibly acknowledge this while creating a bust of their idol, Ratzinger—okay, got it). Good grief, what is the Vatican feeding that man? I think I get it, they want him to be politically correct, but the real goal it to saturate the public with pope pepsi to make him look like a gimmick. The Catholics need to get out from under that dome. I can hear the cracks  … and one Catholic I know saw its figure shatter into many pieces. He is a Mystic, btw, and the Roman Catholic Church never really had a clear enough understanding on what this is (the torturing practices became their judicial creed, then greed …). They buried these Gifts long, long ago … somewhere around the time jp the second took over. Another eery event (among many) in the history of the RCC.

+Chastising is sometimes needed with the Big Head of the Wizard of Vatican City. Should I offer them a—




The RNS comment:

Bob October 27, 2014 at 10:25 pm
For hundreds of years, even before the time of Christ, Jewish scholars studied, refined, and commented on what we today refer to as the Old Testament. Long before Darwin was more than a thought in God’s mind, they pointed out two telling things about the creation story in the Talmud, the collection of commentaries and supplements to the “official” Jewish scriptures:

First, the time noted in the creation story is from God’s perspective, which is different than mankind’s, and should not be taken literally to equate to our own nights and days. (The Jewish day stretched from sunset to sunset, probably due to their desert origin…noon was a good time to stay out of the sun.)

Second, they noted that there were “human shaped animals” in existence before Adam and Eve. The living spirit that God breathed into Adam was a human spirit, rather than just a generic living spirit; and this is what distinguished Adam and his descendants from all of the “human animals” before them.

None of which really changes how God calls us to live today…

Just my two cents worth.


This is refreshing, and the start of profitable collaborating. Bob’s comment is not Truth in entirety (and I do not sense that he claims this), but he is most definitely in the right process of Understanding the beginnings of LIFE. I cannot share all that I have been shown on this, for it is the right of those seeking Truth—the fuller scope—to explore and discover, as this is the preferred, impartial manner of discerning. What ‘Bob’ touches on is metamorphic and truly confounding, yet ecclesiastically commonplace, in the words, Second, they noted that there were “human shaped animals” in existence before Adam and Eve. A question any one might ask is, how would they know what was before Adam and Eve? This is THE primal question of this Day. The rest … “The living spirit that God breathed into Adam was a human spirit, rather than just a generic living spirit; and this is what distinguished Adam and his descendants from all of the “human animals” before them.” … is a matter of interpretation. What Bob does not mention in his comment(s) is the Angels. Does he believe in Angels? I believe he does, but it is the point of his sharing that he not include this. Why? Lack of understanding would be my first thought … but he is also being used to help move people into a better place of communication. The extremists are so loud, and one must tread firmly but without chaos. Consider the Angels, and what we speak of when we say Angelkind. I said before in SPIR: We are not alone.

But do not think for a minute that Religionists understand who these might be, or how these are used. This has been one of Mankind’s greatest flaws. Now, before I proceed … if you hate Spiritual Spinach then do not read what we are to share. It is of our freedom to express without attack from the militant position.

It is of the Way that Spirit be filtered through HUMAN HANDS … but who are these Human Hands?

This passage, ” Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares ” is an epic passage, but let’s first look at the preceding:

Hebrews 3 … Therefore, holy brethren, partakers of heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and HIGH PRIEST of our confession, Christ Jesus (notice it says CHRIST Jesus, not Jesus Christ … this has dual meaning and is fruitful in its understanding), who was faithful to Him who appointed Him, as Moses also was faithful in all his house (all ‘his’ house … very important to understand this). For this One has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as He who built the house has more honor than the house (wake up on this, friends). For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God. And Moses indeed ‘was’ faithful in all His house as a servant, for a testimony of those things which would be spoken ‘afterward’, but CHRIST AS SON over His own house, whose house we are if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end … and read what the Holy Spirit says …



then in Chapter 13 … Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for in so ‘doing’ some have unwittingly entertained angels. Remember the prisoners as if chained to them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.


Before I share in this more expediently, please allow me to say two things. First, no, we are not in the Laodicea period, as these “seven” are NOT periods … and two, please, please, please do not continue to pray to pontiffs, patriarchs and saints of any Institution, no matter what Institution’s claim! if you desire uniting in Christ, the Angelic Community (most certain I will get hollered for that one). These are stumbling blocks. What you may hear in these practices is not something you want in your house, your room, your mind. Why? Well … for one, I do not believe it has ever been said who the saints are, or even WHAT these are, at least not in so many words. Holy Scripture is most clear on this—the fact that there are no specs on the sainting of—– Put away the things of a child that you might BECOME as Child in the Breathing. God is a Living God. N’est-ce pas? Also, it is necessary to come into understanding on “what is Prophet”, as this IS the Way unto what Religionists believe of salvation.


I read also from this same ‘Bob’  … to an Atheist:

“If that is “dumb”, then feel free to consider me a fool. You tout the “science” of evolution, but that science cannot disprove the existence and influence of God. On the contrary, the more scientists discover, the more questions they find. I choose to have faith that behind those questions is a loving architect who most of the world refers to as God (or Allah, or Yahweh). If all of us are wrong, we will still die having lived a good and joyful life following “our” God.”

