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I am not surprised …

October 23, 2014


I post another article written by Brian Pellet of Religious News (despite where these end up deleted and marked as “low quality” on the RNS Comment Board 😉 ) … to understand a platform started. *Btw, thank you for these articles, Brian.* The platform is Prophesy (I apologize that is was deleted from our Category section on SPIR …). Anyhow, Prophesy is active-–fluid—ongoing and has everything to do with the Evolution of God and Man. It it a substantial part in the Spiritual wellness of Mankind/Humanity, and it is what we would call a “breathing metaphor”. Even Atheists might appreciate Prophesy, if understood in the vein of MOVEMENT—GROWTH—WISDOM. Now, what we encounter in this movement toward wellness involves all things within the Universe, including dogs.

When I read Brian’s article of the puppy/dog petting in Malaysia, I was not surprised. I once said: My God is not the God of Islam … and I stand firm on this statement, for more reasons than just their poor view of dogs. This, having much to do with how they view the role of the female … hmm … (do your homework if you are unclear on this, and notice how it unsurprisingly resembles another type of Religious sect). Dogs, along with ALL animal life, but especially our beloved pets, are a dynamic part of our lifeforce. I cannot imagine a life without animals, especially dogs. An interesting note … I had Gracie, our Jack Russell Terrier, in for her wellness exam earlier this week, and while in the waiting room I struck up a conversation with a woman sharing her home with a Fox Terrier. I was telling her about the tests done with dogs detecting cancer, and how the domesticated dog has evolved to become amazingly attune to the needs and emotions of their caregivers, which could also be looked at in the reverse, and is understood as a SHARED EXISTENCE. Sound good? I know there are studies being done now with dogs detecting ovarian cancer. These are wonderful breakthroughs: discovering new gifts, and using animals to their fullest potential (senses), as well as helping to develop cognitive abilities. This goes for ALL of life, including Spiritual Intellect. Agree?



Safe and Sound: Pastel by L Thiel (a touching moment with Autumn Belle *Shepherd/Lab mix* and Jake *Jack Russell Terrier*)


Brian’s article jump started something I had been desiring to get back to: The Book of Tobit. The Book of Tobit is a powerful little story. It is, of course, Spiritual Metaphor in all its parts, but gives us a welcome understanding of the life journey of the believer. Allow me to engage here in this candid Symbol of Light …


I was writing notes last night and found myself making small sketches of dogs with large ears. What prompted the sketches was what I had written in the previous SPIR essay on painting the Angel (The Color of Instability). In my notes, I did a thumbnail sketch of what this would look like. Included in the body of this was a harbinger consisting of two dog-like creatures with large ears. What was interesting about the arrangement of these in front of Angel, is that one dog is facing Her and looking up at what She is holding in Her hands, while the other dog is facing away, as if serving as “sentinel.” I love this idea (It gives me chills!) and have used the Sentinel Symbol in Book One, OPHELIA In the Beyond, where Argus, the Hellenic Hound, serves as Sentinel at the Greyborn Caves (I look forward to getting back to the Ophelia Trilogy, as this is long overdue, at least according to my simple calendar. I set aside any serious marketing of Book One for a few reasons which I won’t go into here, and have wondered on my return on this many, many times).

But, for now … Tobit and and his son Tobias … (and btw, I have wanted to paint this story in a fluid stream of events on a single canvas, where it could be hung across a long wall. And now that I think about it, it would make a spirited short film—maybe, just maybe).

I will leave it for the reader to look up the story, but in the Book of Tobit there is a dog, and the way this is written in the text is fascinating. It says: Then his father said to him,  “Go with this ‘man’ (the Archangel Raphael), and may the God who dwells in heaven prosper your journey. May His angel journey with you. They both departed and the young man’s dog went with them. 

Later, after the Feast, when Tobias, at the instructions of Raphael, hurries ahead of his wife to prepare the house (with gall and fish in hand) … it says: So they proceeded, and the dog followed behind them. 

In the journey to … the dog is with Tobias and Raphael, and when they return, the dog follows behind. The dog in this Book represents Prophesy, but more specifically, it serves as Vision within Spirit Gift. As you can see, it is a breathing metaphor—a LIVING, MOVING PART of the believer’s Spiritual Journey to that Bridal Chamber, where the bride serves, symbolically, as Gold (see Wisdom of Sirach) … understood as WISDOM—Light. In the dog following behind, we see Prophesy, or Spirit Awareness, as a reaping climax. What was sown within the Bridal Chamber, is now shown through the dog following. This can also be seen in our “following” the Christ Way, or the  following of the Prophet. It is also seen as  a following through UNDERSTANDING  in the Church Manifest—the Peace initiated through the celebration of Spiritual Knowledge (mind) and Understanding(heart) united to form Wisdom … which presents or manifests Truth in the Life.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.





Peace and Love



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