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The Wide and the Narrow

August 2, 2014






While watching the local news the other day, I saw Governor Deval Patrick giving a speech (according to some, it was a “stump” speech) to the National Association of Black Journalists, and I turned to my twenty-something daughter, and said, “National Association of Black Journalists? What do you think would happen if the governor was giving a speech to the National Association of White Journalists? Haven’t we moved passed this yet?” She replied, “I was thinking the same thing.” Imagine if someone announced their club as the National Association of Straight Journalists. Or the National Association of Caucasian Athletes. Or the National Association of White Paramedics.  I do not think it would go over too well. What do you think? And yet, most citizens of this country are afraid to point this out, and if they did, I feel citizens might be expected to behave as citizens rather than selfing … and this is not how people like their politics. Their politics must be segregated, or somebody gets his way and somebody doesn’t. Think about this a sec …

Given this is politics, and the governors are to serve in EQUALITY, I would sincerely have to ask all of these, “What are your agendas?” Deval Patrick, what is your agenda in meeting with the National Association of BLACK journalists? And please understand, I don’t think I ever once saw you as “black” … until you pointed it out in your speech. In truth, I am not sure I know what this means anymore. There was a time, many years ago (during my childhood) when it was an issue in our school communities, and I had an incident where a group of “dark-skinned” young men surrounded me outside a college cafeteria, and blocked my way from exiting the building. So, you are black?

O-k-a-y … and how are we supposed to take from to this, Governor? How are the citizens of MA supposed to respond to this?

I brought up the speech to others and sure enough, there was a similar reaction.  At one time, there may have been a need to gather resources to allow for broader voice, but today? It looks bad—sounds bad—does not send a positive and impartial message, on either end. I do believe many are weary of the … hey everybody, look at me, I am ____!

I thought in MA we had moved on.


Let your yes be yes, and your no be no; lest ye fall into condemnation. James 5.12 


Politicians, Religious, the youth are watching, and they are in disagreement with your pandering.




I read an article very early the other morning about violence against women, and violence against women and their children, and the first commenter to post did not see this as an issue. The commenter questioned whether these women are the victims, and sounded (by his post) as if he is more concerned with the violence of women against men. I do not post comments to these types of news articles, but I was tempted to ask him if he has ever carried a child in his belly for any length of time—for starters.

Think of the vulnerability , and some …





There are pockets of what I will call separatists, and they reside in every sector in every denomination. The politicians, and the religious, know exactly how to use them.




On to another, but related, topic …


What I have come into on the subjects within BC have caused me to have to walk many roads, see many trees, inspect roots, bark, branch, flower, leaf and fruit … and those having used these. I am of the heartmind to make sure I bring forth the tales in as truthful and purposeful manner as possible, for it is of supreme importance to many, even if they don’t know they have a part in the story.

People have been asking how BC is coming along. Many are eager for the novel’s publication … some seem almost desperate for this. Several have said that it is a must—it is so needed. These are familiar with some of the story, but they have little idea of this walk.

One cannot know of this walk unless one gets on the road. We sometimes find ourselves in remission, wondering on the mission—the purpose in all of this. I have asked myself numerous times how I can write about these types of abuses. I walk around the perimeter, looking into a vat of something dark and festering, and I know I cannot stay on the rim. No one will push me; this I am certain. I know I make the choice to enter the muck, the wounding, the filth, the wretched lives … to see the interior of what was … of what is.

Religious malpractice: manipulation, deception, misuse, MALNUTRITION … and the destruction of something once pure and good.

The men’s club—the darkness of this—the patriarchal abuses … on mother, daughter, sister, brother … and Son.






But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your Teacher, the Christ, and you are all brethren. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, HE WHO IS IN HEAVEN.  And do not be called teachers; for One is your Teacher, the Christ. But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exults himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. Matthew 23.8-12


Peace and Love


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