Allah, the God of the Christ Way? What are you thinking Catholic/Roman Catholic? You act the Politician, as your buddy, Timothy Dolan of the RCC. Allah of Islam is what? Do your homework, or get out of this Work. Each according to his measure … know this. Play with words this way and you burn down your house. What’s in a NAME? Understand its significance! And if you fear some type of retaliation by saying that the God of Islam is not your God, then you feed and fuel what? The Muslims actually prefer that they not be sidled to something they do not believe. You do them an injustice by your loose tongue. Begin to know where you stand, ‘Bob’, the Catholic.


Now … “holy Brethren, partakers of heavenly calling” is referring to angelkind, and if you desire this same calling, it would behoove you to understand where you might find these,  as this passage tells the importance of NOT forgetting—

Remember the prisoners as if chained to them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.

But what happened, and when? Recall it said: Nevertheless, I have ‘this’ against you, that you left your first love.


Before one can realize the Angel, one needs to understand the words “you left your first love.” To understand WHAT IS LOVE, one needs to understand the departure, where and why, and in this, Man’s beginning becomes more relevant, and the question of Awareness in Truth about creation follows (recall the dog in Tobit? see essay, I am not surprised …). The Parable on the Prodigal Son is most instrumental in illustrating this epic shift, life and verse. These are ARTISTIC MEANS, mind you, and a better path to the UNDERSTANDING of God’s Word.

Spiritual Symbolism, never leave home without it.





I once wrote on a thread that I was born this way, meaning, I was born believing in God. An Atheist chimed in with a scoff, to try to make me look silly. No matter, I know he does not understand this. I do not speak of “words” here—words like God and Spirit—the LANGUAGE that comes with growing up. I am referring to a SENSE of Love, knowing that I am held protected (despite missteps and being treated harshly), knowing that I am, different, than, say, a Religionist, or one calling himself an Atheist. I experienced “God” from the beginning, when I came to a point of Understanding in this, where I could say, Yes, from the time I could think thoughts of remembrance, I experienced Spirit, even though I did not have the Language for it at the time that I was experiencing it. Now, can Militant Atheists accuse and argue this point? Was he there at my birth to witness my growth to say that I did not experience “Spirit”? Uh, nope, don’t think so.

As I grew, I had experiences that no person could explain in their positions of Science or Religion. No matter, I knew what I was experiencing. I have a wonderful family, and wonderful friends, and these were and are part of that “God Experience”, but I was also of a feeling that within my BEING, I was being formed without all of these, and could, possibly, grow in Spirit without these, and become one in Truth … which does show itself in Society as worthy and responsible. This is part of the understanding that God is no respecter of persons … that God is not partial, but understand … each according to his measure.

An Atheist asked: why not me? Why don’t I experience this? A gnostic says, put away the things of a child. In the case of this particular Atheist (and please know that each experience is unique, despite the similarities), he had spent 44 years in Religion, even teaching Religion. This may be why he could not experience Spirit. Yes? This is not saying Religion is bad, this is asking on how Religion was being used in the growing. Was it a stumbling block? Anything can be in the way of the Way. I was never “indoctrinated”, but did experience and grow with Religion. I NEVER BECAME OF RELIGION, or anything like Religion. It did and does not define me. I could walk away from things, even people, if it was important that I do so. I do not rely on man for my well being Spiritually, and do not believe that he will make me happy. And trust when I say, people, men in particular, have tried to force this idea that ‘husband’ is the king of me, and that husband is the hard worker of my fortune, and that husband is responsible for my living. This is a selfish and egalitarian misstep filtered through a one-sided mindset: patriarchal. That man made his bed in this mindset and forced women within this by silencing voice, and determining what should be in Society … is another matter, but within this, the female either conformed to the patriarchal egalitarian mindset, or suffered, struggling to break free and breathe. I did both … for the safety of many, but “me” —heart— is not owned by male overture. Know this. No one comes to the Father except through “me” … This brings one closer to the Understanding of the Christ Way. But it is always one of renewal … and listening.


Religion provides structure but should never exceed Love. God is not Religion. We see why so many claiming Atheism hate God. Religionists used God as a weapon, a drug, a system of squashing those not like them. Heck, when it came time for me to move into a new place, a place where I would develop Voice, the Religious rejected me. They rejected my Spirit Art. This is and always will be important to my growth in the Spirit. Do I like it? It whittles away at ego to keep it in check 😉 … while strengthening gnosis within. I could be a bad ass narcissist … if not for the resistance. Bring it on, I said … bring it on! I was so thirsty from my walk. I hunger.


People too often want conformity. They want the armor without the fight. Shepherd David told the big men that he did not need their heavy chains of protection. Why? He had God. A single stone of five did the deed. This is the fifth husband who is not a husband illustrated in the story of the Woman at the Well.





Now, can an Atheist be angelkind? I have seen it done. Oh yes, I have seen it done. Seek and ye shall find … 


Peace and Love














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