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God is Spirit … (John 4)

October 22, 2014

God is a Living God.


But the LORD is the true God, he is the living God, and an everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation. Jeremiah 10


My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God? Palm 42


God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4


… they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth. I was up very early early this morning (2:00AM?) thinking about what constitutes a dictator. No man can dictate in the manner of a dictator unless he has followers. The greater the number, the greater the dictating. I do not need to give the definition of what this title represents. It is clear enough that this chief magistrate demonstrates a power-mongering position. Now, my question is this: IF you believe in Spirit, do you need a man or a woman to orchestrate your life? Do you need a man with many followers telling you what  you can and cannot do—how to live … breathe … love … unite in Spiritual Truth? I would imagine Catholics/Roman Catholics are asking this question now (based on what Archbishop Chaput said in the aftermath of the two week synod: confusion). I recall posting a comment a while back to an article about something having to do with the pope and his Roman Catholic delegates, and a member was offended that I did not treat his pope and the Institution (recall the pope called his position an Institution?) … as if he were my king. I marveled at his ignorance in expecting that I should bow to Man or Institution. The commenter then went on to use a foul word (F***) in an attempt to lower me to his position. No, thank you, Roman Catholic, I have but one Father, and he is of Heavenly Verse. Our God is not the Roman Catholic Church, nor is it the Catholic Church. Our God is Spirit.

As one in gnosis, I can only share what is shown to me, and I do not do this without serious discernment and prayerful dialogue. I recall a Greek Orthodox priest telling me what the writer of a book introducing the Orthodox Church, its faith and lifestyle, had said: I did not write the book. I knew what the priest was going to say on this before he said it. It seemed a revelation to him, but not to me. What was clear to me after some time is that the author was allowed this exercise in the eyes of the Orthodox Church, but not me. I was permitted to write the outreach material for the cathedral, which I did. I did my homework, and the material was appreciated and accepted, but not me. As for the introductory book on the Orthodox Church? I read it at least twice. I think it is a decent book, and I found Spiritual Presence in some of its writing, but I did not view it fully as Truth of God, for God is not “contained” within their ornaments of practice. I cannot align with the mandates of this Religious denomination in its current placement, despite its theology being in line with the Christ Way through something called metanoia. Like much of these Traditional Religious practices, his book was written by man for man. It has Spiritual inspiration, but is a book written for the Orthodox believer, or one desiring to live an ordered life according to the laws and decrees of the Orthodox Church. This is okay, but questions I might ask the Orthodox believer: What if all parishes and priests and bishops and patriarchs and all tools of this trade are taken from you—would you still be able to believe and live as an Orthodox believer? What if every piece of vestment and every chalice, spoon, incense, ikon, cross, pew, title and his words are removed … would you know one from the other, and would you still be able to live the Orthodox life? If everything denoting you as Orthodox, including the liturgical verse, holy books, outerwear, parish architecture and dates are taken from you—would you still be able to identify as Orthodox? And what of your children, if they grew up without these—would they identify as Orthodox Church believers? Why are all these things, including Baptism and Chrismation, and your Religious class system, so relevant to Faith, and belief in Spirit? How can you marry within Spiritual Marriage within God’s Gift if demonstrating partial practice and belief by denying others not of this same proceedure?

In the blink of an eye … all could change.

I have said that the face of Christianity will change as will the landscape of religion. Be aware that a ‘flat’ earth turned round can be of a similar marriage in the Spirit.




I am not like the Religious. I know this. They have made it very clear that I am not permitted to be as I am in their Institutions. Let’s see … I was kicked out of an Orthodox Cathedral … sabotaged in a Congregational Church … artwork censored in a Catholic Abbey … ridiculed, yelled at and lied about while  posting on several online forums … and to be honest, none of what I did was in any way an attempt to change existing mandates within these places. I was not and I am not starting “my own” religious order 🙂 I was merely being what I am, and researching and sharing. I had no idea the fear and malice that consumes and employs so much of the Patriarchal Religious appetite. The people often came to me because of my interest and what I had written. Was I to ignore them? This is ridiculous to one like me, to be so constricted and so theologically verbose. It really is … I love the freedom of SPIRITUAL VERSE, through the Arts. It was evident that a number of others did to, but a number of others feared the Essence of this Verse. It is real, I must say. I recall the cradle Orthodox man coming to me with a stack of books neatly bound with elastic. He handed these to me, and I asked him if he had finished with them and was he asking me to read them. He indicated to me that he was no longer interested in them. I asked if they were “too light.” I will never forget the look on his face. “No,” he said, ” the reverse.” He had never gotten “it” … no “teacher” was able to teach “it”. He was unmoved by these, but he was moved by a simple piece I wrote for the cathedral newsletter. It was on ceaseless prayer.

The Traditions might be beautiful, symbolic, and meant for Godly purpose, but you cannot take these with you in entering the Life of the Spirit. Quite the reverse. If you are willing to let it all go—break from all the manmade articles, and the comforts of these … you can move into a place of understanding, but it takes time, and effort, and sometimes even chastising (instructional love). When you are ready, and of a place for stimulated Spiritual Growth, you can return home, as the Prodigal Son, but do understand that your work and worth will change, for you can never be as you once were. You might be called out abruptly to serve elsewhere, where a need is great. This is the Way. Christ does not remain in one place for long, for in this there is always movement.

If you are of your own agenda, or the agenda of another, and fear drives you, along with rules designed to keep you ‘in place’ … or if you are of an ego and  of an obstinate way, claiming that you know the way, or your doctrine and practices are ‘it’  … practices that will not permit you to grow in Spirit, you kick against the goads.






I have joked on SPIR that had I known what I was going to need to go through before entering the Orthodox Church, I would have run in the other direction so fast I would have been eligible for the Summer Olympics. Once I realized what was of this Work, I knew these were necessary experiences that I might better understand where people live and feed. It is what I shared in a SPIR essay some time ago: the 4Hs of Christianity—where/how it is headed, heeded, honed and harvested. I am not among them, and yet I am, but I do not stay. Recall it said: kick the dust from your feet.

Movement is a necessary Guide as all things must pass.





I had a dream the other night. A person I know of, coming into the Work of the Spirit—in transformation (the Becoming as we of Spirit call it)—was sitting with others. The person was in a place, one lighted from the outside. I said to this person: I will paint you. The person looked surprised, as if this was a revelation, one that [he] could not live without. The place felt alive. I leaned in and whispered in his ear:

I will paint your Angel.


And so it is. I begin the stream, and hope for a showing … maybe several … places where I am not rejected.



RENDERING SOPHIA: Spirrealism Art by L Thiel



Peace and Love

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