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The Preexisting Light

June 18, 2014

I commented on an essay not long ago where I shared that I have been viewed as gnostic, esoteric, and more recently, wet, but emotional. Regarding this last, I responded with: I was shown to write with more contemporary lucidity—more loudly, and with a bit more punch—that he might hear.

Allow me to return to the ELEMENT in what is understood as Preexisting Light, that I might challenge in SPIRITUAL INTELLECT.


HIS SAINT Symeon the New Theologian (I shared in this monk many essays back but do not recall which essay as this is not mine to recollect)


text 41. Before a monk has entered this court (spirit teacher- guide/intellect?) and has revealed what he has in his heart, he may perhaps argue with his spiritual guide, either out of ignorance or because he thinks he can keep things about himself hidden. But after he has revealed and sincerely confessed his thoughts, he cannot argue with a man who, after God, will be his judge and master until death. For when a monk has once entered this court and laid bare the secrets of his heart, he will know from the start—if he has any understanding at all—that he deserves a thousand deaths. He will believe that through humility and obedience he can be saved from all punishment and chastisement, if indeed he has truly grasped the nature of this mystery.

Agl. John Chrysostom might say to this:

The element of perfection is only proven in its brightness.


Illumination is a begetting feature. By this I mean, it surpasses understanding. If your Vision surpasses understanding, it is likely you have hit the mark (Philippians 4.7 … as one must first KNOW LOVE BEFORE HE CAN ENTER PEACE). This would be what the Apostle and Evangelist John, our Beloved, shares in John 4 with the woman at the well. Where man slips in the rise is where (place) he allowed intellect to foster his parenting, and this would also be true of his teacher, whatever he might be. Demon? Angel of Light? Each has an inner compass pointing somewhere. John’s INTELLECT is Art of Light. This was/is his Gift. John 21.22 states: Jesus said to him, “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.” 

Right off the bat, man missed this ELEMENT within the Preexisting Light. He set up his stations, denied many, and went about serving within man intellect, obtuse in Light. It is THROUGH GOD’S ANGELS THAT MAN HAS ANY SPIRITUAL VISION AT ALL! Theology-theologians are instruments of devising. Theology is wrapped around itself. Theologians are often kept within a perimeter outside that Paradox on Love (see essays throughout SPIR where this is shared), but one with theological skills (high intellect) having moved within BRIGHTNESS—his Gift of Vision—enters Artistic Relevance in God Purpose. High intellect is not necessarily synonymous with High Art. High Art is UPPER ROOM Understanding, which is highly SYMBOLIC IN IMAGERY. Man in his mode of religious superiority slipped in his steps on what this is saying (Mark 14.12-25).

For example, Vladimir Lossky, as theologian, reversed the UNDERSTANDING IN ENERGY AND ESSENCE. Why? Self-approval; no different than what Symeon is doing in his metronomics as monk. Gregory Palamas, of this same exercise, was more concerned with INTELLECTUAL PERFECTION, or Perfecting the Intellect, than he was officiating Light. These never entered the Realm of the Spirit. I have shared several times in SPIR: man can be inspired, even led by the Spirit, but never having entered [it]. All in this is purposeful, but not all are of God Purpose. You see, GOD IS SPIRIT (once again, look to the sharing of the woman at the well in John). In his partiality, man enveloped himself in title rather than Name. Name is SPIRIT ID. When you enter [this], you are becoming, which is a coming INTO THE SPIRIT. This is to be Virginal. It is here that one can hear, and hear God’s Angels on Light. Before [this], man sees within his place known as intelligence. When Heart Ascends to Mind, Soul is of a predisposition unto Light. I do not think anyone will argue that highly intelligent men can fall prey to their own intellect, and devise murderous outcome. In this, he is devoid of Senses and apart from Reason. Senses and Reason are Parenting Awareness.


