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The Cupboard Bare

July 31, 2014



  • L Thiel: I have read the article and almost all of the comments, and apart from the militant atheist posts, which clearly push a hatred appeal is worth addressing. It reminds me some of the kb character on the Amazon Discussion: Christianity Forums-relating to RC Reform. I do believe some of these “types” are paid damage control for the Vatican, as well as of use in diverting attention away from said concerns. I am not saying the DPierre poster is, just that there are some I found to be suspicious … which brings me to the clerical vocation. I am working on an essay having to do with vocation and Spiritual Relevance, so I will be brief in commenting here.

    Your comment to the poster DPierre touches on “viral” areas having to do with religious institution. What I find of an insubordinate nature is the negligence of practice across the board: the infallible fallible are the conquest of resilient querying. Any free thinker can see the disparities, and it’s a disconcerting thought to know how easily the masses are won over, but …

    the pope did announce these positions as vocation, and he did announce that the pope is an institution … so, from here we have the foundation from which to address all areas of concern. If school A has 16 priests sexually molesting children, and the bishop of these, at the command of the governing faction, is told to move them around to other parishes to avoid scrutiny and detection, we are looking at not just a defective governing faction (head of school), but also defective workers under this leadership, therefore, it should be the concern of ALL free thinking individuals to galvanize in this concern, because of the size, wealth and number of workers within the SCHOOL (having moved in accordance with commands of its head). This is saying that ALL ASPECTS of this school MUST be examined, and if the free thinking come to agreement that the school poses a danger to those societies where it comes into contact, then THE SCHOOL MUST BE SHUT DOWN.



    Until it is better UNDERSTOOD what is causing the continuous outbreaks (and trust that these molestations have not diminished), it would be best to shut down the school(s) where this has been proven a concern.


    One area I want to point out where I differ in your comment is the following:

    the Holy Spirit is forcing the Roman Catholic Church to move.

    I believe God gives choice and does not “force”, but it can be viewed as a type of … you are sitting in a dangerous place, move … for what is coming will move you “somewhere” whether you want it to or not … and this “somewhere” will depend on where is your church.




    Peace and Love

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