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The Transgressor

October 24, 2014


The inquiry was commissioned by Uganda-born Sentamu after an investigation by The Times newspaper exposed an Anglican priest, Robert Waddington, as a serial sexual abuser of children in England and Australia for more than 50 years.

Waddington, who died in 2007, was head of education for the Church of England, a dean of Manchester Cathedral in the English Midlands and governor of a music school where he was alleged to be responsible for mass abuse against children.



I must thank RNS for the feed. It has come to be of use in the Work (we remind the reader: Spirrealism is NOT a Religion, but IS a Spirit Art Movement). The article from Trevor, along with the following statement is … fuel. When it comes to the youth, WE are not going to let the comment pass untouched, and we are  to ask that those who believe in the System … are you willing to be challenged?  I shared while commenting in RNS that the “reinforcements” would come, and we have seen that they have. There is a desperation to keep the old from breaking. This is fruitless. Examine this comment with us:


S. Keegan October 24, 2014 at 8:21 am
The Roman Catholic Church is not in the business of cowtowing to the whims of culture; rest assured, your confession to a Catholic confessor WILL remain confidential, and your absolution will NEVER be continent upon revealing the content of your confession to anyone else. Our Lord offers free salvation to any who would receive it, and Mother Church carries out this continuing commission by placing no stumbling blocks in a penitent’s path to reconciliation.


Mother Church? A delusion, I see.

What stands out in this comment is the use of “Our Lord”. The mighty question that anyone with any SENSE and REASON, regardless of belief (or nonbelief, if such a thing exists) is, who/what is “our Lord”? Is it the Anglican Church? The Roman Catholic Church? Or the priests hearing the confessions? I must break from silence to establish an elemental understanding in the Way (the Christ Way). Lord, if God Almighty, understood in the Spirit, is using one for the HEARING, He is not permitting abuses (any abuses) to be heard and not dealt with. What S. Keegan advocates is flat out heresy (to borrow a Religious word, and use it in the perfunctory). What WE are hearing in this is … the comment’s intent is beyond Sense and Reason, and anyone with any life-sustaining abilities could tell you this. The practice of confessing to priest within complete autonomy is foul play (recall it said: God shows no favoritism; God is no respecter of persons; Partiality is a sin), for there is no such thing as a “self-governing” rule (through priestly vocations) within “God” that allows for this type of righteousness, or rightness, as NO MAN CAN KNOW THE MIND OF GOD (and this is the greatest bigotry of all—thinking that man alone within his churchmanship is able to conceive within this sacrament … and we speak in the Spiritual on this). If confessions had been approved according to the Spirit of OUR LORD, the Roman Catholic Church would not be, and the subject of said confessions would not be a subject of concern. It would not exist. Weigh THAT against your Artless, arbitrary manmade Religious System, S. Keegan. It seems as if the RCC and others like it threw out all Gifts of the Spirit that Paul and the Apostles of the Christ Way spoke of in Holy Scripture, and they did this because they set up “self” (the Self-righteous Doctrine through impertinent vision) as the Voice of Spirit. They mandated all gifts through limited and ARTLESS vices … claiming absolute truth through their “Church.” This is errancy, or one might simply say that it is ignorance. The RCC is struggling to hold onto something, though, in this day … this much is clear, and it is thrusting itself into the public sphere to be heard in a climate of the growing of free expression with reduced fear of being accused and silenced, even murdered. And the RCC does this in ways that continue to demean, even its own hard workers, and it shows its continued ignorance through his self-advocacy. It is truly sad, because the Artistic Expressions of the Catholic Church, flowing “mystically” off and on throughout its Time, is not to be denied, but its laws—those Roman Catholic laws— created by men of limited Spiritually Artistic venue … are being removed for lack of Love. The SYSTEM grew and tortured the soul into submission. It no longer exists. Alas … the weight is the cross carried for those unable to be free …

It is of the Way to make room for the Voice(s) of Love.

