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Bleeding Parts

August 9, 2014

Vatican’s latest on the world as a “throw-away” culture. Okay, WARNING, I am going to ask the reader to think—to look at things differently.

The Vatican is warning that the ‘alleged’ rejection of a Down syndrome baby to a surrogate mother in Thailand shows how babies have become “consumer products for sale.” Maybe the Vatican would like to explain the 300,000 babies they SOLD through their “offices” in Spain for five decades (leading up to the 90s/see BBC Documentary, The World: Spain’s Stolen Babies) not to mention the abused they have been throwing away for centuries.

Do the homework—Spain, Ireland … the rest will be coming forth soon enough.

Imagine yourself having just given birth—no complications (that you are aware of)—and a nun dressed as a nurse comes into your hospital room and tells you that your newborn is dead. You say that this is not possible! “Show me my baby!” you cry. The nun leaves and returns with a stiff looking infant in her arms. “See,” she says, “dead.” What she doesn’t tell you is that she went to the freezer and pulled out the sales tool infant, and Lord only knows whose baby this is. God, the thought of this is unimaginable. What very sick minds devised this awful scheme? The priests and nuns of the Roman Catholic Church? The laity? The Papal Office? Or the Vatican ethics … playing money partner with the dictators. And this institution has the nerve to put their deceptive fingers to the keyboard and type out a reproach to the rest of the world about being throw-away? And I do not even need to go into the sexual abuse that this institution has ignored under their religious leaders. What of these poor women? They were tossed aside as unacceptable mothers, not quite meeting the standards of the “regime.” “Let’s put their babies into “good” Catholic families, and make money at the same time.”

Someone once said many years ago about the system of religion: They teach them what to think instead of how to think. I tend to agree. Even a priest once said to me: you think a lot. You must not be from around here. Wow … what does that say for his congregation—those in the pews? To be truthful here, many priests have shared that their laity are unmovable. Spiritually dead, or just insulated? Possibly … inebriated?



(Imagine what would have happened to Mary and Jesus under the rule of the RCC … the story goes that Mary got pregnant without being married. Would Jesus have been sold to a “good” Catholic family? Or maybe, like in Ireland, mom would have been sent to the nun laundries, or both would be sent to a nun brothel, where they might have died without being baptized? What then? Hmm … something to THINK about away from Vatican ethics.)

Gotta tell ya, folks, you are NOT helping your priests, bishops, even pope and his institution, if you are not moving. If you do not challenge what is taught/told you … you deserve what you get. HOWEVER … where I am like the bee to the honey is the treatment of the youth. Sometimes I feel like saying: You mess with these—you mess with ME. Lord says, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through ME. John 14.6




Vatican, you have not answered the many, many questions regarding these not so long ago ethics of yours—and that FATALISTIC DOGMA you have injected into society. And what of your offspring—the “protestants?” Have these followed your patterns? Did you think no one would notice because of your Pop-up pope—your poster boy? Do you really think you can get away with this ecumenical/reform proselytizing without cleaning up that really bloodied room? WE can see what you devise, scheme and manipulate … you are not veiled. The door is WIDE OPEN, and WE see where you have been dining, and with whom.


TOAD EERO - revised


The first clue was the trail of blood. WE followed this and found the room.



By their fruits ye shall know them?


I read forums still. Why? To see what makes up religion. One Catholic poster questioned the use of quoting scripture to solve the problem of the clergy sex abuse. Yes, what good is quoting Scripture if you do not live by it? Actually, what is more to the problem is that religious do not have SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE in a way of transparency that permits TRANSFORMING OF THE MIND Romans 12.2. He has allowed himself to be seduced by what “looks like” holiness. As a kid we used to jump rope to … Lincoln, Lincoln, I been thinkin’, what on earth have you been drinkin? Smells like whiskey, tastes like wine. Oh my gosh, it’s turpentine! 

Take for instance, what the former pope, Ratzinger, had said about the church becoming a smaller, purer church. If Ratzinger had been sincere in his “prophesying”, what does this look like for the 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world (according to Vatican figures/ May 2013). From BBC NEWS WORLD, more than 40% of the world’s Catholics live in Latin America, but Africa has seen the biggest growth in Catholicism in recent years.

