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The Color of Instability

October 21, 2014

I had been traveling for several days and am now just getting back to SPIR writing. I checked in on the news in Religion and found the following comment:   … if you don’t like the laws of the Catholic church, take it up with God… HE made them… the clergy are charged with preserving them and presenting them,not bending them to suit media hysteria or the rumoured personal inclinations of the clandestine would be coup organisers ….. move along, nothing to see here, a failed attempt to railroad a synod by preparing and releasing an earlier document before even the prelates had had a chance to see its contents…. that that could happen, is the most frightening aspect of this synod! (BJ) *I think we could apply this to any article about the Roman Catholic/Catholic Church, and btw, it is hard to give credit where credit is due when given initials or titles rather than a fuller name.


The statement by “BJ”caused a raised brow, for this is errant advocacy, and if we consider the issues attacking this governing body within its signature agenda, it is clear that it endangers a very large tribe. These are children led to believe GOD instituted the Roman Catholic Church as Prophet (Voice of Spirit). This is dangerously misinformed. We are concerned that the commenter has never opened a single verse of anything apart from his Religious catechisms (including history on the ghastly behavior in his organization’s founding, and this, God did NOT make! I am offended that he would even suggest Spirit of our Lord would be so savage and in league with such arrogance, deception and cruelty).  It appears he has been led to believe in manmade RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE in place of Truth on or about Spirit, and through this, he is condemning those not like him, and through this … he condemns God (recall: done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me … ?). This is what is understood in gnosis as “blasphemy” … but as one not given to such dramatic exegesis (except in rare moments of expenditure), it will be said that BJ has been misaligned on Truth. God DID NOT make up the laws of the Catholic/Roman Catholic Church, as Partiality is a sin (missed Awareness). One might be inclined to smile at his statement, as if listening to a child telling the world that his daddy is the president of everything seen and unseen, setting himself up as king of the Universe, but we cannot excuse where his ‘gods’ fall short, having never heard:

No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him. 


BJ’s statement is an outrage, and  for him to believe that clergy is “charged” with keeping God’s commands based on what he claims as God’s Word exclusively through Catholic Doctrine is aligning within dangerous liaisons (especially knowing what we know about clergy and where they make their beds, and if anyone has taken time to read what John Chrysostom has written on a certain behavior, he will understand what he was addressing—consider the date and when this was becoming a concern with the “celibates”). We enter into dynamic SPIRITUAL INTELLECT in addressing this, but one cannot experience this unless one is willing to open, and from this “opening” there is a connectedness through Spirit Awareness. Those having instituted “himself” as God’s law is understood Spiritually as having placed stumbling blocks before the people, which is an unfortunate place in the denial of the Living God. It is sad enough that man altered the original verse, but to then insist on his own delegation as God’s exact Word is crying wolf where the sheep graze. A treasonous metaphor, this commenter, along with the Institution used in place of TRUTH is … lost. A question rests in the acquisition of KNOWLEDGE: Do we go for “him” …


And what we are witnessing in this synod, and through its patriarchal advocates, is fear (see link provided). The issues regarding the Religious Marriage (through church and state contracts and licenses) is one thing; the union of Gift is something quite different, and when it comes to the grumbling about who is what and where in the Religious Marriage, and the swearing of oaths (see James 2 on the swearing of oaths) … Jesus and his Followers essentially say: what has this business to do with me? The Teaching of Holy Marriage within the Spirit is found in the Parable of the Talents, as well as a number of other illustrated verse in Holy Scripture. Seriously, do you think God is concerned with the frivolities of these marriages through swearing of oaths, vocationally or institutionally? These are oaths sworn! And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s