Symeon first speaks of his teacher and guide:  He who looks upon his teacher and guide as if he were God cannot call him into question … If you believe that your life and death are in the hands of your spiritual guide you will never contradict him (from texts 38 and 39). So my first question is: who is Symeon’s teacher? Who is his guide? So, it is not completely clear of what he is speaking on in his words “before the monk has entered this court.” It may be safe to understand that he speaks of both intellect and teacher as one. Now, one can either see him as having sold himself to his teacher, or having sold himself to his intellect. What is clear in either vision, is that Symeon contradicts Light. 

Discern in this:

“He will believe that through humility and obedience he can be saved from all punishment and chastisement, if indeed he has truly grasped the nature of this mystery.”


Saved from chastisement is contrary to Love, which subscribes it in contest with Light. God chastises those He loves (Hebrews). I have said early in SPIR that religion is our competition. Maybe now you see what I mean. The nature of the Mystery is the never-ending existence of Light, and Light is always ahead of its time … much the way the PROPHET ON TRUTH IS AHEAD OF HIS TIME. The Work of the Prophet is before him. In this, maybe you see that like Earth in shape, the mind is not flat, but revolving, and EVOLVING … as Prophesy IS the Evolution of God and Man.


Now, the Orthodox who said that the writing is wet, but emotional, is really experiencing his own mind’s reaction to the writing. His emotions countered the wetness through lax of Reason. Sacrament of Reason is something I will share in again in forthcoming essays, but because his mind is wrapped in religious theology, it cannot breathe luminescence—that Oneness in Light. The “wet” he is experiencing is the well, but he has not yet acknowledged the women here. 




Peace and Love






  1. opheliart permalink

    Good morning Alf!

    Yes, your comments do touch on areas of importance.

    One young but astute told me the other day: those who write hate comments troll the online venues for reaction.

    Alf, you will notice that most (if not all) who post those comments do not go by their given name. They hide behind titles. In discerning in this, I have witnessed the push for agenda. We saw it on the Amazon Christianity threads … you know the ones … What I saw there was startling—at first—because I was shown it in symbol. It was horror, to say the least, but as I became more warned in this, I began to understand the details. Now, it is a pathetic specimen—a sad and obtuse specimen from those CLAIMING truth. And, of course, it is POLITICAL. The enemy has found a weak branch …

    But what does this same enemy fear? TRUTH. The enemy fears Light … the Almighty One. But why doesn’t God just sweep all enemy off the earth? Ha-ha … there would be few left … and no choice.

    Many are called (invited); but few are chosen. Matthew 22.14

    But the truth of the matter is that the enemy fears the bearer of truth. Man does not see in this because he rules in darkness.

    Matthew 6.23

    RE: not putting a blanket over hypocrisy and false teaching … deception, and …

    What works in people who accuse those who call out hypocrisy within ‘their’ institutions, and within their agendas without realizing what they have succumbed to, or what they have allowed and or invited in … is of darkness. People live in darkness without seeing this. Much of Holy Scripture is written for the pure in heart. The enemy has taken it and twisted it for his own use and agenda. Anyone chosen by God through Spirit knows his own use is synonymous with the One. The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eye is good, your whole body will be full of LIGHT. Matthew 6. 22

    The Prophet on Truth is one such bearer of Light, and is permitted VOICE to call out the ills of mankind, and those who hide behind titles. He is one having washed his hands twice—once for the One, and once for the Mystic. This gives you insight into the old and new Testaments … and where the Voice in Light speaks in Mark 7 …

    No one can serve two masters; you cannot serve God and mammon. New wine cannot be put into old wineskins … the ox and the ass should not plow together …

    22 If you carefully observe all these commands I am giving you to follow—to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him and to hold fast to him—Deuteronomy.

    Peace and Love.

  2. opheliart permalink

    You see, Alfred … anything containing life contains spirit … and not all of it is good in where it takes root (Parable of the Sower). Take the Ebola DISEASE … there are things moving within the least expected, and man has little knowledge in the how and why and when. A drop of water contains spirit. An atheist cannot argue that there are unseen causes for disease, and yet the militant cries wolf against the believer. If the Scientist and the Spiritualist could join in the Mystery of both Earth and God … the day would grown longer in the Light.

    Peace and Love.

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