Okay, two questions:

1. What is happening with Latin Americans today?

2. What is happening in the African countries?

Do your homework, please.


Now, who is the throw away culture? And ask yourself, what was Ratzinger implying by saying what he said? Was he thinking exactly what is happening? Or did the Vatican ethics make it their throw-away culture—the disposables? And the rest of the world, including those not Roman Catholic, and those not religious, should be “paying for” all that the RCC would not? And what of those living in a nice community, with the nice parish down the street, and the nice priest ( you hope is a nice, and “holy”) serving Communion, with the nice bishop ( you hope he is nice, and “holy”) in the million dollar mansion  … is this the PURER church? Or is this the POORER church, the one Pop Fran is advocating? Or is the Vatican asking that all the world become poor while it remains loaded? Or is the purer reserved for the Vatican and his allies—his converts? The “holy” ones?

Let me remind you, Lord says: and no marvel, for even Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11.14.


Maybe … it is the idea that the rest of the world picks up the pieces where he leaves off? I did tell a highly misogynist poster (and highly questionable one regarding her tales) on an Amazon Christianity Forum 2 1/2 years ago that WE pick up the pieces where he left off.  If the ethics of RELIGION are such that there is always the SUPERIOR PRIDE, and an inequality of services due to PATRIARCHAL HIERARCHAL structure, and monies are not allocated where needed, and people are kept in a state of “captivity” rather than MOVING within a Place of Resolution and purposeful growth … then you have a faulty feudal system of discrimination, patriotism adverse to the quest for health and well being, and an overall decline in the safety and proper parenting within the “village metaphor.”





But why do I bother with any of this? What I have been saying for a while now: investigation of crimes against humanity, which involves Religion. I would imagine what is perplexing for, say, atheists, and those free thinking, is that the really dogmatic religious don’t see it. They just don’t see it. They are born and raised of a mindset, or … have allowed themselves this mindset for self-serving purposes, and are fogged in. Even the ancients, those monks spending their whole lives “in prayer”, often got caught up in a collection of something tenuous, yet verbose, and became of a dark ball. We call it The Black Ball. Scientists speak of the black hole; this would be like the stellar black hole … collapsing in on itself, collecting dust, for the old wineskin cannot house the new, and it sucks in the uniformed, the poor, the needy … the unskilled … drafting them for institutional bias. Partiality. Even fatalistic Dogma.

Check out this piece of “heresy” … The master said to him, “James, look, I shall reveal to you your deliverance. When you are arrested and you face these sufferings, a multitude of people will arm themselves against you in order to seize you. Three in particular will lay hold of you—those who sit as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, they also take away souls by theft.”

What are these three? Avarice, docility and ignorance.


Which of you will be burned in your own eternal fire?





Heaven and Hell. Two classics, must reads on the shelves of the Righteous. I was doing a bit of reading on those traumatized by the idea of hell. These were taught they would BURN IN HELL if they did not follow the tenets of the Doctrine of the Faith. Let’s change the wording here, shall we? The Doctrine called, Your Fate (Origin of FATE: fato, fat, fari  <speak>, fatum — that which has been spoken). I have never liked this word fate. It is an ignorant word, and I do not believe it is ever written in God’s Word. If people have misinterpreted it, they have been feeding irresolutely. There is not a man or woman on earth who knows where a person goes once they pass the flesh. I do not care what in hell you call yourselves, or what religious dictates and doctrines you subscribed to, YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS, therefore, you cannot teach or tell any child or catechumen where they will go, for any reason, as this is undetermined. Man did a really, REALLY big no-no in his desire for world order in this arena, and he has incurred a great amount of debt that will need to …



If you missed the message, and stepped rather badly, then maybe it is time you begin anew. Maybe what will be will be what is reborn within the Life … as all have been poisoned, even those who appear most holy. I think of poor, John the 23rd … having served only five years as pope (1958-1963), although I suspect the sudden extra weight (Vatican food) had much to do with this. There are no coincidences, and even the Orthodox will tell you that there are no coincidences. Right Orthodox? Or are you cowering in your vestibules …




Peace and Love



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