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The Sacramental Whine

October 27, 2014

I went on the Religious News Service (site) to see if anyone new had posted on the articles from the previous week. I saw many more Atheists, and some article comment boards resembled a hornet’s nest having fallen from a tree into a puddle. The contradictions abound, and this from both sides. There are a few with valid points to share, and each post has its purpose, but the feeling is that people are overdosing on the gay agenda. They confuse this, and other societal issues with Jesus, God, using this as a weapon, and through it I hear some Atheists using the gay platform to discredit all believers, as if all those who say they believe in Spirit/God think and experience exactly alike, and believe the same (how is this different from Religionists using Jesus/God as a weapon? … or is that the point? petty posturing either way). This makes the Atheists look mighty bad, and I can’t say that in the long run it will do much for those who are being treated unfairly. Regarding the gay agendas .. most of the people I associate with are not all that interested in the sex life of their neighbors. Their concerns have more to do with lifestyle that is safe for community—is neighbor involved in drugs? negligence and irresponsibility in dealing with children and animals? misuse of property and vehicles? infringing on rights of others and overly promoting their agendas that get in the way of addressing more important concerns in community health and well being, including the school system?  where is money being spent? and of course, now, EBOLA …


Some militants on these venues are making horribly rude comments about things they know little about, but what they appear to be doing is loading the bullets for those who are seriously unstable, and on the edge. This is bad. This is one reason I was to leave that venue (comment board). There will be things coming out not too long from now which will cause fear and heartache. There are way too many unfounded accusations, and the militants are not really helping where the needs are greatest, because militant mindsets are intent on destruction, and what happens is innocence gets destroyed. People get hurt, seriously. It is really an unjust practice, and for what purpose? I can only read the comments on these issues every now and then because after a while it begins to feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day when he wakes up to the same song every morning, except it grows more haunting each day.

Also … ISIL (Evil) knows how to create chaos, in case you are not aware.

Through it all … I hear these words: What has this business to do with me. To be honest, I do not experience God in these affairs. I feel myself waiting for this “rah-rah” to pass. The people will always have inequality in these times. Women have been underprivileged and discriminated against for how long? Gay men have for centuries practiced  in the Religious sectors without discrimination, whereas the female was, and is, often refused, raped, left to prostitute self to feed  the children because the laws of society still have not addressed the malformation of life within the System. Think about it. I saw the Goya exhibit at MFA yesterday in Boston, and I kept thinking how institutionalized the people were … and still are. The Roman Catholic Church cannot fool anyone with their synod discussion on what to do about the gays and divorcees in their church. They are trying to cover up the truth about their clergy/hierarchy by posing their big synod production, which basically got tuned out, and rather abruptly. But whichever side the Roman Catholic/Catholic is on, he chose it, paid for it and supported it. It is their bed. I take no position on their sex issues, except where the children are concerned. And what of their newly converted politicians? Where do these comfortably fit into the Communion deal?




Moving along …

Now here is an interesting comment from one of the most militant Atheists I have ever encountered:

“We should not fear information.
We should fear people who insist everyone else must come to the same conclusions.” Atheist Max

I nearly laughed out loud. Dear Max … reread your comments to others not like you! I told him once that he was full of fear, and that this is why he behaves as he does. This Militant Atheist felt indoctrinated in the RCC/Episcopal Church for many, many years, teaching doctrine he now despises, only to turn it around with a vengeance. A gnostic asks: You were brought up in this state, and you carry this same with you still, for the heart has not been moved; only the mind has set up shop in another anchored ship. The only thing having changed is your words (bullets). You jumped from one battle ship to the next, and continue to put out something very one-sided in understanding.

Moving on …


In the previous essay, we posted:

It is of the Way to make room for the Voice(s) of Love.

What is this saying? We have shared in SPIR numerous times on the advocacy of Light. Light is instrument to the Senses. It signals Renewal, and breathes unprecedented Life. I speak in the Spiritual here, otherwise, man knows not the sequence. The Language is unique (sorry, Militant Max, you don’t get to chew this up and spit it out causing destruction because you despise “Spiritual”) and carries with it a form of uniting in its quest. What is art in general but another means of communication. Spirit Art is a mode (measure) of Becoming. I think of Andrei Tarkovsky here, one communicating in film by demonstrating a movement of light and action through, dandelion seeds, a glass of red wine skirting toward the viewer—all within a child’s mind?—to signal the Spiritual … the heartmind being fed … or a man and his shepherd dog, alone, his house vacant in the background—three lights—the Trinity?—all within a large dying cathedral. Prophetic? Spirreal. It is the rise of the Intellect—the Soul’s compass on the move. Forget morality here. The System has banned the Artists of vision over and over, but within this rejection is the coalescing of ‘truths’, which instills patience and penitential performance for one of Gift. Society, Government, Religion … is it ever ready for the New? The two-fold message of the cross is its antiquity.

C. S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity that God is love, and this smelled of ritual, but he followed this with Love is God, then suddenly, a Light erupted. Imagine that? Love is God! It was the reverse of thinking—a RETURN to the Philosopher’s Hymn of reaching for something unknown. Aman, I saw … Aman.


