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Full Circle

October 14, 2014



In the children’s book, IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE by Laura Numeroff, one might see a parallel in the life of the believer.

From Wikipedia … The book is known for its playful, circular pattern. A boy gives a cookie to a mouse. The mouse asks for a glass of milk. He then requests a straw (to drink the milk), a mirror (to avoid a milk mustache), nail scissors (to trim his hair), and a broom (to sweep up). Next he wants to take a nap, to have a story read to him, to draw a picture, and to hang the drawing on the refrigerator. Looking at the refrigerator makes him thirsty, so the mouse asks for a glass of milk. The circle is complete when he wants a cookie to go with it. 




John Klimacus says this on PRIDE …

Pride is denial of God, an invention of the devil, contempt for men. It is the mother of condemnation, the offspring of praise, a sign of barrenness. It is a flight from God’s help, the harbinger of madness. It is the cause of diabolical possession, the source of anger, the gateway of hypocrisy. It is the fortress of demons, the custodian of sins, the source of hardheartedness. It is the denial of compassion, a bitter pharisee, a cruel judge. It is the foe of God. It is the root of blasphemy. 


These are pretty strong words from the Prophet John, beginning with: Pride is the denial of God. First, I share this not because I desire in any way to degrade the Atheist. I have shown in various venues how I view and experience the role of the nonbeliever in our lifeforce, and it is as important a role as the believer in God (see essay The Ailing Atheist). Very simply, if we all shared the same “face” … how would we, as a COMMUNITY (Village), find challenge that is without limitations? This is a two-fold challenge that I speak.  I would think anyone desiring growth in any field of interest would desire the challenge of seeking what is not known. If we go with what Duane Elgin wrote in his book, The Living Universe, we cannot deny the experiences that so many have had (again, see essay). I know of militant Atheists calling me and others liars, desiring to degrade and discredit our EXPERIENCES, based almost solely on their lack of experience, lumping believers in God altogether without so much as a thought about a person’s work, or how he lives.  They use the indecent and destructive acts of the Religious as their reason for their hate mongering message, and through this, they create a menu of disillusionment. They despise God, therefore, anyone mentioning God in a favorable way is automatically their enemy, or of some considerably lesser place of personhood. I have even read where the sentiment is that we are not really human, but a deluded species with no ability to think beyond the fact the we believe in what they have chosen to view as detestable—God—a nonexistent thing that is the cause of all evil in the world. If this great evil thing called “god” does not exist then how can they hate it? The words, if you take time to read enough of them, demonstrate an illogical thought process, one that steers in an almost incoherent manner. They have found a platform with which to shoot their arrows, but what they have not stopped to consider is that unlike those bound to Religious doctrine, I can move … the arrows never wound my petition; what is my place, however, is to receive those arrows for the safety of others—especially the children. What is a greater evil is taking away the experiences of the youth, and their voice, by calling it evil and removing any means or venue for expression. Militant Atheists think from a limited post, without realizing that children are not often indoctrinated unless pride is, as John says, a denial of compassion, a bitter pharisee, a cruel judge …  foe of God.




We don’t have to look too far into history to see how this same limited view was exercised in relation to those of differing skin color and lifestyle. What the militant, of either side, fails to see is that not everyone believing in Spirit is of Religion, even if using some of the same verse. I believe Religious participation can be partner to Spiritual experience, even though God is not Religion. I am not of Religion, but would never deny that Spiritual Experience can exist within Religion sectors, where pride is NOT a deterrent in growth. I would be a fool to dismiss the structural components of Religious Life that have helped people in Community survive and grow with others. Where Religion becomes barren is when it misses the “Paradox on Love,” essentially dismissing the need for growth, which translates into active change.

I have shared before in SPIR what I heard a jazz musician share: just because there is activity does not mean there is growth (I apologize that I do not have the musician’s name on this), and Albert Einstein is known to have said: religion without science is lame, but science without religion is blind.

It very much depends on the premise of the organizations within the religious settings, and whether or not they remain impartial. In other words … what is their functioning purpose? And we must also be aware in how the actions of man endanger others.


Now … why do I bring up the topic of pride directly after sharing about a mouse getting a cookie? I bring it up because the cookie, as metaphor, has enslaved through sentiment and ideology in the life of believers (one could use the word “idol-ogy” in this life ), and this can be evidenced in the circular pattern. God is no respecter of persons; therefore, God is apart from man’s submissiveness to his sentiments, his idols. Man notoriously waits for a hero to reform his condition (mouse asking for ___ then ___ then ___ … returning to what?), and denies the consequence of his submissiveness within his own sentiments. He gives in to the cares and demands of the state, rather than giving within the cares and commands of God. He refuses to give up the old to be restored for the new (I speak of the believer in God … not the Atheist not believing). Holy Scripture details this in Spiritual Language, which is as old as the heavens, but newer than the age it consumes. 

Take this text from the Gospel of Philip and meditate, discern, pray (whatever you desire to call “extended thought/mission”):

God is a man-eater, and so humans are [sacrificed] to him. Before humans were sacrificed, animals were sacrificed, because those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods.

