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Mulling Over Max

June 26, 2014

I was sitting with my family watching national news yesterday and they showed a car stop. The pope of the RCC got out and blessed a boy in a wheel chair. “This is news?” I asked.  I would like NATIONAL NEWS TO STOP SHOWING FAVORITISM to the Roman Catholic Church, not that I like to see the acts of other “religious”, but it is important to be informed of what is racing down the road. This must have been how it was when CHRISTIANITY claimed the throne—racing down the track—destroying, murdering, picking up converts mostly out of fear. Fascinating and horrible how history repeats.

When are these institutions going to realize that by continuing these practices, they continue to fuel the mindset of the poor to remain poor, spiritually undernourished, and dependent on institutional bias, a bias that has no power to ratify.

Religion in government—how quaint.


Max Beckmann was a plaintiff against the wheel of man.

Someone might ask, “What do you mean by wheel?” I would have to answer, “It is the churning of the systems—the grand prix of economics, and Max was the delineator of this through critical eye.”

While doing research on the German-Jew portrait leading up to WWII for the novel, I was reminded of Max Beckmann. Beckmann was his own “rabbi” of reasonable ethics. Allow me a small part of his vision. The following are a few sentences from the first page of his Letters to a Woman Painter.

“To be sure, it is an imperfect, not to say a foolish, undertaking to try to put into words ideas about art in general, because, whether you like it or not, every man is bound to speak for himself and for his own soul. Consequently, objectivity and fairness in discussing art is impossible.”

Oh, but how the not-s0-artistic love to read, Max! (or at least they did). Those bound in some manner, whether civil liberties oppressed, or when the marriage bed offers little more than ____ … of course, the children are the gifts for the soul. But who are these children, Max? Squealing infants that wet and eat and burp and mess in their di-dees? Sullen-faced teens with a mission to pronounce parent inadequate, ignorant and insane? Go on to ratify your insults, or take up your cross and carry it higher and more pronounced?


Selfish ideals, but we forgive you, Max. Why? Minna sang, and we know what you saw in those dead, mangled corpses during the first world war.


Excerpt from a blog on Max Beckmann’s Five Women:

Max Beckmann and Minna Tube had first met each other in 1902 at the Großherzogliche Kunstschule zu Weimar (Grand Ducal Art School at Weimar), which only just then had begun to admit women. A young woman who studied art at the turn of the century, as this daughter of a military priest, had her own head. Beckmann once noted to “never have completely possessed her” was a “huge imposition” for him. The price he demanded when they married in 1906 was, from today’s perspective, outrageous: Minna had to give up painting. However, she began immediately a vocal training, and later had a respectable career as an opera singer.



L Thiel: it is the writing that reaches higher with Max Beckmann. It’s not a “shut up and sing” as we saw with what happened to Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks back in 2003, but the voice of a nation crying out for breath. Beckmann’s paintings are sequels of the road. The road is hardly well lit. It is most fiercely demonstrated in the eyes of the portrait he did of Minna (attached link-blog). I am sure Max did not see coming where he would end up: denounced as a degenerate in his art, rejected and poor. War has a way of highlighting some and blaspheming others. God does bring good from the wreckage, however, and although I agree with you on his art—a poverty of Spirit—his written works display a truth within the courtship of something more redeeming.


Van Gogh Bedroom at Arles











Peace and Love


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  1. opheliart permalink

    Re: clergy sexual abuse

    This is the third case I have seen in the news in a short 3-4 weeks, and it is just the beginning. The RCC needs to move. It really needs to wake up and see the drama unfolding, and stop playing politics, continuing to behave as if their ‘heads’ carry some special wisdom or Spiritual powers. I say this not because I have any dislike for Pope Fran. I think he is sincere in his efforts, but fooled by many. He is Spiritually Immature, and walks a very dangerous line in his religious ethics by playing brotherhood with a faction that is partial and discriminatory. These men have not properly addressed this disease within their institution, and while this institution makes accusations about others, they refuse to see their own irreparable behavior. The RCC think tank uses Pope Fran to divert attention away from removing that which breeds ill. Verbally blasting the Italian mafia will change what? We can see what the Vatican is doing! They want people to think they are confronting them, but they are doing no such thing! Just words … floating away in the lukewarm breeze. Babies, you need igniting!

    Have these abusive priests been suffering from paradoxical fatigue? Many live under a disguise that tears at the heartmind to the point of viciousness. They prey on the children because they long for innocence. They have never grown up, having lived under their disguise … and the aging process within this fermenting mind erodes and acts out. A catholic responded: which explains to a degree the excusing.

    Ah! You have already abandoned your Mystical Traditions … such a crying shame.

    Peace and Love.


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