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A Kite that Flies

August 26, 2014–sector.html

“Turkey and Latin American countries such as Brazil have looked likely to emerge as key winners from Kremlin’s one-year ban on dairy, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.”


Imports are not my area, but what do you know? Looks like Latin America has a job. A week or so ago while communing, I asked on the direction of “Mexico”, and I heard: COMMERCE.




There is good from the wreckage. And now we get to see who runs where and why … and what will be the result of this run.

If the people get involved in safe, organic (free of pesticides) farming, this would be a good thing.


Onto another topic, yet related. I had an exchange with a “militant” Roman Catholic on an article posted through RNS. It began with the published article (same in a previous essay) where Cardinal Pell states:


Using a hypothetical example, Pell said the church was no more responsible for cases of child abuse carried out by church figures than a trucking company would be if it employed a driver who molested women.

The following are a few responses, including mine:

Allan Wafkowski August 24, 2014 at 11:45 am
Cardinal Pell is spot on. It is wrong to hold culpable the employer for the hidden actions of an employee. The professional victims have found a cash-cow and will fight like the devil to keep the cash flowing. Where else can a man make hundreds of thousands of dollars from an unsubstantiated claim of abuse made 40 years after the supposed fact?

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JACKMATHYS August 25, 2014 at 1:31 pm
Uh, have you ever heard of the law of agency? These pathetic perverts in dresses WERE the church to the victims they abused. They carried all the authority of the church, acted for the church, and for all intents and purposes were the church’s representatives in the field. Add to that the fact that these twisted minds are usually moved from place to place as problems accrue, without even being chastised is a real signal that the church is complicit in their crimes. GUILTY AS CHARGED!
Get out, people, get out of the church, get out of religion. God is not going to help you and neither is the tooth fairy.

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Allan Wafkowski August 25, 2014 at 9:25 pm
jACKMATHYS, your irrational hatred of religion explains your position better than you ever could (at least more clearly).

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opheliart August 26, 2014 at 7:18 am

Likely most of the parents of these victims paid the Roman Catholic Organization/Institution for services—some might even see this as a type of PRODUCT, and they have paid with their time, which to many, translates as money. What did they receive in return? Even their “teachings” can be viewed as PRODUCT. What is the result of the teaching? You cannot deny what their teachings throughout the history of the RCC have TAUGHT the MEMBERS (which I am told by ROMAN CATHOLICS IS FAMILY) … something that caused them to trust the PAID workers of this Institution. What of the many SACRAMENTS and contractual services taught?
1. Transubstantiation Theory
2. Confession
3. Indulgences
4. Annulment
5. Last Rites
6. Oil of Unction … just to name a few (past and present. Although some still believe things like Last Rites as I saw this recently in the news)

The RCC CANNOT deny they “advertised” these services, and received money, and that the members—those having to be confirmed or converted—to receive these, often paying. Money was taken … in the parishes, schools and other Roman Catholic/Catholic advertised services. Did they cross the line in what they promised their members, instead giving them a failed product?

If a toy sold by a company is defective, having been improperly made, and children are injured and die because of it—who is responsible?

Also, women molested by a trucker, to my knowledge, have not paid the trucking company/organization/business for services.

If the Roman Catholic Church now wishes to be thought of as a BUSINESS, a COMPANY … then they need to reclassify themselves that all governments might see where they stand. This would then dramatically change their status not only with their members, but with the Religion of Christianity.

Peace and Love


A member of SNAP (Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests) also commented to this same article. One claiming the Roman Catholic Church as ‘the church’ of Christ … responded in what sounds like the same old same old … which DOES NOT ADDRESS THE PROBLEM OF CLERGY MOLESTATION, and this is what has so many unnerved and incredulous about not just the behavior of RCC Leadership, but the laity, as well.

That Rc poster who responded to SNAP, responded to what I shared to his response by saying he feels sorry for me because he believes I have been erroneously led by my “gurus.” I asked: Gurus? Have you ever read John  Klimacus, or The Philokalia? No response. His “cookie-cutter” response is: I feel sorry for you for denying Christ. I asked if his Christ is his superiors of the Roman Catholic Church—the priests, bishops and hierarchy … WHICH ARE TURNING OFF MORE PEOPLE THAN THEY ARE TURNING ON (igniting)!

As it is more than obvious in this day that the laity DO NOT KNOW, nor are they aware of … the difference between one who molests and one who does not. The evidence is overwhelming, and this demonstrates the teachings of this “church” as being, possibly, itself, erroneous? Ignorant? Of a Spiritual Dementia akin to age-old diatribe and sour food? Look at the inception of the Roman Church! Read its history! VIOLENCE—-causing VIOLENCE … Think, please! And people wonder why there is militant Islam—butchering, parading itself as the one Religion that all must claim or be murdered. Did it ever occur to the believer that the evil of the Inquisition within the Roman Catholic Church—its militants—is the same evil using the Islam extremists? History repeats—why? Did you think that the evil died? The evil is a ferocious and clever machine … it destroys and denies and  … continuous its course  …

for 42 months as stated in the Book of Revelation? PROPHESY. God gives man free will.  Many are called; few are chosen.

Will the Religious continue to deny what goes on in their own LEADERSHIP? Do they support the reeking pot—festering, and bleeding. DO THEY PAY IT with their very lives?


Now, the Catholics/Roman Catholics face this:

Defrocked? Reduced to the status of a layperson? What does this tell you about how the Vatican views its laypeople. It’s like saying that laypeople are not of the capability of their superiors as these were not chosen by john paul the second, or other pontiffs of such “unusualness” … Maybe the laypeople should be thanking God for that!  For how many Vatican figures do you think sexually molested children? And possibly still do? Do you think they stop because they are afraid of getting caught now that SNAP and others are having them investigated? It’s a disease … how do you stop a disease, especially when the parishioners cannot see it. They do not know the difference.





Peace and Love







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