To share the dichotomy on this, we move away from what some Atheists scream today (Look at the hate language of your god! Your god is evil!) … for their platform is weak, and is just plain silliness, and poor manufacturing of licenses that breed hate and incite violence. I refer to the texts as Gnostic Literature, that we might move away from this snide, sarcastic and archaic voice. Moving away from one thing, one (man’s) understanding, is moving toward (drawing nearer to) God. This is the rise of the Spirit Intellect to “hear” as is witnessed in the Language of the Spirit: Those with ears to hear let them hear. What the passage is referring is quantum physics, believe it or not (which I will leave for the willing Scientist to maintain 😉 …  within this text), and what I will share on the meaning is this …

God initiates trust through experiencing “himself” (RECALL: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS FOUND “WITHIN” Luke 17). God consumes man through allowing use of HUMAN (and notice the name “human” verses “man-eater”). If we are of the desire to humanize man through an edict of sacrifice, we are of a higher channel toward God. The sacrificing of animals was and is understood as metaphor, or as we say, Spiritually Symbolic—all of this having to do with being made in the image of God, and please understand, we are not speaking solely of male expenditure in this. Do not enslave the female to the male, but revive the partner of witness. Holy Scripture is filled with this male-female RELATIONSHIP. Shamefully, man denied and ignored this for pride of title—pride of mankind.

So …  what are these sentiments and who are these idols? What causes the enslavement through pride? To be a zealot for one’s own religion, church, country, doctrine and decrees, and to be looking to man to save forcefully within this, is to be held back from Relationship of God and within God. We all know that you can’t take it with you when you die, but did you know that you can’t lie in it while you live, and still move to be known? Where has man made his beds? Who/what has he made his “bride”? WHAT HAS HE MARRIED HIMSELF TO AND FOR WHAT? (herein lives understanding on what Paul shares that is of so much confusion and controversy). Title or God? God is experience, not a stagnant magnifying glass bent on the destruction of the Universe. It is man’s ego, his pride … his self-edicts, himself  … that insulates and denies experience for the process of worth, and for improving of self in relation to “neighbor as self.” Recall it says … for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. This undulates within gross negligence and fuels “self symmetry” … where neighbor is either a replica of man in pride of self, or his enemy, simply because he is not exactly like self. For those understanding this in symbol or image, think of the number 8. The inside is out and the outside is in (inward-outward breath) … the bottom is the top and the top is the bottom … however, be aware where each half resides in relation to each other, and if drawn by the free hand of man, is not perfect, except in its perfectness in relation to self. Here is the witness in argument for God Purpose, as opposed to Religious Agenda,and why Holy Scripture states: God shows no favoritism … God is no respecter of persons … God shows no partiality. So, man’s choosing should always be IN RELATION to neighbor that he might not impoverish, oppress, even delude in this sacrifice, but this is not opposed to the idea of challenging that neighbor may rise, and this is understood for the good of the many.

An Atheist may say, “Do not believe there is a God. Science will serve your needs.” A Shepherd of Truth says, “Follow me through the commands (channels) on Love. Science is one part of a greater whole. Why deny the surrogate for the apprentice.” These are all SYMBOLIC PARTS of ‘Me. I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the “Father” except through me.’ Coming and going are two distinctly different movements, and me in relation to Father can be found in the Parable of the Sower, where place is of the Essence. Think about the soil in the making of Adam, followed by the planting and gathering of seed in the days before industry and commerce. The LANGUAGE within the practical was fierce. Today it is often scoffed at for one need only hop in a car to drive to the food market. Should we now do away with God because too many no longer farm? A gnostic speaks within the experience of “knowing God” … and it does not matter that Science and industry grows. Man still stumbles in the ruts for lack of learning. An Atheist cannot blame God for depression, suicide, the youth going into schools and shooting fellow students … just as he cannot blame God for the industry, education and commerce that an extremist organization like ISIL opposes (and yet still uses, while forcing their issue regarding denial of Essence). Spirit encourages learning through all parts, and this involves seeing self within a greater whole. Where the soil chokes the seedlings of Spiritual Voice is where militancy runs rampant … like choke vines of invasive persuasion in a garden, that is permitted to overtake the more silent and salient vine waiting on the sun—the water—to grow, bloom, and produce fruit. You see, whether in a parish setting or a comment board, if Spirit is denied through the choking methods of others, those denying will be denied. It is often the case that what you believe may be what you receive.

There is movement in Prophesy.

Too often and is much the case with Religious Agenda that man slaves day and night in a vocation, which he believes is THE Truth on, or about God, because other men, which he believes has been exclusively inspired by God, says so.  They are infinitely convinced that their doctrines are correct, therefore implying no TRANSFORMATION is welcome, which to a gnostic like me is saying that no Spirit is imminent. What is vital for movement of growth in understanding on God unfortunately remains of a stagnate place when in mere valid participation while confined to manmade understanding constituted as law, which finds itself manipulating when it should be uniting.

