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The Cookie Jar

August 16, 2014

I spotted an article by the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER:



From essay MAKER OF THE MARTYR ( Posted May 7, 2014)

“A little of the starter is brought in to begin anew—to restore, and to move within the Return. Recall I wrote than man is still in infancy on God, some as adolescents, and this gives the believer THE CANVAS to see how much more NEEDS writing—gifting, seeing, knowing and being known. Within this, we bring that which holds water to the table, and build (grow) in soil more suitable. You see, for me, it’s not ABOUT the Roman Catholic Church, and it’s not ABOUT the Orthodox Church, or any other denomination. My work and worth are not bound to these, or aligned with the doctrine of these institutions. This does not mean I do not work with those calling themselves Catholics or calling themselves Orthodox, but I am not waiting on Bishops, Popes, Priests in set institutions, fighting and arguing and waiting for these to decide on this or that … Reform is not an option for me. I see what’s ahead and know my place. If something is in the way of “vision” for many in the time to move, it will be removed. People will still choose, but they will at least have CHOICE. This is what needs moving.”

And of course, I have shared repeatedly in SPIR that GOD IS A LIVING GOD.


Do you think the Roman Catholic Church is pushing hard to sell something?






Peace and Love


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    Hey, Priest …


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