I could not take Tarkovsky’s films and say what exactly he was showing. It would be beneath me to even try. What I can do is share what I experience. However, if  the “language” of either is such that people become violent, or even bent on betrayal to others for self-agendas, then I would think it would be an important move for Society (which involves Government and Religion) to take measures to quell it. The Government of the US, which includes Religion, making up much of Society, seems too often to allow citizens to crush and destroy innocence by allowing violence. Too often people cry foul without looking at their own negligent and irresponsible behavior. Institution is guilty across the board on this, as well as individual groups. I was aggrieved for the residents of Ferguson during the destruction of the town, and the concern that so many caused others. The parents and guardians of the offending youth never seemed to take responsibility for the bad behaviors. It was all about how unfair law enforcement is to certain groups. Yes, no doubt that this is a problem, but we all got to watch why there is a problem. Just imagine how impressive it would have been to create an Art venue, one that would help the community problems. People need to do better. What happened is that the world grew angrier, and people began taking sides, much the way the militant Atheist/Gay Supporter and Religionists. They need to learn how to behave in a manner less violent and destructive—much less one-sided …, but hey, there is always politics to keep this agenda going.

Another reason I am not of Religion? Why should I fall in line with practices that incite violence or squash voice. People do it to themselves. Someone like Atheist Max on the RNS Comment Board is a type of predator who attacks one like me with a deep-seated desire, born from what? What causes a militant to become obsessed with hatred of ‘one’ he claims he does not even believe? Well, in his case, it is lack of UNDERSTANDING through EXPERIENCE and this would be true of most militants in brand Religions, and those using INSTITUTION through laws and decrees as Militant Practice. He fears what he does not understand, confusing this with dangerous dealings … when he seems not to understand that it is words used that lash and harm. If he is allergic to melons, does he insist that all melons be destroyed? If he hates spinach, does he insist that no spinach be grown? Maybe there is a way he believes in most heartily, and that would likely be Science and education, that can find a way for him to not be allergic to melons, rather than insisting that no melons be allowed in Society, and if he hates spinach … he does not have to eat it.




Change—transformation—movement is so important in societies, and it is usually the ARTISTS who encourage and ignite in this … and this includes the Sciences, Farmers …  ART is a relative term, and when we hear where Jesus says:

And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.

and …

But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

—what we are hearing is RELATIONSHIP. Jesus, as PROPHET ON TRUTH is speaking of Relationship. Recently, I was seeing that a change in the “rules” of what constitutes a “publication” of something, such as a novel or an essay/document, is very much needed. The public needs FRESH, NEW voices, but this can sometimes only be achieved if the old archives are removed, or reviewed for change. To try to fit new voice into an old wineskin does what to the wineskin? Society too often makes it impossible for the New to come forth … instead, rehashing—gnashing—in and ON the old. And when I speak of the NEW … I speak of transient New for the purpose of moving the people—the Evolution of God and Man, its Evolving. Society teeters on the edge and needs help BECOMING … into a safer place, which will allow for more understanding in areas where there is a greater need. I said before that the mad-eyed Artists are needed for this new vision, but too often the stayed, old wineskins, and the militants of various positions and titles, are in the way of these voices, or crush them before they have the chance to bloom. Unfortunately, too many live by formulaic verse, and can only “see” in and through the old methods. If they see something new in the Spiritual, they call it New Age. I shake my head on this, and say, No, friend, it is NOT New Age, for your own eyes are too young in this Work. He cannot tell one from the other for lack of Experience. Religionists read my writing, loving the “paintings” but can only see New Age in the writing (or something like this), for they have no Experience in Gnosis—this Spiritual Vein. It is of something long, long ago; something they have never seen in their doctrines, and their language falls short of expressing what it is that they read.  A dear priest friend showed SPIR to Religionists, and these could only see New Age, and stopped reading. We know they have heard nothing in this by this gesture. Not surprising is that they have likely never read the gnostics of ancient wisdom texts (exercises) and do not recognize its Prophesy. To be so indoctrinated is to be on formula. Time for solid food. Paul says of this:

I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.

And in Hebrews, it is said:

But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.



Who are we but vessels of use in the moving? I am an instrument. Tarkovsky was a vessel of vision for cinema. He spoke a Language on the Spiritual. From Wikipedia:

Tarkovsky’s films include Ivan’s Childhood, Andrei Rublev, Solaris, Mirror, and Stalker. He directed the first five of his seven feature films in the Soviet Union; his last two films, Nostalghia and The Sacrifice, were produced in Italy and Sweden, respectively. His work is characterized by spirituality and metaphysical themes, long takes, lack of conventional dramatic structure, and distinctively authored use of cinematography. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest film-makers of all time. Ingmar Bergman said of Tarkovsky:

“Tarkovsky for me is the greatest (director), the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream.


Language. Voice. Should we destroy or squash all SPIRITUAL VOICE because Atheists do not like it? Or because Religionists do not agree on its tender, thinking it New Age because they have not the language skills for gnosis? Should the language be edited to suit the agendas of those in big offices who have all the clout to make or break the Artists … or the masses who have all the brutish force to destroy reputation or name? Recall it said in a previous essay on SPIR:  No man can dictate in the manner of a dictator unless he has followers. The greater the number, the greater the dictating.

People spend an awful lot of time trying to change through appearances (looks, fashion, performance, titles), when it is an interior change within the exterior that is most profound, and gives way to the rise of Spirit Intellect. One cannot practice what he believes while on an island (alone), and be a delineator of Truth, but he can transform the island by becoming INSTRUMENT OF WORTH (again, I speak in the Spiritual). It is an inward-outward navigation of choosing to move, or be moved. Tarkovsky showed us this in the two examples I gave. We know he addresses the Spiritual—the metaphysical—through film, but we can only experience this from where we are (a place). The scene where the man is in the pasture with his shepherd dog, his house behind him, three lights reflected in front of him … the camera moves away from these, and snow begins to fall, and we see that the man, dog, house and reflected light, is within an open shell of a very large cathedral. This is fervent. Let us not be governed within the paint-by-number verse; let us choose to be transformed by the renewing of the mind that the heart might unite and come to know it as Gift.




Peace and Love



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