I remember as a child being asked what I am. “What are you?” asked my Roman Catholic friends. “What do you mean?” “Are you Catholic?”    “No, I am Orthodox Presbyterian,” I said with uncertainty. “Oh, you are a Protestant,” … said as if by being this I am a lesser person. I did not realize that the church where my mom was organist defined me. I never felt in all my growing years, through all my experiences, that a Religion, or a Religious Organization, defined me. As a young person, I did not even know what a Protestant was! I had heard the label, but did not realize that all those not Roman Catholic are labeled Protestants, and thought of as not true believers, and likely going to “hell.” This was not part of my “religious” upbringing. I was not invited to their Holy Communions either, despite our close friendship. What I see here is that what my Catholic friends had been brought up with was none other than PRIDE OF TITLE, claiming itself Truth on or about God. It is no secret to much of Christendom that Roman Catholics believe Roman Catholicism is God’s mouthpiece through their leadership, claiming apostolic succession. As gnostic, one in the Spirit, we do not believe such a thing exists, because TRUTH OF GOD is not measured through titles and labels, or even manmade doctrine serving as law to manufacture and manipulate, but rather through SPIRITUAL GROWTH. What is interesting about this stayed existence of belief through titles claiming Truth about Spirit, is that it misses the message in what Jesus shares in that Upper Room: He broke bread … saying, “Do this in remembrance of me.” That breaking is SYMBOLIC of the breaking away from what? What did Jesus actually do during His ministry? He broke from what for What? The New—always, always, always … for Spiritual Growth toward well being—our  renewal.




I share the following comment  to an article (link provided), because I see someone doing his homework:

gilhcan October 13, 2014 at 4:13 am
The trouble is the 1929 concordat that recognized the Vatican as a state. It has played evil politics from that position and used every slippery tactic to get away with a form of murder that is just as evil as it practiced during the inquisitions.

Auxiliary Bishop A. James Quinn of Cleveland, OH, was chosen by Benedict when he was still prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to play every dirty trick to prevent scandal from being exposed against a sinful and criminal U.S. church.

The Vatican gang really thinks it is untouchable being an independent state. Guess what? Every death notice and every obituary for Quinn listed the cause of his death in the exact, same, three words: “apparent natural causes.” Why would Quinn’s physician or the county coroner, if he had none, not be able to certify the exact cause of Quinn’s death when he wasn’t buried until a full week after that death? Quinn’s death was as suspicious as his life as a priest and bishop.

The sleazy behavior of church leaders, from the Vatican down to every diocese, has been promoted in the name of what the church considers the most heinous sin of all, exposing scandal against the church. The most criminal scandal of all has been to blatantly try to hide the scandalous behavior of church clergy at all levels.


What I want to point out in this comment is that the Vatican insulated itself in such a way as to NOT be Witness of Truth. This system of “state” … along with their format of insulated “magical formula” fed to the members ( doctrine of the state) …  and the evidence of their having covered up so much abuse and corruption to protect themselves as church warden … is NOT “the following of Christ”—is not the breaking of bread having been spent in the Teaching of the Eucharist. Jesus never insulated Himself in a manner such as a Vatican State. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DEEDS, and no Religious Dogma can systemically eradicate this very honest and truth-filled fact. Why? Because GROWTH relies on the necessary steps we take to learn good from evil, and where and how we deny others by what we fuel, pay into, create, destroy, emanate … and how we strive for understanding in all parts FOR all parts, and this is not something God would begin initiating to a few with title, or a few with title after the flesh life (purgatory). Quite honestly, this is a misleading and selfish belief system, one that also denies the Essence of the Godhood. Theirs is a system built on pride, and why their system excludes the experience of female is paramount in understanding many of its ills.



Now, allow me to share a fairly recent exchange on another Religious News Service article. Please read the comments, that you might get an idea of what we are up against in receiving those arrows (and btw, I posted on this almost a week ago, and have not viewed it since … look at the dates the posts were added).




Only having read the first few comments after I posted to the article on marriage, and not any of the new comments (do not go by the placement of the comment; go by date) … my position is as I have been sharing all along in this essay: growth, essentially, SPIRITUAL GROWTH. The Roman Catholic’s synod topic on the issue of marriage has been in the news, along with their issue on acceptance of gays in their institution. This I find of immense contradiction given the number of actively sexual gay clergy, and those not gay who are also engaging sexually … and one need only ask those in seminary and in the vastness of the priesthood life (vocationally), for it was from these that I received this information. It is and always has been a haven for gays. So, given this, a member might ask: what is the difference between receiving Communion from a sexually active priest and receiving all others? And this, dear ones, is the ESSENCE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST … should one be so inclined to share that cookie he received upon asking, and not been so caught up in vainglory … and the devious apprentice of praise … building its house to be of its own pride of self vision. Honestly now, look at the politics. Regarding the hierarchy in this synod, a man claiming himself an Orthodox believer made the comment that theory/theology and practice (coming from men having spent supposedly the entirety of their lives on this) is Theology 101. I could not agree more 🙂





Peace and Love


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