Regarding the synod results … I was seeing this coming. I place very little stock in what these men have to share. They were testing the waters in the public/political domain, but something was shown to them and they got spooked. Was it a mermaid they saw in the water? 😀 They battened down the hatches, alright, and rather quickly. A storm is on the horizon, and they are scared-scared-scared, as I expected they would be. They must now face the INQUISITION OF THEIR OWN MAKING. So, if these overly dressed for the Marriage Neglect were passed over for the Marriage Elect … so be it. Sister is doing some deconstruction. All defective (dangerous) parts get cut and tossed. Let it be known throughout the land that the Roman Catholic Church and those like it will be removed  … as in, loss of VOICE, for it is apparent what they have just done  … to their own throats (a Catholic I know said: they do it to themselves, and yes, this is true). They had their chance. They were given the opportunity to demonstrate to the world (where they have many fingers in many pies, and loads of interest) how to address and remove offending sexual abuse, as well as a willingness to hear their members, but it appears that apathy has a bigger hold on those interests.

Time is up.     100_1009



Allow me to share the questions asked by believers and non believers in Spirit to one like “BJ”. 1. If no one has seen God at any time, how can you claim your leadership is all knowing on matters of the Spirit? What would this look like? The Roman Catholic Church? Hmm … no, not seeing this in Holy Scripture—not even within the remnant. Prophesy does show us, however, what man did. Read it and weep.   Very simply, his was an organized menu for the days of mankind to validate himself as something higher than what is Most High (see Revelation, Chapter 11). I would not call it a test, but I would say that through the bleeding, the Essence of the Godhood has been calling to man to come into the Temple … the truer “marriage”, but man cannot hear for the noise of one like BJ, and so many others. It is WISDOM calling one to awareness. It is SHE that calls. So, another vital question is this:   2. Why does man ignore the voice of the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ? Or, why does he ignore the call of Wisdom (SHE: Sophia)?   *Humanity, Mankind, is that so hard a thing to realize? SHE calls? Do you think you might be able to begin to understand the three in one advocacy? Recall John writes for revelatory feeding: Church of Ephesus, I have this against you … Lord did say he would send the HOLY ADVOCATE … so, what might this look like? If not afraid of the blackout, and willing to follow the Light, do you think you might be willing to take up and walk? Breaking from is not a bad thing. For heaven’s sake, look at the breaking of bread!




One answer to this honest and faithful question posed by those genuinely interested would be this: Theirs is a “patriarchal summons” that does not permit the Feminine Divine to speak. It plays at it through exterior packaging, but denies its interior Light. The once Roman Catholic, now choosing to be called Catholic, speaking for ALL who call themselves Catholic, and of something they call “the Church”, through the voices of “monks” of long ago within a Religious sect called THE ROMAN CHURCH (see precepts and origin  in THE CHRISTIAN EAST AND THE RISE OF THE PAPACY: The Church AD 1071-1453 by Papadakis and Meyendorff) … having “translated” SPIRITUAL VERSE into what mankind understands as God’s Word, which interestingly, EXCLUDED other “Gospels and Revelations”  … continues to offend in claiming himself Word, and Truth of Spirit. Suspicious? Suspect? Hmm … to say the least. But why do you, as one who might be interested in knowing the Truth, think that man refused the voice of Wisdom? He claims to know what marriage is. He claims to be infallible on Spirit Verse through his DOCTRINE AND TITLES: to be “all knowing” through “his” precepts … and in this place of patriarchal, fraternal, dialogue, he claims to know what happens with believers and non believers within ALL religious and nonreligious life … once they pass the flesh life. Wow, what a big head on these men. How do they ever manage to fit it through  …


 … the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.







13 And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you.

What is meant by peace in this passage? Peace is Understanding, which is the Church Manifest. This is the CHURCH spoken of through Jesus in the following: And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. “Thou art the stone, one small stone, where I will build WITHIN THE HOUSE OF PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, and no galley of manmade hell will be able to destroy it.” So, listen up, prelates, of all denominations, and none … choose wisely what you follow.



100_8418       *Added … we read the following earlier this morning and saw that it might easily apply here. “Move along now. There’s nothing to see here.” Sound familiar? 😉



Peace and Love

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