You see, it’s pure nonsense to think that man has any knowledge in this REALM in so confined a space, and it is unrealistic to think one would be able to garner safety through these types of confessions, and still BE or BECOME of Truth. It is nonsensical. It must cease. It deludes beyond the measuring within what John speaks in Revelation 11. Know this, my friends, the practices of these Institutions are very much stumbling blocks. Do not allow these systems to tell you that smoking cannot cause cancer, and do not allow them to tell you that this second hand smoke does not affect the CHILDREN. Evil tries to cover its tracks through doctrines putting men in position of elitism, or special title (do take note of Waddington’s position … for how long? And no one knew this? Hmm… not believable). This is false … and S. Keegan is guilty of false advertising, and if governments care anything about protecting their citizens they should announce this operation criminal. You do not set yourself up, or allow an Institution, (claiming itself the Word of God) to ‘hear’ these types of ills and not BE A PARTY TO IT in the societies of civil justice. It is flat out wrong. Some of these men hearing confessions are already guilty of seditious acts (again, Waddington?), so what does this ‘idol-ogy’ fuel? Inbreeding ills. Get rid of it before the house caves and destroys many … many … many more lives. How many more Waddington types will be revealed? And the members go, “Aww … how terrible … *snoozzzze*  … UNLESS, it’s your wife, your child …  your loved one, then the cry is … well, heard … but by too few. We know they are in there, and we know they are active. The question remains:

What will be done about it?

ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION GOVERNMENT? Thank you, S. Keegan, for bringing this more succinctly to the table. Government, if you are unwilling to act on this, possibly because you are too busy garnering Religious votes, the deaths will also be on your hands. Know this.




One needs to first understand what is meant by sin before one would ever be permitted to HEAR anything within the SPIRIT REALM that would be of a “The Forgiving” unto God. Priests do not have any special life that makes them virginal for this “opening” within the Forgiving unto God. They are NOT a litmus test for Birth within the Life. This is a grave error on the part of the Religionists. To set themselves up in this manner is a danger to the health and well being of all. Confessing to anyone is admitted. This is even encouraged within a respectful prism of synoptics; meaning, within love of neighbor. You don’t confess to a person in a manner that would endanger them, or cause them fierce wounding, but one can confess idol-ogy and the like, and even misunderstanding, or general wrongdoing, and this is permitted for all. There is no special license or title needed for this.


Now … regarding vocational priests … Perjury. I smell perjury on the breath of these. This practice with the priests is one way Religions secure their ‘parliamentory’ aims. It is fascist and breeds ill, and if any priest desiring that he not be accused of crimes against humanity better get out of the BUSINESS, and quickly! Yes, this is a warning … as well as war. The Governments absolutely have the right to act on this, and demand that these autonomous practices of confession with the vocational priests in the Organizations stop for the safety of the people, especially our youth. I have said before on SPIR that even a Prophet on Truth is not permitted to enter into these areas, and hear within some of this  … because it is unfaithful, and it is uncharacteristic of well being to impart attributes in a manner that is partial, and unsafe. A Prophet may see the illness, hear its tender, and understand its vices, but is not permitted entry into personal attrition for the safety of the process, and if priests are not following the Prophet on Truth, but rather illegitimate industry, he fathers and sets up self, as well as youth, to be misaligned. We have shared here before that “by your fruits ye will know them” is often understood in the stream bed that follows.


Next …





It is of the Way to make room for the Voice(s) of Love.

What is this saying? We have shared in SPIR numerous times on the advocacy of Light. Light is instrument to the Senses. It signals Renewal, and breathes unprecedented Life. I speak in the Spiritual here, otherwise, man knows not the sequence. The Language is unique, and carries with it a form of uniting in its quest. What is art in general but another means of communication. Spirit Art is a mode (measure) of Becoming. I think of Andrei Tarkovsky here, one communicating in film by demonstrating a movement of light and action through, dandelion seeds, a glass of red wine skirting toward the viewer—all within a child’s mind?—to signal the Spiritual … the heartmind being fed … or a man and his shepherd dog, alone, his house vacant in the background—three lights—the Trinity?—all within a large dying cathedral. Prophetic? Spirreal. It is the rise of the Intellect—the Soul’s compass on the move. Forget morality here. The System has banned the Artists of vision over and over, but within this rejection is the coalescing of ‘truths’, which instills patience and penitential performance for one of Gift. Society, Government, Religion … is it ever ready for the New? The two-fold message of the cross is its antiquity.

C. S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity that God is love, and this smelled of ritual, but he followed this with Love is God, then suddenly, a Light erupted. Imagine that? Love is God! It was the reverse of thinking—a RETURN to the Philosopher’s Hymn of reaching for something unknown. Aman, I saw … Aman.


Moth to the flame. Christus and the Money Changers


Peace and Love


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